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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A horse's tail, Chapter 14

Samm, I would like to Thank you for all the stories you have written for all of us. We do appreciate them very much.


A Horse's Tale, Chapter 14, An 1862 Union Civil War Cannon and Caisson.

Rob's driving back home, having just finished his shoeing job, "How am I supposed to find Mark Flanigan?", "He doesn't have any horses, otherwise I would know of him. hmmm." "Well as a last resort, I will ask someone." Rob pulls into Floyd's Ace Hardware, as Rob enters the store, he looks around. "Ah, Hey John." John, the assistant manager walks over, "Hey Rob, what can I help you find?" Rob looks around, "Well not really looking for anything, more an anybody." John looks confused. Rob continues, "Looking for a fellow, by the name of Mark Flanigan, supposed to work on restoring horse drawn wagons." John didn't even have to think about this one, "Oh, yeah, he comes in every few weeks to get something.", Rob smiles, "do you know where he lives?" John says, "Yes, lives over on Oakleaf Avenue." Rob thanks him and heads out.

Oakleaf is not that far, across the highway, "So let’s see if I can find Mr. Flanigan." Rob turns on to Oakleaf and heads north. One cross road, and Rob spots what he thinks maybe the place. Nice place, house in the center of the property, like most places, but this one has a rather large barn and three or four wagons and carts sitting outside. Rob pulls up to the gate, he looks around for a sign, no sign, but the mail box has 'M. Flanigan' painted on side. Rob gets out of the truck, and walks toward the gate. As with most places, the gate is closed and locked. Rob looks around for a buzzer or something. "Hmmm," Rob continues to look around "They must have something." "Ahh, there it is I guess." Hanging just behind the gate post, is a metal triangle, like you would see on a chuck wagon. Rob reaches for a small metal bar tied to it. He strikes the triangle, once. "Don't want to overdo it." Within a minutes an elderly gentleman begins walking up the road. "Well Good Day young man, what can I do for you?" Mark looks over to the sign on the side of the truck. "I don't have no horses." he smiles broadly. Rob returns the smile, "I am looking for Mark Flanigan." Mark's smile broadens, "You have found him." Rob smiles again. "Well sir, I understand you work on restoring wagons?" Mark looks over this shoulder, toward the barn, "That I do, its a hobby, I don't do it on a commercial basis." Rob asks, "Have you worked on a red hitch wagon in the last couple of weeks?" Mark says "Yes wasn't red when I started, you want to come in and look around." Rob nods, "Yes please." Mark opens the gate, and Rob walks in. As they walk toward the barn, Mark asks "Have you seen the Red Hitch Wagon?" Rob says "I am sorry, my name is Rob Pierce, my wife Stephanie, runs the Miracle Horse Rescue up on the north part of town and to answer your question, seems we were giving the wagon just before Halloween." Mark says, "Ahhh, the little fellow from the Desert Green Retirement Community didn't say who it was for. All he said it was a rush job for some of this best friends." Rob nods, has Mark points over to a Covered Wagon, "Been working on that wagon for nearly two years, and that Army Wagon for nearly three years." Rob looks at each wagon, each in a partial state of restoration. "How did you manage to get the wagon done in such a short time?" As Mark opens door to the barn, and steps inside, "Well it was in pretty poor shape, I only had to replace the floor boards, and the sides, and the axles and ahhh, several other things." Mark walks up to a Stage Coach sitting the in the center of the barn. How do you like this?" Rob looks up at a beautiful restored Stage Coach, Rob says, "It is beautiful, the detail is fabulous." Mark nods, "Its a Western Concord Mail Stagecoach, I have had an offer of $70,000 last year, I just hate to part with it, but I guess I need more room." As Rob looks around the barn, tools very neatly placed everywhere, table and band saws, drills, lathe's each in their own area. "If you don't mind me asking, how much did it cost to repair the red wagon?" Mark answers, "Oh, I don't mind, it was free." Rob replies, "Free?" Mark nods, "Let me tell ya the story."

Mark continues, "Well a couple of days before Halloween, the bus from the Desert Green Retirement Community pulls up, with the wagon in tow. I go out to the gate, the little fellow from the retirement center gets out with goat, and a dog, the little fellow who must been 80 plus years old explains the deal, his friend, Fred, has asked to get the wagon fixed up, its a rush job for some friends of Fred." Rob butts in "I think I know Fred, she is a goat." Mark looks around as if someone was listening. "Ahhh, yes, I didn't want to mention that part. someone might think I had lost it." Rob nods "Yes, I know what you mean." Mark continues, "Well they explained what they wanted, something close to a Budweiser hitch. I told them, it would be two maybe three months, they walked over to the wagon, and lifted a tarp covering something in the back. The little fellow said two days!, and pulled the tarp off." Rob asks "What was in the back of the wagon?" Mark smiles, "An 1862 Union Civil War Cannon and Caisson. I looked at the little fellow and Fred and said 'ahhh, two days are not a problem, let’s get this unhitched and moved inside." Rob slowly moves his hand up and pushes his mouth closed. "You mean you did the work for trade for the cannon?" Mark replies, "Oh, yes, I have looking for ages for something like this, it’s over here come look at it." Mark walks over to the back of the barn and pulls on the tarp. Reveling and aged but wonderful cannon, Mark "This thing even in this condition, its worth $100,000, its been outside for maybe 100 years, but its all there. I have no idea where they got it, but I couldn't resist. So I worked for two days straight on the wagon, I think it came out great." Rob nods, "Yes it did, I have to thank you for the excellent work." Mark nods as they head for the barn door, "I do owe ya at least two more restorations. I don't want you to think I am trying to pull something over." Rob says, "Oh, no, I know you wouldn't do that. I am just trying to figure out where they got the cannon." Mark closes the barn door, "You mean the little fellow from the retirement home?" Rob replies, "Well I think Fred has a major lead in this along with maybe some of our horses." As they get to the gate, Mark asks "Was the dog yours?" Rob asks, "What did it look like?" Mark replies, "Big, clumsy, grey, not too bright, if you don't mind me saying." Rob says "Oh, no problem sounds like one of ours." "Mark, I must thank you for the information, it has filled in several gaps in what we knew about the wagon." Rob and Mark shake hands, and Mark closes the gate and returns to the house. Rob climbs in the truck. "Well at least its a fairly short trip home, he heads north on Oakleaf.

"Wait!, I need to find out who this 'little fellow' is." Rob turns right at the next cross road, and heads toward the highway, and heads for Desert Green. In a couple of minutes he pulls into the parking lot. He notices the big white bus, over to the right as he enters the office. Rob walks up to the counter, looking around, its a very nice place. As he gets closer, the young lady at the counter "Sir how may I help you?" Rob not sure what to ask, "Well I am looking for someone." The young lady asks "Their name?" Rob replies, "Well don't know his name, all I know is that he is a 'little fellow' that drives the bus." Rob turns and point out the window. The young lady asks, "Oh, I hope there hasn't been a problem, Charlie is a good driver most of the time." Rob replies, "Oh, no problem, I would just like to talk to him." The young lady behind the counter lets out a breath, "Oh, thank goodness, let me call him." She replies, "He will be here in a couple of minutes." Rob nods. Rob looks around as he is waiting, down one hallway, is what appears a large common room, big screen TV, and what appears to be a Wii on a table. Within a couple of minutes Rob hears a strange noise, sounds like hoof falls on a tile floor, Rob looks down the other hallway, well Rob sees 'a little fellow' and following behind him is a goat. The little fellow stops at the counter, the young lady point over towards Rob, the little fellow smiles and walks toward Rob. As he approaches Rob, the goat grabs his arm, and yells "Its a raid, run." the goat turns and runs down the hallway. The little fellow gets to Rob, and looks over his shoulder, "silly goat.", "Hi, I am Charlie." Rob takes his hand and shakes hands. Rob starts off "I am Rob Pierce, from Miracle Horse Rescue." Charlie smiles. "Ahhh, you are here 'bout the red wagon." Rob nods, "Well that and a couple of other things." Charlie lowers his head, "I am sorry sir, I didn’t' mean to cause no problems." Rob answers back, "Oh, there are no problems, I just wanted to get some answers to some questions." Charlie looks up, "Oh, good, what are your questions?" Rob says, "Well I think most of the questions are about the goat?" Rob points down the hallway. Charlie, looks around, over his shoulder, "Let's step outside." Rob and Charlie walk outside, Charlie continues, "I can't really talk about the goat around others here, they will think I am nuts, and you know what that means?" Rob replies, "Well kind of, is the goat called Fred?" Charlie replies, "Yes it's Fred." Rob nods, "So Fred told you about the wagon and had you pull it over to the wagon Wright." Charlie looks down, "Yes sir." Rob smiles, "No need to call me sir, I am just a Ferrier. So does Fred do this kind of thing often?" Charlie smiles, "No not really, but since I taught her to drive, not sure what she does at night." Rob looks around, "Are you the only one that Fred talks to? Charlie says, "She talks to a lot of people around here, but the staff don't believe them, ya know, kinda an old people thing." Rob smiles, "Charlie you have answered a bunch of questions I had, thanks.", Charlie smiles, and says, "Do you want to see where Fred lives?", Rob says, "Sure, shouldn't be more surprising than most of things I have learned about Fred.

Charlie, walks around the front of the building and heads toward the back, as they get to the back of the building, Charlie points to a 60ft RV parked in the back of the lot. "There", Rob starts to say something then stops mid word. Charlie says, "She used to have a small shed with a fence around it. But then one day this showed up." Rob for the second time today, pushes his mouth closed. "Well its appears pretty fancy." Charlie nods, "Yes, Well I have to leave I got a Wii bowling game in a few minutes." Rob nods and turns to walk back to the truck, Charlie says "Thanks for coming by its nice to see younger folks come by, ya know, there are a lot of old folks here." Rob shake Charlie’s hand, "Charlie, thanks for all the help."

Rob gets in the truck, and heads out the parking lot, "Boy Steph will not believe this."

To Be Continued. Author.....Samm

Friday, November 26, 2010

MHR Black Friday Specials

Welcome to MHR's version of Black Friday Specials sponsored by the beautiful black mare Jerri and the tiny but feisty Ruby. We have a limited supply of beautiful necklaces made by a great MHR supporter Linda H. Adult and child sizes available.

Also available are these beautiful pewter brooches. Supplies are limited.

Payment can be made in several ways: Paypal or credit cards may be used by going to the MHR Donate page

* Click here for instructions on using the PayPal button:
* Checks can be mailed to:
Miracle Horse Rescue, Inc.
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Help feed the horses, one bale of hay payment per item.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thursday, November 25, 2010

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO EVERYONE, may your day be filled with joy as you spend it with family and friends.

Thank you one and all, for all the support you give to the horses at Miracle Horse Rescue. You do make a difference in their lives daily and we appreciate it.

Bless you all!

Stephanie, Rob & The MHR Gang

A horse's tail, Chapter 11

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 13, The Stockings were hung by the water barrel with care.

Steph stands up. Time to feed the crew, but before she leaves the house, she reaches for a copy of "Draft Horse Quarterly" and puts it in her pocket. Steph turns "Rob, I am going to out feed the gang." Rob answers back, "OK, I have one job this morning then I will find that retired Doctor who is supposed to be a wagon Wright."

Steph heads out on her rounds, Lady's Parlour, the Football field, the back row. Everyone is happy and waiting, she turns toward the round pens, let's see how these guys are doing. She grabs a flake of hay and walks toward Justice, who for some reason he is laying down, not sleeping laying down but reading laying down. "Justice what are you reading now?" As Steph walks into the pen, and drops the flake of hay Justice very carefully gets up, as to not get any dirt on the Magazine. Steph walks over and bends over and picks it up, "What is this?" Justice reply's, "Its a witch book." Steph very carefully turns it over, as it seems very old, looks at the cover, Montgomery Ward's Wish Book, dated Winter 1978. "Justice it's not a witch book, it's a Wish Book, and it's very old." Justice looks over Steph's shoulder, "What is a Wish Book?" Steph slowly opens it up, "Its a catalog for the holiday season and this one is very old." Justice reaches around Steph and using just the tip of his upper lip, turns the pages, stops and looks up at Steph, "Look." Steph looks where Justice is pointing, it's a holiday season photo of a fire place with a holiday tree in the corner, "Yes it's a very nice holiday photo, Justice, "No no, look." using just the tip of his upper lip Justice points to the fire place. "See." Justice is using every skill he has and is pointing at the socks hanging from the fire place. "Ahh, Stockings hung by the fire place with care." Justice cocks his head a bit and looks at Steph, "We need Stockings." Steph begins to smile, "Who told you this, who told you that you needed stockings?" "Oh, Spirit told me." Steph nods "What for?" Justice replies, "For holiday cookies." Justice steps back and smiles, "Yes holiday cookies." Steph very gently lays the wish book on the ground. Steph asks, "How long have you guys had this catalog?" Justice, looks up kind of puzzled, "I don't know, but General keeps it safe."

Steph remembers her surprise for Justice, "I found a picture of a Draft Horse for you to look at." Justice looks up, smiles "Race Horse?" Steph pulls out the copy of Draft Horse Quarterly and opens the full page photo of two Shire horses, "Look, when you get old you will look like them." Justice moves his over next to Steph's shoulder, and looks intently. Justice's mouth drops open, "I will look like that when I get older?" Steph nods, Justice turns his head first looking over to his left side then his right side, he looks down at his legs, then back to his rear end. "Oh, my word, I am going to have a big butt when I get older." Steph starts to answer, but thinking to herself, "well it happens to the best of us." Steph points to the picture, "See Justice, you will be a very big and beautiful horse when you are fully grown up. Not a race horse." Justice nods, "May I have the magazine." Steph carefully hands the magazine to Justice, who places it next to the Wish Book. As Steph leaves the pen, Justice is up eating and seems quite happy.

Steph stops to fill a couple of the water barrels and rake out a couple of pens. As Steph gets to the front door, Bruno, Adrian, Truffles and Moo are running out with Bruno yelling "Tiger Tiger", they head off in all directions. "You know I think they are watching too much television..."

Steph relaxes a bit, "hmmm, let's see chores are done. Now on to finding where Fred lives. Let me look at my notes. hmmmm Pete Wilson, down on highway 372. Shouldn't be too hard, highway 372 is only 200 miles long." Steph gets up grabs her bag, phone, keys and pauses a bit, reaches over and picks up the remote for the TV, walks in to the kitchen and puts the remote in the fridge. "That might work." Steph heads out, she drives out to highway 160 and heads south, traffic is light, she drives by the Wal-Mart Super Center, and the few other business's on the road, gets to the junction of 160 and 372, she turns right and heads down the road. She drives a couple of miles, "How am I supposed to find Pete Wilsons place, people don't put their names out, and those that have names on mail boxes its so small you can't read them. Dang...."

As she approaches what could be called the end of town, only two miles from the California line, there on the right is a single ranch, with big sign next to the gate. The sign reads "Wilson Ranch, Fine Pygmy Angora Goats", Steph says, "I wonder why I have never seen that sign before?" She slows, waits for a bit of traffic and turns around and turns into the drive, stopping at the gate. Steph gets out, walks up to the gate, place looks very similar to MHR about 5 acres with the house in the middle, all though there are a lot more out buildings.

Steph looks around the gate for a buzzer or bell of some sorts, can't find one, but looks closer near the gate, there is a rope with a bit of wood tied to it, she looks beyond the gate, the rope travels all the way to the house supported in a couple of places on posts. "Well that is old school." She reaches down and pulls on the wooden handle on the rope, she looks the rope barely moved, she pulls more, the slack slowly comes out of the rope, she looks around she is nearly in the highway, Steph pulls hard a couple of times, the slack comes out of the rope. "Hope that worked otherwise I could be across the road trying to pull on the rope..."

She walks up to the gate, and waits. within a minute Steph see's an elderly woman walking up to the gate, as she approaches the gate she is smiling and waving, "Sorry you had to wait for so long but I was in the middle of watching a soap opera on the TV." Steph replies, "oh, no problem, I had to pull on the rope almost out to the road. Its a pretty long rope." Steph smiles, the woman approaches the gate, "Oh, Sorry I am Ruth Wilson, we don't use that dang rope any more, we have motion sensors, and HD cameras monitoring the boundary line, all attached to a computer monitoring system. Very high tech." Steph smiles, "I am sorry, I should have introduced myself, I am Stephanie Pierce, from Miracle Horse Rescue here in town." Ruth nods, "I have heard of your place." Steph continues, "I am looking for Pete Wilson." Ruth smiles, "well he isn't hard to find he smells like goats, he is out here some place, here come on in." she walks over next to the vehicle gate and opens a people gate. "this is easier then opening the big gate, hope you don't mind." Steph smiles, "no no problem at all. How long have you and Pete been raising goats out here?"

As they both walk towards the house, Ruth looks over her shoulder, "Oh, I don't raise goats, Pete raises goats, I tend the house, and take care of grand kids, oh and a few chickens." As they near the house Ruth stops and points over to the west, "there he is", at the top of her lungs yells, "Pete, you got a visitor, maybe someone interested in buying some your dang goats.", Steph smiles, "Seems you aren't interest in the goats as much as Pete is." Ruth look over to Steph, "Well to be honest, no, but it keeps Pete happy and active. Ya know he is nearly 90, been out here for nearly 40 years, started with cattle, horses, tried pigs once, but then the goats came along." Steph takes a breath, "Pete is nearly 90? My lord that is wonderful, if you don't mind if I ask, how old are you?" Ruth looks over and smiles, "Oh, I am only 85, Pete likes younger ladies..." Ruth looks over to Pete who is almost up to them, "Pete hurry up, lunch will be ready in a while, this is Stephanie." Pete walks up offers his hand, "Welcome to the Wilson Ranch." Steph takes his hand, his grip is strong and his hands are weathered as if he is been here for ages.

Steph says, "I have been here in Pahrump for years and never know you were here." Pete glances up, "We tried to keep a low profile, if you know that I mean, we are retired, have been for many years, nearly 40 now, oh, can I show you about?" Steph smiles, "oh yes please", Pete heads off to the south east corner of the property, "we started off here in the late 60's, with 400 acres, and slowly have sold the land around us, to help the kids, the grand kids, the great grand kids, and now the great great great grand kids." Steph, looks around "You have been here for a long time." Pete looks over "We settled here just after the big ranches began to break up, its been a fine life."

He continues, "So what brings you here? We don't get many visitors unless they are looking for goats, so are you looking for a goat?" Steph looks around "Well I am looking for one goat in particular. Her name is Fred, I understand that you raised her." "Ahhh, Fred, a most unusual goat to say the least." Pete stops at a pen, "These are Butch and Sam, Great breeding pair, and over there are Tom and Clifford, another great pair. They have produced some prize winning goats." Each pen has a small enclosure and a small barn for the goats., as they pass each pen, Pete notes each pair, and any kids with them, he then remembers the question, "Oh, Fred, ahh yes, how do you know of Fred?" Steph stops and says, "Well it appears that Fred has been out talking to my horses" Pete with a shy grin, "Yep, I know that would cause problems some day. Hope you didn't have problems?" Steph replies, "Well nothing major so far." Pete continues, "Well I donated Fred a couple of years ago to the Desert Green Retirement Community as a service animal, she likes people so much, and they really liked her, and from what I have heard, she is doing quite well. I really enjoy things when a plan comes together." Steph nods, "So do I, thank you for the tour, I really enjoyed it, oh look at the baby, it's so cute."

To be continued.

Author: Samm

Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010

Due to unforeseen trailer issues on the trailer we borrowed, we are having to postpone Electra's surgery for at least one week. I contacted Desert Pines last night and spoke with their answering service. A message was left for Dr. Schur and Veronica regarding the postponement. I will call in the morning, reschedule and post the next scheduled date.

Thank you all for your support!

Stephanie & Rob

UPDATE 11AM 11/22/10
Electra will be going to surgery December 1st 2010. It is scheduled for 1pm.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday, November 12, 2010 - A horse's tale, Ch. 12

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 12, Its a lion, Its a lion.

Rob pulls back into the Ranch, and goes into the house. "Steph?" Steph answers back "I am in the rain closet, cleaning up from feeding." She yells back toward the front of the house, to be heard over the rainfall. "Did you find out anything?" Rob answers back, "Yes, but I need to load up the beer and take it back to the store." Steph gets out of the rain closet, "What store?", Rob answers "Oh Jiffy Mart." Steph puts on her plaid PJs and her bunny slippers, and walks up front. "Jiffy Mart sold 30 cases of Bud to a horse?" Rob nods, "Yes. And help load them in the wagon, kid on the counter thoughT it was a person dressed up as a horse." Rob looks at Steph, "I wouldn't go outside dressed like that." Steph looks down, "Why?" Rob answers, "Spirit will really want a plaid winter coat after he sees you dressed like that." "Pffft, he would like the bunny slippers for sure." Steph continues, "Are you going to need any help taking the beer to the store?", Rob answers, "No, but I need to wait til its dark, the owner of the Jiffy Mart doesn't want anyone to see him getting beer from someone other than the distributor. I had a hard time talking him into taking the beer back, he said the best he could do was $10 a case. About 50%." Steph says, "that is some deal for him, he gets to sell the same beer for 150% of what he would have gotten. No wonder he doesn't want anyone to see."

"Oh, found out about the wagon. You remember that old fellow that lives out in the desert, Brenner, I think his name is." Steph replies, "You mean that guy who didn't come into town for like 3 years?" "Yeah that’s the one. He brought the wagon into Shadow Mountain to sell it. He wanted $200 for it, and it appears the horses left a Wal-Mart bag full of coins." Steph asks, "Did Patti and Ron know about this." Rob says "Yeah, appears the horses left a business card that said, from the horses at MHR." Steph shakes her head. "Well at least they covered their tracks." Rob smiles. "Do you know someone named Mark Flannigan?" Steph thinks for a bit, "Not sure, there is a retired doctor south part of town, I think his name is Flannigan. Why do you ask?" Rob says "Appears he may be the one that fixed up the wagon." Steph says, "Oh, Oh, that is the one, I remember someone talking about him being a carriage Wright, his hobby since he retired, it must have cost a fortune to fix that old wagon up." Rob answers, "Don't know, I didn't make it down to his place, since I spent most of the afternoon arguing with the owner of the Jiffy Mart. Oh, also found out about Fred." Steph looks over, "You did, tell me." Rob answers "Well seems that a fellow named Pete Wilson, down on highway 372, she is a pygmy angora goat and again, I didn't have time to run over there and ask. I will do that tomorrow."

"Well I think it’s dark enough now, I am going to load the old truck up and see if I can make it over to Jiffy Mart." Steph smiles, "What do you want for dinner when you get back?" Rob doesn't really have to think about that. "Been a hard day, how about a steak and potatoes?" Steph replies "How long do you think you will be?" Rob says, "Hopefully only an hour or so." Rob turns and grabs the keys and walks out. Steph thinks to herself "Glad he didn't ask for half a cow. I can start a steak grilling. That will work."

Rob starts the old truck up and parks it next to the wagon, "Dang, this is going to be a lot of work.", Rob turns back to the house and yells at the top of his lungs, "STEPH, PUT ON HALF A COW." He gets to work moving each case of beer from the wagon to the bed of the truck. As he finishes up, he looks around for that old tarp he has, finds it in a corner, and ties down the load of beer. Rob looks over at the wagon, "Looks at the detail, new wood, brass fittings, and the harness, it is actually very beautiful, it must have cost a fortune to fix up." He jumps in the truck, and heads out. Rob gets to the Jiffy Mart, and per the direction of the owner pulls up to the back door. He walks up to the back door, and knocks three times, waits. He hears one knock, Rob knocks twice and the door opens. "Let’s get to it." The truck is unloaded, and Rob gets $300. The owner looks around to make sure that no one is looking at them. Rob gets in the truck, and drives off, "I wonder how often he makes deals at the back door?"

Steph standing out on the patio, in her plaid PJs and bunny rabbit slippers, turns a huge steak over, "He will like this.", Rob turns in to the ranch, opens the gate up, and pulls in to the ranch. Steph thinks "That is perfect timing, I am good." Rob walks up, "I could smell that at the gate, thanks." Rob hugs Steph, picks up the long fork, stabs the steak, and places it on the plate, "This will be so good. What you having?" Steph says "Oh a salad." As they sit at the table, Rob says, "Do you want to spilt the investigation tomorrow, you can check on the goat, and I can look in to the wagon." Steph says, "Sure. We need find out the details of this adventure."

As Steph and Rob settle in to watch some television, the dogs go out for their nightly patrol, Rob falls asleep within minutes, Steph grabs her blanket, and begins to watch, 'The best of ice road truckers versus swamp people, "Well at least it’s not a rerun." Slowly the dogs come back in and settle in their beds, and fall asleep. As Steph begins to nod off, there is a bang of the doggy door, and Truffles and Moo run in, yelling "Its a Lion, Its a Lion." and head to bed room, and hide under the bed. All the big dogs jump up, except Mama Dog, and head for the doggy door, being well trained they don't start barking until they are outside. Mama Dog looks over to Steph, "Stupid Dogs, there are no lions here, probably only a cougar." and she lays back down. Steph started to jump up and slows down a bit, "A cougar?" Mama Dog, nods, "or a jaguar, but it has years since one of those have been around." The dogs are barking from all directions, and as she opens the door to looks out, she see's dogs running all over. Bruno is running in circles yelling "Lion, Lion." Adrian is yelling "Where Where?" About the same time, all the dogs relax and come back towards the house. Bruno, "No lion" each dogs goes in the house. Steph looks up and towards the chicken coop, Tootsie the feral cat is sitting down watching the coop. Steph mumbles, "Dumb dogs."

Steph goes back inside, slides down on the couch, pulls up the blanket, "Bruno what is all this about a lion?" Bruno finishes stomping his bed into shape, looks over, "I guess the little dogs saw a lion, but we couldn't find it." Steph nods, "Where did you guys learn about lions?" Bruno looks up from his bed, "oh, National Geographic channel on the TV." Steph nods, "Bruno we don't watch National Geographic channel." Bruno replies, "We do late at night. They have lions and tigers, and elerphants, and other animals. We have learned a lot." Steph nods, "Well I guess I need to check on Truffles and Moo." She get up and walks back to the bedroom, bends down and looks under the bed. "Are you two ok?" she looks closer, each of them have claw marks on their nose's. "Ahh poor babies, you need to leave the cats alone." Truffles says "That wasn't a cat, it was a lion, it roared and spit at us, and attacked us, we fought back, but had to retreat." Steph smiles, their noses will heal up, "Well it was a cat, but it was dark, so you need to be careful when you are outside." both Truffles and Moo both nod. Steph stands up, "You both need to get to your beds, it’s ok now." Truffles and Moo slowly climb out from under the bed and head out front, Steph follows them.

Truffles and Moo, get to their beds and settle in, all is quiet now. Rob rolls over, Steph reaches for a blanket, and drapes it over Rob. She lays back down on the couch, pulls the blanket up, "Ahhh, another quiet evening at MHR."

Bruno jumps up, yells, "It’s an Elerphant!!!!" and runs for the doggy door. Mama Dog looks up, "Oh Lord of Dogs, that is the dumbest dog I have ever seen." and rolls over. Bruno hits the doggy door at full run. is gone.

To be continued.

Author: Samm

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010 - Veteran's Day

I would like to thank our Veterans for serving our great country. Bless those families whose Fathers, Mothers, Sons, Daughters, Aunts and Uncles paid the ultimate price with their lives to ensure we are able to do what we do.

I also would like to thank Samm, the author of all the little tales he has been writing for us all. He is a veteran of the US Army, and has been able to offer us many hours of stories and amusement. Thank You Samm, for being part of our family.

Stephanie and Rob

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday, November 10, 2010 - A horse's tail, Chapter 11

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 11, A copy of Horse Racing Weekly.

"Well ladies, I have chores that need to get done, talk to you all later.", with that Steph gets up, and walks to the door. "Bruno, you want to come help wash some water barrels?" Bruno looks up, "No too tired, need sleep." Truffles and Moo jump up ready to help. "Ok, let's go." With the little dogs chasing each other, Steph walks to the back, "I'll do Spirit's barrel first, I need to talk to him anyway."

As she gets closer, she notices that Spirit is laying down, in kind of an awkward position with something between his front legs. He's looking very intently at whatever it is. As she gets up to the pen, Spirit moves his head down and with his lips turns a page of a magazine or something.

She steps up to the rail, "Spirit what you looking at?" Spirit looks up, "Winter Coats." Steph, nods, and walks to the gate and goes in. "Spirit may I look at it?" Spirit very gently gets up, making sure not to step on the magazine, he reaches down and picks it up and hands it Steph. Steph takes the magazine and looks at the cover. "It's a catalog from Horse" Spirit walks around behind Steph, and looks over her shoulder, "Winter Coats." Steph turns the pages, at one page, Spirit says "There winter coats." on the page are dozens of blankets and sheets in a range of colors. Steph turns her head and looks at Spirit, "We have blankets for some of the older horses, it doesn't really get cold enough so that everyone needs blankets. Spirit, horses, young and old, grow a winter coat, your hair will get longer and thicker. You don't need to buy a winter coat." Spirit nods, very carefully using just the tip of his upper lip, points to a plaid blanket, "I want to grow that one." Steph smiles and hands the catalog back to Spirit, "I need to clean your barrel out." Spirit nods and very carefully places the catalog away from the water barrel.

Steph proceeds to clean the water barrel, after removing two damaged Mr. Smiley balls, she fills the barrel, and looks around. Spirit is over eating, "Well who next, ahhh Justice." She heads over to Justice's pen, and he his laying down also, in nearly the same position that Spirit was in. Steph walks up to the rail, "Are you looking at winter coats also?" Justice very carefully lifts up the magazine, and this time it is a magazine, "Horse Racing Quarterly." Justice very carefully smiles, as to not drop the magazine, and proudly says "I want to be a race horse."

Steph smiles, "Justice, I don't think you will ever be a race horse." Justice hands the magazine to Steph, "Look horses." Steph opens the magazine and thumbs through the pages, "Justice there are different types of horses. Race horses are bred to run." Justice looks at Steph, "I was bred to run." "Well horses are bred to run, some are just slower. When you finish growing you will be a very big horse, and that doesn't help in racing." Steph hands the magazine back to Justice.

As Steph finished her chores and walks back to the house, "I think I need to find a picture of a draft so Justice can see the difference. I wonder where they are getting these magazines and catalogs from?" Rob is out working on the tractor, Steph walks up, "Spirit wants to grow a plaid winter coat." Rob looks up, "What are you talking about?" "Well he has gotten in his head that the horses need winter coats, so he got a horse catalog and was looking at different blankets. I explained to him that horses grow winter coats, and that he didn't need to buy one. He pointed to a plaid blanket and said he wanted to grow that for a winter coat." Rob shakes his head, "Poor horse has been keeping his head under water for too long cleaning toys..." Rob stands up and walks over to Steph, "Was he actually planning on buying blankets for all the horses?" Steph nods and Rob continues, "How is he going to pay for themmm... ahhh, I don't think I want to go there." Steph smiles and walks back to the house. Rob yells at her as she leaves, "Heck three quarters of the horses wouldn't wear them anyways..."

Just before she gets to the house, she turns back to Rob, "Oh, and Justice wants to be a race horse."

Steph clears the table, careful to keep all the notes from the doctor together. Rob walks in, Steph asks "What you want for lunch?" "hmmm, something light, but no salads." "I can make you a sandwich, and I will have a salad." Rob nods and goes to the bathroom to clean up. Rob yells from the back of the house, "Where are these horses getting all these weird ideas?" Steph finishes Rob's sandwich, and prepares a small salad for herself, "I have no idea, and to be honest, I don't know if I want to know."

Rob pushes his chair back, "I am going to get some gas for the truck, and stop by SMF, and ask about the wagon, and try and track down where the beer was bought. Someone must know something or seen something." Steph nods, "You are braver then me." Rob smiles, "People will think it's because I am a farrier, just kicked in the head too many times."

Rob heads out to the truck, prays it will start, it does and he heads off, "First gas, then questions.", he drives out to the highway gets some gas, and heads back to Shadow Mountain Feed. He pulls in the front, and walks in. Immediately Patti yells across the store, "How's that old wagon doing?" Rob looks walks over to the counter, "Doing fine, got it painted up and everything.", Patti smiles, "Glad it worked out. Ole man Brenner, ya know the old man that lives out in the desert, he was looking to sell it, and we had it out back, didn't think anyone would buy it, it was pretty beat up, must have been 50 years old." Rob nods, "I wasn't the one that picked it up, how much did we end up paying for it?" Rob crosses his fingers.

Patti smiles, "The old man had a sign on it for $200.00. When we went out to move it around front we found a Wal-Mart bag with $212.27 in coins in it." Rob nods, "But how did you know it was from us?" Patti answers, "Oh, the business card, let me remember what it said, oh, From the Horses and Mules at Miracle Horse Rescue." Rob says, "Well that narrows it down."

Patti smiles, "It was so cute, and old man Brenner, was so happy that it sold, Oh, you said you had it fixed up, did you do the work?" Rob answers "No, again not sure who did the work." Patti nods, "Well Steph must be keeping you in the dark on a lot of things." Rob replies "And the horses." Patti nods, "I hear, that ah, let me think of his name, Oh, Mark Flannigan, does great work on those kind of things, he does it like a hobby. "Thanks Patti, oh, you don't happen to know who sells Budweiser in cases around here?" She thinks a bit, "I would think most of the stores do." Rob continues, "I mean like 30 cases." Patti shakes her head, "figure the only one would be a distributor out of Las Vegas."

"Thanks I guess that answers all my questions." Rob turns to walk out, "Ahhh, do you know of a goat named 'Fred'?" Ron walks up behind Patti, "Rob how are you doing? How do you like the wagon?" Rob looks over, "I am doing fine, a bit confused, but the wagon is doing great." Ron says, "Heard you ask about Fred the pygmy angora nanny goat, she is owned by Pete Wilson, down on highway 372 just as you leave town. Seen her once, good looking goat. What's your interest, she doesn't need shoes?" Ron says laughing. Rob answers, "Just heard her name sounded interesting."

Ron looks over, "What you do to your wrist?", Rob, "oh, nothing just bumped it when we had Electra down at Desert Pines, she had a fever, so had to postpone the surgery till the 22nd." Both Ron and Patti, frown, "ah, that is too bad, well lets us know how things turn out." Rob turns again to leave, "Thanks for help, we will keep you up to date on Electra."

Both Ron and Patti, look at each other as Rob leaves the store, "Yep kicked in the head one too many times."

Rob gets in to the truck, "Let's see, One, Wagon bought from a local recluse for cash (coins actually). Two Mark Flannigan, Wagon Wright as a hobby may have fixed up the wagon. Three Fred the pygmy angora nanny goat, is owned by Pete Wilson, down on highway 372, and no real idea where the Budweiser came from. I need to go check the Jiffy Mart to see what they might know about buying 30 cases of Bud...."

With that he pulls out and heads to the highway, and turns south. Just a few blocks down the highway, Rob pulls into Jiffy Mart, it's the normal convenience store, a couple of gas pumps outside and the essential grab items inside. There is a young man, still in his teens behind the counter, Rob walks up to the counter, "I have a question." The young man looks over, "Yes Sir." Rob smiles, "I was trying to find a place I could buy 30 cases of Budweiser?" "Sorry Sir, we don't normally have that many in stock, in fact the night before Halloween we did sell 30 cases of Budweiser to a guy dressed up in a horse costume." the young man begins to laugh, "It was so funny, he actually had a red horse drawn wagon outside. He paid in cash, so the boss said it was ok. I think you might need to check one of the Horizon Markets if you are interested in that many cases, ya know with a holiday coming up."

Rob smiles, "yeah, know what you mean. Is the boss around?" The young man looks around, "He was here a few minutes ago, let me look. Yeah he is out back, if you want to talk to him." Rob says, "Thanks for the information, and enjoyed the story about the guy in the horse costume." With that, Rob walks to the back of the store.

to be continued:

Author: SAMM

Wednesday, November 10, 2010 - A horse's tail - Chapter 10

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 10, Oh, what a day.

Steph wakes up, rolls over and looks at Rob, he is sound asleep. "Let him sleep in." Steph gets up, and walks to the kitchen and starts the coffee.

The coffee finishes, Steph looks at the clock, 6 AM, she pours a cup and sits down. Laid out on the table, are Steph's notes she made yesterday, what the Doctor said, what the medications are and what the doses are.

Steph says out loud, "Boy what a day we had yesterday." Bruno looks up, yawns, and stands up. He walks over to Steph, Bruno lays his head on Steph's leg and she reaches down and pets his neck. He says "Electra took a bus to the Horsepital."

Steph replies, "Yes she did, how did you know?" "Well, Electra told Little Bear, who told Justice, who told Spirit, and Spirit told me last night." Steph asks, "Why didn't Electra tell you? You visit her every night." Bruno says "Oh, I don't understand baby horse talk." waggin his tail as he looks up.

"Oh, I guess I understand." Steph continues, "Why did it take so many horses to relay it to Spirit, they are all out there." Bruno still waggin his tail, "Well it was windy yesterday, Horse talk does not go that far, when its windy. It's like smell for dogs, when it's windy, smell moves around, kinda like."

He takes his right front paw and moves it forward, then to the right and left. "Pffft, Smell gone." Mama dog looks up, "Enough animal behavior, Stupid Dog." Bruno looks over, smiles and wags his tail even harder. "Oh oh, and the Mini Lady came by and fed the horses and the baby people was here and we played with her."

Steph nods, "Yes we asked them to help when we took Electra to the Horsepital." Bruno looks up, "What is a Horsepital?" Steph looks down at Bruno and smiles, "It's where the horses go to fix boo-boos that we can't fix here." Bruno looks up, "Like stickers in my foot?" Steph smiles, "Well a bit more serious than a sticker."

Bruno nods, "Two stickers?" Steph says, "Well a bit more serious than two stickers, but she has a boo-boo that has to be fixed first, before she can be operated on." Bruno nods as if he understands.

"Does Electra get smelly stuff, like Sophie?" Steph smiles, "Don't think it's smelly, but yes, she also got some medicine at the Horsepital. Speaking of that I need to fix up her medicine before we go out to feed."

Bruno looks up, "I love smelly stuff." Steph gets up, takes a bottle from the table, and walks into the kitchen, "Twenty tablets, mixed in water and put in a syringe, yes that will work. Bruno, let's go feed the horses." Bruno jumps up, and heads for the door, where five other dogs are up and ready.

Each horse is visited, fed, water checked and each looked at. All is well, Emmett appears fine, Sophie is very responsive, and happy to have breakfast. All are finished up, Steph walks up to Electra's Pen, she picks up a large flake of hay, turns to walk in the pen, "Baby what is wrong with you?" Electra Whinnies.

Steph turns to the left, Justice, whinnies, Spirit whinnies, LB whinnies. Steph looks over to Bruno, "What was that all about?", Bruno, happy to be the middle man, ahh, dog, "She said she is hungry, but she feels fine, other than being at the Horsepital, and being stuck and poked, and the trip on the bus, and bumping the hoof guy, which she didn't mean to."

Steph says, "She said all that with only one whinny?" Bruno says, "She said more but I missed a part of it." Steph nods, "Well, let's get this taken care of." Steph goes in the pen, drops the hay, and reaches in pocket of her hoodie for the digital thermometer, "Well babe, we have to do this." keeping one hand scratching her. Steph inserts the thermometer, Electra doesn't really notice as it seems the hay tastes good, Steph waits the required 60 seconds and pulls it out.

Placing the cover on the thermometer, she reaches in the hoodie pocket again and pulls out the syringe, "Let's see how well this goes.", Steph reaches down and pulls Electra's head up, fiddles with her lips, and pushes the syringe in her mouth. Electra plays with it for a bit then Steph pushes the plunger. Electra makes the ewww bad face, but it goes down. Electra turns back the hay.... "Well that worked well." Steph smiles.

Steph leaves the pens, "Bruno, let's go update her chart." Bruno waggin his tail, "What's a chart?" Steph thinks a bit, "Its a people thing to keep track of Electra's health." Bruno runs to the house, not having any idea what Steph meant, but happy.

"Well let's go see how Rob is doing." Steph heads to the house, all the horses seem well, Electra seems to have survived the adventures of yesterday well.

To be continued.

Author: SAMM

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

As of 6PM last evening, Electra's temp was 102.2

Dr. Schur has contacted Dr. Hadland and discussed Electra with him. Dr. Hadland has contacted me, and he knows of Electra's temp of this evening. She took her medication with zero problems. She is not off her food or water so that is a plus.

We will keep you updated as we are keeping Desert Pines and Dr. Hadland informed. I do anticipate a visit from Dr. Hadland over the next couple of days.

Stephanie and Rob

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

This was the only picture I managed to get yesterday at Desert Pines while Vet Techs were giving initial exam. This is when we found out she had temperature and she was placed in isolation pen to see if it would drop, as they had seen temps rise with long trailer rides.

Stephanie and Rob

Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday evening, November 8, 2010

Well, today has been quite the day..

The initial exam by the Vet Technicians revealed that Electra had a temp of 102.8. She had no signs of any kind that something may be wrong. They were hoping her temp was due to having a long trailer ride, as this does occur on occasion. Her white blood cell count was higher than they wanted. They (the vets) do not like to see it above 12,000 and hers was at 15,000. Dr. Schur did not want to put her through any added stress, so the surgery has been postponed until the 22nd of November.

Electra underwent a very thorough examination by Dr. Schur. Electra was an excellent patient.

Electra was given the following:

IV Injection of Banamine 4cc
IV Injection of Gentocin 14cc
IM Injection of Penicillin 11-20cc

Home medication Doxycyline 100mg Tabs- 500 count. She must receive 20 tabs orally 2 x/day for ten days. We must monitor the manure and if any diarrhea is noted, discontinue the antibiotics and call Dr. Hadland for consultation.

Temperature is to be taken 2 x day and if greater than 102 give 1 gram of bute 24hrs: If temperature persists 102 for 3 days call DP for a consultation. Recheck CBC in 10 days.

Her temp this evening @ 5:18pm was 101.8

We will be monitoring and following Dr. Schur's instruction.

Thank you so very much for all your support.

Stephanie and Rob

Monday, November 8, 2010

We would like to thank you all for everything. We have everything ready to go.

1. Halter and Lead Rope

2. Shipping Boots

3. Trailer

4. Electra+ Herbie

5. Camera

6. Computer

7. Limo driver

8. But most important your thoughts and prayers. Will keep you updated as I can. I will have telephones on me.

Stephanie and Rob

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sailor of the Quarter!

I would like to share something very special with all of you. We are a very patriotic family. Many of our family members have served our country. We support our troops! We worried daily when our daughter served to missions on USS Nimitz in the Persian Gulf.

Nikki is a pretty special young woman in our eyes. She grew up around horses and has a deep love and passion for them which she is passing onto our grandchildren.

We are very proud of her and her accomplishments that she done for herself in the US NAVY, from meeting President and First Lady Obama to just helping her fellow sailors. Not more than 15 minutes ago, we received a message from Nikki, she was made Sailor of the Quarter in her command.

We are thrilled for her and of course very proud parents.

Stephanie and Rob

Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday, November 5, 2010

Pictures and videos of Electra taken today.

Her halter was provided by her Aunt Crystal. She has lots of time to grow into it.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A tribute to Nellie, Lil Angel and Faith

We have learned that three of our friends, Jamie, MsAnnieBlue and Melody, arranged for this touching tribute to Nellie, Lil Angel and Faith, by contributing to fence panels at Our Mims Retirement Center.

We are truly touched and deeply appreciative. Thank you so much, Jamie, MsAnnieBlue, and Melody!

Stephanie and Rob

Thursday, November 4, 2010 - moving horses

Thursday, November 4, 2010

We are holding a fundraiser for Hay for the horses at our facility. However we know that each of your fave rescues need Hay as well. Winter is coming and with the economy as it is please remember those special horses in your heart, they need to eat as well.

Times are tough for everyone, but if you can do it, buy your horse a bale of hay!

Thanks Stephanie

A horse's tail, Chapter 9

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 9, I had the weirdest dream last night.

Rob rolls over and looks at Steph, "Stephanie, I had the weirdest dream last night." Steph turns and looks out the window, the sun is just peeking over the mountains. "What was the dream about?" Rob halfway smiles, "Well the horses all dressed up in costumes and we gave them treats."

Steph smiles, "Yes that is pretty weird. Maybe it was too much sauce on your pasta last night?" "Yeah that might be it." Steph gets up, "I am going to get some coffee."

Steph walks into the living room, dogs asleep in all the corners, all seems well. She glances at the table, there are two Wal-Mart bags laying there. Thinking to herself "Maybe I should hide them, maybe it was a dream." As the coffee if brewing, Steph looks over to Bruno, sound asleep, with a small Wal-Mart bag between his front legs.

"Well I guess Rob needs to know the truth, well part of it." Steph pours a cup of coffee, and sits down. Rob comes into the kitchen and sits down, "What are these, wait a sec. 'B' gave them to us last night. It wasn't a dream."

Steph said, "No it wasn't a dream. Or at least I don't think it was." Rob said, "Have you looked in the bags?" Steph looks at him, "No, been afraid of what maybe inside them." She reaches forward and gets the bag closest to her and opens it and looks inside. "This must be yours." "Why?" "There is a Hoof Rasp inside."

They trade bags, and look inside. Rob goes first, and pulls out the hoof rasp, then a book, Rob reads the title out loud "126 Things to build on a Ranch using a welder." Rob grins, "I have been wanting to buy this book, I hear it is great." He reaches back into the bag, and pulls out a left front horse shoe, reaches in again and pulls out a right front horse shoe, "Oh my word They are Spirit's first shoes, and they are bronzed."

Farriers have a way of remembering those kind of things. Carefully he places them on the table and reaches in the bag again. He pulls out what appear to be two tickets "hmmm, wonder what these are?" He turns them over, smiles and reads them out loud "Two free horse washes at the Chicken Ranch." Steph reaches over and takes them. Rob says, "Wait, those could come in handy.", "Well for someone I am sure, not you."

Steph says, quickly changing the subject "What else is in the bag?" Rob opens the bag and looks inside, "Well lets see, ahhh, two carrots, a cookie, I think left over from the 4th of July, and ahhh, let me see." Rob reaches in and pulls out a betting slip. Steph sits up, "Oh, no.", Rob looks at her, "What do you mean?", "Ahh, I will tell you someday.", Rob turns the slip of paper to be able to read it, "Giants to win, the world series in 5 games. Did the Giants win?"

Steph puts her head in her hands, "I hope so." Rob looks puzzled, "What’s in your bag?", Steph opens the bag, and looks inside. Steph smiles. "Let’s see, a book, ahhh, 327 Pasta and sauce recipes for the home." "hmmm" Rob asks "What else?" Steph looks inside and pulls a small photo album, she opens it, the first picture is of Faith and Justice, she closes the book, and says "I will look at this later." Rob says "What else is in the bag?" Steph opens the bag all the way.

"Let’s see, an apple, and looks like a cookie, and two small boxes of Special K." Steph smiles, Rob asks, "Are you going to explain all this to me?" "I will, let’s go feed the horses."

They walk outside, and Rob points to a bright red wagon sitting next to the banana, "Look at that." Steph looks over, "Dang, it is still has the beer on board..." Rob asks "What are we going to do with the wagon?" "Forget the wagon, what are we going to do with 30 cases of Budweiser?"

Steph says, "Lets feed the horses, I will tell you about the last couple of weeks.." They both turn to the Ladies Parlour, and make the rounds. As they finish up with Electra, they walk to the house, Rob asks, "Who the heck is Fred the goat?" Steph, stops and turns to Rob, "Rob, I have no idea, she appears to be a nanny goat that likes to drive horses around town."

Rob shakes his head, "Goats can't drive." Steph, "Well from firsthand experience, I can tell you she can drive a bus, well at least a small one." Rob shakes his head again, "I need to get to work." Steph nods and walks inside.

Steph walks up to the table on opens the little photo album, and looks at the second photo, its a picture of Charity and Electra. Steph closes the small book, and sits down and logs onto the computer, "Hey All, all are fed and happy." "Morning, Stephanie.", "Good Morning, Steph.", "Hey Steph."... Steph thinks for awhile, "Happy Halloween, we celebrated Halloween last night, it was great."

Steph pushes her chair back "I have chores to do." Bruno looks up, "Did you hear about the winter coats?" Steph looks at him, "What do you mean." "Well Fred says the horses need Winter Coats, Not sure what she means." Steph looks at Bruno, "When did you hear this?" Bruno looks up, "Oh, this morning when we went out and looked around. Spirit told Fred and he told us." Steph says "Fred was here early morning?" "Oh, yes, she was here, but had to leave and return the bus."

Steph thinks to herself, "Winter Coats? Wonder what they are thinking." Bruno says, "Go ask them."

Steph pushes herself up, and walks to the door, "hmmm, I wonder if this is another adventure...", as she steps outside she sees Rob pushing the red wagon into a place next to the banana...

Steph walks back to the back pens, and walks up to Spirit, Spirit is eating hay, maybe two mouthful's at time, Steph says, "Spirit what is this about Winter Coats?" Spirit looks up, spits out a bit of hay, "It's getting colder, all horses need a winter coat.", Steph looks at him, "Spirit, horses grow a winter coat, when it gets colder." Spirit looks up, "pffft, we need winter coats." Steph looks at him, "I don't think you understand, Horses, that means you and everyone else, grow a Winter Coat."

Spirit looks up again and for a second time spits out a bit of hay, "No you don't understand we need Winter Coats. We will get them.", "Well sounds like you have a plan.", Spirit looks up, this time continuing to eat, "Nope we are thinking about it, Bruno had an idea, about killing bears, but I think we decided against that."

To be continued.

Author SAMM

Thank you Samm for keeping everything rolling as Lucy says. Lets get that HAY and Have FUN Doing it!

Emma and Tubby, Halloween 2010

Here are Emma and her good buddy, Tubby, all decked out for Halloween. Tubby is a former MHR rescue.

Stephanie and Rob

Halloween treats 2010

Thank you so very much for the treats. Also I would like to thank my little Emma and Theresa for passing them out. Here are little video snippets for all of you. The horses enjoyed the SKODES Natural treats!

Our fundraisers are what help provide the feed for each of these special horses. Thank you so very much for your loyal and dedicated support.

Stephanie, Robert, MHR Horses, Emma and Theresa

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hmmmmm, this is reference to a post made on another forum regarding the birth of Electra. Our place is not a hell hole. This mare had ample bedding for her foaling, and we did not cover the area where she chose to relieve herself (shame on us for not meeting your standards), but who would have known that she would decide to drop her in that spot. Also even if I wanted to, I could not very well have stopped Charity in midstream and say, wait, wait, le'ts get you over to the straw so people will not think bad of us. It is also not concrete, it is dirt. God made dirt and dirt don't hurt. Once everything was done, the area was cleaned, sanitized and for heavensakes we even had the vet out within a couple of hours of birth, to ensure baby was healthy and mom was okay. Guess what, they were and are.

So by all means we would love to have you follow Electra's surgery and story with us and her recovery period and yes we do hope she finds a good FOREVER HOME that is what it's all about.

Stephanie and Rob

Another creative project by Rob

We stated we were working on a project. Our projects are designed to always make things easier for us at the ranch. Work smarter not harder. Well, since the ground can be lumpy out here, Rob designed and built a cart for Penny the Pressure washer which moves smoothly through the dirt and very convenient. All the accessories are there including fuel. This will make our job very easy. In addition, it was all made out of scraps we had here. We only had to spend $10.00 for the wire for the welder. WhooHooo!

Ladies and Gents meet Penny the Pressure Washer

Stephanie and Rob

Update on Hope and AJ

Here's the latest update on AJ and Hope, the foals of our first PMU saves Apple and Jerri. Their new mom is kind enough to keep us posted. As always, Lisa, thank you so much for the updates and for the wonderful care of our babes!

Dear Gwammie and Aunties:

Today was just a gorgeous day up in the mountains...Perfect for pictures of some beautiful horses....AJ is wearing his wind blow dreads look, but let's face it, he always has been a bit of a surfer dude...I seem to always take the same picture of Hope - she sees me and starts walking and I get that picture and she always looks so beautiful. And aren't their little white calf pals adorable!!!! They are on the wrong side of the fence line, but AJ was making sure they were safe until they got back to their mommas.

As you can see, Hope and AJ are doing great and wish their cousin Electra the best with her surgery...

Lub, Lisa, Hope and AJ

Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday, November 1, 2010

As of this morning, Nov 1, 2010, the funds for Electra’s procedure that takes place one week from today have been pledged. This also includes her post op care at Desert Pines Equine Center.

All of you deserve a huge round of applause and now I’m doing the happy dance. This has been a team effort by so many and we all know there is no i in team, it means we!

Thank you so very much!

Now the biggest challenge of all is finding just the right forever home for her. She is calling for a special someone to fall in love with her. She leads, loads, can have her feet done, well mannered under halter and lead. The biggest thing she enjoys is being groomed and lots hugs and kisses. Dogs do not bother her. She has only known good in her life. Let’s keep it that way