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Stephanie Pierce

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Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year Wishes

Happy New Year to Everyone!!!!

I hope that 2008 brings Peace, Joy and Happiness to each of you!

I have been sitting here reflecting on 2007, the joys of meeting so many of you. Each and everyone of you have touched Rob's and my life in a special way. I know the words Thank You will never be enough to express our gratitude for what each of you do to help the horses. I am not just talking about MHR here, but your daily work on anti-slaughter...and other horses in need....Bless You All...THANK YOU!!!!

Stephanie and Rob

Rosie Meets the Football Team

December 30, 2007

Today has been a very busy day. We spent the day wrapping water pipes, mucking stalls, and a bit of grooming. The indoor chores were put off due to the day being so pretty.

Rosie entered the Football field with sheer confidence. She has settled in quite nicely. Casper, Dancer and Whiskey are still vying for her attention but she is playing hard to get. We will watch very closely at feeding this evening to ensure we do not have any major ruckus.

A few pictures to follow this post.

Thank you all for your support!!!


Saturday, December 29, 2007

Panel update for December 29

I just got off the phone with Ron Cross, owner of Shadow Mtn. Feed. He gave me the recent update for December 29th:

3 gate panels purchased
3- 24 ft panels purchased
3- 12 ft panels purchased

Thank you all so very very much!

12 more 12' panels needed!

GREAT JOB!!!!!!!
Thank you

Saturday morning update

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE FOR THE GIFT OF CORRAL PANELS. It is truly appreciated and since the priority at MHR is safety for the horses this is a huge help. The corral panels you are purchasing are a heavy duty gauged steel. They are not of the same material which is utilized in the other stalls.

Yesterday, General and Shiloh, who are both blind, went for their walk together. Muffin 39 and Old Man (age unknown for sure, over 25 at a guess) went out as well. Shania, Glory and Silky are taken out Monday, Wednesday and Friday by Carolyn and myself. Acey, who is blind and 39 yrs old is a nervous nellie at best when removed from her environment so she is good for about five minutes before she becomes antsy.

We are going to be evaluating Rosie out in the football field herd..her energy level is so high that even round pen work just does not seem to satisfy her so we will see how she does with the gang. That was it for the day yesterday.

Since it is now down to just Carolyn and me due to Bob being ill, we have to work out a schedule. Since the vast majority of the horses at MHR have some type of disability that limits their exercise we must accomodate their limitations.

The JAN (Jerri-April-Nellie) Baby Shower was a wonderful idea and I must give full credit to Sheriff Susan as she called me and told me her idea...Susan, Thank You. Mary, thank you for your building skills; Lucy, for your snacks; and Nancy, your musicial talents amaze me.

Thank you once again for all that you are doing!