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MHR PMU horses

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday morning, September 29, 2009

Hello All,

The horses are all doing well, and have adjusted to the move very very well. Each one has settled in quite nicely.

Justice is doing great, he has handled the weaning the best of all of the youngsters that have been born here with us. He is playful and quite loving to say the least. He absolutely loves you to go into his stall with him and run your hand through his soft fur. He can bring a smile to anyone's face..I know he does mine.

It is amazing with the changes the horses have undergone and the dynamic changes to their herd that everything has gone as smoothly as it has. They have chosen their little groups within the football field, and it has gone so well.

The BBGs, Jonah and Whiskey are doing very well. They move along together. Jonah is generally not very far from Faith, and he does respect her space, however she will allow him to nuzzle her occassionally. When I was out with them yesterday evening, Jonah was right in my pocket, curious as to what I was doing, even if I was only in there looking at them.

Horses adjust so well to new environments which is just amazing. They take everything in stride, which is truly remarkable.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful day. I want to tell you thank you all for your patience and continued support in our efforts as it is truly truly appreciated.

Stephanie and Rob