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MHR PMU horses

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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Theresa's mom

Please join me in sending prayers to my daughter-in-law, Theresa's, mother who is being sent home from hospital today. She has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Theresa, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. May the Lord give your mother strength and peace. May the Lord give you and your family strength and peace.

If there is anything we can do for you please do not hesitate to let us know.


Stephanie and Rob

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We had a beautiful sunset last night. The sun reflected off the mountains to the east of us, which is the view from our front porch. This is the backside of Mt. Charleston.

Bruno and Dad, both suffering from the "Man Flu"
(We aren't scheduling any visitors for a while, until this flu bug has cleared up.)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday, December 28, 2009

2009 is rapidly coming to an end. We have all endured so very much in this past year with the loss of loved ones, the economic times falling heavy on all of our shoulders and the trials and tribulations of everyday life.

We wonder to ourselves, "How will I make it?"

But we pick ourselves up by the boot straps, holding our heads high and we push forward with determination, facing each day as a challenge and overcoming the obstacles thrown in its path, Never Giving Up and Never Letting it Beat You.

All of us at Miracle Horse Rescue would like to thank you for your support during 2009. You made a huge difference in the lives of our horses and for this we are forever grateful.

May 2010 bring you JOY, GOOD HEALTH, and HAPPINESS but most of all PEACE

Thank you again to everyone for what you do to make a positive difference in our world.


Robert and Stephanie

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!


Starring the horses of Miracle Horse Rescue

The horses are enjoying the treats supplied by Melinda at

Thank you Melinda and all who participated in our cookie fund raiser!


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Holiday wishes from AJ and Hope

Twas The Day Before XMAS

And All in the Barn

Were Nibbling Their Hay

As they tried to keep warm

---- --

The kids clacked their hooves

Creating a clatter

The horses looked up

And asked “what’s the matter”

-- --

Hope and AJ just smiled

“We have quite the story

Of a place called Miracle

Where horses live in glory”

-- --

“Where equines are rescued

From places so sad…

To find love and salvation,

A safe place from the bad….:

-- --

They talked of their Gwammie

Of Aunties galore

Who help unloved horses

Find love and much more….

-- --

The horses bowed low

First in shock and dismay

Then in thanks to you all

For all that you gave

-- --

Then they whinnied with joy,

"Goodness makes the world bright!!!

Merry XMAS, dear frens

Much Lub this Great Night!!!”

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

We at Miracle Horse Rescue would like to wish each of you a very SAFE, JOYOUS HOLIDAY!


(stay tuned for "THE CHRISTMAS COOKIE" coming soon to a theater near you)

Stephanie and Rob

Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday, December 11, 2009

Good Morning All,

First, I would like to apologize for not being on or posting. Rob and I have had the flu. Amy had the bug for two days as well, so we have been dragging. Amy is better and came back yesterday. I am doing much much better, Rob however is still under the weather. Despite all of this going on, everything is good here. Even when you are not feeling well, there are some things that just make you laugh and the following photo taken yesterday had us in stitches.

Amy had been filling water barrels, and doing some mucking. Some of the water over flowed causing a good size mud puddle on the already damp ground, and well, I think you can guess what happened...yep Amy slipped and did a header in said mud and this is the end result. I know that we should never laugh at someone's misfortune but you must admit this is funny. Amy was even laughing.

All of the horses are doing just wonderful. I will try and get some photos for you today or tomorrow. I am feeling better but still feel a bit zapped.

Charity is doing remarkable she has gained so much weight. I am going to contact Dr. Hadland in a week or so to schedule an Ultra Sound. I would like to get an idea of about how far along she is.

Katie, Cosmo and Candy are doing quite well. Katie and Cosmo are putting on their weight as they should be. Cosmo's feet are growing and he is moving very well.

THANK ALL OF YOU for everything!

Stephanie and Rob

Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday, December 7, 2009

Good Morning All,

First and foremost...We would like to thank each of you for your moral support as well as your financial support. You have and do make a difference in the lives of our horses, especially for those that will live out the remainder of our lives with us. They will never be adopted due to physical disabilities, mental trauma..all from the hands of other humans. They are all very special horses, but the ones that are blind and crippled and even the ones with their mental issues, prove to be very very special. They do require a lot more, special feed, and vet needs and so much more comfort in their lives.

It has been, wonderful to see Half Moon in the football field. He has opened up to other horses, but he does have his moments, and the other horses seem to sense his changes and just stay away from him.

Little Bear has improved 1000 percent. He does not even look like the same horse, nor does he look like the dejected horse he arrived as. His ringbone will never go away but he does move somewhat better due to your support of supplements from Shadow Mountain Feed. You can all pat yourselves on the back for what you have done for the horses...incredible.

Today we are not suppose to be over the high 40's today, and wind gusts up to 30+ so kinda of a yuck day.

I do hope everyone has a great day!

Stephanie and Rob

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Good Morning to All,

Well, it was wonderful weekend. We were busy, and got to have a wonderful ride with Amy and Gail. We took Misty, Candy and BC and they did great. We took a ride over to Shadow Mtn Feed and the horses thought they were in a buffet. Candy gave me a few fits coming home and was giving a few signals of wanting to run home, so instead she got a few spins and walking away from home. She got the message.

Justice's lesson was a bit more difficult. He's stubborn and likes to do things his way, but we managed a good session. Little/big stinker.

Everyone s doing great! Apple is doing wonderful in her new home as well as Grace and Glory. What more could we ask for? Especially for horses that were destined to a horrific demise.

We had a wonderful article written in one of our local newspapers about what we do, and this also gave me the prime opportunity to discuss PMUs, slaughter etc. It is not on line yet, but when it is we will post the link.

Otherwise, all is well and everything begins to rock and roll next week for shades. Just in one section we have over 315' to cover, plus another 150' and then the turn outs. Progress. Tried to paint CJ's Memorial Bench but will have to wait for warmer day so it does not freeze and pop.

Take care all!

Stephanie and Rob

Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday, December 4, 2009

Facebook fanatics:

Please vote for us on this page. It could mean big bucks for the horses of MHR

Thank you!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

To All: Thank you all for your support during these difficult times for all. I cannot begin to tell you just how grateful we are that you have chosen MHR.

Charity was a wonderful girl walking to the other round pen, not one issue whatsoever, and she allowed Rob to pick up her front feet and clean them. She was not overly happy, only came up once, but went with the program. He did not try the back as he did not want to risk a swift kick. Today they will put the roof on her stall and we will then work out camera logistics. I may have to get another camera and have an auto switch to capture it all during foaling. Lighting will eventually be going up everywhere, but this all takes time. It's dark out here at night.

This morning as the sun was coming up I had the opportunity to view Spirit jacking w/ Sampson. He is such a stinker, messing with everyone....sigh and he wonders why they get aggravated with him....LOL

Little Bear looks wonderful, he has such a wonderful attitude. The ringbone is there but with the administering of therma flex, and B-L Paste (natural bute) he is doing well. He loves his grub and what a personality!

I was so proud of Justice, we are going to be practicing the round pen ponying for a bit, then we will move out onto the property for a while, so many places to ride. Then the big day will be when we go ride in the field. Of course, we will have to have photos. Justice wanted me to relay a message to AJ and Hope...he thinks it is so cool how far they have come, but he agrees it is not easy growing up and what is expected of him, but he thought he was a big boy. Mom is so excited about this, she acts so silly and giggles when I do something right.

Once again, Thank you all for your support and if you have the inclination, you may contact Shadow Mountain Feed 775-727-5527 and they will take your donation and apply it to MHR's account. Many, Many, Many thanks for everything!

Stephanie and Rob

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Big day for Justice. It all went very well and we ended on a good note.

Candy is an excellent horse for this. She and I also went off property today and rode out in the field across the road.


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Good Sunday Morning to All,

I truly hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. I know we did.

I must say I think one of our friends was in total awe of Spirit and Baby B, now these are my words as she just kept staring at them. They are beautiful horses. Well, I think they are all beautiful no matter what condition they come in. The Lord and the horses spirit is what brings them along. We are just being guided to their needs.

Katie is doing very well. She had abscesses in both her front feet. This was taken care of and now she has special shoes and pads on and is on medication. Katie has been battling abscesses for a long time, long before she came to us. She is moving so much better. She has a very healthy appetite and is gaining weight. I see it.

Cosmo is doing better better himself as well. Unfortunately when he arrived someone trimmed his feet down to about two and half inches when he should be standing on about 3.5 inches. But with the help of natural bute product, he is able to move around so much better. We need more hoof growth to put him up on shoes and pads. He also is gaining weight...yeah!

Then there is our Charity, she is a wonderful horse, she has come around to us so quickly. She is not spooky, loves to be touched and knows she will not be hurt. She does not know what a carrot is, an apple or even a stud muffin and does not take them. In time she will. It took Faith a long time as well, but she finally got it. I wish we were in the warmer months because I would love to bathe Charity and bring out the white in her flea bitten coat. On Monday as it stands right now, her shade will begin the building process....and then we will begin the rest of them.

Little Justice, what can I say about him, except he is an absolute love. He is so trusting, and loves his skirtches and will also be easy to handle like his cousins AJ and Hope. Lisa has done truly amazing work with both of them. Simply amazing! Thank You Lisa!

Well, we wish everyone a great day. Please remember our 2010 Calendar and other items for purchase that benefit the horses, it is about them and always will be. Thank you all for your support. It is individuals that make the difference in the lives of the horses at MHR. You made a difference in the horses that have left us; you gave them the dignity and the respect they so justly deserved. Thank you

Stephanie and Rob

Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday, November 27, 2009

Good Morning All,

I do hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It was truly good. Seemed a bit odd not sharing it with my parents this year, but they wanted to do something the different for themselves.

The horses all are doing well, which we are thankful for. Always a good day without an incident. :)

I am hoping and praying I can squeeze a Candy ride and begin ponying our six month old little tank. This will alll take place in the round pen for a few days. Dirt is soft if he decides to pull back and give a quick yank or if Candy decides to crow hop..sigh..lets hope for a good first timer. I will have Amy in with me, to help pick of the

Have a wonderful day all, and remember the beautiful calendar of the some of the special horses we have all come to love. It helps to provide the feed they need.


Stephanie and Rob

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wednesday, November 24, 2009

All of us here at Miracle Horse Rescue would like to wish each and everyone of you a safe and special


Robert and I have so much to be thankful for, the list could go on and on. We are thankful for our family and friends. Each of you is a member of our family. You have watched five beautiful babies being born at our facility, but their mothers would not have been here if it were not for your GIVING; and we give THANKS for this.

We are blessed by each of you and the work you have done for the horses and the support you not only give for the horses but the support you give to each other during good times and bad times.

Thank you all and may you and your families be blessed a million times over for all you do, and pray for those who are less fortunate. Let us all "PAY IT FORWARD"

Stephanie, Robert and the MHR Family

Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday, November 20, 2009

We, or shall I say, the men have already brought the wash racks over and have put in the spots they will be located in. They are also in the process of bringing the shade poles and roofing material over, so we can begin putting the puzzle together for the last time.

We are trying to get everyone involved in this effort coordinated but they also have lives and we must work around their schedules. Remember we said this was going to be an ongoing process through the winter and spring months, but it is going to happen as Rome was not built in a day, but we got the horses settled in during a short period of time, and that in itself was a task.

Everyone have a great day!

Stephanie and Rob

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Here is Candy and Justice. I had the opportunity ride her today. Wonderful. I have Justice in with her so that they can get use to one another as I am going to start ponying him with her. What a wonderful day!!

Katie is doing very well on her diet as is Cosmo, they are getting everything they need. Thank you to each of you that have given towards their care

Stephanie and Rob

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009 - Apple

I hope that you enjoyed the videos. There were a few tense moments, but it went well. Her new mom and dad are so thrilled with her, I cannot tell you how excited they are. She is not alone, she has four other horses in her life. We ran into the new owners in the feed store after they took her home and turned her loose in their turn out. She ran and ran, holding her head up, tail flagging and strutting her stuff for all to see.

She has her own shed row stall, where she can pop her head out to receive those much needed I thought that Dr, Hadland stated she was 1900 lbs, but he reconfirmed when he had to go back for more tranqs she was 2000+ lbs. He told them she needed to lose 250-300 lbs...oops :)

I have another video I need to upload of her getting into the trailer. She looks, wonderful, her feet look great. I am so happy for her, but she will be missed as she is one of the ones that made MHR much more aware of the PMU industry and the horrific conditions they all endure on the line.

Future up dates will be posted. This is also the opportunity for me to convey our sincerest gratitude for all the support you have given to MHR and its equine children.

Stephanie and Rob

Sunday, November 15, 2009 - Cosmo, Candy and Katie

Good Sunday Morning,

Well, Cosmo, Candy and Katie were examined. Cosmo needs food, and time for his feet to grow out. Whoever trimmed his feet cut them too short. He is eating well and it will be just a matter of time for him to regain his weight. He was lonely and he has such a large stall we brought Emmett to hang out with him, they are buds now and he is quite content.

Candy is in good shape.

Katie needs lots and lots of food. Dr. Hadland confirmed that he had seen Katie this year a couple of times, for teeth and shots. However, when the former owner could no longer afford to provide the supplements and Katie was only receiving grass hay she really began dropping weight. She is on the special diet that our Faith was on and what our Charming Charity is on. Rice Bran, Sr. Equine, Alfalfa morning and night and grain hay (free feed). She has a slight heart murmur, but he said this could be due to her body condition. He will run a panel on her in a couple of months when weight has been gained.

Sorry, there was no video taken of her exam, but if you would like to confirm the exam you may contact Dr. Hadland at 702-400-3631. He does not answer his calls on Sunday and Monday as he is off these days to spend with his family.

Stephanie and Rob

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday, November 14, 2009 - Apple

Apple had her pedicure today and did very well. Dr. Hadland says she weighs about 1900 lbs, and she needs to lose about 250 lbs.

Here are videos of the hoof trimming:

After this procedure, Apple left MHR for her new home. She has a great home and they are thrilled. They are going to have her trained for riding and pulling a carriage for parades.

We will miss you Apple! You've been quite the entertainer. Thanks for the memories, and thanks for your wonderful boy, AJ. We will miss you very much, but we are so happy for you that you have found your forever home with people who love you very much.

Stephanie and Rob

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday, November 12, 2009 - Charity and Apple

Good Afternoon,

Charity is doing wonderful. When she arrived she had a large lump under mane that our haulers had told us about when they loaded her in ND. Dr. Hadland did examine and she was not sensitive to the touch nor was it hot. Well, it ruptured and a long sliver of wood was removed and warm compresses were placed on it. She is now being treated with Scarlex and the oozing has stopped and swelling has gone down.

She is such a slow eater but we do see that she is beginning to gain weight slowly. She loves her Sr., Rice Bran, Alfalfa and her grass hay. She is very content and just a sweetie.


Apple is being adopted by a wonderful family. They know what they are getting into, and they have other horses. They have years and years of equine experience and Rob is their farrier and has been for five yrs. The whole idea of MHR is to rehab horses and then to locate new caring and loving homes. I will miss Apple and her big grubbing lips, but she will be getting so much more from her new family!

Jerri will be fine as she has her little herd of Boy (Jonah and Whiskey). She is the boss and not one of them crosses her path or they receive the proverbial stink eye or a quick chase. She and Apple really do not hang out much as even Apple has been pushed to hang w/ the boys.

We should be rejoicing her adoption as this is a success story, from PMU Mare, to love and caring at MHR AND NOW her very own loving family!


Stephanie and Rob

Thursday, November 12, 2009 - Cosmo, Katie and Candy

Hi All!

Cosmo, Candy and Katie are doing very well. Dr. Hadland has been contacted and we are awaiting a call back to schedule a check up for Katie and see what is going on with her. If you would care to assist w/ her medical expenses it would be appreciated, I WILL post the actual bill of services rendered.

They are eating well, and all other bodily functions are working quite well.

All three of these horses are so sweet and deserve any assistance that can be provided. Additionally, I will video tape her exam so you can hear it from the horses mouth so to speak, which we feel is very important this way we do not miss a thing or so that something is not misinterpreted.

Again many many THANKS!

Stephanie and Rob

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009 - Cosmo, Katie and Candy

Here is Cosmo, he is getting everything he needs and tomorrow we are going to work on his mane or shall I say Amy is. Worse come to worse we will roach his mane.

This is Candy. She has more weight than Katie, however they were ALWAYS fed separately. Their former owner could not afford the supplements that Katie needed. Neighbors were helping as much as they could

This is Katie

These sweet creatures need Rice Bran, Sr. Equine. We are also in need of salt blocks. If you care to donate please call Shadow Mtn Feed speak to Ron or Patti Cross (owners) 775-727-5527


Stephanie and Rob

Tuesday, November 10, 2009 - Charity

Here is your sweet Charity, taken today 11/10/09

Charity is on rice bran, Sr. Equine, alfalfa and grain hay.

Stephanie and Rob

Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday evening, November 9, 2009

Good evening to all,

In the past week, MHR has been asked to receive three extra horses. The first one is Cosmo who had been adopted from MHR five years ago. The owners, abiding by the contract, returned him when they realized they couldn't care for him any longer. He is a quite thin, but we hope he will regain his weight in no time. He is 11-12 years old. He's a sorrel gelding with a white blaze.

Additionally, a long-time client of Rob's has asked MHR to take in her two mares, Candy and Katie. She also is no longer able to care for them due to economic circumstances. This wonderful lady is doing what is right for her animals and has donated corral panels to MHR.

Candy - light colored dun mare 23. Needs a little weight at tail bone area (muscle tone). Her diet will entail rice bran, twinkies (bales of hay). Very gentle horse.

Katie - thin 18 - Sorrel ..A medical stall will be built for her. She has been fed grass hay only, but that's not good enough. Dr. Hadland has seen her and prescribed things for her, which her owner hasn't been able to afford, hence the surrender to MHR.

We picked up Candy and Katie this afternoon. It was heart wrenching for the owner this I can tell you. By the time we got them settled in and some other work done, it was too late to get pics but I will have photos tomorrow.

I am also still working on getting the cam up again. Gonna just kick the computer or shake the camera.

The girls and Cosmo are doing well..and so is our precious Charity. I will be having Dr. Hadland out to check Katie, Cosmo and Candy. I want their teeth checked for sure, and anything else that they may need. Supplements are going to be the big thing, Rice Bran, Sr. etc. if you would like to help these three, please contact Shadow Mtn Feed 775-727-5527 speak to PATTI OR RON CROSS (owners) and the will place on our account.

Thank you all so much for such positive are helping the lives of what our mission is!!!

Stephanie and Rob

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wednesday afternoon, November 4, 2009

Dr. Hadland has examined Charity. All vitals are good, no temp. Good gut sounds. He gave her a shot of Vitamin B-15 plus some banamine. He said her diet here is excellent and to keep it up. He also states that her condition could be due to poor nutrition prior to coming to MHR.

He didn't examine her teeth yet, as he wanted to keep stress to a minimum today.

Body score of about 2.

Bill of $157 and if you'd like to help, it would be appreciated.

Thanks everyone.

Stephanie and Rob

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dr. Hadland has been called out for Charity. He should be here between 1 and 2pm Pahrump time. She is acting very lethargic and did not eat her grains this morning. He will check her out for us.


Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday, November 2, 2009

Charity is doing well. She is a slow eater. I will be scheduling an appointment with Dr. Hadland to give her complete physical and dental work if required. She is a very sweet girl, slightly timid, but at least approachable

Little Bear is doing great, Mister Rolly Polly and the loudest to inform everyone he wants his food and wants it now.

All of the horses are doing well and since this is a new month lets hope it stays that way.

Remember we have MHR 2010 Calendars available for sale on cafe press. It's great!

Also we have Faith bracelets for sale, "Never to be Forgotten"

Thanks for all your support!!!

Stephanie and Rob

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday morning, November 1, 2009

Good Sunday Morning,

Well, yesterday we had a flurry of activity on the ranch, busy with family and friends organizing things.

I managed yesterday to groom all the dreadlocks from Charity's mane and she just stood there. I have began running the curry lightly across her body which she really seems to enjoy. She now has her own twinkie of hay in her stall plus the prescribed grains to fluffy her up. She is a gentle soul as well, but just ever so slightly timid, She will eventually come around.

All else is fine here, just busy busy. The Faith bracelets are beautiful, a fine tribute to such a fine horse.

Stephanie and Rob

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Holiday Shopping Bulletin

By popular demand, we at last are able to offer to you the first ever MHR Wall Calendar. It's available at Cafe Press. All proceeds from the sale of this calendar will go to the feeding of the MHR equine rescues.

We hope you enjoy it. Thank you so much for your support!

Stephanie and Rob

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Charity pictures, 10/28/09

Photos taken of Charity 10/28/09

Wednesday morning, 10/28/09

Good Morning Everyone

All is well here, and Charity is doing very well. She has settled quite nicely and is an eating machine appreciating everything she gets.

Hagan and Justice are doing great. Very peaceful here this morning which we like.

In regards to CJ's bench, we would like to be able to provide a plaque with individuals name on the plaque that will be mounted on the bench in her honor.

We appreciate any and all support for the horses at MHR. CJ, I miss you my friend, and as we were here for each other here on earth, I know you are watching over us and loving on Blackie and all of our horses who were waiting for you.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday evening, October 25 - Charity begins at home

Good Evening Everyone,

One door closes and another opens! Our dream, the dream of all the horses, mules, donkeys and animals who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge of living in a loving, safe home continues to live in our hearts and always will. At the end of the month, one of the local clergy will be visiting the ranch to bestow a very special blessing upon all that live here, four legged and two legged. We seek comfort and guidance from our Creator as we move forward. We will let you know when this happens.

Charity will be arriving tomorrow, our transporters who are the very best have taken her to their ranch for a few days to rest so that she can make her last leg of her journey to MHR. They have said she is a sweet gentle mare, in dire need of good feed and care. We want to be able to give her and of course all the horses at MHR the best we can. So if you are able please call Shadow Mtn Feed on Tuesday and place a special order for CHARITY. (775-727-5527)

Charity is 15 years old, and we have been informed that you can see ribs and when asked to score her, they figured her to be a 2. Dr. Hadland will be called out to give her a complete exam.

I hope that you will all help me in welcoming CHARITY another PMU MARE IN FOAL who needs all of us!! Thank you so very much to all her rescuers and supporters!

Rob and Stephanie

Caroline Jaffe, in Memoriam

Caroline (CJ) Jaffe was a major presence on ABR and very active in the anti-slaughter movement. We learned with deep sadness today that CJ has passed after a long and brave struggle with cancer.

Our deepest condolences to everyone. CJ was the person who convinced me in 2006 to join the TWR site and move forward to ABR. We became very good friends through the years and spoke often. Her music always brought a smile to my face and now she is singing to the heavenly herd.

CJ always told me that we had the most beautiful sunsets here and she had always wanted to see one. In HONOR of CJ we will be placing a bench under one of our pine trees facing west and next to this bench will be a post with a horse head and hitching ring for Blackie to stand next to her.

CJ I will miss you my friend, but I know you are at peace now, never to feel pain, and you will be singing with the Angels!

All our Love to You

Stephanie, Robert and the entire MHR Herd

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Good Sunday Morning to All

I have a couple of announcements to make.

Due to the untimely passing of our beautiful Faith this thread on ABR will close for posting at approximately 6pm Pacific time this evening. If you have anything that you would like to add to the thread or any photos please do not hesitate to do so.

Faith was a remarkable horse who as most PMUs had to undergo a terrible life. She came to us in poor condition, and she blossomed once here. She began her road to recovery both physically and emotionally. Then she presented us with a beautiful healthy colt.

I do oh so wish she was still with us so she could have lived out the remainder of her life with us, receiving the love, care and tenderness she so deserved...but it was not meant to be.




will be our new thread on ABR as she will be arriving on Monday the 26th of October. She is also in poor condition and will also need special feed as well. She needs to gain her strength and trust as well so she has a chance at a good life. Her thread will open at approximately 7pm Pacific time this evening.


Stephanie and Rob

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Nellie's on her way!

Nellie has started her journey to Nevada. The transporter picked her up this afternoon and they expect to arrive back at their own ranch by tomorrow evening. Nellie will then be allowed to rest for a few days before coming to MHR.

The transporter described Nellie as being a 'skeleton.' Evidently Nellie and a few other mares were in a pasture with very short grass. She will be treated for parasites when she arrives.

To say the least, I am not happy to hear of her condition whatsoever, in fact I AM TRULY SICKENED BY IT!

We have so many things to be prepared for, but by gosh WE AS A WHOLE will accomplish it.

We will do everything humanly possible, and FAITH AND HOPE MOVES MOUNTAINS!!!!!


Bulletin (a good one!)

email just received from Nellie's limo:

"Weather is clear and we are looking at a 1 pm arrival!
I will let you know when she is on the trailer and headed home!"

woo hooooo!!!!!

Sunday morning, October 18, 2009

Good Sunday Morning,

It is the beginning of a new day, and a beautiful day here!

It is time to pull ourselves up but our boot straps, dust ourselves and move forward. This is how our girls would want it to be.

So in honor of our girls we need to start a good old fashion "Barn Raising!" We needed assistance in helping pay the guys for pulling it down, and now we are asking if you are able to assist in contributing to raise the barn it would be greatly appreciated. We must get everything ready for our elders for the winter. Pulling down was was the easy part, but raising it once again is a bit more time consuming but I know with all of working we can get it done.

We do have to hire the guys, as Rob's work schedule makes it difficult for him to be here always and I am limited as well. But can we do it YES WE CAN!!!!!!

Anything will help and is appreciated....lets makes this a wonderful mission for healing as we all need diversion at this point, and what a better way than to give add protection to our horses.

Thank you all for your wonderful words, flowers and conversation. It's time now to Rock and Roll and the cam is going back up either today or tomorrow!

Love to all

Stephanie and Rob

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Your thoughts and sentiments have compelled me to write of the deep gratitude and comfort you have conveyed to us here at MHR.

Our job, which we feel we were chosen for, is not easy...emotionally, physically and financially, but it is one that we gladly take on.

We have taken in some pretty down trodden horses that some thought would never survive, but they did. It makes no difference how long they are with us, they receive good quality care and plenty of love...which we have so much to give.

I have been blessed with a family who has been so supportive, friends who know and understand. The last three weeks have been horrible, losing Buttercup, Faith and now Marigold.

Buttercup came as quite a shock, as all was well the days and nights before. But she did go peacefully as there were NO signs of struggle whatsoever. She had a remarkable personality, ears, no ears....what a joy she was!

Faith, oh our dear sweet Faith, who gave so much of herself in such a short time. I felt like I had been hit with a sledge hammer. Coming across the property I did not see anything unusual as Faith every morning would lie puppy dog style enjoying the sunshine as it rose over the mountains. As I came closer, I knew, as she did not raise her head and wuffle at me, nor made her moves to stand up. I could not get the gate open fast enough so I just climbed over. I knelt down, and touched her soft face and knew. Her eyes were closed. Very peaceful, very serene. She did bestow a beautiful gift to us all...JUSTICE. who grows daily and becomes more beautiful each day. He is and always will be loved by many! In Faith we met a remarkable horse, one who will be engraved in my heart forever.

Marigold, oh what a mule she was. She made me laugh, she made me cry as I dressed her old wounds. She arrived with many many issues, but we did everything we possibly could to make her last days her best. She had whatever she wanted, but I began to notice the tired look in her eyes, the lack of vigor in her eyes at feeding time. Hence the reason for Dr. Hadland to come in. I value his professional and compassionate nature. When he believes we have exhausted every effort then I must take him for his professional opinion. Marigold left her earthly body peacefully and quickly...she was ready. I will miss her big long ears twitching, listening and you strokes her with a soft brush and Hagan goosing you for the same treatment. Hagan is doing well; I know she misses Marigold but she is given a great deal of attention just being loved on.

No matter what their state if disabilities, their need for food, and especially their need for love...they will receive it here. We do what works for us and it has been successful thus far..everyone has their own way, but if it is done for the love of the horse, then IT IS THE RIGHT WAY!

Stephanie and Rob

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday morning, October 17, 2009

What a week. It has been a lesson of love and heartbreak all rolled into strength.

I remember Marigold and Destiny, stepping off the trailer. We were willing to take on the challenges and we did! We cleaned her up, removed parasites, cleaned wounds daily, and made her comfortable. Soft bed of straw and plenty of warm sunshine, cool clean water daily.

During her short period she had everything she could have wanted. She was the grand dame of MHR and always will be running in tall grass, now adopted by our Maker, and He will send us another in need when the time is right.

We are grateful to Him for taking them quickly...He has His hands full with these two.

Stephanie and Rob

Friday, October 16, 2009


Lady Marigold, the Grand Dame of MHR has joined Faith in the Heavenly Herd. She was welcomed to the herd at 12:30 pm Pahrump time. Her passing was very quick and peaceful. Dr Hadland said it was time and she was surrounded by love and dignity. Run free Lady Marigold.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday evening, October 15, 2009

Hi All,

This has been a very very rough day. Our hearts ache beyond belief.

Faith, my heart was so torn when I saw you standing in the snow in ND. My heart ached as you stepped off the trailer, thin and looking so worn out. I saw a light in your eyes, and by God I knew we had a chance to bring you back. We did, but it was not only the feed, it was the trust you gave to me...I will cherish every memory and every milestone we achieved together.

You were and will always be magnificent in my eyes. You presented all of us with a beautiful colt "Justice". You taught him well to trust and to accept...thank you!

As Rob stated today "We strive to adopt these beautiful creatures to the best home, well.....Heaven Adopted Faith" What better home could she have?

We will miss you my dear dear friend and confidant, you listened well. I will love and care for your son to the best of my ability; if I need guidance I know I will hear your wuffles in my ear.

I love you Faith!!!

Stephanie and Rob

Further sad news

I have to inform you that I have placed a call into Dr. Hadland for Marigold. She is slowly slipping from us. I do not make these decisions, I seek the advice a professional Equine Vet. But I do see it in her eyes, she is tired, but I will keep you posted.

Love to all

Stephanie and Rob

For Faith

To My Forever Friends

I know that it will be different,
now that I am no longer here.

I also realize how much I was loved
and how all of you did care.

I know it will be hard at first
when you look around for me.

Expecting to find me in my pen,
or beside my favorite rubbing post.

Someday you will begin to see
although it'll take some time,
the happy times you shared with me,
the memories are yours and mine.

I'll remember you, my friends,
and how much you meant to me.

So please don't grieve and don't be sad,
it was just my time to leave.

Thank you to MaryLOhio for posting this poem.

Tragic news from MHR

Photo by Cathy Potter

Faith, our beloved Faith, has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. She was found this morning all curled up like a puppy dog. No signs of any struggle. She died in her sleep. Last night she was fine, eating, drinking, pooping.

Tears are flowing for our sweet Faith. God, the tears are flowing.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Good Morning to Everyone,

All is well here at MHR! Amy is an excellent worker, has picked up on the horses and their quirks and a very fast learner. I am hoping during the xmas holidays to give her something special as she is a single mom w/ two daughters. Her poor truck was giving her such problems and so unsafe that Rob and I took it to a friend of ours that gave us a good price to repair the safety issues. Paying it forward! It is about giving and she does give to the MHR horses 1000%...and safety is first!!!

The loss of Buttercup hit us all so hard, but I can tell you that Amy was devastated. Truly a caring soul.

Everyone is doing well, and we are starting to save the funds in order to pay the guys to put the shades back up. Rob's schedule makes it tough to have it consistently worked on. I do have the cam here and we will be working on that as time for production yet but it's a coming!

All of the horses are well! We would like to thank everyone who has called into Shadow Mtn Feed 775-727-5527 for the excellent hay we are getting 9.99 per bale for Premium Hay...they love it!

Well, must get ready for the day but it is all coming together!

Stephanie and Rob....and from the bottom our hearts thank you!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Good Morning to Everyone!

It has been very hectic around here. The big things can get moved easily; it is the small things that seem to catch up.

One of the biggest issues we are having is our feed. With the economy as it is, we understand and the changes that have been made through Paypal are effecting fund raising somewhat also.

Shadow Mtn Feed is offering Premium Hay at the cost of 9.99 per bale, and if you are so inclined Patti is willing to take your order. We will provide you with a receipt for your donation. She can be reached at 775-727-5527. The move took a great deal of our personal funds, but it's okay because it has provided so much more for the horses. We also had a couple of emergency vet calls, but we got that covered as well. But if any help can be provided to Shadow Mtn for the hay costs it would be appreciated.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING! Oh yeah, and the cam is on site now; we just have not hooked it up as of yet but very soon.

Stephanie and Rob

Hay Price Bulletin

Winter is coming very soon and the price of hay is expected to increase. Shadow Mountain Feed has an excellent quality hay being offered right now at $10 per bale.

This is a fantastic price for hay in this area, and we need to take advantage of this price while it lasts. The hay ride donations have dropped off, I believe due to the economy in the country. But this price for a bale of hay can't be overlooked and the horses need their hay.

The goal is to get as many bales as possible--$10 per bale. Please call in or mail checks to Shadow Mountain Feed (775) 727-5527, they will keep a running credit and keep us in stock with the bales of hay and also they will provide the name of the donor to MHR so that Stephanie can provide a receipt for end of year. Ask for Ron or Patti.

Shadow Mountain Feed
2031 W. Bell Vista
Pahrump, Nevada 89060

Remember Shadow Mountain is closed Sunday and Monday.

If you prefer, paypal may be used to purchase bales of hay. Since Shadow Mountain does not have paypal, please use MHR website.

one bale of excellent quality hay for $10

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wednesday evening, October 7, 2009

Good Wednesday Evening to All,


The loss of sweet Buttercup came as a shock to everyone here. There were zero indications of anything wrong whatsoever. But I guess the heavenly herd needed her more...but a shock none the less.

Faith is doing GREAT!!!!!! I think she is part elephant at this point, especially at the "SOUTHEND" All I can say right now is OY!!! I know she is doing better cause she gave me the stink eye...sigh, but she got over that quickly, cause my stink eye is worse.

Justice is doing great and loves his human companions, really loves them. There is no mournful mommy cries, that lasted only a few hours, especially when he realized ahhhhh the food is ALL MINE!

Every, and I do mean every, horse is doing beautifully, dusty and dirty but that is to be expected considering the ranch's soil and so much of the work that we must get accomplished. Remember, this will be a work in progress through the winter and spring months and things are always subject to change.

Thank you to everyone for participating in fundraising for the horses, it is so so appreciated and is a much need help during this time.

Nellie is scheduled to be picked up on the 16th of October and I will let you know right away, as I will no longer take excuses. Always give the benefit of the doubt, till shown otherwise.

Thank you all again for your patience and understanding, and thank you all once again for the B-day wishes.

Stephanie and Rob

Faith update, October 7, 2009

Hi everybody,

Faith update from the ranch: She's doing super well! pooping like an elephant (if you'll pardon the expression). She will go back with the bbgs soon, but will be monitored. If she exhibits signs of stress, she will return to a solo pen. Very very good news. She's on hay, which she likes, and she's also getting senior and rice bran. She's acting very normal. Faith and Stephanie have bonded during this in a big way.

Stephanie and Justice had a play period yesterday, which she really enjoyed. He is HUGE and it makes Rob nervous. 8-) Justice is very well muscled and graceful on his feet. Quite different from AJ at the same age, who was quite the little klutz (and I still miss him terribly!).

All the chickens have been rounded up from the old property and are living at Stephanie's parents for now.

Things are finally settling down and Stephanie will be back on the blog very soon.

thanks everybody!


Sunday, October 4, 2009


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Buttercup, our 28 year old palomino mare, peacefully crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. She was fine in the morning and in the afternoon, and at evening feeding, she was gone. We'll always remember those pinned back ears and her feistiness. Rest in peace, dear Buttercup.

Buttercup video

This was posted by our good friend, Jonna Grey, on ABR:

Damn damn damn.
Two years In Heaven with S&R and her frens....
Not enough.
But horses I think do not count the days
behind them--or before them.

Just today:
Steph and Rob.
The hounds.
The chickums.
Horsie frens and---um--other.
Good food.
Fly mask!
New halters!
Sweet bed.
Good water.
New Shoes!
Buttercup got many Very Good Todays.
And her silent, swift passing...
in her quiet departure
for The Real Thing.
Something sweet in that too.

I am so sorry for her absence
for all who knew her, know her.


Thank you so much, Jonna, for the beautiful and comforting words.


Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday, October 2, 2009

Faith update

Unfortunately, Faith seems a little under the weather again today. Stephanie isn't comfortable with how she's acting, so she's given her a dose of banamine and called Dr. Adam.

Help with the vet bill would be appreciated!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

A tour of the new property

Yet ANOTHER delay

So very sorry to say that Nellie's departure date has been delayed once again. The rancher has failed to respond to the transporter's request to confirm that Nellie is ready for her trip. The transport date is now October 16.

Very sorry for the disappointment you all feel. We do too. The rancher will now receive daily calls to ensure that this trip happens as planned.

Stephanie and Rob

Thursday morning, October 1, 2009

Hi All,

Were baaaaaaaaaaaaaacccccccckkkkkkkkk! We were not really gone - just a full plate with the move and such. It has been accomplished. There is still a lot of work that has to been done at the new place, but Rome was not built in a day. I think we tried at one point but realized we could not do it. :)

Faith is doing very well. She is back in the Ladies Parlour and seems more settled. She kinda had I believe empty nest syndrome. Been there, done that have the badge. She is quiet today, and eating and drinking well. Thank you to each person who contributed to her emergency vet care night before last. Very very much appreciated.

Each horse has settled into the new place, the Football Field, the Parlour and the long run. As soon as we are able, the back group (shed row) we will be constructing them their own turnout area. This will give them the opportunity to hang out for a few hours a day, outside of their environment.

We will be working on getting the cam back up over this next week. I am sure it will be off and on until we can make it just right. So I am asking for just a little more time from you.

Once again, thank you ever so very much for ALL your support in every aspect of the word.

Stephanie and Rob

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Faith update, Wed afternoon, 9/30/09


I just called Stephanie for an update. Faith is doing fine, although she still hasn't pooped enough in Stephanie's opinion and in Dr. Hadland's. She's comfortable and ticked off about not being fed. 8-) Stephanie and Dr. Hadland are not worried. Stephanie is monitoring and keeping Dr. Hadland informed.


Wednesday morning, 9/30/2009

I'm sure Stephanie will be on when she can, but in the meantime let me say that Faith produced a bit of poop this morning. Stephanie will not feed her until Faith shows better results, but things are moving in the right direction! Thanks everybody.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday night, September 29, 2009


Faith had an impaction of the cecum more than likely brought on by stress of the move and the weaning.
» Dr. Hadland tubed her, gave her banamine, gave her a rectal...
» she's in her own stall. medical stall.
» stall is by the house.
» she will get no food until she poops.
» she was a good patient. god bless her.

The cecum or caecum is a pouch, connecting the ileum with the ascending colon of the large intestine.

She should be fine.

Tuesday evening, September 29, 2009

Update from the ranch:

Stephanie has called Dr. Hadland for Faith. Faith is off her food and Stephanie is uneasy. Dr. Hadland will be there this evening.

If you would like to help with this medical bill, your donations are welcome. Thank you.

Videos of Justice's Weaning

LindaNV has posted several videos of Justice's weaning.

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Justice Speaks:
Time for Some Love:

Thank you so much Linda!

Tuesday morning, September 29, 2009

Hello All,

The horses are all doing well, and have adjusted to the move very very well. Each one has settled in quite nicely.

Justice is doing great, he has handled the weaning the best of all of the youngsters that have been born here with us. He is playful and quite loving to say the least. He absolutely loves you to go into his stall with him and run your hand through his soft fur. He can bring a smile to anyone's face..I know he does mine.

It is amazing with the changes the horses have undergone and the dynamic changes to their herd that everything has gone as smoothly as it has. They have chosen their little groups within the football field, and it has gone so well.

The BBGs, Jonah and Whiskey are doing very well. They move along together. Jonah is generally not very far from Faith, and he does respect her space, however she will allow him to nuzzle her occassionally. When I was out with them yesterday evening, Jonah was right in my pocket, curious as to what I was doing, even if I was only in there looking at them.

Horses adjust so well to new environments which is just amazing. They take everything in stride, which is truly remarkable.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful day. I want to tell you thank you all for your patience and continued support in our efforts as it is truly truly appreciated.

Stephanie and Rob

Sunday, September 27, 2009

More pictures from LindaNV

Weaning time for big boy Justice. I must confess when we pulled into MHR yesterday and I saw Faith and Justice together, I was relieved. I figured Stephanie postponed it for a while. Wrong. I was only there a few minutes when Stephanie informed me it was weaning day and my first thought was to get back in the car and leave. LOL All went well though and even though they were calling for each other at first, as the day went on, it slowed down and then stopped. Justice has the cutest softest little baby boy whinney. It will melt your heart.

Getting ready for the big move.

He needed just a little bit of coaxing...

Off we go to the big boy pen...
Looking at familiar faces -

Sometimes big boys need a little reassurance that everything is going to be OK...

RogerNV and Justice