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MHR PMU horses

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Little Bear has a bath

Cathy Potter and Linda Hayte gave him a bath and Little Bear stood perfectly. He allowed fly spraying and was quite content.


Please welcome MHR's newest arrival!

Please Help Miracle Horse Rescue in welcoming its newest arrival as of 6/30/09


Little Bear arrived at 10:30am this morning. He has been signed over to Miracle Horse Rescue completely. He will be a permanent resident and will receive the love and care he so justly deserves the remainder of his days.

Little Bear will be receiving Alfalfa Cube Mash, Rice Bran, Sr. Equine and Canola Oil and has already received his lunch of this combination and loves it. He will be receiving full check up and much needed dental work on July 9th, 2009. He rested and entire day and night at our wonderful haulers RTB Equine Transports Ranch. Kelley and Randy are excellent, professional and truly compassionate individuals.

We will be posting updates on him as often as we are able to. We will have the video of Dr. Hadland performing everything on him. According to the documents we received it indicates that Little Bear is 30 years old.

Thank you for support of Miracle Horse Rescue.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Trooper, 6/28/09

This is Trooper. Six yr old QH, that we have had since he was a yearling. He was born with deformed legs and underwent surgery at the ripe age of 3 months old. Unfortunately the surgery did not work. However, Trooper does not know his legs are deformed and he motors around and yes even runs and bucks. He is full of personality and would make a great pasture pal. He especially loves the ladies. These pictures were taken 6/28/09

Diane with Trooper after his bath


Marigold, 6/27/09

Here is Marigold and Shannon. 6/27/09

Marigold has a pressure sore on her shoulder. We devised a little contraption to keep the wound clean. If you have any old sheets you would be willing to donate we would happily love to have them. This seems to be working, but have run out of old sheets.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.


Friday, June 26, 2009

Dr. Adam and Destiny

Dr. Adam saw Destiny today and he gives his very blunt assessment

Pictures from dinner, 6/25/09

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Justice and the fly mask

Can't a boy catch a nap, I mean they did put this sleeping shade on me. 6/20/09

Dontcha wish you were hot like me? Dontcha, Dontcha?????
photo taken 6/20/09

June 20, 2009 - Justice has some new clothes

The following photos were taken 6/20/09.

Today, Justice got his first fly mask, as well as leading exercises. He is doing better with giving his feet then leading but is really getting with the program. He will be one month old on the 25th of June. He is very intelligent and is proving to be independent but wanting to learn as well.

His mother is incredible, she has come so far from her arrival on 3/18/09. She truly moves mountains, she is tossing her fears aside and breaking new ground daily.

If you or someone you know that may be interested in adopting JUSTICE, please contact Miracle Horse Rescue.

These photos are also of similar stance to the photos we posted originally of Faith prior to her arrival at MHR.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Good Wednesday to All,

I wanted to share with all of you the progress of Justice and Faith, especially Faith.

Since her arrival on March 18th, 09, Rob and I have made our presence known to her on a daily basis due to feeding and handling her without stressing her. Our big concerns upon her arrival were that she was extremely underweight and in foal. Following our vet's advice as well as the knowledge that we had in regards to bringing an underweight horse back, Faith came back beautifully and gave birth to our little Justice on the 25th of May, a happy, healthy little colt.

Faith has not been an easy horse to break the ice with as she was a PMU Mare on the line, and was extremely fearful of humans. But with daily positive interface and handling Justice in her presence, I personally obtained the greatest reward I could ever ask for yesterday 6/16/09. Faith walked up to me [click on the link for a clip], and allowed me to rub her face between her eyes . My heart was bursting with joy, as Faith continues to Move the mountains in her path regarding humans. To all of us here, that is a major major break through, and all it took was some time and patience. Talk about doing the Snoopy Happy Dance. All I can say is Whoo Hoo, and let's continue to move forward with her.

Now, Justice is a friendly little guy. He loves people, tries to play shy but that is what it is: "acting." He will peek from around his mother looking coyly with those big brown eyes, and just when you think, Oh well guess he is not going to come around, he bounces out at you, dancing around on beautiful little legs, tossing his head and wanting to be loved on. He has a wonderful disposition, is very curious and of course very playful. Gotta love the little ones eager to learn.

Everything else here at the ranch is doing fine and is business as usual. I wanted to share with you the moments that I encounter and are to be treasured.

I also wanted to remind everyone of our June Hay Drive with wonderful donated prizes in order to keep the hay flowing for the horses.

Thank you to everyone for everything!


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Good Evening All,

Well the last couple of days we have been pretty busy, grooming, doing horses feet and all the fun stuff. As the weather becomes warmer, it is imperative that we keep water barrels clean. You just ask yourself, now would I drink out of it? Some of the horses are very good about not dunking food in their barrels, but others require dumping and rinsing daily as they have food crumblies floating.

The horses are doing well, and I managed to get a few pics posted yesterday.

Justice is doing great, he is fun to play with. Faith is very comfortable with me in and around her. She is a gem.

The rest of the month is gong to be very very busy. Daily something is going on. All is good.

I would like to remind everyone, of our June Hay Ride. Great donated prizes...the Photo of Barbaro and the Kitty, taken and signed by renown photographer BARBARA LIVINGSTON, additionally there is photograph done of Marigold by Pat. The proceeds from the purchase of tickets provides hay for our horses. So I do hope you will consider helping to feed them.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and purchase. GOOD LUCK!!

I do hope that everyone has had a wonderful weekend, and I wish you well for the week.

If you need a quick baby fix, please come by and visit JUSTICE, who will be three weeks old tomorrow. Born May 25th @ 1:04 am..Memorial Day.

A few moments with Justice for me makes all the wrongs of the world go away, even for just a brief few moments. He is salve for the soul.

Everyone please take care!


Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pictures, 6/13/09

Here are Jerri and Apple taken 13 June 09

Rosie with Trooper in front of her. Taken 6/13/09
Rosie always knows when the camera is around. 6/13/09
Here is Bright 6/13/09. She had her little feet done today. She has pink swat around her eyes to keep the flies off as well as being sprayed for flies. Her head is a bit too large for a pony mask, but not big enough for a small horse fly mask. I am awaiting for the arrival of an Arab size fly mask. In the meantime ahe is our little "Painted Pony."