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Stephanie Pierce

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Faith update, October 7, 2009

Hi everybody,

Faith update from the ranch: She's doing super well! pooping like an elephant (if you'll pardon the expression). She will go back with the bbgs soon, but will be monitored. If she exhibits signs of stress, she will return to a solo pen. Very very good news. She's on hay, which she likes, and she's also getting senior and rice bran. She's acting very normal. Faith and Stephanie have bonded during this in a big way.

Stephanie and Justice had a play period yesterday, which she really enjoyed. He is HUGE and it makes Rob nervous. 8-) Justice is very well muscled and graceful on his feet. Quite different from AJ at the same age, who was quite the little klutz (and I still miss him terribly!).

All the chickens have been rounded up from the old property and are living at Stephanie's parents for now.

Things are finally settling down and Stephanie will be back on the blog very soon.

thanks everybody!