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Friday, January 21, 2011

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 26

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 26, I will show them.

As Rob pulls up to the house, Rob says, "It was good visiting your parents.", Steph nods as gets out, and looks around, "I am going to check on the horse's I will be in a little bit." Rob nods and goes inside. Rob looks around most of the dogs are asleep, only a couple raise their heads as he enters, "I hope the horses are doing as well as the dogs."

Steph heads in the familiar circle, the Lady's Parlour, the Football Field then the back row. Horse's are sleeping or trying to sleep, only a couple are up looking for bits of hay. A couple greet her as she walks by, as she finishes the rounds she heads between the round pens, Justice is asleep on the ground, as is Violette, in the center Round Pen LB, and Glory are both asleep, Ruby is up eating, and Sampson is no where to be seen. She looks around, and spots him up by the house, she takes off at a trot, turns to a fast walk, then ahhh, a walk, "I am getting to old for this, SAMPSON come here." Sampson being a mule just stops, not one to follow directions most of the time. Steph finally catches up, and Sampson is carrying a bag in his mouth, not a Wal-Mart bag, but a Gym Bag. "Sampson what are you up to?" Sampson looks around to make sure no one is listening, Spirit said that someone called me Petite, and said I should go find Jim and work out."

Steph nods, having no idea what he is talking about, "What do you have in the bag?" Sampson drops the bag on the ground and very carefully pulls on the zipper. Steph reaches inside to see what he has, being that it is dark, the light of the full moon should help a bit. "Let’s see ahhh, hmmmm, four rubber covered horse shoes, or mule shoes in your case, and a hmmm, a pair of exercise pants. Well seems you have everything you need." Sampson continues "Oh a bag of chalk in case I need to work on my floor routine and the parallel bars, whatever they are." Steph nods, "Well looks like you have everything you need, to exercise." Sampson looks at Steph, "EXERCISE, no way." Steph looks at him in a puzzled way, "Well if you are going to the Gym, that must mean you going to exercise." Sampson shakes his head. "No not going to the Gym, going to find Jim, he is an old friend, he lives in Barstow, we used to work together, pulling things." Steph asks "Do you know where Barstow is and how far it is?" Sampson nods, "Its down the road, 107 miles, Spirit gave me a map." Steph nods, Sampson continues, "I will be back in the morning, all buffed up, Petite, I will show them." Sampson carefully closes the gym bag, picks it up and heads towards the gate.

Steph watches in what can only be described as total ahhh, well amazement. Sampson gets to the gate, opens it, which is good, since it is locked with a paddle lock, and steps out and closes it. As Steph stands there, Sampson turns to the road as the big white bus from the retirement community pulls up, Sampson gets on, and the door closes, and the bus drives off.

Steph says to herself, since no one is nearby, "Well this seems to be a coordinated effort." Steph turns to the house, and begins to walk back, she looks over to check on the chickens, Tootsie, and Electra, "Why did I just let Sampson get on a bus to Barstow? Dang I am really getting to old for this, when the mule's take advantage of me." As she steps on the patio, Electra jumps up, startled by something, Steph looks a over to the left and Ruby is walking toward her, "And where the heck do you think you are going?" Ruby takes a few steps, "I am going to Curves, ya know the spa for ahhh, Lady's." Steph smiles, "Well only one mule out the gate at one time, you will have to wait for another time." Ruby kicks the ground, "Dang, I knew this would happen." She turns and walks back to round pen.

Electra looks at the now dejected Ruby and back to Steph, "Don't worry Electra you will learn about these kind of things." Finally one of the guard dogs comes out, well not really a guard dogs, its Bruno, "Can I help, Can I help?" Steph looks down, "Well if you want your head kicked in, it is the mules, everything is fine." Bruno with a worried look, "No nope, no mules, not good." He turns and goes in the doggy door, Steph turns looks back at the gate, "I wonder what he thinks he can get done in a few hours in Barstow?" She turns and opens the door, Bruno rushes out the doggy door, "I forgot I need to pee." Steph nods, and goes inside. Rob looks up, "What is going on, Bruno just ran outside Twice?" "Steph turns to the door as Bruno returns, "Oh, he had to pee." Rob smiles, "What else is going on?"

"Well it seems someone made the comment that Sampson looked petite. So he off to Barstow to meet an old friend named Jim, I guess to exercise. He said he would be back in the morning." Rob looks at Steph, "Stephanie, it’s a hundred miles to Barstow, it will take him two, maybe three days to get there." Steph looks at Rob, "Oh, that isn't a problem, he is getting a ride on the bus from the retirement home." Rob, "Oh, that makes it all better. What horse would call him petite, he can out pull 90 percent of the horses, and walk most of them into the ground on one of this bad days. Jeez, I can't believe any of the horses would say that." Steph nods, "Well he said he would be back in the morning, we will see how un petite he has become." Rob, "Was Fred driving the bus?" Steph shrugs, "Couldn't see for sure, how many nanny goats does the retirement home have driving buses?" Rob, shakes his head, "Don't know, wonder who told Sampson about the Petite comment, he doesn't listen to many of the horses?", Steph says, "Sampson said it was Spirit that told him, he gave him a map to Barstow." Rob looks up again, "I wonder Spirit is trying to pull a trick on Sampson." Steph thinks for a while, "No horse even a young one is dumb enough to try and trick a mule, are they?" Rob only has to think a while on this one. "No one even our horses are that dumb." at that they both head off to bed, knowing that Sampson is in the care of a nanny goat from the retirement home and will be back in the morning.

Steph and Rob awake to the quiet of the desert morning at MHR, all is well, Steph with a cup of coffee in hand steps out on the patio, she looks around, Jason is starting the morning routine of feeding the horses, Steph looks to the forward Round Pen, Glory, Ruby, and LB, are waiting for breakfast. Sampson has not gotten back, she starts to wonder if it was a good idea to let Sampson go to Barstow, just at that moment, she hears breaks squealing out by the gate, a white bus, the one from the retirement home comes to a halt, Sampson steps off, opens the gate, and proceeds to walk back to the round pen. As he walks past Steph on the edge of the patio, he says "What do you think now?" Steph doesn't really see any difference, other than a ribbon around his neck, "What is the ribbon for?", Sampson turns his head, "It’s says Number One Mule. This will show them." His head held high, he walks back to the Round Pen.

As he opens the gate to the Round Pen, Ruby starts to run, Glory starts to chase him, and LB, just kind of stands there wondering what the heck is going on. Sampson closes the gate on the Round Pen, all seems normal. As Steph starts to turn to go back in the house, Spirit puts his head on her shoulder, "See I knew that would work. Confidence is all that is needed." Steph reaches over and rubs Spirits nose, "Thanks. oh, by the way who is Jim?" Spirit smiles, "Oh, Jim is a Zebra, that got a degree from UCLA, very smart equine to be sure."

To be continued.

Author Samm

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 25

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 25, Moo and the Commandos.

A noise awakes Steph, she turns over and looks at the clock, 3:30 AM, she listens, not sure what woke her, could have been a car or truck, or a dog. She listens no sounds, except what sounds like some muffled mumbling. She gets up and very quietly walks toward the living room, the noise becomes more evident as she gets closer. Steph stops just short of the living room, sounds like the TV and a mixture of dog voices. As she listens she can hear Truffles, Moo, Bruno, and Adrian talking. "I can hear the Chihuahuas", "They are lurking in the background.", "They have on their camo uniforms.", "little binoculars.", "and are low crawling through the grass.", "keeping watch on everything."

Steph steps into the living room, the dogs look up from a map laying on the floor. Steph says, "What are you guys up to? And what are you watching on TV?" Bruno replies, "We are watching History Channel and planning our defense from the Chihuahuas." Steph sits down on the floor and looks at the map, she see a roughly drawn map of the ranch. Steph looks around at the dogs sitting around the map, "So what is the plan?" Bruno very carefully points around the map, "We have the Chihuahuas on this side, and we must defend the horses here and here." Moo, Looks up, "I am going to lead a counter attack at dawn." Steph looks at Moo, "You are." Moo nods.

Steph stands up, "Well guys, you can't attack until the General in charge of the ranch approves the plans." They all look at her, Bruno replies "Who is the General in charge?" Steph says, "I am the General in charge. Show me the plans tomorrow, and I need details, formations, scouting reports, and any other intelligence reports you have." Bruno nods, and begins to roll up the map. Steph looks around, "Where is the remote for the TV?" Truffles walks over and picks up the remote and hands it to Steph. Steph turns off the TV, and walks to the bedroom, she turns "NO attacks, until I approve the plan.", The four dogs nods and return to their beds. Bruno places the map under this bed. Steph puts the remote under her pillow, "Well this is going to be fun or ...."

Steph rolls over, feels a lump under her pillow, reaches under the pillow and pulls out the remote for the TV. She sits up, "Well I guess it wasn't a dream." She gets up, grabs her robe, looks around and spies her bunny slippers. She walks into the living room, the TV is on tuned to National Geo Channel, the dogs are all asleep. Steph looks around "Ahh, there it is." She reaches behind the sleeping Truffles, and picks up another TV remote, one of those with big number buttons. She puts it in her pocket, steps over a couple of dogs and starts to make some coffee.

Jason knocks on the door, "I have finished feeding and water, I think I am done for this morning, unless you have something else this morning." Steph replies, "I think we are good til this evening, see you then." As Jason leaves the dogs wonder in the house. Some head for the food, some for their beds. Bruno lifts up his bed, and pulls out a stack of maps and papers, and walks over to Steph. "We have finished the plans." Steph reaches down and takes the maps from Bruno, and puts them on the table. She spreads them out, some are marked as defense, some attack, some patrol, red lines, large arrows, weather conditions for the next week. "Where did you get all this information?" Bruno starts, but Truffles interrupts, "Intelligence reports from the front and spies we have." Steph nods. "Very impressive. So what is the battle plan?" Both Adrian and Bruno put the paws up on the table, being the two that can reach the table. Adrian says "Well, if weather conditions are favorable, Truffles and Moo will alternate patrols of the battle line, if they see the enemy, they will return here and report." Bruno jumps in "They will do this during the daylight hours, and at night, depending on what’s on the TV, they will patrol the area."

Steph nods, "So when do you plan to put this plan in to affect?" Bruno looks over, "Oh, as soon as you approve the plan." Steph nods, "Did you guys have help with these plans, and the maps and other things?" Bruno looks around to the other dogs, "Ahhh, no we did this all our selves." Mama Dog looks past Steph to Rob standing in the doorway. Steph looks at the dogs, "OK the first part of the plan is approved, but no attacks until I approve." The four dogs look at Steph and nod, Truffles runs out the door, apparently she was assigned the first patrol.

Steph turns to Rob, "Did you have anything to do with all this?" Rob looks over, "What?" Steph turns to him, "The maps, the plans, the Chihuahuas?" Rob reaches for his cup of coffee, "Nope not me."

To Be Continued.

Author : SAMM

Friday, January 14, 2011

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 24

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 24, Ducks Tape and Apple Trees.

"Jason has all the horses fed and watered, I am going out to brush Glory, so she is all prettyified." Rob nods, "Do a good job she deserves to look her best." Steph smiles, "Yes she does.

Steph leaves the house, most of the dogs are out with Jason helping to plant trees, so walking is easy compared to having two little dogs running around her feet. She grabs the brush and heads back to the round pen. Mr Grump and Mrs. Grump, Sampson and Ruby, are eating, LB is looking at Glory, making sure she does come bother him. Glory has her eyes on LB's hay but knows she shouldn't bother him. Steph goes inside the pen and up to Glory, "Good Morning Glory." Glory nods and continues to eat. Steph says "I am going to brush some of the mud off you and make you all look pretty." Steph begins to brush Glory, Glory looks up "What are you doing?" Steph looks at her, "I told you, I am going to brush you to make you pretty." Glory nods, "Sorry, I was eating, most horses can't listen and eat at the same time." Steph nods, "Yes I think I have seen that before." Steph continues brushing Glory as she continues to eat. Steph gets most of the mud off, and works on her mane and tail, "You are now all nice and fluffy, don't get to dirty over the next couple of days." Glory looks up, "Why, that is what horses do." Steph scratches her neck, "Yes, but there is someone coming to look at you this week." Glory looks at Steph, "Why?" Steph continues the scratches, "Well maybe for a new family and a forever home." Glory nods, "For that I will stay clean." Steph nods and turns to leave, "Oh, and don't eat LB's hay." Glory looks at LB's pile of hay, "Oh, I would never." Steph nods and places the brush near the gate and leaves, she walks to the back, picks up a small flake of hay from a stack near the back row and returns to the Round Pen, and tosses the flake over the rail to Glory. Steph smiles and walks to the back row to check on the horses, as she nears Generals pen, Glory yells out "Hey, they are stealing my hay, Help, Help." General looks up, "What is she yelling about,” Steph says "I am teaching Glory to share." General raises his head, "A very hard lesson to learn for a horse." Steph reaches through the rail, and pats General on the neck, "Yes it is." Steph turns and walks back to the house, "I love it when everyone is happy."

As Steph walks by the back Round Pen she stops. Says to herself, "Where is Justice?" Steph yells out in the direction of Jason who is out planting some of the trees, "Jason have you seen Justice? Jason stops digging, looks around see's Steph and yells back, "He is up by the tack shed." Steph yells back "Thanks." Jason, returns to digging a hole for one of the pine trees "That lady and her horses, all a bit touched."

Steph continues back toward the house and the tack shed, Steph see Justice looking around the tractor and old truck, as she gets close she yells out, "If Rob catches you messing around with his stuff he will make you wear a bell and pink ribbons." She does not know why she said that but it seemed like a threat that Justice would understand. Justice look over to Steph, "Oh no not that." He walks over to Steph, Steph says, "What are you doing?" Justice looks over with a look of 'I am not sure, but I am on a mission look.', "Ah, I am looking for ducks." Steph looks at him, "Do you know what a duck is?" Justice smiles, "Yes, a bird that floats." Steph looks at Justice, takes her hand and pushes her mouth closed. "Justice you are right, for the first time in several months. Why do you need to find a duck, it’s not really the time of year they are around?" Justice nods, "Appears so, I have looked all over and even under." Steph nods, "So why do you need to find a duck?" Justice looks around hoping to see a duck, "Well Electra has had Ducks Tape for a couple of weeks, and some of the other horses wanted it also, and it’s my week to be helpful, it’s on the schedule." Steph looks over her shoulder back at Electra trying to figure out what Justice is talking about, she has one of those Ahhh moments, "You mean Duct Tape?" Justice nods "Yes Ducks Tape." Steph turns back, "Ahh, well it’s called duct tape, it’s used on air conditioner and heating ducts, and we used it on Electra to hold her wrap in place." Justice nods as if and that is a big if, understands. "Well now I need to find an air conditioner.. Whatever that is." Steph replies, "Justice I will get you a roll of it. But the horses won't like it, it’s all sticky." Steph turns and walks back over to the house, "You wait here." Justice stops short of the door as Steph walks in. As she walks in the house, Rob looks up, "Any thing going on?" Steph replies, "Everything is normal, Jason is digging some holes for trees and Justice was out looking for some Ducks Tape. Well actually he was looking for a Duck." Rob says, "He is out there now, looking for ducks?, its daylight, I thought those silly horse's did dumb things at night." Steph nods, "Well it appears it is time to do good, and several horses wanted duck tape like Electra so he was out looking for it. I explained to him what duct tape was and why Electra had it. So I am going to give him some duct tape." Rob turns back to the paper, "You will regret that, by this afternoon you will have five horses trussed up like turkeys and three or four tied up like steers at a roping contest." Steph walks over to the counter, "It won't be that bad." Rob looks up, "Bet you a dollar." “ Rob you know I don't bet." Rob with a grin from ear to ear, "It’s a fun bet, what could possibly happen to 35 horses and a roll of duct tape." and under his breath, 'that can't be cured with a pair of scissors and a knife." Steph grabs the roll of duct tape off the counter, "Yeah you are right I will take the bet." She turns and heads back out the door. Justice is scratching his nose on the right leg, looks up, Steph says "Justice here is some duct tape, be careful with it." Justice nods, reaches out and takes the roll of tape in his mouth and runs off. "And when you are done get back in your pen."

Steph looks around and other then Justice running around all seems quiet, Steph decided to check on Jason and the tree planting, she turns the corner of the house and see Jason hard at work digging one of several holes for trees, along with a troop of dogs and "Dang." Steph yells out "Spirit what are you doing?" Steph walks up to Jason, six dogs intent on what every is being dug up, and Spirit watching intently. "Spirit what are you doing?" Both Jason and Spirit look over, Spirit says, "Apple tree, I am waiting for the apples." Steph looks at Spirit, "Well these are not apple trees, they are pine trees," She points back towards the house. "The apple trees are going by where the horse trailer is." Spirit nods and heads off to the right. Jason looks at Steph and shrugs, Steph turns and follows Spirit. Spirit is stopped by an x marked in the ground. Steph says, "Yes the apple trees will be planted here." Spirit nods, and looks at the ground. Steph says, but it will be nine months or so, before we get apples. Spirit looks at Steph, "Oh Good, I thought I would have to wait a long time." Steph smiles, "Well when you get bored or hungry go back to your pen." Spirit turns, "Yes I will."

A while later, "Jason has finished feeding dinner, what you want to eat?" Rob looks over, "What do you have?" Steph looks around the kitchen "ahhh, food." Rob nods, "Good, ahh, wait a second, let’s go outside and check the horses, they have had most of the day with a roll of duct tape, let’s see what they have managed to do to themselves, I will bring a knife to cut them free." Steph answers, "What could they possibly have done." Rob says "These are your horses, most anything could happen and I want the dollar bet." Steph turns "Ok you are on, I think everything will be fine." Rob smiles to himself, "Right.".

They head to the back, Electra is fine, Spirit is standing out in the open near a small x on the ground wait for an apple tree to grow, as they near the Round Pens, Glory has several strips of duct tape hanging from her belly, Sampson has one piece hanging from his nose, Appears Ruby and LB, were not into the tape game to much. In the back Round Pen Justice is trussed up like a steer at a rodeo, Rob walks in and cuts him free. They continue around the back pens, then head up towards the football field. Rob says "This should be good." Steph doesn't say anything, knowing the score so far is not good. As they get close to the football field, doesn't good for the bet, Two pairs of horses are taped to each other, four others are tied up so they can't move around and a couple have tape from head to tail. Rob goes in and frees up the horses. "See I told you, it wasn't a good idea." Steph nods, "But we have the Lady's Parlour left, they are very calm, and not into this kind of thing."

As they approach the Lady's Parlour, they notice only two horses standing, Dublin and Jerri. As they get closer, they notice five horses hog tied with duct tape and Dublin standing over a couple of them. As Steph gets closer, "Dublin, what is going on?" Dublin turns to Rob and Steph as they approach, "Who would be dumb enough to give a bunch of young horses a roll of Ducks Tape, I know, when I was younger, I was lured in to such a trap, it is not good." Rob walks over to each horse and cuts the tape and pulls it away, with several horses protesting as the tape is pulled. When Spirit is finally free of his trap, he walks over to Steph and Rob, "That was fun can we do it again?" Both Steph and Rob turn and return to the house. Rob hands Step a wad of Duct Tape, and Say’s, "You owe me a dollar." Steph nods, "How about some pasta and meat sauce?" Rob nods, "That will work, but you still owe me a dollar."

To be continued.

Author Samm

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wednesday evening, January 12, 2011

Good Evening All,

It is 10:20pm here. I went out and made the final round checking on all the horses at 10pm. All are well. Most were sleeping and as I walked passed their stalls, the football field and ladies parlour soft wuffles reached my ears. Actually the only real noise was the barking from the neighbors little Chahuwahuwa's aka Chihuahuas who would bark if they saw a gnat in fact, I think a gnat is bigger than most of

We wish you all a wonderful day if I do not speak to you on chat. The only real time I can chat is early in the morning or late at night, and sometimes not at night. But have a great day!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hi All,

Everything is going well here. We are fast approaching our tenth anniversary in operation next month. We have had our fair share of dismal weather just as the rest of the country has had, but of course Mother Nature has her own ideas, and nothing we can do.

Electra is doing great, as everyone can watch on our cam. The rest of the horses are doing very well. Glory has been the horse of the month, and we have had her on cam at various times. Well, as of last night we do have someone who has shown a high degree of interest in her. So they are going to come over within next few days when their schedule permits to spend some time with her. They are also willing to send her to the trainer we highly recommended as we have had excellent service and outcome from him, to have her finished, as we have started her.

Had a wonderful visit with Diane and Shannon as we always do, but this time was very special.

We are looking forward to our visit with Ro, LindaS and Susan E in March. Lots to catch up on in all of our lives.

Wanted to say Hi to All, outside of chat, and to wish you all a Blessed New Year!


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 23

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 23, Not Right.

Sniff, Stomp, Paw, Turn, Paw,

Smell, Bite, Chew, Stomp, Paw, Turn the other way,

Stomp, Kick, Paw, Paw, Smell, Turn back.

Bite, Drag, Drag, Turn, Drag, Look,

Smell, Turn and walk away, Turn back, Smell, Look Under.

Pull, Pull, Push, Smell,

Stomp, Kick, Dig, Stomp, Pull, Look around, Stomp,

Kick, Kick, Stomp, Pull, Push, Push, Push,

Turn around kick, Turn back around smell, Push, Stomp, Turn, Turn,

Turn, Stomp, Drag, Push, Look Under, Push,

Look, Stomp, Paw, Paw, Drag, Push, Wait, Push, Push,

Sniff, Sniff, Bite, Turn, Turn, Turn, Turn, Look

Paw, Paw, Push, Pull, Turn, Kick, Turn Back, Push, Look Under, Push,

Look, Look, Listen, Looks, Smell, Bite, Sniff,

Drag, Turn, Drag, Turn, Drag, Turn, Drag, Turn,

Look, Smell, Completely Puzzled.

Steph looks over, "Bruno, What the HECK are you doing?" Bruno looks over his shoulder, "I am trying to make my bed, and it's not right. I will have to start again." Steph, calmly gets up, and walks over to Bruno and his perfectly fine bed. "Bruno get in to that bed now, no more messing around." Bruno looks up, "I can't." Steph looks down "Why not?" Bruno turns to the door, "I have to go pee." Steph stands up, "Ok, but go to bed when you get back in, no more messing around." Steph turns to the bedroom, as Bruno heads for the doggy door.

Steph turns off the lights, hides the TV remote and heads off to bed. Bruno comes back into the house and heads back towards his bed, all the other dogs are asleep. Bruno stops short, and looks his bed, and says to himself, "It's not right."

sniff, Stomp, Paw, Turn, Paw,

Smell, Bite, Chew, Stomp, Paw, Turn the other way,

Stomp, Kick, Paw, Paw, Smell, Turn back.

Bite, Drag, Drag, Turn, Drag, Look,

(To Be Continued.)

Author: Samm

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 22

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 22, Ahhh, a winter wonderland.

Steph types into chat. "it is coming down heavy now, right now 1 inch on the ground 8:33pm." Steph turns to Rob who is all warm and comfy in his chair, "I am going out to look at the snow." Rob looks around, "Steph its snowing outside." Steph nods, "I will put on my boots." Steph looks around the living room, "Do any of you guys want to come outside in the snow?" Eight dogs look up at Steph with the kind of look of "are you nuts", Steph says "Ok, I see you don't like me anymore." She turns and heads for the door, Bruno gets up and follows. Steph puts on her boots, coat, gloves, scarf, and little beany hat. Opens the door and steps out. "Oh, what a wonderful night." She walks out on the patio with Bruno following. He looks up, "ITS SNOWING." Steph turns back to him, "Yes it is don't you love it?" Bruno takes a few steps and starts shaking his paws with each step. Steph leans down and pats Bruno on the head, "Are you going to stay with me?" Bruno looks around, "ahhh, yes, I am a brave dog." Steph smiles, "Yes you are. Its only snow."

Steph looks around and listens, the joy of a snow fall is out quiet it gets, you can hear for miles. She can hear some horses moving around, a few horses moving around but all is quiet. Steph turns to Bruno, "Isn't it beautiful, all the snow?" Bruno turns to look up at Steph, he has the 'what are you thinking look.' "Oh, yes very nice, can we go back in now?" Steph nods "In a bit, I want to look around some more." Bruno look out toward the coop, "You mean out there?" Steph reaches down pats Bruno on the head, "Yes, I want to look on Tootsie." Bruno looks up, "You mean the lion? She is the tax house." Steph looks down "What do you mean tax house?" Bruno looks over to the Tack Shed. Steph nods, "Right understand. How do you know she is in there?" Bruno looks up, "Well I walked by there earlier and smelled her, and she hissed at me. Lions are dangerous, ya know." Steph reaches down to pet Bruno and hears a noise off to the left. Both of them turn, not knowing what to expect. Steph listens, Bruno is smelling the air, that is what dogs do.

Off in the distance, Steph hears, "On Donner, On Blizter, On Sheila, On Ruben..." Steph looks beyond the light and tries to see what is going on. Approaching from the distance are two horses, stirring up the snow as they approach. Steph looks down at Bruno, "What can that be?" Bruno shaking one paw to get the snow off, looks up, "I have no idea. Sounds like trouble to me." Steph nods, "You are probably right." They both wait to see what is going on, again over the clear night air Steph hears, "On Oliphant, On Shopping Cart." Steph looks at Bruno, "Well that Justice doing all the yelling, not sure who the other is?" Bruno looks into the dark and answers "Oh, that is Spirit. I think he is pulling Justice." "Well I am going to wait to see what is going on, you can go back inside if you want." Bruno looks up, "oh, no, I need to see what trouble the horses are in."

Steph and Bruno wait for whatever Justice and Spirit are up to. It’s not a fast process, in fact as they get close, it is obvious that Spirit is having a hard time. As they near the edge of the patio, Steph see's that Spirit has a rope in his mouth, draped over his shoulder and is pulling with all his might. Following the rope back, Justice has the other end in this mouth. The only unusual thing is that Justice is standing on four ski's, doing a snowplow of sorts, which doesn't help the forward progress of either of them. "OK OK, what are you two up to?" Spirit stops, and thusly, Justice slides to a halt. "We are skiing." Spirit replies. Steph looks at both of them not sure what to say. "Well Justice may be skiing but you are pulling." Spirit drops the rope, "Well we have pretty flat land around here.", Steph nods, "Yes we do. Spirit if I may ask, why do you get to pull things, like 'b's Boat or Justice on his ski's?" Spirit reaches down to pick up the rope, and looks over to Steph, "cause I like to help out." Steph walks up to Spirit and leans down and picks up the rope, and places it in Spirits mouth. At which point Justice yells out, "On, Roger, On, ahhh, Penelope." and off they go, "Justice if you put the skis facing forward you will move better." Justice looks over his shoulder as they start to pass out of sight, "Thanks." Steph looks down at Bruno, "See everything is normal." Bruno looks up with a really puzzled look. "This is normal?" Steph turns to return to the house, "Well lately it is."

Steph stops just before the door and turns to the fading shadows of Justice and Spirit, "Who the heck is Penelope?" Justice turns back, as they fade into the dark of the winter snow, ", "Oh, she is a filly I met at the bar the other night.

Author: Samm
To Be Continued.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 21

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 21, Tag you are it.

"Rob, there isn't anything on TV, I am going to check on the horses.", Rob looks up, "ok, wrap up, it’s cold out there." Heeding Robs advice, she grabs her jacket, and slips on her bunny slippers. Steph looks around the living room, "Do any of you want to come with me?", all the dogs look at her, all but one snuggle back into their beds, Bruno jumps up and heads for the door. Steph reaches down and rubs Bruno as he passes by. "Oh, I don't want to go with you, I need to pee." Steph nods, "Well do what you need to do." Steph opens the door, steps outside and zips her coat up. "Yes a chilly night for sure." Bruno finishes his business and heads back inside. Steph walks to the end of the patio, Glory looks to have settled in, the chickens are all roosting, and Tootsie is listening for mices. Steph looks to her right, towards the Lady’s Parlour, all is quiet, she looks to her left towards the Round Pens. All is quiet, as Steph turns toward the Football Field, she hears hoof falls from behind her, Steph turns to look, Justice is running at full speed headed towards the Lady’s Parlour, as he runs by Steph and glances at her with a smile, a few yards past the patio, Justice puts on the brakes, back legs forward, spread out a bit, dirt flying everywhere. In fact he did such a good job stopping, with all four legs spread out and facing forward, he actually sits down on his rump. Justice stands up, and that point Spirit comes running up, not as fast as Justice was doing, but screeches to a halt in front of Justice, Spirit touches his nose to Justices’ nose, and they both turn and start to run. Justice runs past Steph at a full gallop.

As Steph watches Justice and Spirit run off into the dark, she turns and pulls up one of the white plastic chairs, and sits down. Over the next several minutes Spirit and Justice repeat the process, and sometimes, when they meet, they whinny and turn and run off. Having concluded she has no idea what they are doing she stands up and steps off the patio. This time Justice slows up a bit, as does Spirit to not run over Steph. Steph holds up both arms, as if being a traffic cop. Both Justice and Spirit come to a halt a few feet from Steph and walk up to Steph. Steph starts off, "WHAT are you to up to?" Spirit looks at Justice, Justice looks at Steph, Spirit looks at Justice, Steph says "Ok ok, enough Justice what are you doing?" Justice looks at Steph, "Ah, playing a game." Spirit nods his head. Steph thinks a bit, "Ahhh, right, what game are you playing?" Justice looks Steph directly in the eye, "We are playing 'Tag you are it.'" Steph reaches forward and pats Justice on this head. "Where did you learn this game?" Justice smiles, "The little people showed me." Steph looks puzzled, "Who to you mean?" Justice continues, "The little people person that gives us treats and helps at dinner time." Steph nods, "Oh, you mean Emma." Justice nods, "Yes the little people one." Steph nods, "How did she teach you the game?" Justice looks over and smiles, "Some times she comes up and touches us on our nose, and yells 'tag you are it.' and she runs off. After a few times I figured out that I needed to run around also, when I did that she would come back and touch me on the nose and yell 'Tag you are it.' and run off again. So I figured it was a game, and I have played it several times with her. I told Spirit about it and he liked the game."

"So, you two are spending most of the night playing 'Tag you are it.'?" Both Justice and Spirit nod. Justice says "Yes it is a good game, I tried it with Sampson, but he just ran off and didn't return." Steph nods, "Well Sampson is like that." Again both Justice and Spirit nod. Steph looks at both off them, "Are you two done for the night?" Justice looks over, "Oh, no, we have seven more innings to go." Steph looks at him "What?", Justice replies, "Yep, nine innings total, as I understand it." Steph thinks, "I think you have mixed two games, who told you about nine innings?" Justice looks over, "Oh, it was ahh, Emma, the little people.", Steph not sure if she should nod, "You can talk to Emma?", Justice replies, "Oh, no, I hear her, but she doesn't hear us." Steph nods, "She is young, she will learn to listen to horses." Justice nods, "I hope so, I have a lot of questions about games. Like first and ten, and three outs." Just as Steph starts to reply, Jonah, and 'B' run by at a full gallop.

"Are they playing 'Tag you are it'?" Justice after watching Jonah and 'B' run by turns to Steph, "Oh, no they are playing 'Hide and Seek.'", Steph shakes her head, "I need to ask, where did they learn that game?", Justice smiles, "The little people, Emma, taught them how to do it." Steph thinks a bit, "How do horses play hide and seek?" Justice thinks a bit, "Well a group of horses determine who is it, and then run off to hide, the it horse counts to 25, then runs off to find the other horses, Oh, if they finish, they run back to the start and yell "Oxen Free, Oxen Free!" not sure what big cows have to do with it, but it’s part of the game."

Steph nods, "Who are they playing with?" Justice answers up "Oh, they are playing with Trooper." Steph looks at Spirit "Go get Trooper and ask him to come here." Spirit nods, and runs off. As spirit runs off, Jonah and 'B' run by. Justice looks over, "Looks like they haven't found a good spot to hide yet." Steph says "Seems so, how longs do these games of hide and seek last?" Justice shrugs, "Most of the night. Seems whoever is counting never finishes counting." Steph nods, knowing in fact that most horses can't count. Spirit returns with Trooper following, just as Jonah and 'B' run by, Steph yells out, "Hey you two come here." Jonah and 'B' stop mid gallop and turn to Steph, as they approach, Steph looked at all five horse, "Do any of you know how to count?" Each horse looks to each other, then look back to Steph. Steph nods, "I see this as a problem in you guys playing 'Hide and Seek", Justice nods, "Yes we have problems, we can hide pretty good, the counter has the problem in that game." Steph nods, "Trooper, count to five for me please." Trooper nods, "One, Thirty seven, six, four hundred." Steph raises her hand, "Trooper thanks, do you guys think if I teach you how to count will you remember?", All five horses nod.

"All right, pay attention, one is" and stomps her foot on the ground. "One, Two is" she stomps the ground twice." Steph continues up to five, all the horses are interested and watch her every move. "Trooper, can you count to three?" Trooper nods, "One." he stomps one hoof to the ground "Two" he stomps the ground about five times. Steph raises her hand "Ok let’s do this again, and you guys do what I do."

"One, Yes, that is right." Rob opens the door, and watches for awhile. Steph is counting, stomping the ground, five horses and stomping the ground... "Ahhh, Steph, what are you doing?" Steph turns "I am teaching the horses to count." Rob well "I would ask why, but I know you would have an answer." Steph replies, "oh they need to learn to count so they can play 'Hide and Seek". Rob nods, turns, "Steph you need to get to bed."

To be Continued

author: Samm