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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday evening

Good Evening All,

First, I would like to say Thank you to my family, Rob, Joseph and Theresa for sitting up most of the night with and without me. I got sleepy a couple of times and had to bale on them for a bit.

Theresa thank you for coming in and getting me this morning, it was the most beautiful sight to see. When I saw what was happening I was overwhelmed and it took every ounce of strength to remain composed.

Thank you to my extended family for all your nights watching and waiting. It is truly appreciated. I received a call from Sharron Dunning this morning, and she was on the phone with me when Hope's little head was wobbling back and forth..thank you for your call Sharron. Thank you for all your support to the MHR horses and our efforts to give them a good IS TRULY APPRECIATED!!!

Stats on HOPE...she is healthy and weighs in between 135 and 145 and is a very very strong strong girl. She is very curious and quite the little whippersnapper. Jerri is fine and is throughly enjoying her little one.

Apple will be back in her stall maybe tomorrow or the next day, we want to gauge Jerri's temperament for now and do not want to add any distress to the mix.




Video....Hope a little over 5 hrs old


Thursday morning

I am in the process of uploading a video. We are going to have to work on the birth video so it may not be up till later tonight or the morning but it will be there.

We have placed the halter on Hope once and this will go on several times throughout the day. We do not leave them on, as at any time they can get feet caught up in them while scratching or just being a first.

Congratulations to all you GRAMMIES!!!!!


Hello World!

My name is Hope! Pleased to meet you...


And more...

Apple meets Hope

More pictures


Ladies and Gents,

Please meet Nellie's Hope, a beautiful black filly born at 5:20am, May 29.

She has a tiny white star and a snip, just like her grammie Nellie.

Mother and baby are doing fine!!! More later...

Thank you so much for your support!


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wednesday evening

We are sitting here on the patio keeping a watch on your Jerri. Every time she makes a move we all get ready to leap. The anxiety level here is at its highest. Part of me is ready to lie down for ambit, but I know I cannot do that. Everything is very quiet here, all the horses are settling in. I cannot describe the peace that seems to envelope the ranch at night, but it is a wondrous feeling.

Will be here, waiting and watching. Cameras are at the ready.


New pictures, 1:00 pm PDT

Happy Birthday Spirit!

One year old today!

Happy Birthday Spirit

I hope your life is a good one with many positive roads to follow. You have made a difference in my life and the lives of many human beings.

You will never know all the hearts you have touched the night you were born.

I am ever so grateful you came into mine....thank you little guy and thank you Misty.


Wednesday morning pictures

A picture (or two) is worth a thousand foals!

Wednesday morning

Morning Everyone,

I will be posting pics a bit later of the B-day Boy for everyone and I will take you on the journey of the night he was born if you like.

I wanted to let you know that Robert and I have a wager going on right now. He has been watching Jerri for a about three and a half hours, and he says that she is going to foal between now and midnight tonight..when I asked him how do you know, he said trust me, and I also quote his statement "If I tell you a rooster can pull a train hitch 'em up." So we shall see who is right. I say no (secretly I hope he is right), but again we shall see, do not like to lose to It is a friendly wager but you know how it is when they are right, you never live it down.

Hope everyone has a great day!


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesday morning

Good Morning to Everyone,

I do hope this finds everyone well.

I do not know what these girls are up to, but I can assure you that they are driving me to the edge as well. I know that it is difficult for you to be sitting at your computers, wondering and waiting for the big event, but now lets switch places. I am sitting here watching them live, begging them, having them throw the foaling manual at the back of my head, all the other mares on the property giggling at the frazzled appearance I display, and of course the geldings are like "whats' the big deal, it's just a kid" but most of all you should hear Baby B and Spirit...We don't need no stinkin' babies...they have us...what more could they ask for.

So believe me I do understand how you feel. I wish I could give you a definite date, but I can't. All I can do is give you the signs that I see and hope beyond hope, that the pages they ripped fom the manual are the ones they needed to produce a little one. We went a lot longer for Rosie, and look what she presented, and then one year ago tomorrow Misty, the Queen of the Ranch gave us it will happen.

Everyone have a great day, and keep smiling


Monday, May 26, 2008

Monday midday

Yesterday when I posted the pics of Apple and Jerri's bags and the added music of "The Race is On" by George Jones, well I was not kidding. Apple was covered by Jack, and thus far the foals that have dropped already and those that have had problems are Jack's babies.

Well, Apple is off her food this morning, however the bodily functions of Apple are normal. Big Poos and Big Pee, she is fine in that aspect. However, I would like to you to take a look at the picture of Apple's Bag, if I accidentally got a photo of her other private parts it was not my intent, so I am not meaning to offend anyone she just swished her tail higher than I anticipated. Make a comparison from yesterday to today..Oy Vey!!

As you can see, there is a huge difference. We will start the poll for names ASAP, as well as possibly a pool for guessing time and date. These girls are keeping us on the edge of our seats and they eat a great deal. So any and all help is greatly appreciated. $1.00 does make a difference in their lives as many $1.00's add up.

Thank you for your support!!!


Monday morning

Morning All,

Well, I thought for sure yesterday was the day for Jerri, boy did she have us fooled. You would think after Rosie and Misty we would have learned from our past experience, but NOOOO we bite and fall for their antics of keeping us in suspense.

I have been busy, but that is typical around here, never a dull moment.

As you can tell the race is on between Apple and Jerri. They are both content and lub their hay and hay cubes and ESPECIALLY CARRITS!!!

I think we must all just be patient, give the horses lots of LUB and Care and wait for Nellie's Grand Baby to arrive in all its us hope and strength to help other PMU mares in their plight.


Sunday, May 25, 2008

This Memorial Day

Here is our Sweet Nellie. Will her daughter present us with a little one on Memorial Day? What a way for Nellie to be remembered. Though her time with us was short, she taught many of us a great deal and has helped other horses who came from the same type of situation.

I believe that Nellie gave her life for her daughter, Jerri, and other PMU mares and all horses in general to make us aware of how delicate their systems are and what can happen....


Baby B and Spirit in their new fly masks

Baby B


Sunday pictures



These pictures were taken 5/25/08. You can see a big difference in Apple between now and the pictures posted on Friday the 24th.

George Jones contributes the theme song:


Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday afternoon

Temp has dropped, we have winds and off and on a drizzle. I remember with Baby B, the day had started somewhat sunny but turned to weather like this...and by 3:35pm we had the Diva on the ground.

I honestly believe that they wait for the cruddiest weather to foal as their last test of our patience. I think they stand there and think Mmmmmmm, how much more can I do to them and see if I bring them to the edge of insanity or even if possible drive them over.


Photos of the Mamas, May 23



Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wednesday afternoon

Well, I went out and spoke with Jerri, gave her some carrits and asked her if she would be so kind as to bestow a filly or colt before midnight tonight for Rob and me as we are celebrating our anniversary today. She gladly took the carrits, but did not give me the plan of action. However, I did see one of the nurses tiptoeing out of the stall with what appeared to be a page from the foaling manual. When I looked at her directly, she lifted her feathers and high tailed it out of there. A couple of the other hens were squawking, run, run don't let her catch you.

I will tell you all this much, Jerri is so relaxed in the birthing area that I could probably walk in, halter the baby and lead him or her out...incredible.

Shared carrits with Apple, she just lubs to be lubbed on..and of course wants her share of treats as well.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Foaling mare's secret code

This is from our friend Sharron D. Thank you, Sharron, for making me laugh!


The mare's secret code of honor is as old as horses themselves and is ultimately the species best kept secret. No mare shall ever produce a foal before its time. (Its time being determined by the following factors):

No foal shall be born until total chaos has been reached by all involved. Your house must be a wreck, your family hungry and desperate for clean clothes, and your social life nonexistent.

Midwives must reach the babbling fool status before you foal out. Bloodshot eyes, tangled hair and the inability to form a sentence mean you're getting close.

For every bell, beeper, camera or whistle they attach to you, foaling must be delayed by at least one day for each item. Vet check, add a day, internal add three. If you hear the words, "She's nowhere near ready. You'll be fine while I'm away for the weekend," Wait 12 to 16 hours and pop that baby out!

Owner stress must be at an all time high! If you are in the care of someone else, ten to fifteen phone calls a day is a sign you're getting close. When you hear the words "I can't take it anymore!" wait three days and produce a foal.

You must keep this waiting game interesting. False alarms are necessary! Little teasers such as looking at your stomach, pushing your food around in the bucket and then walking away from it are always good for a rise. Be creative and find new things to do to keep the adrenaline pumping in those who wait.

The honor of all horses is now in your hands. Use this time to avenge all of your stable mates. Think about your friend who had to wear that silly costume in front of those people. Hang onto that baby for another day. OH, they made him do tricks too! Three more days seems fair. Late feedings, the dreaded diet, bad haircuts, those awful wormings can also be avenged at this time.

If you have fulfilled all of the above and are still not sure when to have this foal, listen to the weather forecast on the radio that has been so generously provided by those who wait. Severe storm warning is what you're waiting for. In the heart of the storm jump into action! The power could go out and you could have the last laugh. You have a good chance of those who wait missing the whole thing while searching for a flashlight that works!

Make the most of your interrupted nights. Beg for food each time someone comes into the stable to check you. Your stable mates will love you as the extra goodies fall their way too.

Remember, this code of honor was designed to remind man of how truly special horses are. Do your best to reward those who wait with a beautiful filly to carry on the mare code of honor for the next generation of those who wait!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tuesday evening

Chicken in the ovenWhiskey
Grace and Trooper
Baby B

Tuesday morning

Ahhhhhh, Jerri, what can I say about Jerri but Accckkkkkkkk! You know the saying "No Wine Before it's Time" well, I have a new one "No Foal before it's Goal" and I think in this case, it's a matter of the goal being how crazy can this little one make us before its arrival.

I watched her for many hours last night, watched a lot of hiney rubbing and then her staring at the house. At one point, I walked out and looked at her looking at me and just asked her "What are you waiting for?????!!!! " She just flicked her tail, gave me a Hummmph and turned around and walked away. I thought I heard her mumble, "well I never.". My response was "Whatever."

She is doing well otherwise, appetite is good, water intake good, output is just a good as well.

I had a friend that enjoyed being pregnant and once she delivered could not wait to get pregnant again..guess that is why she had 8 children. Hope this is not the case with Jerri...OY...this is her last bambino!!!

Speaking of which, today I will try to get some photos done of everyone around here and get them posted. All are doing well, including our sweet old Muffin.

Everyone have a wonderful day!!!!


Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday, late morning

Pahrump is very hot today, as it was yesterday. It's supposed to cool down tomorrow. The nights are very cool here though.

As I was walking past Jerri and Apple's pens this morning I was hit in the back of the head with something. When I turned around to see what it was, I looked down and lying in the dirt was the "Foaling Manual.' There were several pages ripped from it, and the table of contents was ripped out as well. Written across the manual was the following: "Manual! Manual! WE DON'T NEED NO STINKIN' MANUAL!!!!"

I have their fan blowing in their stall. Jerri is walking around quite a bit this morning, but heck I hate to say anything only to have her give me the hoof and tell me fooled you again....LOL.

It is a hurry up and wait situation; guess our BB wee one is waiting till he/she is done "Cookin'". I know that we are ready for some joyous news.


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Apple gets a present

Apple with her new fly mask, donated by Debbie G. This is probably the first fly mask ever. She was a bit nervous but accepted it. Thank you Debbie!

Sunday afternoon

Today is the four month anniversary of the arrival of the BBGs. How fitting it would be to have the wee one born on the 18th as well!!!!


Sunday morning

Good Morning Everyone,

Well, still no baby horse for ussssss!!

We are keeping a close eye on Muffin. As you know, Muffin is 40 this yr. He is having some issues with being disoriented. Muffin as been with us for 4.5 yrs. He came to us with nerve damage to his back, hence the reason he could no longer participate in the therapeutic riding program he was involved in. He had sustained this injury several yrs before. He was a former team roping horse. It is our understanding that Muffin was quite the horse during his hay day. Age is catching up with the old fella now. I checked on him several times during the night. He has found comfort in Rob's horse, she stands right next to him. His temperature is normal, I have already spoken to Dr. H., explained what we are seeing. He said the harsh reality of it is that he is a much older horse and he could just be getting tired. We are to keep him comfortable and ensure that he eats and drinks. If there are any marked changes than Dr. H. will come out and we will see what is going on. Muffin is on the left in the picture and Old Man is on the right.

All else is well here at the ranch this Sunday morning.


Saturday, May 17, 2008

One more update....

Will try to post later, just wanted you to know that I have the WOMAN FLU, my parents are sick and Rob is attempting to be on the mend. Joseph is working in Vegas today, but will be home tonight, and Theresa will be over a bit later to assist.


Saturday update for Jerri

A brief update from MHR this Saturday. Jerri remains pregnant! Nothing new to report...she is not stressed at all and we are continuing to test our ability to be patient. You will be updated if (WHEN!) anything changes.

In the meantime, may I call your attention to the MHR web and a lovely new item we have. As many of you know, The International Blessed Broodmare Project was instrumental in our rescue of Jerri, Apple and Nellie. They are a group of artists who have banded together to raise funds to rescue PMU horses that otherwise would be sold at auction. In addition, they help various rescues with general expenses. Please read about the beautiful plaque created by one of their members, Lydia Auten-Ernszt, and how you can be the new owner of this lovely piece.

We thank Lydia Auten-Ernszt for creating this plaque, and the two generous MHR supporters who donated it to us for use in supporting all our horses.

Also I should add that the Nellie/Lil Angel bracelets are available on our website. They are lovely, they are only $5 (shipping included), and the proceeds from sale of this item will be used to make sure that Nellie and Lil Angel's story will be heard and they will never be forgotten.

Thank you all very much for your continued support!


Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday, early evening

Jerri is pretending to eat but she is not; her nose is pushing stuff around.

Now remember, Misty had hardly any waxing whatsoever on the morning of the 27th of May, then at 12:35am the 28th of May plop! Here came Spirit in all his Glory.

When I looked her this afternoon she had a far away look in her eyes...hmmmm focusing on her happy spot. Remember that, ladies, during labor??? Focus on your happy place...Oh please!!! Whoever came up with that load???

Anyway we wait......what's a little more waiting...we have waited this long right???


Jerri pictures