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Saturday, February 28, 2009


Good Saturday Afternoon to All!

I wanted to take few moments to discuss FAITH with all of you and share some conversation I have had with another PMU Mare adopter.

If you have taken a look at the photo of Faith, she does not appear to be in the best of condition and has a bad back. It was felt by her rescuers she was the most needy of the mares (not that they all aren't) but she is one with issues. She was utilized on the PMU line and hence has been bred time and time again. We know that mare care is very important for both the mare and the developing foal, and I am guessing and in my opinion Faith has not received the quality care that she would have received from each of you or myself. She was just a living and breathing machine to the inhumane industry she was being held in bondage/hostage to.

We were fortunate last year to receive the three BBGs when we did, and to give them the care they needed. Despite our efforts, we lost Nellie. We knew going into it we had a 33 percent chance of survival if we tried, but 0 percent if we did nothing. She survived the surgery, but could not stand afterwards despite every ounce of effort that went into trying to help her.

This brings me to the conversation that I had both via e-mail and telephone with a PMU adopter from last year, who is now awaiting the delivery of her new PMU mare along with us. Her mare from last year wound up not being in foal and for this she was grateful, as the story does not have a happy ending. Her mare was wild as a March Hare. She was a Fjord X and did not have the size or bulk that our BBGs have. She had, however, managed to establish some bond with her slowly, but there were certain things that could not be done, such as her feet. She decided that a vet visit was going to be required. She took her in for a routine teeth floating and hoof trim (had to be done on tilt table), the work was done in short order. Upon her mare awakening things appeared normal, but all was not well. Her mare could not stand. After a period of time utilizing the sling and anything else that could be thought of to enable her to stand there was no hope. Her mare was humanely put down. She and I cried together on the phone, as we both understood the loss. She cried harder for our Nellie as we lost a baby that never asked to be here. In a discussion with her veterinarian, her vet stated that these mares do not get the proper nutrition and care they need, they lack the calcium to have good strong bones and were bred year after year and it was possible that upon her mare coming out of the sedation had injured her spine due to the lack of proper care in her past. She was only 15 yrs old and she was first bred at the age of two.

We are going to treat Faith as a very high risk pregnancy. We are getting her late in the season. We do not know for sure how well she is being cared for. We pray that she arrives soon. Once she arrives, we want Dr. Hadland to give her a physical and to guide us in her care and the care of her unborn foal. We know that the nutrition she is being given and that she is taking in is being utilized by her foal. This does not mean a healthy big strong baby, and we know that it is taking a lot out of Faith. I want to be optimistic, but I have learned some valuable lessons and lessons I care not to repeat.

I want to be forthright with all of you as I have received calls and emails from Faith's rescuers with their concerns as well. We are not saying she IS in bad condition but we do not know what her condition is after this long hard winter. We want to be prepared for worst and HOPE for the best.

Once she begins her travel West, we will begin a new thread for her and her unborn baboo. I believe FAITH deserves her own thread as we hope this part in her life will be the best!


Saturday morning, February 28, 2009

Good Saturday Morning to All!

Well, yesterday was a good day. Wonderful visit with Karen and Paul. They are headed back to ND today. Karen could not get Faith past TSA so we will have to wait.

Karen went around and visited with everyone and of course gave out carrots to all. Marigold seems to have enjoyed her walk about with Karen. It was very difficult to contain my laughter at the reaction of some the horses. It was as if they saw a monster, and sweet Marigold took it all in stride. She dares to be different.

The signs Karen and Paul made are beautiful and we will be putting them up soon, far enough away so the do not get chewed on and destroyed.

Moon is the latest new family member. We inherited her from Rob's sons fiancee'. Moon did not like his son and vice we took her in. She is an eleven year old Border Collie/Queensland Heeler. She has attached herself to me and had been accepted by the rest of the gang so there you have it. She has room to roam and seems to really enjoy it. She was used to a Vegas backyard, so I am sure this is quite the experience for her.

Today will be a typical day..we like typical. I have water barrels to clean as I have a few that like to mess them up, stalls to clean. Oh well, it's too pretty of a day to waste indoors.

I hope everyone enjoys the weekend. Be safe!


Pictures from Karen and Paul's visit

Karen and Half Moon

Beautiful signs made by Paul and Karen Borstad of North Dakota. Also Friday was Paul's Birthday..WhooHoo

Beautiful signs for beautiful horses! Thank you so much, Karen and Paul.


Friday, February 27, 2009

Marigold and KarenND

Our friends, Karen and Paul from North Dakota, visited today. Karen took Marigold for her walk

(Part 3 refused to upload...)

Friday morning, February 27, 2009

Good Morning to All,

I wanted to wish everyone a wonderful Friday and a super weekend. Take care of yourselves.

I will be posting pics over the weekend of various MHR horses and possibly some video.

Thank you for your support!!!!


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Destiny's day, February 26, 2009

Good Afternoon/Evening to All,

I would like to share w/ everyone a bit of Destiny's day. Since Dr. Adam and Rob have made it a mission to help Destiny the best they can, there have already been countless hours of fabricating the right shoe for him. Several have been made, and they have to be laid against his hoof for measuring purposes. Well today with yet another fitting having to be done, Rob asked if I would catch Destiny up.

When he sees me, Destiny walks right up, allows me to halter him, no fuss no muss. He stood for the measuring, no problems. Good Destiny!

Now my sharing. I grabbed up a curry comb, and looked at our fuzzy wuzzy and said well we may as well get started. Visualize this.....he was a bit timid with the curry comb gently stroking his sides, back and rump, but began to relax. As I began under the throat and ran it down his neck to his chest, imagine a young giraffe stretching his neck as far as it can go, eyes half closed, and the upper lip wigglying and then curling left to right. Pure pleasure in his little face. If he were a precious kitten he would have been just purring so loud and kneading your skin. As for me, well I was and still am covered in Destiny hair but a good day for him and for me!


Marigold's Walk About

Dr. Hadland has stated it's fine for Marigold to get out and take a look around, so we took a little tour of the property today. She enjoyed it very much, but when it was time to return home, she knew just where to go and headed straight for the feed barrel.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Thursday, February 26, 2009

We are seeking sponsors for the horses at MHR. Each horse can have more than one sponsor, they have lots of love to share. We do not have a set amount for monthly sponsorship as we understand during these trying economic times that it is difficult to commit to a set amount. Any amount for sponsorship is truly appreciated.

Marigold and Destiny are seeking additional sponsors. As you are all aware, these two arrived from Mustang Hearts. We are happy that we were able to take them into our herd. Marigold, though she receives her hay, has found a true true liking for Sr. Equine. Dr. Hadland has advised us that she can have this at both her feedings as she treats her hay as just something to do and he wants her to have the extra nutrients. She is also on Vita-Joint Rice Bran which appears to be working. Additionally, she has her legs rubbed down once daily with a nice slathering of Therma-Flex (horsey Ben-Gay) which promotes blood flow. She is perkier and beginning to be quite vocal.

Destiny is on the Vita-Joint Bran, plus he is also receiving the Therma-Flex treatment as well.

You are most welcome if you desire to contact Shadow Mountain Feed (Ron and Patti Cross) and make a direct donation to them for the needs of MHR. Shadow Mountain's phone number is (775) 727-5527. Patti provides MHR with a list of donors that have called in so that Tax Deductible receipts can be provided. Our Tax ID Number is 88-0488512 and this can be found on or you can visit our website and the direct link is there for your review.

Thank you all for you support!


Faith update

Faith Announcement

We have a target date for Faith's departure.

Due to weather constraints and the fact that the particular transporter the ranchers wanted (experienced w/ transporting BBGs), our target date is scheduled for March the 16th.

We were hoping sooner but this is what it is.

She is scheduled to arrive on the anniversary of our Nellie's passing.

We have been informed that it has been a harsh winter for these Big Girls (she is not traveling alone)

Faith in my opinion was thin from the photos we were given. She was one that her rescuers felt was the most needy. We have no idea what her condition will be when she arrives, but our Dr. Hadland will be her Veterinarian. We will do everything we can for her and her unborn foal.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Destiny update

Destiny update: Seems Rob and Adam have been on the phone off and on all day discussing his little foot (Destiny).

I guess the plan of action will be that Adam is going to come over on his day off w/ his family for a BBQ and this way they will be able to work on Destiny w/o the pressure of having to make other appointments. This is to Destiny's benefit. Of course business is business; we will still be charged for the sedation and such. Will keep you posted as to when this will happen. Dr. Adam is very pleased with the trimming Rob has done because Destiny is standing a tiny bit straighter. He can see the difference from his initial visit.


To Peaches

Peaches the Hen got out of the pen
She wanted to do some shopping,

She hopped in a truck, but darn her bad luck

The store owner said "Hens can't come in."

Peaches squawked and she talked, and ran round and round

She threatened to start up a hen-cott,

But Rob came along, just too big and strong,

And scooped Peaches up from the ground.

"Back in the truck, wayward hen of my wife's"

Quoth Rob as he locked up this bird,

"I'll get you for this, foul shoe-er of mules!"

Was the last thing that poor Robert heard.

Peaches sat in that truck and created some muck

She fluttered and grunted and squirmed,

When her struggles did cease she lifted one leg-

And forthwith did lay one white egg.


Marigold, 2/25/09

Wednesday, midday

Marigold, loving her Sr. Equine

Jerri: "Do Not Point that camera at me...hmmmmph"
Fine I will walk away
Apple, 2/25/09
What??????? Did you bring anything?????

Bruno, 2/25/09

Wanted to share a Picture of Bruno that I took yesterday evening. He is 5 months and one week old.

Such a baby....he truly thinks he is itty bitty as his sister does.

Wednesday morning, 2/25/09

Good Morning All,

I hope the video's explained our efforts for Destiny. I knew that I would be unable to explain it all, better to come from the horse's mouth so to speak. Once they are ready to put the shoe on, Destiny will be completely under. They will have only 20 minutes according to Adam to get it on and on correctly. When this transpires, I will video.

Dr. Hadland checked Marigold out, and he feels she has improved. Marigold is finding the warmer weather to feel good on the bones, but now I need to get out there with my curry comb and help her and Destiny w/ their coats. They are a fuzzy pair. The sores that Marigold had on her neck are healing and he stated looking better. He feels over the last couple of weeks Marigold has actually put on more weight. He stated she was not underweight when she arrived but he does see that she has rounded out more. I assured him there is nothing wrong with her appetite that is for sure.

Another little story..yesterday Rob had to run to Shadow Mtn Feed to pick up really small shoes for Destiny and the project. When he was done, he opened the doors to his van (now mind you, his work van is impeccable) anyway as he opened the door, out jumped Peaches (one of our hens). There she was running around the parking lot of Shadow Mtn Feed, with grown men chasing her along w/ the young men who are employed there. One of the boys looked at Rob and Ron and said and why are we trying to catch this hen?? This is Stephanie's hen and she needs to go home, they just smiled and went on w/ the chase. Peaches came home, with nary a feather ruffled and even left an egg in the van. This brought a much needed smile.

I do hope everyone has a great day!!!


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Destiny, Dr. Adam and Rob

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Corbin Quincy Hadland

Proud Mama Sara and Corbin

and proud Papa Adam


We are sad to say it, but Acey has received her wings. She has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

Acey suffered a stroke, and nerve damage was done. As our friend, Marsh in TN said: "My, didn't she have a long and grand ride!"

You're with the angels, now dear Acey.

We would like to express our gratitude to all of you for your kind words and thoughts at this time.

She was a Grand Old Lady. I am quoting a line from the movie Fried Green Tomatoes that Bucky emailed me. "A LADY ALWAYS KNOWS WHEN IT IS TIME TO LEAVE"

Very special girl and I am very happy that I have been able to share her with so many of you.

Thank you so much for your support, it means a lot, I assure you of that.


Tuesday morning, February 24

Good morning everyone,

Please hold a good thought for our Acey today. Acey is a 41yo blind Appaloosa mare and she is not feeling too well this morning. Dr. Hadland will see Acey when he sees Destiny and Marigold later today. If you are so inclined, you're invited to light a candle for Acey:

Thank you very much.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday, February 24


This is the current information we have.

"We are working on the shipping details for the North Dakota horses that are headed to AZ, CA, NV and OR. We hope to have shipping dates set by early next week, and will let you know our delivery plan as soon as the truckers get back with us."


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Marigold 2/22/09

Sunday afternoon, 2/22/09

Good Sunday Afternoon to All,

All is well here today. Marigold assisted (supervised) me while I was cleaning her stall and laying fresh bedding. She has become more alert and responsive and has an excellent appetite. She followed me around wherever I went, watched for a moment then went to her feed barrel(s).

Destiny never left his feed barrel while I was cleaning his area. He does love to torment Old Man, but Old Man is a real good sport and allows Destiny to nip at his knees. Destiny keeps him on his toes so to speak.

Everyone else is doing well here today. It is quite the lazy day for all.

I hope all are enjoying their Sunday as well.


Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday, February 20, 2009


Destiny will have Dr. Hadland here Tuesday @ 1pm. I should be able to video the procedure of his special shoe being put on. Thank you to everyone who has donated to this unexpected required vet visit. We thought we would be able to perform this without the vet but unfortunately after three attempts were unsuccessful. We do not need to put Destiny through any additional undue stress.

The reason we are having to wait until Tuesday, is that

Corbin Quincy Hadland was born, Wednesday morning @ 2am.

He entered the world at a whopping

8lbs 7oz

Mommy Sara and Baby Corbin are doing great. Family flying in from everywhere to welcome him.

My telephone was lit up like a brightly flashing Peacock. You could hear the smile and visualize the puffed out chest of Adam.

Welcome Baby Corbin to the wonderful life of Equines!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday afternoon

This is the shoe that has been fabricated per Dr. Hadland's specifications. We tried three times to put it on, but it was getting to be too stressful for Destiny so we stopped. He did have the foot trimmed, but everything else was a new experience for him.

As soon as I am able to reach Dr. Hadland, we will have him get Destiny scheduled. Destiny will have to be tranquilized for this procedure. This is an unexpected expense of approximately $125.00. The vet expenses is a "guesstimate" only. If you can find it in your hearts to help out with this it will be much appreciated. Any amount will help.

You can go to and paypal or send a check via snail mail to:

Miracle Horse Rescue
2220 Simkins Road
Pahrump, NV 89060

Thank you to everyone who has assisted thus far.

Marigold has been very alert and let out a bray/whinney that got everyones attention. Whatever the horses were doing they stopped immediately and looked up in her direction. They have heard Ruby and Sampson, but this is much much louder.

Thank you for your support!!!!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Destiny and Old Man

While I was outdoors getting the horses dinner buckets ready, I had the opportunity to observe Destiny with Old Man. I actually had to laugh as Destiny is giving Old Man the What For.

Destiny was reaching through the corral bars and biting Old Man on the back of the knees, causing quite the stir by Old Man...BUT Destiny was staying just far enough out of his reach, but still being able to get a few nips in. Destiny is also proving to be quite a playful stinker.

Destiny is also on the Vita-Bran Joint Supplement and hmmmm could it be working? He is full of himself. Once everything has dried up in the round pen I will be putting him out there for all to watch.

Well, must get back outdoors. Food buckets are done for tonight's dinner and water barrels are done for the afternoon but I have a few other chores that I must accomplish before their dinner time.

Just wanted to share.


Wednesday afternoon 2/18/09

Here is Marigold on 2/18/09. She has been w/ us one week today. We are seeing some progress in alertness. It truly was quite the trip for the ole girl, but she is doing very well. We are monitoring her skin condition closely.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009


This sweet ole girl would appreciate sponsors as well. She would love to have lots of people love her and treasure her for the rest of her days.


Hello, my name is Destiny, I am 10 months old. I have a deformed foot due to an injury I got as a 1 month old that was never treated. The good Dr. Hadland came and saw me on Friday the 13th. He along with Rob (MHR Farrier) are going to make me a real special shoe to help my foot. I am going to be at MHR for a long time and sure would like to have sponsors to love me and treasure me. Would you consider it?? Any amount is fine as Miracle Horse Rescue says everything helps and I will need all the food I can get to grow big and strong.

Thank you for everything you already do for all of us here. It means alot to everyone.


Come one! Come All!

You can sponsor a horse...Destiny is in need of Sponsors as well as or Sweet , Sweet Mairigold

Each horse at Miracle Horse Rescue can have more than one sponsor. we do not have a set sponsorship fee...every bit helps!!!

You can make the difference in a horses life!!!

Please see MHR's Donate page for details on how you can sponsor.

Doc Adam


Marigold will not be getting her blood drawn today

Dr. Adam and his wife are on their way to have a son


Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday morning

Good Monday Morning to All!

Wanted to give an update on Marigold and Destiny 2/16/09.

Destiny is doing well, eating, drinking and other bodily functions working well. The psyllium is doing its job. He is receiving the Vita-Joint as Dr. Adam stated this will assist all of his joints. This morning I gave him the Pony Pop that Debbie had packed in his little suitcase. He really likes that along w/ carrots. He is beginning to truly relax as I am able to walk in his stall when he is lying down and love on him w/o him jumping up. He is very curious and if you stand back from him, curiosity gets the best of him and he saunters up for some scratches.

I had some initial concerns w/ Marigold but this morning she seemed to turn a corner. Debbie had informed me that Marigold did lie down a lot. She has been eating well, and drinking very well and all other bodily functions working well also. It was just the lying down so much that was a cause of concern. Well, this morning she popped up when she saw us coming to feed. Her feed barrel was completely empty from the night before, and when we approached her stall she began talking up a storm, demanding her breakfast. Her eyes are much brighter this A.M. and while I type this, she is still eating. All very good signs. I am however scheduling an appointment w/ Dr. Adam (as soon as he returns my call, he could be a new daddy by now). I would like him to run a blood panel on her to see if there is anything else that may be going on internally.

Everything else is going well here and it is quiet. All the horses enjoyed their two Valentine's Cookies each. I tasted one and I must say.. not bad.

Diane gave carrots to all the horses, Lucy, we gave them carrots telling them that this bag was from Auntie Lucy.

We would like to thank everyone. Pat S. & Bev, thanks for getting the cookies.

I also would like to thank everyone who has participated in our Hay Drive Fund raisers. We cannot tell you how much we appreciate your assistance.

I would also like to say thank you to all those that have assisted w/ Marigold and Destiny.


Marigold and Valentine treats

More pictures from Sunday

My Mom and Sister Marianne (from AZ) visiting w/ the horses
Diane and Adrian hanging out together

You don't want to sit here do you? Abby the Love Seat hog
Bruno, his blankie and pillow...check out his loose skin on the pillow
Are they ever gonna get up???? ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine videos

Thanks to Pat S for purchasing the cookies. Renee of Emilee's Galloping Gourmet Treats does a fantastic job. She also donated other treats as well as making all the cookies.

Still time to send your favorite horse a Valentine and cookie. They love cookies all month and there are plenty to go around.

Sunday afternoon

Valentines cookies were enjoyed by all, including the cookie nappers (the dogs).

Thank you so very much for everyones participation in the fundraiser, and a big thanks to Emillee's Galloping Goodies for the wonderful cookies!

Sunday morning

Marigold is doing well this morning. She is eating and loves the goodies she is receiving. (Sr. Equine and Vita-joint). I rubbed her legs down with Therma-Flex which promotes blood flow. She was a bit stiff this morning and appeared to be uncomfortable so I did give her two grams of bute. Dr. Adam said if I saw these signs from her, then to give her I did.

Destiny was very perky this morning..nickering away for his food.

All are well here. Will get some video and more pics today.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Marigold and Diane

Marigold and Diane, 2/14/09

Marigold and Diane were discussing the fact that they had the same color hair. I also heard Diane tell Marigold, that since she is an attorney she is as stubborn as a mule and not to be offended by that comment, as they are just strong women...OY! I told her that smell is not everything. :)


Friday, February 13, 2009

Marigold's vet exam

Video of Destiny's exam

Second video

Part 3:

Friday afternoon

Good Afternoon All,

Dr. Hadland has come and gone. I have video uploading right now so it will be a bit before I have it posted.

Destiny: As I stated before, Dr. Hadland had read the report on Destiny from WSU, but wanted to do his own evaluation. Dr. Hadland stated that Destiny does have good range of motion in the fetlock and he believes that surgery is not an option. He and Rob are going to be designing a special shoe for Destiny that will allow him to break over like normal horse and stand straight up. This is on the video and a better explanation from the both them. There is hope for little Destiny.

He received his spring time shots and will have his West Nile booster on March 11th at 2pm.

Destiny is not quite ready for gelding, he really does not have much to speak of yet.

Destiny is to receive grass hay and joint supplements. So the Vita-joint I have started him on is good.


Marigold, I videoed her exam as well and it too will be posted.

Dr. Hadland said she does have some arthritis but that is to be expected. Dr. Hadland asked me her age and I told him 36. When he examined her teeth he states that had I not told him 36, he would have aged her in her late 20's. He examined her front legs for range of motion, listened to her heart etc. He also checked out her skin as he had some concerns. He states she could have some allergies or it is some sort of parasite. We are to keep it dry, and not use anything of hers on any other equines. If it looks like it begins to have any drainage we are to utilize anti-bacterial soap and contact him so he can take a scraping. We are to watch this and ensure it does not become inflamed. She did not receive any vaccines today, as she is still under stress from her trip, and he said the vaccines could be counter productive. (this is all on video as well). We showed him what she is being fed and he said perfect. Let's just keep her happy. Also we are to keep her on Vita joint as well and bute when necessary. She is scheduled for her vaccines on March 11th @ 2pm.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday afternoon

BAG BABY (aka Emma) and her faithful trusting friend Bruno

Marigold has her own suite now. We rearranged today. Destiny is in his childrens room right next to her and Old Man is on the the other side of Destiny. Destiny cannot eat the same thing as she does.

Marigold loves her Senior and her Vita Joint. Her big ears are like radar dishes. We treated her sores today. Dr. Adam will be here tomorrow and I am sure she will be receiving some other items. Destiny is also going to be seen as well.

They have both settled in quite nicely.


Thursday morning

Thursday Morning Observations w/ Marigold and Destiny,

First, let me say they are both doing very well. Destiny at 6:30 this morning was laid out flat on his side sleeping. As I approached, he raised his head, looked at me as if to say "Oh, it's just you" and laid his head back down. He was not even concerned w/ the hens fluffing straw around him (he does not know they are training for when Faith arrives). None of the activities seem to phase him.

Marigold was standing next to Old Man. Old Man still seems to be in awe of this Equine w/ a different look about her. Marigold is moving quite well. I did give her some bute last night as she was a bit stiff and wanted her to be comfortable. She is very alert and her eyes are bright. I will say it did them both very good to have the rest on their layover. We highly recommend Randy and his wife Kelley for transporters. They are truly caring individuals, as they displayed this w/ Marigold and Destiny. We will be posting a link on our blog and website for their info.

When we began feeding, Destiny did jump up, as he did know it was chow time. We did notice that Marigold DOES NOT share w/ him. She let him know in no uncertain terms that this was hers, that was his, so get lost little boy. I started her this morning on Vita-Joint, plus they both received psyllium and will continue to do so for the next six days and then they will fall into the monthly routine as all the other are on. I did worm them both this morning though they were wormed by Debbie. I was advised to repeat, as parasites vary from region to region.

Otherwise, all is well not only w/ them but everyone else as well. I will be back later this evening.


A couple more pictures

Here are a couple of photos we took prior to feeding yesterday evening.

Marigold was resting, Debbie had told us she does do this. In fact, Randy (hauler) said that she did this at their place as well during layover. However, as soon as food was being served, she assessed the situation and got up.

Destiny was checking out Bruno, as if to say "What is he doing drinking from water barrel?"

Went out early this morning, Marigold and Destiny are doing very well. Marigold was batting her big lashes at Old Man. Valentines Day is just around the corner and I think, since she is the new woman on the block..she is trying to get as many valentines as she can.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Video of Destiny and Marigold

Here is the first video of their arrival. It is not the best quality. I was trying to balance all of wonderful goodies Debbie sent along with Marigold and Destiny. So I will not receive an academy award on this one. Also on the second one, I must edit it tomorrow as I did say a bad word cause I dropped a container.

Debbie did send Marigold's Googly Eyed Fly Mask. Thank You Debbie!!!!!!! :)


The first pictures

Destiny and Marigold have arrived. These photos were taken moments after being placed in their stall 2/11/09. They were just nosing around in the straw but did find their feed barrels, with some goodies in them.

Dr. Hadland is scheduled for Friday the 13th @ 12:oopm, PST. There are some skin issues on Marigold that we must address. There is a bald spot on her right rear which can be viewed in photo. It could have been from rubbing in trailer, but will point this out to Dr. Hadland.

Marigold and Destiny have been totally and completely signed over to Miracle Horse Rescue.

Video of their arrival today will be on in a bit.

Marigold is a very sweet lady and Destiny, what a cute little guy.