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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dynamic and Dazzling

Thanks to you, I will be receiving the Dynamic and Dazzling Award from Mary Kay. This is awarded to top new producers. Thank you all for making this possible, and please remember that money earned from these sales goes directly to supporting the horses at MHR!


Tuesday, July 29, 2008


(Photo by LindaNV)

It's all in the noses

The babies loved to be tickled on their noses....

(Photos by LindaNV)

On carrot patrol

(Photos by LindaNV)

Monday, July 28, 2008


(Photo by LindaNV)

Baby B

Baby B, Grammie and the bareback pad.

(Photos by LindaNV)

Apple and AJ

What do you think of my boy??

(photos by LindaNV)

Da Boy

More from LindaNV...

Thank you for my new ball Mommy LindaS !!

A very special moment!

A very special moment captured by one of our very special friends. Thank you, LindaNV!

Hello, my name is Hope. What's yours?

(Hope meets Baby B)



Our sweet Fred who came to us a year ago has been blessed with getting his very own person who is committed to loving and caring for him the remainder of his days.

Please help MHR in Congratulating

Mary Elynne Tappero

on her new life companion!!

Monday morning

Good Morning To All,

I hope that all of you have a wonderful week. I am having to take my granddaughter back home, but the ranch is cared for by hubby, family and friends. I will be checking in as often as I can.

Big weekend for Baby B and Spirit, they were both introduced to the bareback pad and did not mind it at all. Progress.

Hope is being adopted by Lisa L. Hope is going to have a wonderful wonderful life. Thank you Lisa. We brought their moms to safety to foal, and we awaited the births of these precious little ones. Their first part of their journey of life has been safe, and they had the commitment of our love and care. You are taking our Hope to the next level of her journey, still to receive the love and commitment these majestic creatures so justly deserve...Thank You

Everyone, is happy this morning as they were fed verrryyyy early. So food motivated they are.

Diane my friend, my thoughts are with you. You will pass the BAR exam with flying colors I know you will. I know you did for CA you can do it for NV.

Everyone have a great week, one month from today I will be seeing most of you..whoohoo!


Sunday, July 27, 2008



Miracle Horse Rescue is happy and proud to announce the adoption of our

Nellie's Hope

We are very pleased as Hope will never want for anything and is going to an OUTSTANDING HOME

Please help me congratulate her new mom

Lisa Leach

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday morning

Good Morning to Everyone from MHR,

We are all doing well. I hope this finds everyone doing good. Sorry for not being on as of late.

Our granddaughter has kept us hopping. If we had a quarter of her energy imagine what we could accomplish. All of the horses are doing well. We are treating General (21 y/o TB) for a summer sore, that he seems to get every year. But Dr. Henesler had us prepared with the medication, it just seems so long to heal. He is doing fine though with his treatment and he has a great appetite as well. He knows when it is time for his treatment and when he hears us coming walks away. Being s that he is blind his senses are so heightened, he hears the jar opening and it's like "No Way".

We have three of our horses pending adoptions, which is a good thing for the horses. Though it is emotional when the transaction is complete, this is the overall goal to find them the perfect home.

It appears it will be a beautiful day in the desert so we hope to get a lot done today. I hope that everyone has a great weekend.


* A special thank you goes to our fundraising committee and cheerleaders, so much is accomplished for the horses because of you!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A boy and his toys

Wednesday morning

Good Morning Everyone,

All is peaceful and quiet this morning here at the ranch. The sun is shining, horses are happy and healthy, what more could we ask for.

I want to apologize for not being on the last few days. Unfortunately we all think we can tackle just about everything, but a dumb old sinus infection got the best of me and I had to break down and make a visit to the good old people doctor. This is just a tail end residual of the bronchitis I suffered a month ago, but am on the mend.

We had to pick up our five year old Granddaughter at the airport yesterday, and goodness I have forgotten the energy a youngster can have, especially when one loves horses as she does. We must have visited the horses half a dozen times, and of course there was her excitement of seeing Apple and Aj, Jerri and Hope. Funny thing as she was petting Hope, she told her Grandpa that she wanted to pet Jerri. He told her that she really did not like being petted, but determined she stuck that small hand into the pen, and Jerri walked up and allowed her to stroke her nose. She turned and looked up at grandpa and said "See grandpa she let me cause she knows I lub her". The innocence of a child.

She also asked where Ceaser was and we told her that he had passed away and now he was an angel. She then said, he's okay I promise you, but I will miss him. She is something else.

The house is full of joy right now and the ranch will be filled with a million questions, but it is all wonderful. If each of us can touch the lives of a child and share with them our love of animals..then maybe just maybe abuse of humans and our furbabies will stop in these little ones lifetime.

I hope that all of you have a wonderful day!


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Special message from Mina

Mina arrives!

This is my granddaughter, Belmina. She arrived this afternoon and renewed her acquaintance with all the horses. She met the BBGs and the BBBs for the first time. Thanks to Mina, Apple (and AJ) is here with us. She loves Apple and says that she is the most beautiful horse of them all!

The top photo is Mina and Ginger, and the second is Mina with Rio.

More later...


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday morning

Good Morning Everyone,

All is well at the ranch this Sunday A.M. Very overcast here, not sure what the weather will hold for us today.

All the horses are doing well, babies enjoyed time together playing with their new big yellow ball. They are growing in leaps and bounds, they do not stay little for long. AJ is doing so much better with his leading does not get quite as excited any longer.

Rio is doing great, he is quite vocal and very loving. He has been welcomed by our other dogs and most of all he is a joy to all of us humans. His being six years old did not phase us in the least bit. If you can please visit your local shelter and if you can provide a home for an older dog, please consider it.

Everyone have a wonderful day!!!


Saturday, July 19, 2008

A door closes, and another opens...

This is Rio, 6 year old Cardigan Corgi. My son Joe and his wife Theresa spotted Rio at the ASPCA. One look was all it took to tell us that he belonged at MHR. He arrived yesterday afternoon and felt right at home immediately. The other dogs have accepted him as though he's always been here. He's a little bit 'chunky' but we hope to change that.

Rio can never replace Ceaser, but we're very happy to have him here as part of our family. Older dogs usually have problems finding new homes, but not Rio!


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

All Hail Ceaser

Yesterday, Tuesday, July 15, our dear bulldog Ceaser was hit by a car and killed on the ranch. I am writing this to each and everyone of you. Thank you ever so much to those who already knew for your kind words, prayers and thoughts, and most of all Thank You for lighting the way for Ceaser across the Rainbow Bridge to Heaven.

This was a horrific accident that has affected each one of our family members. Though we love all of our fur babies, Ceaser holds and always will a special place in our hearts.

You see, Ceaser was a rescue. Six years ago I received a call that told me he was going to be taken to the pound because he was no longer cute and he had no manners. He was tied up outdoors with no food or water in the middle of summer. The former owners were right that he had no manners (but they did not teach him) but he was cute. So we took on this obnoxious 2 yr old and for the first week he raised cain with everyone else, but once he was neutered and figured the lay of the land so to speak, all was well. It truly puzzles me to this day why people take on fur babies and then cast them aside. Is it an instant gratification or their own egos? I just do not know.

For six years Ceaser has been a joy in our lives, he touched the hearts of many people who visited the ranch. He was truly the King of his domain. As he had aged he was slowing down, and would bark for no apparent reason but we accepted his quirks and loved him all the same. Writing this is very hard for me to do, as I am overwhelmed with hurt.

My main purpose of writing to all of you is to just say Thank you for being here and understanding.

Stephanie and Rob

Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday morning

Good Morning Everyone,

It was a busy weekend around the ranch, but then it always is. Of course we did the typical daily chores but there was some fun time playing with all the youngsters.

Baby B and Spirit had their feet done, and I gave them each a good grooming. Baby B was really enjoying her grooming and she would like to recommend Satin hands and Satin Feet by Mary Kay. It is a wonderful product as she and grammy work their hands and feet so much, that it truly soothes and softens. It makes a huge difference not only for you, but what Grammie sells she is giving back to all of the horses at MHR. Baby B does love to be groomed, she will nuzzle you every chance she gets. One of her fav things to do is take that soft velvety nose and rub it against your cheek as if to say thank you.

Spirit, oh what a little man he is, he loves to be groomed, but what is funny is Spirit is ticklish. As you stroke him with the curry comb and brush his whole body quivers and he just gets so excited. You can see the expression in his eyes of no, no, to the right no to the left, it is so funny. He does not mind anything though, he is always so calm. Always a gentleman under halter and lead, but turn him loose and he becomes a little boy, all rough and tumbly. He loves to play with the balls in the roundpen, he loves the ball with handle as he likes to swing it around and occasionally beat himself in the chest with it. It is funny to see.

We changed out the camera that is looking into the roundpen to give a better angle and hopefully a better view of the horses that are there. We have been putting out different horses into the roundpen that are able to go throughout the weekend.

The littlest ones or should I say the biggest babies were out together yesterday. Hope loves people and is in your hip pocket. She is just the sweetest biggest thang, and she thinks she is Ms. Thang, another Diva in the making. Then there is AJ, oh my is that boy strong. It's taking him a bit longer in learning to lead, you will be walking along and all is well, and just when you think you can relax a bit he decides nope time to run, so you then do a short burst of "Dirt Surfing", then once you have him back under control he looks at you like "WHAT??" He is doing exceptionally well. We can pick up and cradle both his and Hope's feet, in fact they will have their feet done for the first time over the next couple of days. I am hoping to have Theresa over when this transpires as I would like to have it videoed. We will see.

Otherwise that is it for now. I am happy that everyone that attended the Barbaro celebration had a good time. Maybe the next one, more of us can attend including myself. It has been years since I have been back east. Just have to wait and see, cause as we all know everything is subject to change.



Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday evening, after feeding

Part II

T shirt winner!


The winner of the photo caption for AJ is

Deborah G. with


Congratulations Deborah!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Spirit, worshipping the sun god

Here is a picture I just took of Spirit moments ago. It is hot hot hot outside and here he is laying in the sun tanning. I took this pic standing on my patio as not to disturb his slumber. 7/10/08. He can go in and out of his stall at anytime but no he would rather hang out in the heat.

Thursday midday

Hello to Everyone,

The horses were all cared for this morning bright and early. It is very hot here, and we have a 20-40% chance of T-Showers. Please pray for rain in the Pahrump desert. The ground will suck this water up rapidly and it will cool down everything.

We are finding that the heat is really effecting the dogs as well this year. We are keeping them in as much as we can but they have access in and out of the doggie door in our room and then out through their kennel to the rest of property. For the most part though they have only been going out early mornings and then they head outside at night. Our nights are beautiful, sometimes a slight breeze but beautiful all the same. You can stand outside at night and look into the sky and view stars everywhere. A wonderful sight to behold.

Baby B has the night shift, she is let out from 8pm until 7:30-8am in the play area then we make the switch in the morning for Spirit. They have access to their stalls at anytime when they are out. We have extended their area and it is a very nice large area for them.

Hope aka "Le Petite Stinkbug" is just such a sweetie and is growing in leaps and bounds and literally eating like a Then there is our sweet AJ aka "Forest." For the most part he moves at a snail's pace, but when he decides to put it into overdrive he does move but has a tendency to trip over his own feet. He is a sweet little man, but he is also a bit pushy. Diane and I were sitting on the porch on Monday night watching him in the roundpen, both said at almost the same time "Run Forest Run"..he surely will bring a smile to your face. He will push his mama's head out of the feed barrel as he wants it all for himself...does he remind you all of someone??

Honey is progressing quite nicely, she still has a long way to go, but by Labor Day she should be at optimum weight again.

Acey is finally starting to settle back in again since the 4th and 5th of July. However, if there is a loud bang from anywhere in or area she will spook and quiver. I have been giving her a bit of Quietex (all natural tranq) to take the edge off. Seems to be working, but at her age and being blind it does make it more stressful for her. We have just been keeping a close watch on her.

Rob and Austin (my step-son) are out re-doing all the water faucets, and raising them higher so there will not be alot of bending any longer. I got a reprieve, I suppose, cause I have laundry going....LOL

Anyway, all is well here today. I do hope that everyone is having a wonderful day and THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT OF THE HORSES.


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wednesday evening

Evening All

All is well here at the ranch. It has been very hot the last couple of days and it seems we may have a reprieve over the weekend but we shall see.

Our visit with Shannon, Diane and Mama Yvonne was wonderful. We kept busy with little things but for the most part had to do everything early morning and late evening. But the primary thing was the horses needs were cared for throughout the day.

Baby B recognized Diane and she came trotting out of her stall towards Diane, and she did not even have a treat. Diane and I walked around at night, talking and petting horses and looking at the stars. As I said a wonderful wonderful visit. They are safely home now, as I received a call from her at 6:50pm PDT.

Everyone has been fed this evening and they all received carrots. Our Carrot Lady came by today so it was a special dinner for them tonight.



Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tuesday afternoon

Afternoon All,

Everything is well here. Typical day at the ranch.

Big blue ball was destroyed a month ago by JD and Glory, so no big blue ball. Very warm here today. Diane and I along with Mama Yvonne have been puttering around with little chores here and there.

Not much to report, horses are juct kickin' it this afternoon.



Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday afternoon


Everyone is in the round pen and it's going quite well. JThe only sign of aggression displayed so far was when AJ tried to nurse off of Jerri and she raised her hind leg to let him know that this was not his milk bar. It is going quite well at this point, but when it comes to horses everything is subject to change from moment to moment.

We had to break down the corral panels in between stalls and push them over. Jerri does not lead well at all. They do not have access to entire corral due to the fact that there will be food aggression so they will be separated at feeding time.


Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sunday morning

Good Morning Everybody,

Fireworks are finally done..the only horse that needed the most comforting was Acey. Poor blind girl and 40 yrs old. She was quivering from the explosions, but we were able to keep her fairly quiet. For the most part they all ignore the noise but a couple of times it really bothered them.
The babies were not phased by it at all. Talk to ya'll a bit later.


Saturday, July 5, 2008

Saturday afternoon

Good Afternoon Everyone,

All is well this Saturday July the 5th. All the horses are doing very well. They have been fed, have fresh water and are doing what they do best..lounging. All four of the MHR babies are doing very very well. They are growing and are quite intelligent, I may be a bit prejudiced but I think they are just the smartest little ones around.

It is quite warm here today, but then again it is the desert. We have a breeze but it is a hot one. Rob and I have been doing things around the property in preparation of the Labor Day Gathering.

FYI, there are still three rooms available at the Pahrump Nugget. If you are interested in attending, please contact Ro & Brady for the details of said rooms. Ro and Brady are keeping a spreadsheet of everyone attending which includes arrival and departure times.

It is very quiet today, no sounds of firecrackers or anything; however, I am sure that tonight we will be encountering all of this, due to the fact that our town is conducting its firework display tonight. Should be interesting. I do hope that people really take a look around them and see the dry brush and reconsider setting off any of their own fireworks.

Well, I have a few things left to accomplish so I will talk to everyone a bit later.


Fourth of July evening

Good Evening All,

Final tuck in for the night has been done. All the horses are well tonight, fireworks in the area have been kept to a minimum, BUT our town is not conducting their firework display until the night of the 5th. They have vendors and all at the park, so I think tomorrow night will be much more activity, so the 4th of July weekend will not be over until Monday. Everyone is safe and are quiet


Labor Day Weekend

There are still three rooms left at the Pahrump Nugget. If you are interested in attending and want information regarding the rooms, please contact Ro and Brady as they are maintaining a spreadsheet of everyone attending, along with arrival and departure times.

For those who are already confirmed attendees, I am preparing an email and will be sending this out no later than Sunday morning the 6th of July.


I hope that everyone is enjoying their weekend and celebration. The horses are thrilled that Cafe MHR is open for the season, thank you to everyone that has placed their orders thus far.


Time to hit the hay, sweet dreams to everyone.


Tuesday, July 1, 2008


We can't do anything about gas prices but we can change the lives of horses in need.

Here is Honey aka Dancing Susie, 28 yr old OTTB

Tuesday pictures

Here is "little" Hope, one month a two days old

There's always new life on the ranch!!! Little Peeps!!

June winners

We have a winner for the Jerri/Hope picture frame and photo: Anita F from the State of Washington. Ticket #355

We have a winner for Apple's Teddy Bear: Jeri O'Hay from the O'Hay Clan. Ticket #415.

Thanks to everyone who purchased tickets, all proceeds for the moms and foals.

AJ T-shirt

Just one more day to submit your saying for this photo. The advisory board will assist MHR in selecting the saying and the winning saying will receive a free t-shirt, and the shirt will then go up for sale on Cafe Press to help support the horses. Please submit your saying directly to


Tuesday morning

Good Morning to Everyone!

I know that I have not been posting much over the last week, some of it has been attributed to my father having been ill, but I had been ill as well. Today is the first day that I have been able to sit and concentrate at the computer, without becoming exhausted.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in our fundraisers to continue to purchase feed for the horses. As we all have in our personal lives we are feeling the pinch of the economy, and in the lives of the horses we are feeling the pinch as well. Hay in our area is very very high, and I have dreams someday of seeing MHR in an area of green pastures, however that is not anytime soon and is only a dream at this point. In the meantime we must continue to do our best for the horses on how it is.

I am hoping that that more individuals will consider becoming a "Miracle Superstar" and sponsor one or more the horses at MHR. It does not make a difference how much a sponsorship is because EVERY bit helps. Multiple sponsors on a particular horse is okay, they are not limited to only one "Miracle Superstar". Please consider a sponsorship you will make a difference in the horses lives. In our current situation we cannot take any more horses in until some are adopted, and with the stress of the economy and the fact that many of our horses are disabled we do not foresee being able to bring in anymore at this time. However, we are not sitting idly by, with calls we are receiving from individuals wanting to place their horses with us, we are networking outside the ranch and have found placement for horses that need homes. This has been successful thus far.

I wanted to remind everyone that is coming for Labor Day weekend to keep in contact with Ro and keep her apprised of your travel arrangements in the event you have had changes. We are also seeking suggestions for our Saturday night, we want to do a theme for that particular night, ideas please let us know. This is a weekend that will include hard work and fun, bring your work clothes and your smile as the horses will love it.

I will get more pictures over the next few days, especially of our Honey who is slowly returning and I emphasize slowly returning to her former self. She has been checked out, and is on a good diet. I am finally seeing new growth of healthy hair coming in. When I saw Honey four months ago, she looked very good and there was no indication of any problems or problems coming. However, here we are and here she is with us once again. I do feel guilty that I did not see any indications whatsoever of forthcoming problems in her families lives. The loss of a job has brought Honey back to us, I only wish that she had come to us sooner. Honey is on the way to recovery.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful day and I will work at getting back on track now that I am on the way to recovery as well.