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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009 - Cosmo, Candy and Katie

Good Sunday Morning,

Well, Cosmo, Candy and Katie were examined. Cosmo needs food, and time for his feet to grow out. Whoever trimmed his feet cut them too short. He is eating well and it will be just a matter of time for him to regain his weight. He was lonely and he has such a large stall we brought Emmett to hang out with him, they are buds now and he is quite content.

Candy is in good shape.

Katie needs lots and lots of food. Dr. Hadland confirmed that he had seen Katie this year a couple of times, for teeth and shots. However, when the former owner could no longer afford to provide the supplements and Katie was only receiving grass hay she really began dropping weight. She is on the special diet that our Faith was on and what our Charming Charity is on. Rice Bran, Sr. Equine, Alfalfa morning and night and grain hay (free feed). She has a slight heart murmur, but he said this could be due to her body condition. He will run a panel on her in a couple of months when weight has been gained.

Sorry, there was no video taken of her exam, but if you would like to confirm the exam you may contact Dr. Hadland at 702-400-3631. He does not answer his calls on Sunday and Monday as he is off these days to spend with his family.

Stephanie and Rob