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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The MHR&S Back to School Event

Click here for more details.

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 52

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 52, You fold it this way then that way

Baby B looks over to Casper and nods, then heads for the gate. As they leave the turnout, Casper very carefully turns and locks the gate. As they walk toward the house, Baby B says, "You go get Spirit, Jonah, Trooper and I will get Jocori, Levi, Grace and we will meet up at the front gate. Casper nods and heads off.

As Baby B and her group get close to the main gate, she can see that Casper has his group there, plus one other, 'someone must have volunteered to help' Baby B walks up and notices that the extra member of Casper's group is Dublin, she says, "Dublin you did not need to come." Dublin says, "When you get this many horses involved, someone has to supervise. Because I am pretty sure you don't know what you are doing." Baby B nods, then shakes her head, "Oh no, I have a plan." Dublin looks around at the other horses, then looks at Baby B, "So why do you need a plan?" Baby B looks around at the horses, "The Aunties, and supporters plan to get us treats." At which point all the horses standing around nod their heads. Dublin says, "So why do you need a plan, just stand around and do horse things, and the Hay Lady or the Emma people will bring you some treats." Baby B nods, "That is the way we used to do it, but I heard that the Aunties were talking about lunch boxes because everyone is going to school, but we aren't going to schools so we don't have lunch boxes, I figured we needed lunch boxes." Dublin nods "Please continue this is getting interesting or more confusing at each step." Baby B nods, "Well I didn't know what a lunch box was, so last night I went and talked to General and asked him if he had a book on lunch boxes, he looked around and gave me a big book. I couldn't read it, but it had pictures but I didn't know what they were, sooo, I took the book to Sampson, so he could read it to me." Dublin nods, "You managed to get Sampson to read it for you?" Baby B nods, "After I mentioned treats he read me the entire book. Sooo, on my way back from Starbucks this morning with my Frappuccino, I ran into Fred and she said she could help, so that is why we are waiting for Fred." Dublin nods, and looks up and down the road.

Fred pulls up to the gate in the white bus from the retirement home, Baby B smiles as Fred brings the bus to the gate, Fred opens the door she see's could be considered a good size herd, and smiles, and starts throwing out bundles of something, then throws out a coil of rope. Fred yells out, "I couldn't find enough lunch boxes, so I went by the UHaul store and got some moving boxes." Baby B says "How do we make lunch boxes from those?" Fred steps off the bus, 'horses', "Well like this," Fred grabs his box cutter, and cuts the strap off one of the packages, and lifts out one folded up box, "You fold it like this," using her nose, three hoofs, she deftly opens folds, and makes a box, she carefully folds the top of the box inside, so the top is open, she then grabs the box cutter again and cuts two holes near the top of the box, she then cuts a two foot long piece of rope and threads it through the holes and ties a knot on each end. Fred looks at the horses, "See a lunch box with a handle. Just what you need." Fred turns and gets back on the bus, closes the door and drives off.

Dublin turns to Baby B, "Well so what is your plan?" Baby B says, "Ahh, well, we need to get the boxes inside, I think we can use the Football field to make them, it is the biggest place we got, we can hide them there until we are finished." Casper opens the gate and each of the horses go out to grab a stack of boxes, then heads off to the Football Field. As Dublin and Baby B Dublin asks, "Casper has a box cutter, and Trooper has five rolls of ducks tape, in case there are problems." As they get to the Football Field, each heads to the center of the pen, Baby B walks to the center of the group, she grabs one of the fold boxes, "Everyone watch, if I remember what Fred did, You fold it this way then that way, then this way, then hold it here, then push here, then ahhh, fold here, the hold it like this and push here, and ahhh, that doesn't look right, lets all try it, we are bound to figure it out." Dublin butts in, "Baby B, how many boxes did you ask for?" Baby B, replies, "I didn't know how many horses we have so I asked for 137 boxes just in case." Dublin nods, "that might be enough, we will have to see."

Well, as dawn approaches, they have managed to figure it out, while Fred as able to do it in seven steps, it has managed to take 22 horses, most of the herd to do it. After a few hours they managed to form an assembly line, each horse to do one step, with the final inspection and stacking completed by Jerri. Baby B looks at the stack of now completed lunch boxes, stacked seven high and 11 stacks long. Baby B looks at Dublin, "Do you think we have enough?" Dublin surveys the stack of boxes, Dublin says, "I think you have just enough, I hate to say it, but you had a good plan." Baby smiles, looks back at the stack of boxes, as the horses leave the pen, Jerri walks up to Baby B and says, "Baby B, you are going to have hide that stack of boxes otherwise the Hay Lady will find it." Baby B looks around, "Ahh, right I will think of something."

As feeding time gets into full swing, Steph pulls the mango up to the Football Field, she climbs off, and turns back to the trailer, grabs a flake of hay, she turns back to the pen, drops the flake over the railing, looks over to the other side, and sees a ahhh, ahhh, she rubs her eyes and looks again, she sees a stack of UHaul moving boxes, 'What the heck' she looks back and forth, 'why are they collecting moving boxes, and what the heck, it has a few bits of hay on it.' she shakes her head, horses.'

To Be Continued

Author Samm

Help the horses fill up their lunch boxes with Skode's Apple Pie Cookies they are available to purchase, the cost is $18.00 for 3 of the delicious but nutritious treats. Help by going to by going to the MHR&S Donate page

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August 24, 2011 - Electra update

Good morning all,

I am starting this post with a request for your help with feeding our equines their yummy hay and also for Oat Pellets and Rice Bran for Old Man and Little Bear, who both have verified Cushings Disease through tests conducted by our veterinarian. They are both presently under his care. They are free fed their hay 24/7 and they receive their pellets and rice bran, red cell and chasteberry. (red cell and chasteberry morning feedings) and oat pellets and rice bran at night feeding.

We can use assistance in these areas, and it is so appreciated if you're inclined to do so. Your donation may be tax deductible. Please visit our website and donate via HAYPAL (aka PAYPAL).

Thank you


The Electra update is a good one, she is doing wonderfully since her hernia surgery. Desert Pines Equine Center located in Las Vegas performed the surgery. They (Desert Pine) will be here at our facility on the 31st of August for her Post Op exam. She has done so well. Once seen and given a clean bill of health she will be able to be placed in the round pen. She has been confined to her stall per their instructions and we can feel her pent up energy when handling her, but she has remained well mannered through it all.

Thank you to everyone who has stood by her and helped her when she needed the surgery.

Stephanie and Rob

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 51

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 51, The herd running through

Its late at night, Steph and Rob spent a long time on their late night checks, stopping and watching each horse, and thinking about all of them, but both have gone into the house and all is quiet, Electra very quietly opens the gate to her pen and walking very softly heads to the Lady's Parlour, to talk to Dublin and Jerri. when she gets to the railing she stands very quietly, not sure what to do, she had been summoned once before to complete her first mission, but this time she doesn't know why. Dublin looks over at her and slowly comes toward her, Jerri is close behind him. As they get to the railing both place their heads over the railing and look directly at Electra. Dublin begins, "Electra Glide do you know what happened today?" Electra cocks her head to one side and thinks, then she shakes her head. Dublin continues, "One of the horses left today around noon time." Electra looks around then back at the pair "Who got dopted?" Jerri looks at Electra, "It was Brassy, and she wasn't Adpoted, she died." Electra looks back and forth between the two, "I don't understand." Jerri looks at Dublin and he nods, she says, "Electra, that is why we wanted to talk to you. You are of age now and have to learn a lot of things. The death of a horse is one of those things." Electra is really confused, but Jerri continues, "Electra when a horse gets old or is injured and they decide it is time to leave, they die, and .." Electra starts to butt in, but decides to just listen. Jerri continues "Electra, when a horse dies, their being, what people call soul leaves their body and returns to the Heavenly Herd." Electra looks at both of them her eyes open wide, not sure what to say. Jerri says "let me tell you a tale."

"Electra there is a place where all horses go to live, a place where they can run, eat grass, and are no longer in pain or infirm. Its called the Heavenly Herd, a place of forever." Electra nods, "But how do you know about this place?" Dublin says, "It is a tale passed among the elder horses and taught to young horses, like you." Jerri continues, "Electra, the tale is told so if you need, you know there is a place you can go that is safe and be with all the horses forever. The time is of your choosing, but when you decide its time, you can leave." Electra says "But why would you leave this herd," she looks around, "all your friends, the peoples, and dogs and stuff?" Jerri looks at her "Well I am not sure about the dogs, but the Heavenly Herd is just for horses, all horses. There all your pains are gone, you can run, or eat, or visit with friends."

Dublin continues, "Do you remember today a little after noon, the wind picked up." Electra nods, Dublin nods his head, "That was the herd running through to take Brassy to the Heavenly Herd." Electra nods, "Well she be alright there?" dublin says "She will be fine, she will be healed and made whole again, and will be with her friends from here, and old friends from other places."

Jerri says, "Electra one of things about the Heavenly Herd, is for you not to morn when a horse decides its time, but to rejoice and remember them and all the goods things. Fore when they join the heavenly herd they are made whole and healthy." Electra nods, "I never met Brassy up close, I saw her with the other horses, I am glad she will be healthy again." Dublin says, "We are all thankful for that. Now speak to no people of this, or the dogs, they will not understand." Electra nods, respectful of all the horse lore that she learns. Dublin looks to the east, the sun is about to rise, "Electra its time for you to return to your pen before the sun comes up, but remember that in the future, you will lose some horse friends, when a horse decides its time, if they are young or very very old, its they who decide when its time. You will meet many many horses during your lifetime, enjoy each meeting, make friends when you can, and learn from all you meet."

Electra nods as both Dublin and Jerri return to their spots in the Lady's Parlour, Electra turns and says out loud, "I wonder if people have a Heavenly Herd?" Dublin stops and looks back, "No, people probably have something like a Super Wal-Mart during people holiday season." Electra smiles, as she gets back to her pen she carefully opens the gate, and closes it and locks it, again she smiles, 'I have never been to Super Wal-Mart, I will have to go there one day."

To Be Continued.

Author Samm

This is the 51st The Horses Tale, while on a sad note, it is a reminder why MHR&S exists, to offer a home for those horses that need it, until they decide it is time. Take Care Brassy, run free.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


We have had a rough start to our day here at MHR&S.

Brassy has crossed over to the Heavenly Herd. We tried for over an hour to get her up while awaiting the arrival of the vet. Brassy was giving up and letting us know. She never even raised her head. She ate an excellent dinner last night and never showed any signs of distress. Thank you to Diane, Shannon, Lynn and Chuck for being here.

She has her wings and is running pain free.

Stephanie and Rob

Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday, August 19, 2011

Hello All,

Electra is doing great. On the 27th of August it will be 30 days that her hernia surgery was performed and successfully repaired.

A bit of information for those who may be interested. We go through 224 bales plus of Orchard/Alfalfa mix each month to feed 29 rescue/sanctuary horses. Robert and I have four personal horses that we pay for ourselves. There are three other horses that are privately owned and their owners pay for their horses feed. So the 224 bales of hay are just the feed for the rescue/sanctuary group. This does not include the supplements that are being fed to two Cushing horses as they are free fed the hay 24/7 plus are on rice bran daily (as prescribed by our veterinarian as both these boys are presently under his care).

Hay costs are $18.00 per bale and that is the going price in our area. We are however researching other sources to see if we can get good quality hay at a lower rate. We do not feed poor quality hay as it is not beneficial to the horses or our budget. We feed hay that the horses will eat, enjoy and not waste.

We hope that you will consider even the donation of one bale of hay, we are in need of hay and it is all about the horses. You can donate via "Haypal" aka Paypal through our website.

Thank you so very much.

Stephanie and Rob

Monday, August 15, 2011


Sunday morning was feet time down at Mom and Dads. This is Rocky and OTTB that my parents have been fostering for the last 5 years for MHR. He was 36 when he arrived at MHR. He was no longer wanted. I took his pics while he was still eating breakfast. So Rob went ahead and worked on Jingles, Chase and Ceasar.

The purple bush by their house is so pretty, it is called a Texas Ranger. Then last but not least, just wanted to show you a couple of their hens, with their fuzzy feet. I have held one and they are heavy. Not overly fond of being cuddled.

Stephanie and Rob

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Justice and Glory

I always thought I would be able to have Justice for my own, but there comes a time when one must realize their limitations, we are stretched pretty thin. I see it like this, I was blessed with two wonderful years with him, having him started with very good ground manners, gelding him and giving him the opportunity to be a horse with no worries. I always have said privately to friends and family members that if the perfect family came along, I would surely give him the chance of his lifetime. Well, that situation came to fruition and Justice now has his very own family with only one Equine Sister. Justice was delivered this morning to his new family. They have the means and the time for him. It is the PERFECT home.

Justice (R) and Lola (L) meeting for the first time. It was meant to be.
Hay Lola where did you go!?
Peek-a-boo Justice(r), Lola (l)

Justice and his new dad
Justice checking everything out

Today Glory also went to her own new home (she shared the cab with Justice), She will be joining Candy, Dancer, and Shy. Once again, another PERFECT home, which has the means and the time. Glory was rescued by the FOBs in 2006 as a weanling. She was named Glory Hallejuah, by long time FOB Gloria Nussebaum.

Have wonderful new lives, our beloved friends.

Stephanie and Rob

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 50

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 50, I Lost My Shoes

Glory looks over at Justice, "What ya doing?" Justice looks up, "I am packing. The Hay Lady gave me a really big Wal-Mart bag to pack my stuff in. I am being dopted, so I have to pack up." Glory nods, "I am being adopted also." Justice nods, where is your Wal-Mart bag?" Glory looks over to the edge of the Round Pen, "Its over there." Justice looks over, "Its not very big." Glory says, "I have learned to travel light."

Glory walks over, "What is all this stuff?" Justice looks around in front of him, "They are some of my favorite things and a couple of keep sakes." Glory nods, "What are those wooden things?" Justice smiles, "They are my ski's, but I don't think they will fit in the bag, hmmmm, So I guess I need to give them away. I know I will give them to Spirit. Be back in a few." He carefully bends down and picks up the two pair of skis in his mouth, carrying them sideways, is easier he has learn." Justice walks over to the gate and pushes on it and it swings open, and the proceeds to leave the pen, come to a quick halt, as the ski's slam in to either side of the gate. "hmmm, that didn't work to well." He thinks a bit, turns his head to the side and slowly wedges the ski's through the gate, and trots off towards the Lady's Parlour, as he gets to the rail, he drops the ski's on the otherside, "Spirit you can have these." Spirit walks over, Spirit smiles, "Thanks, I guess." Justice walks back to the Round Pen.

Justice returns to his pile of things, "My Flashlight, yes, chips from the Pahrump Nugget Hotel and Casino, a hotel key, yes that is a keeper, a signed photo of a thoroughbred mare, oh yes a keeper for sure, several half eaten treats, sure, might need them on the trip." Glory still watching, asks "What are you going to do with all the tools?" Justice looks down at several screwdrivers, a pair of pliers, a rasp, and a four pound hammer. "hmmm, not sure they aren't really mine, they belong to the Rob People. I guess, I will leave them." Justice bends down and opens up another small Wal-Mart bag, "Lets see, ahhh, " He reaches in the bag and pulls out a small box and carefully places on the ground, and looks back in the bag, he pulls out a bowtie, and a pair of sun glasses, and he smiles. Reaches in the Wal-Mart bag again and pulls out his unused bus ticket to Lexington Massachusetts, "Ahh, an adventure missed." "Well that may be it," Justice looks around trying to think if he has forgotten anything. "OH My, My shoes, I lost my shoes." Justice bolts for the gate and starts running around he runs up front, then back by the Maternity Ward, the new Turn Out. Nothing, Justice lowers his head and walks back into the Round Pen, and over to his pile of keep sakes, he looks over to Glory "Ahh, I don't have any shoes, the Rob People said I wasn't going to get shoes till I stop growing." Glory nods, Justice says, maybe not to Glory but more to himself, "Dublin says that horses change herds alot and they meet new friends and people, and that everything will be fine, he says that the Hay Lady will visit and the Rob People will come and take care of my hoofs." Glory nods.

Justice looks down and slowly and carefully starts putting his things in the Large Wal-Mart bag. Glory watches him, "You have had a lot of adventures for only being a two year old." Justice nods, "I have mellowed out as I have gotten older." Glory smiles, as Justice finishes up his packing by placing the small box in the bag. Glory asks, "Whats in the box?"

Justice sets it down and very carefully removes the top of the box, and removes the tissue paper just inside, "Its a picture of my Mother, the Hay Lady told me all about her." Glory looks closely at the picture under the full moon, its a picture of Faith. Justice very carefully replaces the tissue paper and closes the box. Glory says, "I think its a good sign that our last night here has a full moon." Justice looks up into the sky, "Yes, a very good sign." Glory walks back of to her side of the Round Pen, just to check her Wal-Mart bag, and Justice looks around to see if anyone is watching, and picks up the rasp, a screwdriver and the hammer and places them in his bag.

Justice looks around and smiles, "A new adventure begins." he leans down and opens one last bag, he looks inside, a cell phone, an address book, two tickets to the Calgary Stampede, and lets see $115 people dollars, a Wal-Mart gift card, and an ATT prepaid phone card. "Yes, I think I am ready for new adventures."

To Be Continued

Author Samm

(Remember that each of you can help the horses at MHR with their Weekly drive to get 10 bales of hay. Check the BLOG for more information on donations to MHR. The current goal is 10 bales of hay per week.)

Electra's post-surgery recovery

Electra was operated on again for her hernia. The first surgery failed because of rejection of materials used. She's been home for Desert Pines Equine Center for a couple of weeks now and is doing very well.

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 49

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 49, A Loud Ants

Justice is kicking the ground, Casper looks over, "Whats wrong?", Justice, shuffles around a bit, "I need to find some ants, special ones I think." Casper turns his head, "Well you aren't going to find any Ants now." Justice shakes his head, "What ya mean?" Casper looks at him, "Well Ants don't come out at night. And why do you need to find Ants anyways?"
Justice says, "Well remember when you took my fly mask off, and we were playing with it. Well someone said that I would have to use my 'A Loud Ants' to buy a replacement. So I have been working for a week to find some loud ants." Casper turns to look around the turn out, everyone else is a sleep, "Well, hmmm, I figures you have a problem then, but I don't think they meant, 'Ants' I think they meant something else." Justice looks around hopeing to get some support from the herd, but four sleeping horses, aren't much help, "Maybe I need to talk to Dublin." Casper nods, then shakes his head, "Well be prepared to get your ear or nose bitten, Dublin does not like dumb questions, from what I have heard." Justice nods, but determined to follow through with this he heads of to the Lady's Parlour. As he leaves the turnout and heads towards the house and the maternity ward, he looks over to Electra in her wrap, "Dang, she always gets the good stuff, cloth and duck tape, don't understand it." as he passes her he nods in her direction, she raises her head and nods back.

As he gets close to the Lady's Parlour, he is thinking what to say, what to ask, and planning a good retreat path in case Dublin is not to keen on the question. He approaches the rail, all the horses are quiet each in their own areas, "Psst, Dublin, Hey Dublin, Psst, Psst, Dublin." Dublin looks up, and over to Justice, he slowly walks over to the rail, "Justice this better be good, its late at night and you are making enough noise to wake a mule." Justice lowers his head, "Sorry, but I have a question that only you, a very wise and elder horse, leader of all the herds can answer, its very important." Dublin's ears move forward, his eyes fixed on Justice, "Never, Never say that, Jerri will come over and bite both of us." Justice looks at him, "Why would she do that?" Dublin looks at him, "She is the Leader of all the herds, and she will tell you that." Justice not sure what to say, "But you are the elder and strongest Stallion, ahh Gelding, in the herd." Dublin nods, "Yes, but with horses that means very little its the mare that run the herd, lead them around 'We just follow them around and keep other Stallions and Gelding from stealing mares from the herd." Justice nods, "Well I still have a question, and I figure you would know the answer."

Dublin says, "Ok, what is the question and be quick it will daylight soon." Justice looks down then back up, "Well Casper and I were playing last week, and he took my fly mask off, and we were playing with it and we were caught doing it." Dublin says, "Well you should know not to play with or try to take off someones fly mask, they are for are own good." Justice lowers his head, "I know, but we were having fun. Then someone said I would have to buy a new one with my 'A Loud Ants. And And I have been looking for a week for Loud Ants and I don't know how many I would need if I ever find any, I am really confused." Dublin shakes his head, "Justice you are always confused. I don't think they meant ants, I really think someone said that it, the mask, should come out of your 'Allowance'." Justice nods, having no idea that Dublin just said, "What is 'Allowance?" Dublin not having to think about it, since he has been asked many times about it, continues, "Well its your part of money, feed, grain, or other things that is aloted to you. You know like for doing things." Justice nods, again having no idea what Dublin is talking about. Dublin says, "I see you don't understand, as is the norm, let me explain in simple terms, you know that the aunties and uncles of MHR buy us hay, they are trying to buy 10 bales of hay a week for us, they are using their allowance to buy us hay. Its like when we get treats, its the Aunties and Uncles that buy those for us to have." Justice is starting to understand, "So they use their allowance to buy us hay," Dublin nods, Justice continues, "And I should use my allowance, which is hay and treats to pay for the mask." Dublin says, "Yes young one you are learning quickly (He heard that in a movie, he can't remember which one.)"

Justice nods, and turns to return to his turnout, "hmmm, if I fore go some hay or treats, god forbid, I could use my allowance to pay for the mask, hmmm, ahhh, well, ahhh, well I just think I will us my credit card, that would work." Justice smiles to himself, "I think I understand all this, just can't figure out where the 'Ants' come into play with this."

To Be Continued.

Author Samm.

(Remember that each of you can help the horses at MHR with their Weekly drive to get 10 bales of hay. Check the BLOG for more information on donations to MHR. The current goal is 10 bales of hay per week.)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

A bittersweet bit of news

Due to unforeseen circumstances in one of our adopters lives, APPLE is returning home. We would like to thank them for the kindness, care and love they gave her. In 2001 when we established the organization we placed in our contract right from the start, that if a person(s) could no longer care for the horse that it MUST be returned home. She will be here on 8/5. They are delivering her.

For those who may not know, Apple is the Belgian mare that was rescued along with Nellie and Jerri and their unborn foals from Canada. They were slaughter-bound.

Apple is also the Dam of AJ, who was adopted along with Hope by LisainCo and are living a wonderful life in a wonderful place.

Thank you all for your support!

Stephanie & Rob


Apple is not even home yet and she has three sponsors waiting in the wings for her arrival.

Bev, Sheila and Belmina. If anyone remembers, Belmina picked Apple to be rescued and she herself was just a little one when the selection process was being done. Everyone agreed on her selection.

Thank you for your sponsorship and WELCOME HOME APPLE, you big beautiful girl!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


As mentioned in Charity's video, Electra had to return to Desert Pines Equine Center because of a rejection of materials used in her first hernia surgery. She had her surgery on July 27. Electra is home, and is doing well this evening (August 1). She will be returning to Desert Pines in 30 days for her follow up. We have all of her Post-op instructions, and they will be followed as they were before. All are hoping that her body does not reject the materials utilized in this surgery. The veterinarians and staff of Desert Pines Equine Center are wonderful and are to be commended for their dedication & compassion for all the good work they do for all the horses they encounter on a daily basis.

Veronica came out with me today to say goodbye to Electra as she has made quite the impression on them. Electra is a love bug, Electra will be seeking her forever home but we feel it necessary to ensure she is healed and receives a clean bill of health before she can be adopted. This very important to all of us at MHR&S.

Thank you so much to our supporters for everything. Thank you is a small word compared to what each of you does behind the scenes. I am not talking just about the support you provide to our facility, but the support that you provide to others and that you have shared with me. Thank you for sharing and entrusting me as your friend with your accomplishments in helping save horses, dogs and cats, It is an honor to know each of you.

We will keep you updated on Electra.

Stephanie and Rob


It takes love, time and patience:


Emmett came to us in 03 and was adopted by a family in Vegas. He was with them for several yrs but came back to us after he suffered from a stroke. They really did not want to contend with potential visits from the vet so they returned him to us as per contract requirements. We have had no issues with Emmett since he has been back and he is doing great!

Emmett would love to have sponsor(s) and to remind everyone that we are holding a weekly minimum of 10 bales of hay to be delivered on Wednesdays or Thursdays as we are trying to boost our inventory. Emmett says you can partner up with a friend and split the cost of a bale of Hay which is 19.00. He also wants you to know that MHR&S is asking if you can please call your donation into Animal House...775-537-1777, and then please email your info donation to MHR. We all thank you very much.

If you can help sponsor Emmett, please visit the MHR&S donation page. Remember that MHR&S is a recognized 501(c)(3) organization and your donations may be tax deductible.

Thank you for your support!

Stephanie and Rob


The Queen..Everyone's Misty! She was rescued by the FOBs in 2006, and in May of 2007 gave birth to the one and only Spirit, who has brought a great deal of laughter and joy to others. We all watched her give birth, and it was the most beautiful thing ever. Misty is the sweetest horse at the facility and many of the FOBs who have visited and stayed with us can attest to this.

If you can help sponsor Misty, please visit the MHR&S donation page. Remember that MHR&S is a recognized 501(c)(3) organization and your donations may be tax deductible.

Thank you for your support!

Stephanie and Rob


Cruisin Bay aka CB is an OTTB who is in her mid 20's now. CB sustained a broken left rear leg during her racing career. She was found by an individual through a newspaper ad and being advertised as a Brood Mare in a local CA newspaper. We were contacted and asked to take her to keep her from being bred. The woman who purchased her managed to get her for a nominal price and here she is. She came to us at the age of 19. She is doing very well and is a very sweet mare. She is being sponsored monthly by Sheriff Susan, but Susan would love to see not only CB, but all the horses have monthly sponsors. It does not take much when we can partner up with someone who has interest in the same horse. It makes a big difference in their lives.

If you can help, please visit the MHR&S donation page. Remember that MHR&S is a recognized 501(c)(3) organization and your donations may be tax deductible.

Thank you for your support!

Stephanie and Rob


Here are General, Skodes treats and Lynn.

General is also an OTTB who raced in in younger days. This was confirmed by an FOB years ago who researched his tatoo. He was claimed in a stakes race and from there went to several homes. He came to us from Ely, Nevada. He was blind when he arrived, and his blindness is all due to being beaten in the head by a 2 x 4 by an owner in his life. He is a sweet old guy, and is in his mid 20's.

If you can help, please visit the MHR&S donation page. Remember that MHR&S is a recognized 501(c)(3) organization and your donations may be tax deductible.

Thank you for your support!

Stephanie and Rob


My friend Lynn and I just came in to take a break. We have been bathing horses, and giving longer tails to the horses with short tails. It is one of the many uses of Hay Twine. One of the largest Paint Show barns in Vegas, utilizes this trick to keep their horses tails long. They showed me how to this while Rob was busy on their horses. Steve instructed me on this procedure without compromising the actual hair and never having to mess with the dock of the tail.

The above pictures are of Dancing Suzi (OTTB) aka "HONEY." She is a bay TB (not black) and Honey is now into her 30's, I do not have her registration papers right in front of me so I cannot give all of her particulars at this moment. She is showing off the bag of SKODES AFTER CARE TREATS. These particular treats have been formulated for chemical after-care, i.e. worming, fly and grooming sprays and dosing of pain relievers and NSAIDS.

Formulated in conjuction with Naturopath and Master Herbalist Cassie Schuster. The horses at MHR&S highly recommend SKODES.

Whiskey and Trooper

This is Whiskey (forefront) he is sponsored by PatS, however he is not opposed to being shared and I am sure PatS would like that as well. He is her boy and she has been dedicated to him for several years now. Whiskey's story is really kind of sad. He is from Elko, NV and was born to a family which had him for 8 yrs. Elko is cold and receives a lot of snow during the winter months. As a four year old Whiskey was playing with their other horses when he stepped wrong and he broke his right rear fetlock. He was taken to Reno for surgery. As the years began to pass his owners noticed their cold winters were affecting him and was painful for him. They contacted us and we agreed to take him, he was just a bit over 8 yrs old at the time. Our weather has been a lot better for him here and he is a real charmer. Every year we receive something from his owners, just to let us know they have never forgotten him and they visit once per year to see him. They really do care about him. When I told them he had a special sponsor they were overwhelmed and shed tears of joy.

Whiskey is with us for his remaining days and is gladly accepting sponsor(s), but he does want you to know he has one but she will gladly share.

Then there is Trooper, next to Whiskey. His story is unique, he has been with us since 2003. Trooper was found at an auction in Spanish Fork, UT. The family outbid the KB by 50 cents. Trooper had a rough start since the day he was born. His legs were deformed at birth, they face east to west. The family wanted to give him a chance. They took him as a weanling and immediately set about scheduling him for leg surgery in hopes that his deformity could be fixed. Unfortunately, it did not work. While in his cast the family informed us the day he arrived to us and the reason for this was their neighbor. The neighbor felt that Trooper did not deserve to live as he would not be of any use. So the neighbor shot Trooper twice with a .22! His owners felt Trooper needed a safe haven and here he is with us. Charges were filed, but we never got the end result and hence the name TROOPER. He made it through it all. We do have photos they provided to us with the gunshot wounds and his cast.

Never tell Trooper his legs are deformed, he knows nothing else, and he runs and bucks like a wildman when he gets a bee in his bonnet. Many FOBs have met Trooper and are amazed at this horse's is wonderful.

SusanE is his sponsor but she is not opposed to sharing this wonderful guy with others and Trooper would love to have more sponsors. He has a lot of love to pass along! SusanE will gladly share her experiences with this little guy who captured her heart.

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Stephanie and Rob

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 48

Justice is snorting and grunting and pulling and pushing, it's still hard work. He turns and unlocks the gate, and continues to push, pull, drag, and whatever til he is well inside the turn out. Casper comes over, "What you doing?" Justice looks over, "I found this outside the pen, figured we could use it." Casper nods, looks around "What if she finds out about it. ya now she wants us to keep a pretty clean pen." Justice nods knowing from experience, "Yes I know but I figures that we can manage it." Baby B alert to the activity, and wanting to control everything that is going on, walks over, "What are you two doing and what is that?" Casper answers very quickly, "It's Justice's idea." She is a young mare, but you don't want to mess with the lead mare, Casper's job is only to keep the herd together not settle fights and stuff. Baby B, nods and looks at Justice, "So what are you doing?"

Justice looks up from his prize, "Well it's the middle of summer, the grass is brown, the grazing is hard, so I figured I would help out a bit." Baby B looks at the so called prize and back to Justice, "and what are supposed to do with that?" Justice looks a Baby B, "It's Hay!" Baby B looks at Justice, and then back at the prize, "No its not, Hay comes in neat little packets, you know bundles." Justice says "Smell it, taste it, it's hay." Baby B, leans forward, sniffs it, reaches in a bit and tastes it, "Hmmm, smells like hay, tastes like hay, but it is so big. What are we supposed to do with it?" Justice looks at Baby B as if she has no idea what is going on, "We are supposed to eat it." Baby B replies, "We can't eat that it is too big, it would take half a moon to eat all that."

Justice looks back at the prize, "Actually, it will take the six of us just a bit over a day and a half to eat it, I had Sampson read me a book that General had that said how much a horse eats in a day, it had graphs and figures and all that." Baby B nods, "Well it's still to big to eat." Justice looks at the prize, "It is big, normally the Hay Lady breaks it apart so she can feed each of us, ya know, a pile here and a pile there." Baby B and Casper nod, as all three are standing there, Glory walks over "What you up to?" Baby B replies, "We are trying to figure out what to do with this thing." Glory smiles, young horses, "Casper you should know." Casper looks up, "Oh, I know but I don't have a thingy." Glory looks at Casper, "Casper, you should be ashamed, every horse should have a thingy as you call it." Glory turns and walks back to her spot in the pen and pulls out her Wal-Mart bag and returns to the group. She places the bag on the ground, and sticking her nose deep inside the bag pulls out a ...

Just for suspense, every horse keeps or should keep a number 7 pair of wire cutters, able to cut through the hardest wire, or the dang string that holds the Bale of Hay together. With the skill of a seasoned pro, Glory takes the cutters and cuts the two strings that hold the Bale of Hay together. Justice, and Baby B are amazed, Casper has seen the trick before, he just hasn't managed to find a pair of wire cutters. Justice asks, "Where did you get those, that is amazing," Glory answers, "Oh, I Stol... found them a few years ago, I think they belong to the Rob Person."

Baby B astounded by the act of magic, "Now what are we supposed to do?" Glory shakes her head, "Ahh, eat the hay, grab a flake or a big mouth full and go to your spot and eat the hay." Baby B, nods, still a bit unsure never seen this much hay close up, she grabs a part of the bale and walks to her spot. Justice smiles, knowing that he had done well. Casper grabs a flake, Annie, Violette, walk over not being to shy to get some hay in the middle of the night, each taking a flake and heading to their spots in the turn out. Glory takes a flake, and turns to leave and says, through the flake in her mouth, "Make sure nothing is left, the Hay Lady will see it."

Justice looks down, there is maybe four or five flakes left, Justice smiles, "Ahh, tis a good night to be a horse.

To Be Continued..

Author Samm


Jerri (center with Dublin to her rear and Trooper to her front) turned her head just as I snapped the photo. Please note the 92 freeze branded to her hip. Jerri was saved by the FOBs from a PMU ranch in Canada as she was being shipped for slaughter. She was in foal and is the Dam of Hope, who was adopted by LisainCO. Jerri was one of three rescued during this time frame. We lost Nellie (18yrs old) and her foal after colic surgery. A very sad night. Nellie will never be forgotten. Jerri was the first PMU at our facility to give birth. This was followed by AJ whose Dam was Apple. AJ was also adopted by LisainCO.

Jerri is a Percheron, and is not the friendliest of horses. We will never know for sure what she had to endure at the PMU farm but we are sure it was not good. Jerri has come along way, and will have a home with us the remainder of her life.

Jerri is seeking sponsor(s) as she is a big girl and has a big appetite. If you would like to sponsor Jerri she would appreciate the assistance.

If you can help, please visit the MHR&S donation page. Remember that MHR&S is a recognized 501(c)(3) organization and your donations may be tax deductible.

Thank you for your support!

Stephanie and Rob


This is Jocori, a 25+ yr old Mustang. Jocori has been with us for quite sometime. The individuals who brought her to us had given information that was not necessarily on the up and up. We were told she was rideable, that she gave feet etc. Well, none of the info was valid. She cannot be ridden, and we have worked with her on her feet issues and now that can be done without tranquilization.

Jocori has partnered up with Levi in the Football Field and she as well is looking for a sponsor(s). She says she is a good girl, and her needs are hay and the vet when is required, thats it. She can be contacted in the Football Field as well.

Any amount for sponsor(s) is greatly appreciated.

If you can help, please visit the MHR&S donation page. Remember that MHR&S is a recognized 501(c)(3) organization and your donations may be tax deductible.

Thank you for your support!

Stephanie and Rob


This is Levi, a 23+ yr old OTTB. After Levi was taken off the track (do not know when) he was retrained as an instructional Hunter/Jumper. The year we received him from CA, he had been injured six months previous and required an additional 12 months of down time. His owner decided to turn him over to MHR&S as he would not be of use to their facility standing around. Levi has of course recuperated and is sound. In our area there is not a high demand for TBs, especially older ones. Levi does well in an arena evironment, we have tried him on trails and he is not suited for this at all. Levi is a perfect gentleman. He loads, clips, baths, cross ties, single ties, gives feet perfectly and is up to date on all shots as all the horses are at our facility. He has recently been dewormed and is scheduled for September. Arena work is the perfect place for him. He is available for adoption to an experienced rider only, but in the meantime, Levi is seeking a sponsor and if you are interested please do not hesitate to contact him in the Football Field.

If you can help, please visit the MHR&S donation page. Remember that MHR&S is a recognized 501(c)(3) organization and your donations may be tax deductible.

Thank you for your support!

Stephanie and Rob