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Stephanie Pierce

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Electra has a trailer lesson

A horse's tail, Chapter 8, All Hallow's Eve, or...

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 8, All Hallows Eve. or Just another occasion for horses to dress up.

Around 1:30, Rob gets back from his job, steps in the house, "I got the two boxes of cereal you wanted." Steph looks up, "Thanks for remembering." Of course she asked for those yesterday. Rob says "Let me clean up and we can head over to check out Emma and Mikey."

Both Rob and Steph head out the house, "Dogs, watch the place." They head to the Expedition and set off.

About an hour and a half later, they pull up to the house. They head to the house, Steph says for about the 100rd teenth time, "Weren't they so cute." Rob nods. "Yes, I am sure they are enjoying all of the excitement."

As they get to the door, the little dogs run up from the outside, the older dogs run out of the doggy door. "Hi guys and gals is everything ok?" Tails wagging, so she figures everything is ok.

"Rob, I am going to feed the gang a bit early this evening, that way we can eat early, and have more time to ourselves this evening.", Rob replies, "That would be great."

Steph gets her gloves, and starts out the door, Rob says, "I will take care of the parlour, and the football field." "Thanks Dear, very kind of you." Steph smiles thinking to herself, "I think I will keep him."

Steph starts on the back row, checking the horses, dropping each a flake of hay, checking the water. She works her way down the line, several horses are excited for the hay, or to see Steph, probably the hay. By the time she finishes all are happy and eating.

Remembering, what 'B' asked, she set out a water barrel between the round pens, and started filling it up, she walks back to the house. She steps inside, Rob says "You done?", Steph says "No, not yet, a few things to do.".

She grabs some apples off the counter, and a paper bag, and heads back outside. She gets back to the water barrel just as it gets filled to the top. She goes over and turns off the hose and walks back and places the paper bag with the apples next to the water barrel.

As she starts back to the houses, she decides to ask 'B' if there was anything else she needed. As she got close, "'B', is there anything else you need?" 'B' looks around, and says "No, I think we have everything covered. Oh, remember to stay in the house, until 8, then we will come by to get treats."

Steph nods, "We will."

Steph smiles, turns and walks back to the house, she stops and turns toward Ruby's and Sampson's Pen, "The wagon is gone." Steph turns back to 'B.' "Where is the Wagon?" 'B' looks up, with a mouth full of hay, "Ahh, they sent it out, to get painted and loaded." Steph nods. "Makes sense."

Steph, returns to the house, "Rob, what do you want for dinner?" Rob thinks for a while, "What do we have?" Steph smiles, "We have some pasta and I can make a nice sauce, can't have steak, have to grill it outside, can't go outside. That's about it." Rob thinks, "ahhh how about some pasta and good sauce."

Steph smiles, "Great". Steph starts the sauce, puts on water, looks in the fridge, "Hmmm, oh, I can make a fresh salad. Rob do you want a Salad?" Rob looks up, "Not really." Steph smiles, she knew what the answer was going to be.

With time to hit the rain closet, Steph heads off, "This will feel so good.", Rob chirps in, "I did leave you some hot water." "Thank you dear, you are too kind." Steph thinks to herself, "You better have, you....."

Steph comes back into the living room, "Rob, there was plenty of hot water left." Rob nods. Steph drops the pasta in the pot, stirs, the sauce, gets the salad fixings out, "Rob we are almost ready to eat."

As Steph and Rob finish dinner, and settle into their respective spots, Rob in the chair, and Steph on the couch, the dogs come up for some loving.

Steph looks at the clock, nearly 7:30, "Hmmm." Rob looks over, "What?", Steph says, "Oh, nothing just thinking what is on the TV." "Well don't hurt yourself...." Steph tosses a pillow in his direction, and four dogs follow...

Steph gets up, and clears the table, and cleans up the pots, and put the dishes in the dish washer, thinking "How am I going to get Rob to come sit outside.....I could be firm. Nay. I could be loving." Steph smiles to herself, "Yeah right."

Steph turns, "Rob let's sit outside for awhile, I can make some hot chocolate." Rob looks up from the TV, "There are reruns of Best of Ice Road Truckers, and older reruns of the best dressed Dancing with the Stars. Actually your idea sounds great."

Steph grabs two cups, and makes some hot chocolate, glancing up at the clock, five til eight. Steph grabs the cups, and turns to Rob, "can you grab a couple blankies..." "Sure."

Steph puts the cups on the table and turns the chairs to look to the south, to look towards the Round Pens. Rob drapes a blankey over Steph and sits down. Steph turns to the door, each of the dogs come out, not in their normal panic, but each in line and each first sits down then lays down at the edge of the patio. Rob seems to not notice, but Steph is sure he did.

Steph says, "Isn't it beautiful?" Rob starts to answer, then leans forward, "Did you see some shadows moving back there?" Steph replies "I didn't see anything. Just some horses moving around."... Rob leans back, sips some hot chocolate.

Rob leans forward again, "I am seeing a shadow moving about out there." Steph reaches over, and grabs Rob's arm, "I am sure everything is fine, do you hear anything?" Rob says, "No I don't hear anything."

Steph says "All is fine, just watch." Rob turns to her, "Stephanie, is something going on?" Steph turns to Rob, "Just wait. Everything will be ok."

Rob, starts to say something, then stops mid syllable. Dublin walks up from the right, Rob starts to get up, Steph "Sit down." Rob Sits down. Dublin walks up, and stands directly in front of the dogs and Steph and Rob. Steph sees Wal-Mart bags in his mouth, using a skill that most horses aren't known for places a bag in front of each dog. Then looks up to Steph and Rob.

Dublin still has one Wal-Mart bag in his mouth, with a deft move of his upper lip, the bag opens up. "OH, I forgot the treats.", Steph jumps up and heads inside the house, she carries out a box, from the moms, aunties and supporters who bought treats for the horses, she sets the box down in front of her chair and opens it up.

Steph reaches in and gabs a treat, a big and I mean big, pumpkin cookie, and drops it in the bag that Dublin is holding. Dublin nods, and turns and walks to the back. Rob turns to Steph, "Did he have a big mustache on?" Steph "I guess he is dressed up as Tom Selleck." Rob looks over, "What???" "Sure what else would he be dressed as?" Rob Starts to stand up again. "Sit Down, its not over yet."

Jerri walks up in her very proud way and stands before Steph and Rob. The dogs notice first and look down. Rob says "She is wearing Clown shoes", Steph says "Well she doesn't like hats or masks." Steph drops a treat in her bag, Jeri turns and plods toward the back of the ranch with her clown shoes on....

The parade continues, Baby in a diaper, Blondie, dressed as Marilyn Monroe in a flowing dress from "Some Like it Hot", Brassy, dressed as Lady Gaga, with her mane, in spikes, and a simulated meat dress on.

Bright Eyes, steps up, Steph and Rob looked at each other "Sophie Tucker?", Steph thinks out loud, "The Last of the Red Hot Mamas." Rob nods.

Cosmo, walks up, steps past the dogs and holds his bag in front of Steph, Rob says, "Topper, Black tie and Tails". DJ walks up, with a black mask on , and a sword hanging around his neck. Rob thinks a bit, "Zorro"

Emmett, walks up, with a red ball stuck on his nose, and a pointy hat on the top of his head. Rob and Steph say in unison "A clown."

Spirit escorts General up to Steph and Rob. Spirit has his Frank Sinatra hat on cocked over one ear, Rob Says, "Frank Sinatra." Spirit nudges General into a position in front of Steph and Rob, Steph Says, "Thank you Spirit." General looks up and smiles, a sash around his neck has dozens of medals. Steph drops a treat in each of their bags.

'B' walks up with Sophie at her side, 'B' has her Tiara on, and a long red and silver cape on, Sophie is dressed as Saint Eligius, in red vestments, neither Steph or Rob recognize the costume, but both understand that it's something special.

Rob jumps up, I need to get some treats, he heads to the house and grabs the second box of cookies.

Ginger, walks up in a long flowing dress, with dancing shoes over her hoofs, Rob smiles, and drops a treat in her bag.

Half Moon walks up, both Steph and Rob looks her over, she has a scar applied to the side of her face, and what looks like a meat cleaver hanging around her neck, Rob turns to Steph, "Hmmm, Charles Manson?" Steph says, "that is crazy, why would she.... ahh never mind."

Honey walks up, with yellow and brown rings around her neck.. Rob is the first to react, "Bee hive."

Violette walks up, with a knee sock on her nose, hanging nearly to the ground and large floppy ears..... "An Elephant...I wondered about what she had hidden in the pen?"

Glory follows up, with Bright Orange wig on, and a red dress. Rob and Steph say, "Little Orphan Annie"

There is a break between horses, Rob leans over, "Did you know about this?" Steph: "Yes, well parts of it. I will tell you tomorrow." Rob nods.

Jocori walks up, in what can only be described as a sofa cushion on his back and one strapped to the belly, and some yellow cloth over his side. Rob looks at Steph, "I don't know." Steph says "he is a Oscar Meyer Weiner"

Rosie has red horns, and a cute little dress, Steph Says, "A desirable Devil"... Rob smiles and drops a treat in her bag.

Jonah walks up, with what appear to be wings on his back and a propeller in his mouth, (along with his Wal-Mart bag).

Again another break between horses, Rob points toward the pens, "There is a goat out there.", Steph answers "Of course there is." "WHAT!!!!" "Well the horses have kind of adopted him as the herd goat. And he can open the gates." "He can WHAT????" "Yes, I guess goats can do that."

Fred walks up to Electra's Pen, opens the gate and Electra runs out, turns and runs toward Steph and Rob, she stops short, turns and runs back into her pen. She digs around in the dirt, picks up her Wal-Mart bag and heads back out of the pen, turns sharply, and heads for Steph and Rob.

This being her First Halloween is not really sure what to do, but stands as she was told to do. Rob reaches down and picks up a cookie and drops it in her bag, Electra whinnies, and turns to run to the back, stops and carefully repositions her little feather witches hat back on to her head.

There is a clatter from the right, and both Steph and Rob turn to look, coming into view are Sampson and Ruby, looking closely you can see they are dressed as Clydesdales, white socks, and plodding forward, pulling a bright red wagon the size of a truck.

Steph looks it over, "OH MY LORD, they have a beer wagon.", Stacked on the wagon are 25-30 cases of Budweiser. "I think we are in trouble."

Rob looks over "What do you mean?" "They may have stolen the beer." Rob thinks about it a bit, "What about the wagon we don't own a wagon?" Steph replies "Oh, I think they bought the wagon." Rob continues, "ahhh, and what about the costumes? Steph you need to tell me about this someday. Probably not today. But someday?"

As the rest of the horses come by Steph and Rob, 'Trick or Treating', both Rob and Steph are amazed at what is going on. Finally Justice comes up to Steph and Rob. Justice is dressed in his bowtie and a pair of sunglasses, (must have picked them up at Wal-Mart). Rob and Steph smile and both drop a cookie in his bag.

Before Justice turns to go to the back where all the horses are gathered, he Says, "We would be pleased if you joined us to watch the games." Steph turns to Rob, "Did you hear that?" "Yes."

Both Steph and Rob say, "We would be pleased to join you." Justice turns, and walks to the back. As Steph throws her blankey to the side, and stands up, she tells the dogs, "You guys and gals go inside, it's late." Steph and Rob head back to the round pens. Steph glances over her back, and sees the dogs jump up and grab their bags and head into the house, except for Truffles and Moo, who forgot their bags and had to come back to get them.

Steph and Rob get to the back of the ranch, between the Round Pens, each of the horses are standing in a circle around the water barrel watching several horses bobbing for apples, over to the right are several horses watching Jonah, trying to pin a tail on a big poster of a zebra hanging on a panel.

If you listen closely you can hear horses laughing and some booing, as the activities are going on. Sampson now out of his wagon harness, pushes his way through the crowd towards the water barrel. He takes a deep breath and plunges his head into the water., he is up to his ears, might be an advantage to be a mule in such a contest....

After a few minutes, Ruby who followed Sampson up to the water barrel full of apples, nods her head several times and pokes Sampson in the side, Sampson raises his head, and has..... Two apples in his mouth..., Cheers arise from the horses standing around.

Ruby, excited at what Sampson had managed in his competition with the horses, bumps him on the side, and he drops the apples back into the barrel. "DAMN" The horses look about, and Rob turns to Steph, "Did you hear that?" "Yes I did." Sampson plunges his head back under the water.

Never mess with a mule on a mission. After three minutes, Sampson surfaces, this time with three apples... This time he steps back from the barrel.. 'B' Yells out, "And the winner is Sampson." Cheers come from the thirty plus horses standing around.

'B' Walks up to Steph and Rob, and offers two Wal-Mart bags she has in her mouth. Steph and Rob reach forward and take the bags. 'B' Says "Thank You" Both turn and walk back to the house, about half way back, there is a cheer from the horses, appears someone managed to pin the tail on the Zebra....

Steph and Rob enter the house, the dogs are all asleep, with a small Wal-Mart bag between their feet. Steph smiles. "Rob do you want to look in the bags now or tomorrow?" Rob smiles, "I think we can wait until tomorrow, when you explain all of this." Steph looks around, "Seems all is quiet here at the ranch, I think tomorrow would be fine to look in the bag."

"OMG, What am I going to tell Rob?"

Both head for the bedroom, tired, but neither will be able to fall asleep easily this night. Rob, "Who is the goat?"

To be continued....

If a horse was not mentioned tell us about what costume they would be wearing... Join the fun at ABR

Author: Samm

Friday, October 29, 2010

Once again, Thank You!

From CathyP:

After 2 calls & Veronica not available, I spoke with Heather who took my pledge.

Let me just say that they are very impressed with the response from this group & how quickly everyone here steps up when the need arises.

So, to everyone here who supports this wonderful Rescue/Sanctuary whether it is financial or emotional, this is the best group ever. Heather says they have never seen anything like it.

I get very choked up over this as it takes me back to the night of Nellie. Rob ad I driving in and figuring we were gonna do the surgery cause it was the right thing to do. We knew that we would probably be making payments for a long time but again the right thing to do. We had to give her and her unborn foal a chance. We only had 33 percent chance of survival but 33 percent was better than 0.

I remember putting my CC on the counter and maxing it out just to get started, figuring well, here we go "It is what it Is". We weighed the risk and took the chance. But Nellie had so many in her corner, we were just truly amazed.

She had the best surgical team, and the best Post Op team, but to no avail.... we lost this beautiful girl less than 24 hours after surgery and her precious one she carried. I never felt so alone that night talking with Dr. Schur who was so compassionate and understanding while she explained it all to me. But she said it was for the best.

Then after all your help with her, the next hardest thing was to tell you all. But we thank you for being there.

Stephanie and Rob

Friday, October 29, 2010

10/29/10, 3:15pm PST

Per Veronica from Desert Pines Equine Center we are at $1,331.00 for Electra!

WhooHoo, I am overjoyed with the response! Thank You Thank You for making her surgery possible.

Electra, Stephanie & Rob

Friday, October 29, 2010

Thank you all so very much for your generous assistance with Electra's upcoming surgery! When you have a team such as all of you in a horse's corner, you can accomplish anything. None of you has ever forgotten the after care that is required for a rescued horse which is very important....THANK YOU!

It is a point that we have felt is very important. We have been very fortunate with our supporters who understand the need for the after care, not just the save. The save is generally easy for the most part; it is the post save that can be tough. I can cite Nellie, Faith, Charity as examples...emergency surgery for Nellie, special feeds for Faith and Charity and vet's visits. There are a multitude of issues that can occur. Another example is Sophie. She arrived three years ago and during this three years has had several issues and now has Cushings, which requires medications etc., but her sponsors are there and we are making her comfortable till she tells us its time for her to go home. She is still under vet care.

Then we have Electra and you all have risen to the challenge. For this we are grateful. I know some might think I say Thank you much too often, but I feel it is necessary because we mean it and we could not do our job without you the sponsors, the supporters. Always remember if I do forget to say it, you know we do appreciate it.

Stephanie and Rob

Truffles, Mighty Hose Hunter

Friday, October 29, 2010

This is the backside of SMF, this is my dream to have that truck pull in here. Nice isn't it. Does not hurt to dream cause its free. We thank you for all your support and the feed and care that you provide to our horses.

All pictures were taken this morning, 10/29/10

Stephanie and Rob

A horse's tail, Chapter 7

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 7, Party Time.

Steph wakes up, gets up, walks over the dogs, and starts the coffee. "Its Saturday, what a week." Coffee is finished, she pours a cup and settles into her chair.

Truffles and Moo, wrap themselves around Steph's bunny slippers and fall to sleep, for the dogs it's still early, not quite 5 in the morning. Steph listens for a couple of minutes and all is quiet around the ranch.

The meeting with Doc Adam, the coordination with Desert Pine, normal chores, the breakout by Sampson and Ruby, and the road trip with 'B', Bruno, and Fred the goat to the Casino and Wal-Mart.....

"Yes a mostly normal week." Steph says out loud. Bruno looks up, "You forgot the bus ride on the stolen bus, and the bags of costumes, and Moo and Truffles eating the rope on your computer thing.", Steph looks over, "OH, I didn't forget them, but didn't want to remember them."

Rob says from the back of the house, "Is the coffee ready, I can smell it.", Steph replies, "Yes, are you sure you don't need me to help with your job this morning?", Rob walks up and pours a cup of coffee, "No, the owners are going to be home, to help in grabbing."

As Rob gets ready to leave, "You need me to get anything when I come back?" Rob is always so nice and caring, most of the time he will forget what he was going to get but at least he asks.

Steph says "No, can't think of anything. Thanks for asking. Are you going to be back in time to run over to see Emma and Mikey in their costumes?" Rob answers, "Oh, yes, should be back in plenty time to run over there."

Rob goes out, for some reason most of the dogs wake up and run outside. Within a minute or two they all return and plop down and fall asleep again.

Steph goes over and picks up the laptop, and starts to check email, before she logs on to the MHR chat.

Steph types "Good Morning All." "Morning Steph", "Good Morning", "Hey its Halloween in Pahrump.", Steph types "Yes it is, we won't get any trick or treaters, we are too far out, and separate. But we are going over to the see the grandkids in their costumes this afternoon."

"Oh, great", "You should enjoy that.", "ahhh, take pictures." Steph replies "Oh, I will."

Steph thinks to herself, "Well this should be a quiet morning, feed the crew, a couple of water barrels." Then she types, "Well I have to feed the gang, talk to you all later." Steph smiles, stands up and heads out, with the dogs in tow.

The sun is up, she hears a few horses talking, all seems right. She heads out to the Ladies Parlour, she looks around all the horses are looking at her as she starts to drop the hay in the feeders, she goes down the line, everyone seems in good health, and greets her in their manner.

She heads over to the Football field, several horses run up, and are talking about food or just glad to see Steph, she drops the hay in the feeders, she looks around the pen, nothing out of the normal - all the horses are moving well and are happy to see breakfast.

She turns to head to the back, and stops. She turns back to the football field, there are nine mounds of dirt in the center of the pen, she turns again and walks back to the Ladies parlour, "hmmm, five, six, seven mounds of dirt..."

She heads to the back pens, her mind begins to wonder... "What is under those mounds of dirt?" As she drops the hay in the feeders, and checks the water levels, she looks around each pen, and yes, each has a mound of dirt, sometimes in the center other times near the edge, where two or more horses are stabled together, there are the appropriate number of mounds, until she gets to Sampson's and Ruby's pen. On the back side is a wagon with dirt covering only the bottoms of the wheels. She drops their hay in the feeders and walks to Justice in the round pen. Justice comes up, having been caught before, looks around like nothing is going on.

Steph notices the mound in the center of the pen and drops the hay for Justice, well at least he hasn't gotten anything that won't fit in a bag.

She walks over to Electra in the right Round Pen, drops her hay, and looks about. Her mound of dirt needs some work, a small feathered hat is sticking out. Steph finishes up with Violette as she heads back to the house. Steph looks about the pen, doesn't see a mound, but something catches her eye behind the water barrel.

Steph goes inside, drops the hay for Violette and walks over to the water barrel, she looks behind it, looks up toward Violette, looks back at what is behind the water barrel, looks back at Violette. Stands up, and leaves the pen.

Steph walks back to the house, does a quick count of dogs and goes inside. "Well that was interesting." Bruno looks up, "What do you mean?" "Well seems each of the horses are hiding things in the pen." Bruno, "Yes we know. We looked, not sticks or poop, no fun." Moo looks up, "No ropes",

Steph says, "if I ever catch you again chewing on a power cord, ahh, rope, you won't be able to sit down for two, maybe three months., You hear me", Moo looks up, Truffles looks away, Moo Answers "Yes."

Again as the norm, Steph sits down and grabs the laptop, logs in, "All the crew are fed and happy." "Great", "They love their hay,", "Good Morning.", Steph begins to type, "Yes everything is fine, each of the horses have a mound..., " nope that won't do. Backspace backspace...

"What should I tell them. Or should I tell them at all., Yes I should tell them, Nope, can't tell them....." Steph types, "Yes, all of crew are happy and content..."

Steph thinks out loud, "What are they planning?", Bruno looks up "Who?", Steph replies, "The horses." Bruno thinks for a bit, "ahh, don't know... ahh, wait, they are having a party when it gets dark." Steph looks over to Bruno, "A PARTY?" Bruno says, "Well the horses are calling it a party."

"Not sure why, they said they are going to dress up, like you made us do a couple of weeks ago, and give treats, ya know horse treats to each other. I just don't understand horses." With that he lays back down.

"What time are they going to do this?" Bruno raises his head up, "hmmm don't know time, about an hour or so after dinner. But that is horse reckoning."

"Well I need to find out that time, Rob and I need to see this, Rob will not believe what is happening." Bruno looks up, "Well go ask 'B'", Steph replies, I can't talk to 'B' without you and Fred." Bruno rolls over to his side, and scratches his belly. "Ahh, that is a trick, you can talk to the horses, or at least most of them."

Steph jumps up, "What do you mean?" Bruno looks over, "You have lived with animals for many years, and these horses and mules since they have arrived here. You can talk to the animals... Hey that would make a great movie.", Steph nods, "It's been done already." Bruno lowers his head. "Dang, Too late again with a good idea."

"You mean that you and Fred tricked me?"Bruno replies, "oh, No, Fred can talk to the horses, and I can talk to Fred. Dogs and horses don't talk. And I can talk to you."

Steph thinks for awhile, "Bruno where did Sampson and Ruby get the wagon?" Bruno sits up, "Can't tell ya, it's a secret." "BRUNO, there are not more secrets, WHERE DID THEY GET THE WAGON?" Bruno, lowers his head, "ahh, sorry, Dublin and Justice got it last night, from Shadow Mountain Feed, it was sitting out back."

"Oh, Now we are all going to jail, Grand Thief Wagon. Why didn't you tell me?" Bruno, looks up, "You didn't ask." Mama Dog adds, "he is a jerk." Bruno looks over to Mama Dog and nods. "They paid coins for it, it's like Wal-Mart.", Steph looks over to Bruno, "You mean they bought it?"

"Don't know what that means, they gave coins to them and they gave the wagon to Dublin." as is the norm recently, "hmmmmm"

"Ok, I am going to talk to 'B', you gang stay here.", Steph heads for the door, all the dogs stay in place. As she approaches 'B's pen, her mind is racing, "I can talk to horses. No I can't, that is silly. Bruno says I can. Bruno is a dog. I can talk to Bruno. Steph, you are losing your mind."

Well that conversation didn't work out. Steph leans against the rail and looks at 'B' eating content with the world. Steph thinks about this, if she speaks out loud, then 'B', may just turn to the voice. Sooo, Steph thinks "'B', what time are you going to have the party?", 'B' grabs another mouth full of hay, hmmm nothing.

"Oh, 8pm your time, then about 9pm well do some games, like bobbing for apples and pin the tail on the zebra, and we will give out treats."

Steph as it seems normal lately reaches up and pushes her mouth closed.

Steph says, "Do you need anything for the party?", 'B' replies, we can use a water barrel over there, for the apples, oh, and a few apples.", Steph nods, "I can do that."

Steph asks, "Can we watch?", 'B' says "Oh, yes, and you can give out the treats from the ladies, aunties, and moms."

Steph smiles, and turns back to the house, "Let's see: a few chores and clean up the house, I think today will be a very nice day.

and I CAN TALK TO THE HORSES....OMG....Rob will think I have really lost it...."

"I will not tell Rob, I will make dinner and then we can watch the horses....Yeah that will work..."


To be continued.

Author: SAMM

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I just got off the phone with Veronica from Desert Pine. A total of $966.00 has been raised for Electra's surgery. Thank you so much! We really appreciate it!

We are making strides!


Thursday, October 28, 2010

It is a beautiful day in Southern Nevada this morning and we are one day closer to Electra's surgery.

The surgery is not an emergency, but a surgery that will correct the tiny flaw of an Umbilical Hernia. She came into this world, not knowing the suffering that so many of our equine friends have endured, her mother included in this poor treatment.

Charity is a rescued PMU Mare who suffered on the line, providing urine for human HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy). Charity was rescued by long time FOBs from the TWR days, along with four other PMU mares in foal.

Unfortunately, we lost Nellie and her foal after Emergency surgery. Nellie made it through the surgery, but many Draft horses suffer from EPSM

and this is what happened to Nellie.

Then there was our Faith who passed in her sleep, three weeks after we weaned Justice. She had been seen and was under Dr. Hadland's care prior to her passing but he was unable to determine what the problem was even after all blood panels had been taken. Life and Death..we just never know, even with all of our technology.

As you can tell Faith had improved considerably during her time with us. This was prior to giving birth to Justice.

Then the miracle of life above.

I know that I have gotten off topic, but I guess what I am trying to say is a very special thank you to each of you, for standing in our horses corners, and aiding in their feed, vet care and all the other needs they may have. Thank you!

and we now have Electra who is seeking help, so we move forward with a huge thank you for your pledges on her behalf.

Stephanie and Rob

A horse's tale, Chapter 6

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 6, A late night meeting and Party preparations.

Well lunch and the afternoon were uneventful, some outside chores did get done, and Rob did not ask any unusual questions, so Steph was very happy.

Steph prepared for the evening feeding, and getting dinner for Rob and herself, she thought most if not all was under control.

As Steph steps outside to start the rounds to feed the horses, Bruno walks up and says "'B' wants to talk to you." Steph tells Bruno, she will talk to 'B' when she gets back there.

Bruno runs off to the back, and Steph begins her chore of feeding the horses. She leaves 'B' to the last, as she approaches 'B's pen, she see Fred the goat and Bruno.

She opens the gate and walks in with a flake of hay, 'B' looks over and says, "Food, hmmm no time." Steph looks up, "What no food?" 'B' says "No time right now, need to go to Wal-Mart and buy costumes."

Steph looks at her, "You can't go to Wal-Mart." 'B' starts to reply when Electra whinnies as loud as she ever has. Steph looks around. 'B', the goat, and Bruno all looked puzzled.

Bruno translates what Fred the goat has just heard.

"The Giants Win, The Giants Win, they are going to the Super bowl...."

Steph looks around, "ahhh, I think she means the World Series".

Bruno says, "See I told ya, these horses know nothing about sports."

'B' smiles, "But I think Justice does, he placed a bet the other night..." "I think we may have enough now to buy what we need."

Steph say, "Who told Justice to bet on the Giants?" 'B' speaks up, "Oh, he has been studying the rankings, and reads SI, and ahh, and Sheila told him to."

Steph nods..."Figures."

'B' says, "Now I have to go to the Nugget Casino."

Steph shakes her head, "You cannot go to the Casino, we will all get arrested." 'B' says "What’s arrested?", "ahhh, well you won't understand, but you can't go." Steph is still shaking her head.

Steph starts to look at Fred and Bruno to say something, and Bruno runs off. "Hey come back here." Bruno continues, he is heading over to Justice's pen. Within a minute he returns, in his mouth is a small piece of paper.

Bruno stops in front of Steph, and raises his head up so Steph can take the paper. 'B' says "If I can't go to the casino, you can come along with us." "How do you propose we get there?" 'B' replies, "Oh, Fred can take us in his bus."

Steph looks at Fred, "Did you steal the bus again?", Fred answers "It’s not stealing, and anyways, I fill it up at the gas station."

'B' says "Well it's settled, let’s go..." Steph says, "What am I supposed to tell Rob?", Bruno looks up, "Tell him you are taking me for a long walk." Steph thinks for a while, "Might work."

Steph looks at Bruno, "Let’s go get your leash." She heads for the gate and Bruno follows, Steph opens the gates, closes it, and heads to the house. Steps inside front door, "Rob I am going to take a walk with Bruno." Rob looks up, "0k, don't get hurt."

Steph turns and grabs Bruno's leash, and steps out the door. She turns to walk back to 'B's pen, Bruno says "Fred and 'B' are on the bus." and he heads to the front gate. Steph shrugs, and heads to the gate.

As she nears the gate she sees the a big white bus from Desert Green Retirement Community.... She opens the gate, and Bruno bounds up the steps of the bus. Steph turns and closes the gate, and walks toward the bus. Sitting in the driver’s seat, is Fred the goat.

She climbs the steps and looks toward the back, 'B' is standing in the isle holding her designer bag in her mouth... Bruno is on the seat behind Fred. Bruno says "You have to sit down, no standing up, except for horses."

Fred reaches over and closes the door, and puts the bus in gear, and pushes on the gas pedal, rolls up to the stop sign at the corner, and brakes, and turns on the turn signal. Steph says, "Fred I really think I should drive." Bruno buts in, "Fred told us we shouldn't talk to him when he is driving, I think he has some Italian blood, he gets very animated when he talks... not safe at all." Steph nods

Fred drives the few miles to the Nugget Casino, pulls into the parking lot, stops and opens the door. 'B' says, "We are here, go inside and exchange the paper for coins." Steph looks at the slip of paper, "What did I get myself into?", "Ok, I will be back in a few."

Steph steps off the bus turns toward the Casino, in the parking lot are several similar buses, she thinks to herself, "I guess, retired folks need something to do, or every goat in the valley is in the habit of stealing buses...."

Never having been in the Casino she asks where she can turn in the slip of paper, the greeter at the door points over to the left she says "at the sports cashier, and congratulations." Steph says "Thanks." and heads off to the cashier.

As she walks over to the cashier, she looks around the casino, she doesn't recognize anyone. She would never live it down if someone saw her... Luckily no one is in line and she walks up and places the slip of paper on the counter.

The Cashier looks up and reaches for the betting slip, "Ma-am, there are teeth marks." Steph says "Yes, my dog nearly ate it." "You are lucky he didn't eat it." "Let’s see what we have." "Giants to win." Let’s see if the machine can read it, with the teeth marks, Ahh good, no problems"

She reaches for the cash drawer, and grabs a stack of $100 bills. Steph reaches up and pushes her mouth closed. The cashier 100, 200, 300, 400, 500. "There you go, $500." Steph reaches carefully and takes the cash. "Thanks". She turns and heads for the door.

As Steph begins to walk away, the cashier asks, "Are you a Giants fan?", Steph turns and says "I am now."

Steph manages to make it out the door, and heads for the bus. To make sure it was the right bus, she looks inside, and a goat is at the wheel, Steph thinks, well that is no guarantee, she looks behind the driver seat and see Bruno..."Ahhh", she steps on board.

'B' standing in the middle of the bus, says "Did you get some coins?", Steph replies, "No coins.", Bruno, 'B', and Fred look at her, "Got paper money it’s the same as a lot of coins." Everyone nods, 'B' says "ok, let’s head to Wal-Mart." Steph sits down, and Fred heads out of the parking lot.

Luckily, things in Pahrump aren't that far apart, in a couple of minutes Fred pulls into the Wal-Mart Super Center parking lot, again he pulls up next to several other buses... 'B' Says "Everyone stay here, I won't be long." She steps forward and turns to Steph, "Paper Money."

Steph places the $500 in 'B's designer bag. 'B' turns and heads down the steps, and walks toward the doors. As she approaches the doors she stops, and waits for the automatic doors to open and walks in.

Steph turns to Bruno and asks, "Why don't you go with her?" Bruno looks up, "Dogs are not allowed inside.", Steph nods. "Why do they let the horses go in?" Bruno replies, "This is Wal-Mart and Pahrump." Steph nods, "I don't understand." Bruno continues, "and they have coins."

Steph can't stand it anymore, "I have to go see. What is going on." Bruno looks up, "Make sure you have coins, they won't let you in.", Steph reaches in her pocket, and pulls out 37 cents. "That will work.", Steph heads for the door.

She steps inside and looks around, all seems normal, at least for Wal-Mart. She heads to a point she can see the cashiers, she figures she wouldn't be able to find 'B' in the store.

She is rewarded in just a few minutes, 'B' comes around an aisle, and heads to a cashier, pushing a cart full of things. Steph walks a bit closers, 'B' finds an available cashier, and starts placing things on the belt, seems like she has several dozen items. When she has emptied the cart, she steps forward and places her designer bag on the counter, and opens it. Steph goes closer to hear what is going on. The cashier finishes, looks at 'B', and says "$136.50, cash or charge?", 'B' reaches in the designer bag and pulls out five one hundred dollar bills, the cashiers say's "only need two of them."

She reaches forward and takes $200." She makes the change and pulls the receipt from the register, and drops them in 'B's designer bag. "Do you need any help out?" 'B' shakes her head, and puts the Wal-Mart bags in the cart and pushes it toward the door.
Steph follows her out the door, and toward the bus. Steph thinks to herself "I have just witnessed the most amazing thing." Just before they get to the bus, she turns and looks back to the door. She sees two mules walking in the door. Steph says out loud, "Well maybe not."

"'B' can I help get the bags on the bus?" 'B' turns says "of course." Steph grabs the bags and steps onto the bus, she looks back and 'B' is pushing the cart back to the cart return area. 'B' returns and says "Always return the carts." Steph nods, 'B' climbs the steps and walks toward the back of the bus.

With a bit of effort she manages to turn around. Fred closes the door, and looks at Steph, and Steph says "I am sorry." and sits down. Fred throws the bus in gear and heads back to the ranch. Along the way back, Bruno starts fiddling with the bags and a small piece of rope. Steph leans forward, "Bruno what you making?" Bruno, looks over "Saddle bags."

In just a few minutes the bus pulls up to the gate of the ranch, and Fred turns off the engine, and opens the door. 'B' steps forward, and Bruno helps get the four bags over 'B's neck, designer bag in her mouth, and two saddle bags made from Wal-Mart bag 'B' steps off the bus.

Steph steps off after Bruno, and heads to the gate, she turns back to Fred, "Aren't you coming in?", Fred says "No, I have to pick up several horses, its bingo night at the VFW..." Steph turns and opens the gate. 'B' and Bruno walk in. She turns and closes the gate and locks it. She turns and 'B' is almost back to her pen.

Steph looks down at Bruno, "Does she need anything else?", Bruno shakes his head. "Well let's go have dinner." Bruno starts jumping up and down, "Treats, Treats" Steph says "Well not yet."

Bruno leads the way back to the house, and Steph follows. Steph opens the door, "Back". Rob looks up, "Anything exciting happen." Steph thinks for a bit, "hmmm, nothing special", "What do you want for dinner?"

To be continued.

Let’s see if you readers can answer a few questions.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pictures of Electra Glide, taken today. Electra says thank you very much to all those who have pledged to help her.

I would like to mention that your pledge and credit card information can be called into Veronica at Desert Pines Equine Center, 702-645-2247, but your credit card will not be charged with your pledge amount until after the surgery is completed.

You can visit their website to see their facilities.

Thank you all so very much!

Stephanie and Rob

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday, October 26, 2010 - Electra update

Bye-bye Herbie!

Electra is scheduled for surgery on Monday, November 8th, 2010 @ 10AM at Desert Pines Equine Center.

The approximate cost for surgery and stay is $1,500.00 in advance (as long as there are no complications) per our contact, Veronica (702-645-2247).

Dr. Hadland will be present for surgery assisting Dr. Shur

If you wish to assist in this procedure please contact Veronica, at 702-645-2247, tell her it is for Electra's Herbie the Hernia surgery. She will be happy to assist you. Veronica keeps a list of all donors, so please provide her with your name and address so that we are able to send you your receipt of donation.

Many thanks to everyone in the effort to fix this little flaw in this precious little one. Electra will remain at their facility for two-three days after procedure for observation.


Monday, October 25, 2010

Update on Electra, October 25, 2010

Electra Glide, weanling of rescued PMU Mare Charity and a resident of Miracle Horse Rescue has been diagnosed with an Umbilical Hernia

On 10/24/10 during MHR's second phase of their Vaccination Day, Dr. A. Hadland, D.V.M. recommended that she undergo the surgery to correct the issue. This is not an emergency surgery, but again he highly recommended it be done to avoid potential problems in the future as she gets older. Over the last sixty days we have followed the instructions of Dr. Hadland in manipulating the hernia, which is known as " Herbie" in order to reduce the size. But to no avail it remains the same, which he refers to as the "two finger" rule, which means you can stick two fingers in it. She is slightly above this rule.

Desert Pines Equine Center in Las Vegas, is the surgical center where this will be performed. I contacted Dr. Hadland this morning 10/25/10 reminding him to please contact Desert Pines to discuss with them his patient "Electra Glide" as he stated he would. The reason for this discussion is to avoid, having to drive her back and forth and causing undue stress on her little mind, and the unnecessary costs. I spoke with Veronica this morning 10/25 of Desert Pine to let her know that Dr. Hadland would be calling to discuss Electra. She stated that he would be having his conversation with Dr. Leslie Shur, D.V.M., who would be performing her surgery.

With this surgery, Electra would have to remain at their facility for two to three days after the surgery for continued observation. We were told the approximate starting figure for the surgery would be $800.00 and could go up dependent upon the severity, plus the after care at their facility.

No date has been scheduled for said surgery, but we are making preparations. We understand that the economy has touched everyone's lives and believe me we are not immune to this both on the personal as well on the rescue/sanctuary end. What we are asking is if you are able to assist financially in Electra's surgery and her after care it would be appreciated. However, we are not asking for donations be sent at this time, nor do we want them sent to Miracle Horse Rescue. When everything is scheduled, we are asking that your funds be sent/called in directly to Desert Pines Equine Center. The staff at DPEC will request all of your information, and they will provide the list of donors to MHR so that we are able to provide you with a Tax Deductible receipt of said donation. We would like to thank you in advance for your time and consideration in this matter.

History of Electra Glide: Electra is the foal of a PMU Mare from North Dakota that was saved by FOB's, many of which have been around since the TWR days. Charity arrived at MHR October 26th, 2009. She was in poor condition, but we had ample time to aide her in what she needed to prepare for the impending birth. On April 19th, 2010, Charity gave birth to this beautiful little filly. in the wee hours of the morning. She was healthy right from the start and both mother and baby were seen the same day of birth by Dr. Hadland.

How did Electra Glide receive her name? Well, Electra was given this name by a looonnnnggg time FOB from TWR days, who IS a FOUR time Cancer survivor. If she so choses to reveal herself she will, but that will be her call not mine. But I will say this of her, she is very special, and is a very very special friend. We want Electra to have the best, and with providing her with this surgery it is the best, and we do hope that someone may even consider providing her with a "FOREVER HOME" despite her little flaw. Electra has been handled from the day she was born, and has wonderful ground manners, can have her feet done with no issues etc. This can be confirmed by FOBs that have visited her.

Again, thank you for your time in reading and thank you for your possible consideration in assisting in Electra's surgery. Once, everything has been scheduled we will post the date, and information for said surgery.

Below is a video of Dr. Hadland's diagnosis on September 15:

Stephanie and Rob

Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday, October 22, 2010

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 5, Is there no end?

Steph turns to Bruno, "What does Halloween have to do with this?, Bruno turns and says "I don't know what Halloween is, Tell Me, Tell Me.", Steph looks at Bruno, "It's when kids dress up in costumes and go around trick or treating."

Before Bruno could answer, Mama Dog looks up, "Baby goats go around and get treats?" Steph shakes her head... "No, No People kids, you know like the grand children." Mama Dog nods, Bruno is excited, "Treats, Treats, Please Treats."

Steph looks over to him, "No not treats for dogs, Treats for kids." Bruno lower his head, and mumbles "Treats for the goats not for the dogs...Pffft".. "Bruno you have to be one of the dumbest...." Steph voice trails off....

"Well gang we need to find Fred the goat, I need to talk to her, it is really important.", "GO GO find the goat." All the dogs jump up, barking and running for the doggy door, out into the yard, Barking, barking, then all quiet.

Bruno comes back in the doggy door, as Steph is putting the things back into the bags. Bruno looks up, "We don't know where the goat is." Steph looks directly at Bruno "You are all dogs, hunting dogs, FIND THE GOAT." Bruno nods, and runs out the door barking.

As the barking fades into the distance, Steph continues to return each of the items back into Justice's and Spirit's Bags. Steph stands picks up the bags, and the Frank Sinatra hat, and Justice's bowtie. and heads out the door.

"I guess I need to return these to Spirit and Justice. Dang, I wish I could talk to the horses, it would make this a lot easier." Justice has just finished rolling around and is shaking off the dust. He looks up, and whinnies, Steph places the bowtie back on the rail

She opens the gate and walks in and shows Justice his bag. Justice very carefully takes the bag from Steph and walks to the middle of the pen, sets it down on the ground and using his nose, opens the bag and looks inside. He closes the bag and kicks some dirt on the bag.

He walks over to Steph and places his head on her shoulder. "Thank you, I thought I had lost it." Steph looks up, almost in tears, "I can hear you", Justice steps back and looks at Steph, "No, it was them." He looks behind Steph, she turns, looks she sees Eight Dogs, and a goat. Bruno, waggin his tail so hard, that he actually falls down once. "We found her!", Steph says, "Good Morning Fred." The goat, who stands nearly as tall as the big dogs, nods her head, Bruno says " She said good morning." "Where did you find her?"

Bruno says, "She was driving by the gate in her bus." , "Fred you have a bus???", Bruno looks at Fred, nods and looks back at Steph, and says "Yes she stole it from the retirement home last night to bring Spirit and Justice home..." "WHAT"

Steph, looks around, "We can not have a stolen bus sitting out front of the ranch, Fred you have to move it some place... and I mean now." Fred nods, she and all eight dogs take off to the front of the ranch.

Steph walks out of Justice's pen and as she looks back, Justice is kicking a bit more dirt on the bag. She walks over to Spirit's pen and like with Justice, Steph places the Sinatra hat on the rail, she steps in the pen and holds out the designer bag from an outlet mall,

Spirit walks up and just like Justice very carefully takes the bag, and Spirit turns and looks around, water barrel or middle of the pen, decides on center of the pen, walks forward, very carefully places the bag on the ground, and just like Justice, uses his nose to open the bag and look inside, seemingly taking inventory, closes the bag, looks up, and kicks some dirt on the bag, turns and walks back to Steph, "Thank you." Steph not to be caught twice turns and looks behind her, one goat, eight dogs. "That was quick, where did you leave the bus?", Bruno again waggin his tale has hard as his could, "We, We parked it next door near...." "WHAT YOU CAN'T PARK IT THERE, MY LORD, GO PARK IT NEAR THE HIGHWAY OR SOME PLACE FAR AWAY....", with that one goat, and eight dogs head back to the gate....

As she leaves the pen, she turns and Spirit is eating some hay. Steph shakes her head, "Dogs, goats, horses. There is no end." She slowly walks toward the Ladies Parlour, in the distance, she sees 'B' standing there, all is quiet in the parlour, in fact all the horses are standing, resting or sleeping.... As she approaches the pen, she looks around the pen, nothing unusual nothing hanging on the rails, no mounds of....Wait, "what is that..." Over to one side, is a mound of dirt, she had not noticed it before. She walks to the gate, opens it, steps inside. As is the norm, the residents of the parlour, those that are awake, look and see what Steph is going to do. Steph closes the gate, and turns "B, Come here"....

'B' walks up and stands facing Steph, wait for scratches and a hug. Steph using all her training, knowing that a horse has to face you to know that you want. Steph takes a couple of steps and turns to face 'B', 'B' turns her body to face Steph. Steph steps to the side and points at the large mound of dirt across the pen.

"Is that yours? and looks back at 'B', 'B' nods and gallops over to the mound, between snorting, and using her front hoofs, unearths the mound and pulls out a designer bag, a big bag. She reaches down grabs the bag by the handle and picks it up.

She walks back to Steph and holds it forward for Steph to take. Steph reaches forward and carefully takes the bag from 'B', its a beautiful bag, from a top designer, a bit dirty, but you can tell. Steph slowly opens the bag and looks inside...

"Where did you get the bag?" 'B' nods and says "My moms bought it for me, and FEDEX delivered it", having been through this several times in the last few minutes, she didn't want to look behind her, but she did. A goat, and five dogs, "Where are the small dogs?" Bruno says, "They have short legs, we parked the bus at the gas station on the highway, It will take them some time to get back." "We can't have that, go find them NOW." Steph stands there as the pack and goat turn to take off to find the small dogs, "Except Fred and Bruno, the rest of you find the small dogs." Fred and Bruno come to a halt and turn about. Steph turns back to 'B' and opens the bag.

Steph looks in the bag, all she can see is treats, seems like a dozen or more, she looks at 'B', "B, what are these?", 'B' says, "Oh, there are treats we have saved for emergencies or parties, and my Tiara, and some other things, I like." Steph smiles, "Why are you having Bruno collect Wal-Mart bags?", "Oh, Oh, so that everyone has a bag for Halloween to get treats."

"What about the things that Spirit and Justice have in their bags?" 'B', has to think a bit, "not sure what you are talking about, we horses collect things we like, Spirit is the assigned treasurer for Halloween, he has been collecting coins to buy treats. Did you know he has holding 'Horse Washes' at the Chicken Ranch for the last few weekends, seems to attract a lot of male human interest and gets some coins for the fund. Not sure why sure why people want to have to have their horses washed by the ladies at the chicken ranch, but no telling about people...."

Steph smiles, "You know that the moms, and aunties are buying treats for Halloween?", 'B' Looks straight at Steph, and says "Yes, but we want to make sure that each horse or mule gets a treat and a costume of some sorts."


Now Stephanie, in full tears, looks up at 'B' "That is wonderful, you are a wonderful horse, and Spirit and Justice for helping."..."Oh, its not just myself, and Justice and Spirit, its all the horses that can help, we all work together, we younger horses do the hoof work..."

"Its amazing what you are doing to help the other horses 'B'," but before Steph can finish, 'B' says, "well its getting harder for a horse to get into Wal-mart, so we might need some help getting all the hats and masks and capes we need." Jerri and Dublin used to do it as leaders of the herd, but Jerri kept biting people in line at the cash register, and Dublin would just sort of walk out with the goods, so it was decided that the younger horses would handle the Wal-mart activities...."

'B' Continues, "We are still short 23 or so costumes, ya know hats, and masks and things, we need some help in getting them, time is short, Halloween is only a week away."

Steph hears some barking from the north, it's the pack coming in the ranch with three very tired small dogs.... "Well we have a few issues to solve first, a bus, a goat, and Rob will be back in just a few minutes for lunch..."

Steph hugs 'B' and walks to the gate, the hug triggers a mass appeal to the other horses in the parlour, and Steph hugs each, and slowly makes her way to the gate. As she exits, she notices that 'B' has picked up the bag, and is walking to the other side of the pen.

Steph turns and walks back toward the house. "You know Fred, you know that you can't be stealing buses from the old folks home, it isn't right." Fred through a translation from Bruno says, "Yes I know, but it was the only way to get the Equines home before dawn, we have only done it a few times. The people at the retirement home don't notice it gone before say, noon or so...",

Steph looks down at her watch, and says, "well its 11:50 now"... Steph is stopped in her tracks as the goat yells "Holy shi..." and takes off followed by the big dogs, the small dogs have seen enough running for one day..


To be continued.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 4 Part 2, What you got there?

Steph reaches down, and reaches in and grabs a plastic bag, she holds it up, its a Wal-Mart bag. Lifting up the edge of Bruno's bed, and see two stacks of perfectly flat, neatly stacked Walmart bags.

"Bruno, what are you doing with all these Wal-Mart bags?", Bruno looks up and say's "Can't tell you.", Steph asks, "Why not?", "Its a secret." he says looking between the bags and Steph.

"Bruno, where did you get all of those Wal-Mart bags?", "Oh, I catch them when they blow into the yard and sometimes the trash", Bruno answers.

"But I clean the beds every week, I have never seen them.", "Oh, I move them outside on cleaning days." Bruno says waggin his tale.

Steph bends down and picks up the Wal-Mart bags, each neatly stacked and perfectly flat, as if brand new..... "Wonder how many are here?", Bruno, looks up, waggin his tail, "Seven feet"

Steph looks back at Bruno, "Bruno there is more than 5 feet of bags.", "No, I count them every day, Seven feet," Bruno comes over and very carefully takes one bag, and lays in on the floor.

"One", then takes another, "Two", and continues with Three, four, and Five. Bruno then raises, his left front leg, "One Foot"....

Steph looks at Bruno, "What are you talking about?", Bruno continues the explanation, Bag six, seven, eight, nine, ten. He then raises his right rear leg.

Bruno, say "Two feet"...... Bruno continues, "If I continue I will fall down." he looks up at Steph to see if she understands...

Steph finally understands, "What do you do when you get past four feet?" Bruno, having placed all his feet back on the ground, looks and says "oh, one of the other dogs helps me count."

Steph, nods, "BRUNO, what are you doing collecting plastic bags?", all the dogs look up, Bruno, says "I can't tell you.", Steph says "WHY?", more interest from the dogs, Bruno steadies himself, "Its a secret."

Steph notices the interest in the conversation from the other dogs, all of whom are looking back and forth between Bruno and Steph....

Steph sits down on the floor, Bruno's dog bed to one side, and now 4 stacks of Wal-Mart plastic bags neatly laying on the floor. "You don't play with them?", Bruno, looks up, "OH, NO, they are not toys or treats they are for the ...",

Seven Dogs, including Moo, Jump up and start barking, Bruno lowers his head..... Steph, yells out, "Hey I am talking here, or Bruno is." the dogs all quiet down and lay down, except for Mama Dog who is staring at Bruno, Steph looks at Bruno.

"Bruno, who are the Wal-Mart bags for?, "I can not tell you.", Steph starts to think, hmmmm... "I will give you a treat.", Bruno jumps up, "The Horses, The Horses.", Mama dog shakes her head and lays down....

Deal is a deal, Steph stands up and grabs a treat from the bag, and sits back down on the floor. "OK, its no longer a secret, here is your treat." Bruno inhales the treat, and is so happy, he is waggin his tail so hard he nearly falls down.

"Bruno, why are you collecting Wal-Mart bags for the horses?", Bruno looks up, shrugs, "I don't know.", Steph, has to think as fast as Bruno, which isn't really that hard... "Bruno, who told you to collect the bags?"

Bruno says, "Oh, it was 'B'.", "You can talk to 'B'?", "Oh, No I can't talk to the horses.". Steph leans back. "Oh, now I am really confused."

Steph begins slowly, "Bruno, if you can't talk to 'B', how did she tell you to collect the Wal-Mart bags?", Bruno looks up, "Can not tell you, its a secret." At that point Mama Dog jumps up and barks at Bruno, and says.... "Tell her about the goat, and stop beggin for treats, stupid dog."...

Steph looks at Bruno, then back to Mama Dog, Bruno shrugs, Mama Dog, just lays down. "Hey I heard Mama Dog talk to me." Bruno "Of course you did.", Steph looks at Bruno "What do you mean by that?", Bruno says "Don't you know?"

Steph says, "What do you mean?", Bruno looks around the room with dogs laying about, and says "Moo, has the gift of understanding, and it is passed to other dogs in the pack." Bruno continues "Only one dog in 10,487 feet has that blessing."

Steph, sits up a bit, "So you mean that since we got Moo, we have been able to talk to all of you?" She looks around and each dog nods, Bruno speaks up for the pack. "Well yes.", Steph goes why haven't I heard any other dogs other then you and now Mama Dog," Bruno stands up, "Thats is because I have the most to say.", seven other dogs almost in unison, "Pfffft"

"Bruno we have a problem, the two horses have been out and caused a problem for all of us. and what is this about a goat?" Steph is quicker than most dogs make her out to be, she remembered the comment.

"Oh, the Goat, she tells us what to do for the horses." Steph wants to continue the conversation, but the part about the goat is confusing her to no end.

"Tell me about the Goat." Bruno stands up straight, tail waggin, "Her name if Fred, she comes by at night and talks to the horses and then talks to us." Steph says, "I have never seen a goat on the ranch." Bruno, goes on "Oh she is very quiet, and and she is very secretive...." Steph says, "Oh yes it seems so.", "Fred, a Nanny goat, can talk to the horses and you can talk to her?", Bruno, looking so proud, as if he just found a good pile of poop to bring back to the house.

"YES, YES", "and she told you that 'B' wanted you to collect Wal-Mart plastic bags?", Bruno "YES, YES", Steph, seeing a bit of progress, "Why did 'B' ask for the Wal-Mart plastic bags?", Bruno replies, "I don't know."

Steph takes her hand and places in on her forehead. "Oh this is going to take some time to figure out."...

Bruno says, "Don't worry, I don't understand about Halloween either..." Steph looks up.....


To be continued.....

Author: SAMM

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 4 Part 1, Did you hear?

Steph sitting in front of the computer and types "Be back in a while have some errands that have to be run."

She stands, looks at the dogs laying around, nods and grabs her purse and keys. "Ok Guys and Gals, I have errands to run.",

Bruno looks up, "Food, Food", Steph says "Not on this run. You guys watch the ranch." Steph heads out the door.

Steph walks out to the car, looks around the ranch, all is quiet, which is good. She drives up to the gate, gets out, opens the gate, drives out, closes the gate, and heads off on her errands.

First on the list, Shadow Mountain Feed, for some Rice bran, then the grocery store, then the gas station... After a short drive, she pulls into the parking lot.

"Rice Bran, Rice Bran do I need anything else." She opens the door, steps in and Patti Cross, yells out, "Stephanie, did you hear?"

Steph, looks up and across the store at Patti, "What, I just got here?", Patti says, "Did you hear about the horses."

Steph walks over to the counter, "What horses, when, where?", Patti, "You won't believe this. Four Horses, well actually Three Horses and a mule were at the Nugget Casino last night."

Patti continues, "Well not just at the casino, they were inside and partying and dancing." Steph, slowly reaches up and pushes her mouth closed..."Really who was with them, was it a show or what?"

"No, they were alone, and apparently had tickets, and were playing at the tables, and even were eating at the late night buffet.",

"People all over town are talking about it."

Steph looks down, "Oh, I just need some rice bran." Patti, looks up and nods.

Steph thinks well I have to say something...."Well that is unreal, any idea who the horses belonged to?", Patti shrugs, "No one knows. It appears no one up that late recognized the horses."

"Well I am sure that someone will figure it out.." Patti rings up the bag of rice bran, and says, "I am sure the Sheriff Office will figure it out, Captain Becht was at the casino this morning." "It is pretty unusual even for Pahrump, to have horses out partying..."

Steph nods, "Yes very unusual."

For some reason, as Steph walked out to the parking lot with the bag of rice bran, her mind was wondering, "The Sheriff's office... Horses out partying", "OMG"

Well, the trip to the grocery store and getting gas have fallen by the way side....

Steph drives back to the ranch, as she pulls up to the house, "We have to resolve this. Otherwise Robert is going to jail for letting horse run about...Or me...Robert, for sure, he is in charge of gates...Or me, because I am in charge of welfare." Steph screamed loud enough for bring the dogs out of the house.

Bruno, comes out, yelling "FOOD, FOOD,...", Steph well some of the family are excited.... "Ok, let’s resolve this here and now."

Steph, grabs the bag of rice bran, and walks to the house, the dogs are running about looking for treats, Bruno, still yelling "FOOD, FOOD", Steph looks down at him, "No Food." Bruno looks up and says, "What no food, pfffft" and wonders back inside.

Steph sits down, well maybe the Moms and Aunties have come up with some ideas...... "My Goodness, I hope so. I would hate to see Robert going to jail." Just as that thought was formed, she looks over at Bruno, who is messing with his bed, pushing something under the bed.

"Bruno, what are you doing?", Bruno looks up "aaahhhh, nothing, Nope not doing anything wrong, Nope, nothing." Steph stands up and walks over to Bruno's bed, and lifts up one corner. "Bruno what is this?"

Bruno looks up, "Ahhhh, nothing going on here, nope nothing, not me." Steph reaches down, and reaches in and grabs a handful of....


to be continued.

Authored By: Samm

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Here are some pictures of a couple of the horses preparing themselves for the Parteee


Misty, too dignified for a mask

They are saying please get ready for a wonderful party

Stephanie and Rob

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Horse Tale, Chapter 3, A designer bag from the outlet mall.

Steph gets back to the house, sets the bag she found in Spirits pen on the table. She walks over and pours a cup of coffee. She sits down and stares at the bag. "What is Spirit keeping?" Bruno looks up and shakes his head.

A bag from the outlet mall sits before Steph, and after looking in the Walmart bag that Justice had, Steph is really concerned. "Ok, Steph, cowgirl up." Steph looks over to Bruno, "Did you say that?" Bruno nods his head.

Steph reaches forward, opens the bag, and reaches inside. Steph pulls out, a pair of swim goggles (big enough to fit a horse), two under 15 tickets to 'Wet 'n Wild Las Vegas water park', Brochure for the Chicken Ranch, a quote from Amber Pools & Spas for a lap pool, and two oatmeal cookies, mostly intact.

As Steph starts to move the now empty bag, she figures out something else is in the bag. Opening the bag all the way, she peers inside, the bottom of the bag is filled with coins. With all diligence she counts the coins, quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies.... $212.27. "What the heck has he been doing?"

Bruno looks up at the question and says in his way, "You are the cowgirl, you figure it out, don't like coins, taste bad....." Steph nods and looks at the array of items on the table...

Steph says "Well lets see what we got." Well out of Justice's Walmart bag, copy of a current edition of the "Horse Racing Journal", some chips from Pahrump Nugget Hotel & Casino, actually $137 dollars worth, a hotel key, and a photo of a bay colored thoroughbred mare, actually signed with a small hoof print in the corner, oh and two half eaten carrots.

Out of Spirits bag, pair of swim goggles, two under 15 tickets to 'Wet 'n Wild Las Vegas water park', Brochure for the Chicken Ranch, a quote from Amber Pools & Spas for a lap pool, and two oatmeal cookies, and $212.27 in coins.

Bruno looks up and says, "All junk nothing useful.", Steph looks back and says "Well maybe to you, but it appears to Justice and Spirit they mean something." Bruno, just lowers his head, "Horses Pfffft".

well its getting close to 9 am, Steph had planned some cleanup and maybe a few water barrels, but the array of items on the table has her baffled, concerned and a bit worried. If she tells Rob when he gets back from working, he will think she has gone off the deep end.

"Oh, the chat, it’s been an hour or more since I typed BRB.", dang people will think I got lost or something. Taking a swig of now cold coffee, she readies herself for humiliation, scorn, and barbs, from her friends and supporters from around the country... "I can do this." thinks to herself, Steph nearly in tears, looks over to Bruno, "Put the stuff back in the bags, give them back to the horses, and forget about it."

"Nope, I just can't leave it at that." Steph returns her gaze back to the items. Steph turns her attention to the computer screen, last few entries on the chat are about the weather in New York, bosses and the normal chatter. "Well let’s see what the world can make of this." Steph begins to type.

"Morning all, sorry got busy with things"....Morning Steph from several people follows. Steph in her best cowgirl fashion, types "Found two bags this morning in Justice's and Spirits pens.", "You would not believe what I found."..... Steph waits, and waits. Then the first reply comes in "What tell us.", "What did you find?", "Yes tell us."

Steph takes a deep breath, and begins to type.... "Nope can't do it.", which is followed by response from several people, "please tell us", "is it bad", "are the horses ok!!!", "OMG what is going on, just got here?"

"No, it’s not bad, the horses are ok.", " but it’s really weird.", " I found a plastic bag in each of their pens, I brought them back to the house to see what was inside.".... "what was inside?", "OMG,", "tell us"...

"Well when I was feeding this morning I noticed a plastic bag half buried in both Spirits and Justices pens.", "I brought them back to the house to see what was inside.".

"What was inside?", "Tell us", "Good Morning, what’s going on?".....

"ok, ok, I will list the things in each bag, I can't not figure out any of it, maybe you ladies can help."

"In Justices' bag he had.

1) copy of a current edition of the "Horse Racing Journal",
2) $137 dollars worth of chips from Pahrump Nugget Hotel & Casino,
3) a hotel key,
4) a photo of a bay colored thoroughbred mare, actually signed with a small hoof print in the corner,
5) two half eaten carrots.

In Spirits bag he had.

1) pair of swim goggles,
2) two under 15 tickets to 'Wet 'n Wild Las Vegas water park'
3) A Brochure for the Chicken Ranch,
4) a quote from Amber Pools & Spas for a lap pool,
5) two oatmeal cookies,
6) and $212.27 in coins."

"You ladies are going to have to help me figure this out. I really have no idea what they are up to."

The quiet that followed on the chat was as if the chat was broken, or that everyone had left......

Just as Steph was about to burst into tears, Bruno came up and laid his head on her lap, "They will figure it out, the Mom's and Aunties are a pretty cool group."

Steph looked down and rubbed his neck, "You are a very good dog.", Bruno looks up "Got any treats?"....


To be continued... This chapter is meant to be interactive, responses will guide the next chapter of Horse's Tale.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday, October 18, 2010

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 2, Who Me?

As Steph puts her coffee cup down, "What am I doing, I got two horses running loose." Steph jumps up, heads for the door, grabs the rope halter and lead, and heads out.

The dogs look up, and not hearing anything go back to sleep. Steph heads to the back of the ranch, knowing she will find Spirit and Justice running about.

As she approaches the Round Pens she see Justice in the right pen, where he started the night. She walked around to the gate, and it was closed and locked. "Did I dream all this?", but as she turned she saw a bow tie hanging on the rail.

Now she heads back to Spirits pen. Shaking her head, Steph doesn't know what to expect. Spirit looks up as Steph approaches, with a look of Who Me, The gate is closed and locked and a hat is hanging on the rail next to the gate.

Steph is now really confused, worried, and really upset with both Spirit and Justice. Just to make sure the rest of the crew is safe and settled, she walks each stall and the two larger pens. All is quiet, a few looks of do you have Hay, but otherwise quiet.

As she heads back to the house, "Well daylight will answer several questions." Or so Steph thought.

Steph comes in the house, the dogs look up, its not daylight yet, so back to sleep. Steph pours another cup of coffee and sits down to ponder.

"How did they get out?", "Where did they go?", "Who were the other two equines?" Bruno looks up, Steph looks over, "Maybe it was boys night out.", Steph nods. "

As Steph finishes her second cup of coffee, she stands, as the sun peaks over the mountains, "Its time to feed the horses." Dogs jump up, big ones head outside, little ones run around Stephs feet.

Steph moves to the Ladies Parlour, the Football Field, then to the back row, she talks to every horse, looks them over, and goes to the next. Some are excited and run back and forth, some know what to expect, and wait for their morning hay.

As Steph approaches Spirits Pen she looks it all over, panels, connections, gate, can't see any problems. Well she walks up and Spirit looks up, "Breakfast time", Steph looks at him and says, "Well maybe not. What went on last night?"

Spirit looks to his right, then to his left, kicks a little bit of dirt on to a pile of dirt near the center of his pen.

Steph nods, as if to say "ok", then drops the hay into the feeder. "We will see Spirit, we will see", Steph,

Steph, feeds the rest of the horses along the back row, then heads off to the round pen and Justice.

Justice seems to be sleeping on his feet, but looks up as Steph walks up, normally he runs about, kicks the rail, and is really happy to see breakfast, this morning, maybe not.

Steph, looks at him and says, "What’s wrong Justice?", Justice turns and looks at Steph, and kicks some dirt with his back hoof onto a pile of dirt in the middle of the pen.

As Steph drops the hay on the ground, Justice see breakfast, and is happy now. and dives in.... Steph, thinks to herself, what are these two tring to hide....

Steph feeds Electra, tries to anger Herbie, and heads back to the house. Knowing that she will get on the computer and tell everyone that everyone is fed and happy, but what of last nights events.

Another cup of coffee, Steph sits down and logs onto JTV. "Good Morning All" ahh wait a second "BRB", Steph jumps up and heads for the door.

She walks in a direct line to the Round Pen, dogs confused run every which way, but in the general direction. Steph walks around to the gate, opens it and goes in. Close the gate, look around, Justice is busy eating, and doesn't seem to care that Steph has entered his area.

She walks around the pen, looking at the connections between the rail panels, she looked to see if the panels have been moved, nope everything in place. Steph turned and looked around the pen. "Hmmm what is that pile of dirt?", she walks over quietly, not to disturb Justice.

Steph stands in the middle of the Round Pen, just behind a pile of dirt. Still wearing her bunny slippers she kicks the pile of dirt, and a plastic bag becomes visible.

Steph looks over quickly to Justice, who has at least two mouthfuls of hay, and she bends over and picks up not just a plastic bag, but a Walmart bag and there are things inside....

Steph heads for the gate, Justice does not look up, seems hay has a better appeal then an old plastic bag, at least for now.

As Steph turns to lock the gate, the dogs are going "FOOD, FOOD", Steph turns to them and Says "Not Food", at that point 8 dogs drop their heads and head back to the house.

As she starts the leave, she reaches over the rail and grabs the bowtie, hanging near the gate....

She gets back to the house, sits down at the computer ready to join into the morning conversations, "Rob, did you leave anything in Justice's pen for him to play with?", after a few moment Rob says "Nope haven't been by him in a couple of days." Steph turns and looks at the dirt Walmart bag, and , Rob asks, "Why do you ask?", "Ahhh, nevermind was just thinking.",

Rob heads for the door, off to work, Steph turns and says "Take care.", Rob turns and says, "Right, don't hurt yourself, should be back for lunch".... Rob closes the door and Steph turns to the Walmart bag.

What is in it?, did it just blow into the pen?, is Justice trying to hide something, why would a horse want to hide anything...

Steph turns to the computer, starting to type "Good Morning All, you won't believe...", ahhh wait Steph can't tell anyone yet, backspace, backspace....

"All the horses are feed, and all are happy." turning to her left, she looks at the bag, "I have to look inside.". She looks over to Bruno, he looks back and Says, "What could a horse be keeping, not like sticks or poop, or a dead mouse." Steph nods, and opens the bag.

Steph, opens the bag, what could be in a buried Walmart bag in a horses pen... Yeah what....

Well Steph finds a current edition of the "Horse Racing Journal", some chips from Pahrump Nugget Hotel & Casino, actually $137 dollars worth, a hotel key, and a photo of a bay colored thoroughbred mare, actually signed with a small hoof print in the corner, oh and two half eaten carrots.....

Steph looks over to Bruno who is interested to see if any food is in the bag, and says "What do you think?" Bruno looks up, "hmmm no poop, not interested", "No Sticks?", "don't care", "What is Spirit hiding?", Before Bruno, could get to his feet, Steph was out the door.

I don't know if you ever tried to run 100 yards in bunny slippers but it takes some work. Bruno, made it back to Spirits pen first, followed by 7 dogs, not having any idea what is going on, but they enjoyed the run. Steph opened the gate, Spirit was nose deep in hay and didn't seem to notice.

Steph looked around, .... where is the pile of dirt... Steph looks over to Spirit, "What did you do with it?", Spirit looks slowly around and looks to his water barrel, then goes back to eating.

"Ahhh", Steph walks over the water barrel, look inside and see's a floating plastic bag, not a Walmart bag, but a designer bag from the outlet mall. She reachs in and gets the bag.

"ahhh, well this should be good.", as she walks out she picks up the Frank Sinatra hat off the rail....

to be continued..

Monday, October 18, 2010

Samm is the author of this late night story. Samm does most of his postings late at night when most of us are fast asleep. He does this on our chat, so when we awaken in the morning we are amused by one his creative stories or we learn different facts about horses and various other historical items that have occurred over the years. Thanks Samm for keeping us on our toes.

This tale hasn't happened yet, but as Steph tells it this is what happened.

Just a few days ago, Steph got up around 5 AM, and is heading to the coffee pot, as is the norm,

The sun isn't up yet and all is quiet around the ranch.

The dogs are all asleep in their beds, til a buzzing noise is heard, the bigger dogs jump up and head up the doggy door, the younger ones, start to run around Steph's feet.

The buzzing noise comes from the 'buzzer' at the front gate. Put there to alert Steph and Rob of visitors.

Well with the dogs off at a full run, Steph looks around for her robe and those cute bunny slippers she has...

and out the door, its not really that far to the gate, but at this hour no tell what it could be. As she leaves the door, she grabs the flashlight and heads out.

The dogs have stopped barking, but are still standing at the gate. Steph is fuming, 'Who would come by the ranch at this hour?'

There isn't a car or truck at the gate or at least no headlights, but there are two shadows standing next to the gate and the buzzer.

As Steph gets closer, she see's two horses standing there. "Oh, I hope someone didn't abandon two horses for us.".....

With the dogs at the quiet and the closer Steph gets to the gate, see shines the flash light at the horses, and who does she see....

as she gets to the gate, she recognizes Spirit and Justice...."What in the Heck are you two doing out there?".

Hard to tell, since neither of them answered. Steph reaches the gate, bends down to unlock the chain, and then looks up again at the two young horses.

Spirit has a hat on, cocked over one ear, something like Frank Sinatra would wear.

And Justice has a bow tie on, looped around his neck... Spirit is leaning against the post with his front legs crossed.

and Justice is just pawing the ground in front of him...

Did someone steal them late in the night and return them or what, as Steph was thinking that she looked down the road, and saw two shapes about a quarter mile away just barely illuminated but the lights.

It was a mule, you can tell from the back end, and a miniature horse of some breed... "What the Heck?"

As Steph swings the gate open, both Spirit and Justice awake from there musings and walk in and head to the back of the ranch.

Steph, closes the gate, and secures the lock, and looks down at the dogs. She is pretty sure that Bruno looks up and says, "I don't know either"....

"You two have alot of explaining to do once I get some coffee." As Spirit and Justice make there way back to their pens, little dust clouds form as they drag their hoofs on the ground.

Of course Steph and dogs make just as much dust as the horses going back to the house.

Should she tell Rob, should she go check to see if they, Spirit and Justice, are ok, or should she get the dust off of and out of her bunny slippers.

Well nothing is going to happen till she gets some coffee.....

Steph, sits down with her cup of coffee, takes a sip and looks at Bruno. Bruno in his way of communications looks back and says, "Who the heck were the other two Equines with them?"

At which Steph answers back, "How the Heck am I supposed to know."

Steph and Rob have had breakouts, and running about, but never a breakout where the horses left the property and came back looking as if they had been to a party....

"Oh, those two are in real trouble, yes they are."

Rob asked from the bedroom, "Who you talking to?"

"Ahhh, nevermind you would not believe it anyways..."

» _______

to be continued...