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Stephanie Pierce

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hi All,

We have been busy here. Just waiting on final paperwork for me to sign..sigh..hurry up and wait.

The horses are all doing great, and are handling all the hustle and bustle going on without nary a worry. Went out and spent some time with Justice on this, his 3-month birthday! He is doing so so well.

I have been still packing and I have made a great deal of headway. Getting there..whoohoo! Boy, makes you wonder where this stuff comes from. Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know that all is well, trailers are loaded with all the shades, wash racks etc.,



Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday evening, August 22, 2009

Hi all,

Here it is Saturday already, wow where did the week go.

We have made a great deal of progress in regards to our upcoming wonderful move. The whole move has to be done like a well-oiled machine. Everything has a place and a position as to how the move must take place.

I have completed packing the WORST part of the house..the kitchen. The horses have their bags packed and are just waiting for the wagon train to begin rolling.

I have been speaking with the rancher that we got our Nellie DIRECTLY from. He said she is doing quite well. Our transporter is a licensed independent hauler with over 30 yrs experience and he will be picking her up on the 19th/20th of September and will be headed our way. Nellie was slated to be sent to auction in Canada this fall. but her rescuers chose her and made the arrangements. Our hauler is a huge supporter of aiding rescue horses.

Many many good things happening at MHR and once we have more time and we get settled we will be on in the late evening Pacific time, either here or on our chat channel.

I do hope all is well with each of you, all the horses are doing great even with the move going on. It has not fazed them one bit, in fact several of them wanted to help, carrying off tools, untying bootlaces, as well as attempting to carrying off ladders. It has all been fun, challenging, stressful etc., and what does not kill you will make you stronger.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wednesday evening, August 20, 2009

Hi All,

Been very busy for the last few days. So many things to get done for the horses, and the humans. But hey we love the challenge.

MHR's new home will be so nice for the horses. We have a lot of work to do, but that is something we are not afraid of. We should be begin the move over the next week or two. If I do not post, I can assure you that either Bev, Sheila or CathyP will keep you abreast of our transition.

Our cam will be going down but chat will still be operating and you will be able to view videos of past events and the horses.

Our new Nellie, a beautiful Gray Draft X PMU mare in foal, will be picked up on September 19th or 20th. We are excited about her arrival, but her rescuers are to be thanked and in the near future we will all know who these wonderful people are.

Thank you for your support!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

And the good news continues

As you know, last year and the year before, MHR and a private group of individuals have rescued four PMU mares. In 2008 we saw the arrival of Jerri, Apple and Nellie and in 2009 came Faith. We were heartbroken to lose Nellie and her unborn foal shortly after they arrived, but have been jubilant to see the births of Hope, AJ and Justice.

On behalf of Stephanie, I'm so happy to announce today that MHR and a private group have once again saved a PMU mare! May I introduce to you...


Yes, it's true! Stephanie and the group were unable to resist her when they saw her. She was meant to come to MHR, without a doubt. She is a draft cross, born in 1994. Her foal is expected in May or June. The best news is that Stephanie has dealt with the rancher directly and has arranged that Nellie will leave North Dakota on September 19 or 20 and will arrive at MHR within a few days after. Stephanie will have plenty of time to make sure that Nellie and her foal are well cared for before birth.

Foal Watch 2010, here we come!!!


Exciting news from MHR!

Stephanie has asked me to let you all know that something wonderful is happening.

She and Rob have been lucky enough to find a new piece of property that they feel is much better suited for the horses, the mules, the chickens and the dogs. And, oh yes, the people too!

It's still in Pahrump, so they're not moving far, but the move is daunting nevertheless. Just think of all that they have to do to pack up everything and you'll understand why I say it's daunting. There's no hard target date on the move, but I know Stephanie is anxious to get it done.

They're knee deep in what they have to do, so please forgive her for not telling you herself. Stephanie does try to find the time to check in on chat ( every night around 7:00 PT or so. You can watch the work progress on the web cam at the same address.

Hope to see you there!


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009, pictures

Apple and Jerri

Grace (paint), Dublin and Whiskey. Grace is available for adoption please read her profile on our website
Justice: "How do you like me now????"
I am a big boy
Faith and JusticeBaby feathers
Little Bear. Of course he rolled after fly spraying and now is dusty, but what can you do.

Trooper, Rosie, Levi and Baby w/ fly mask in background

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Good Wednesday Morning Everyone!

Been a few days since I have been able to come on and give updates. Been a bit on our chat very early in the morning, and a bit in the evening but for the most part not.

I have many emails to respond to and I will be getting to those so if you have emailed, be expecting a response soon...I hope.

We have been very busy, basically with daily chores. Yesterday, we spent (Colton and I) scrubbing water barrels and refilling. I groomed 18 of the horses and got everyone with the exception of a few fly sprayed, as that bottle is a monster to them and a rag is even much worse...very scary. They are all doing quite well.

Glory has been introduced to the Football Field and has made Dublin her running buddy. They are sticking together. Rosie of course went over to establish herself and was quite surprised when Glory was not going to put up with raging Rosie's garbage. It was not bad, they just kind of had the hairy eyeball standoff, but I believe they both made a point. Glory is still seeking her forever home, she is sound, has a wonderful disposition, and is very healthy. We have had her under saddle three times and has never once offered to buck. She needs someone who has time a patience and a loving heart. Well, it was my bad yesterday that Sophie got out and decided to walk on the outside of the round pen. With all the cleaning and going in and out of the stalls, I forgot to latch their gate. It took her two hours to realize I had not latched the gate, but all the same she found out and she left. I was glad I was out there though along with Colton. We had her caught up in no time flat and put away. I thought Justice would come out of skin though, it was like he yelling Mommy look at that acckkkkkkk, and of course ran to Faith. He is doing well himself growing like the little sapling that he is. He is very very curious which I like. Takes interest in everything. Not so much the trouble maker like another certain boy born here....but there is still plenty of time for that.

Marigold is doing great, the pressure sores are shrinking down, and I must attribute this to the Desitin and the Alushield. The Alushield puts a protective coating like a second skin on the wound without really drying it out, but gives it protection. I highly recommend this product, as it has worked on her. Though I may have to apply it two to three times per day, it is helping.

Little Bear looks fantastic..I will say he does not even look like the same horse that came through the gate on June 30th, 09. His coat is healthy looking, he has shed out the raggedy coat he had, and the bald spots (alopecia) that were there, are now filled in with nice hair. He holds his head up and generally the only rtime his head is down is when it is in the feed bucket. His attitude is very very good, he talks to you constantly and loves his grooming. He stands there to be fly sprayed without one bit of problem. He is a charming elderly gentleman...simply amazing.

Well, the day must get started, but will be back on again, hopefully with some new photos of the horses.

Take care everyone!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A little bit of excitement at the ranch today!

Sophie got to take a quick little tour because I hadn't latched her gate correctly. No harm done, but a little bit of pandemonium all around.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Saturday evening, August 8, 2009

Good Saturday Evening,

Well it was a good day. But then again, most days just being with the horses is a good day.

Today, Justice had his feet trimmed for the first time. He did great! He was a bit nervous at first as this was the first time with the tools. He has had his feet handled from the day he was born. He got with the program so quickly. Faith was placed in the round pen and she went to her normal spot and stood quietly. It is interesting how much a mare conveys to their little ones. If she fears, they fear and so on and so forth. But he remained fairly calm. I kept his little hoof clippings... :) Once we were done with his feet, I played around with him for quite awhile. I believe that once he is weaned we will find him easier to work with. We had some of the same issues with Hope. Jerri conveyed so much of herself to Hope that at times Hope was impossible to handle. Whereas AJ was laid back right from the start, as Apple was of that type of personality. It all worked out and it will once again.

I have grown very attached to Justice, and I think he is going to make an outstanding horse, so I have decided to allow him to steal my heart, and I will belong to him for the rest of our lives. I look forward to growing with him and learning together.

I puttered around with Jonah a bit today and of course Dublin had to get in on it. Little Bear is continuing to get stronger and stronger everyday, and is a big talker. You do not have to have anything, he just loves to whinney and get your attention. His coat is looking beautiful and the bald spots due to Alopecia (he came here this way) have beautiful new growth coming in.

All the horses are doing well, from the oldest to the is good.

All the dogs are good, and have been lazing around the house, but of course going out at night seeing if there may be a tasty morsel..ugh..but it is what they do. The run, they play, and they are always on alert. They are a good group of hounds..gotta love them.

I would also like to take this opportunity to bump our Hay Drive, Doc Wilbur's Medicine Cabinet. There are some beautiful gifts being offered for the month of August. Thank you to everyone who has already participated and we wish you the best of luck.

I hope the remainder of your weekend is blessed with all the good that one could hope for. We will talk again soon.


Saturday, August 8, 2009

Friday, August 7, 2009

Good Friday Evening All!

I hope that each one of you has had a very special day and that it flowed into a wonderful evening.

Today, was quiet around here, with all the chores moving along smoothly. It was just an exceptional day. All the horses are doing well, and with it being quite a bit cooler horses were being a bit playful with one another today.

It was also a very very special day for me as well. Patience, Kindness finally touched Faith's heart and she accepted a kiss on her very soft nose from me, not once but twice. It was tremendous for me. Her eyes were soft, and she was so giving on the lead. I even was able to curry her and put fly spray on her without a fuss. It has been five months, but five months that were well worth the wait. Of course, Little Justice was playing shy, but still not so shy that tugging on the lead became a game for him.

So it has been I would say a superb day! On tomorrow's agenda the plan is to trim Justice's feet for the first time. He has had them rasped, but tomorrow around the noon time frame, we are going all the way. Though, he has allowed his feet to be picked up and fiddled with, we are anticipating a bit of anxiety from him, but it will all be fine.

Well, good night to all and we will be talking soon.


Friday, August 7, 2009

Faith's First Kiss, August 7, 2009

Finally, after all these months (since March 2009), Faith has her first kiss. What a sweet, sweet moment!

Watch live video from miraclehorserescue01's channel on

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wednesday evening, August 5, 2009

Good Wednesday Evening,

Finally settling in for the night. I have been out and have made the nightly check and every horse is settled in with a full tummy.

Today, I spent the day dumping, scrubbing and refilling the water barrels. It is one of my pet peeves. If you won't drink out of it, what makes you think the horse will? Except for survival sake. With each barrel it gives me the time to spend with each horse. Generally, when I am dumping a barrel, there is always one looking right over your shoulder, sniffing you, nuzzling your hair and occasionally a soft wuffle in the ear. These little things bring a smile to your face. But there is also the other side of it. Lets see who can pull the water hose out the fastest and spray all over the place.

Sophie loves to gnaw on the hose and loves to get wet. She is quite the character. After the cleaning of a barrel and it is filled, I carry a bag of stud muffins with me and will hand them out.

I gave Faith a couple and of course Little Justice was right there. I crumble the muffin in my hand and he takes the little crumbles and makes a huge production of chewing and smacking his lips. He is just so so adorable. I am so happy that I have been able to share the birth of all five babies with all of you. I am also very happy that Lisa continues to share AJ and Hope with all of us as well. It brings such good feelings to one's soul.

Well, Little Bear is really gaining his strength and his attitude. While cleaning his feet today we had a battle of the wills, but I did not give up and he eventually conceded. I held his feet low and he was quite comfortable with it all. We ended on a good note which is very very important and he was rewarded with a stud muffin as well.

It was a good day for me and the horses, and I hope yours was good as well. It is time to hit the hay but we will talk again soon. Good Night to all and sweet dreams.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

August 5, 2009...more pictures

What Little Bear does best..EATS....8/5/09

Still at it with a little scratch
CB still eating 8/5/09
Half Moon still eating 8/5/09
oops a bit blurry, but Misty drinking 8/5/09
Emmett and Buttercup 8/5/09
Sophie and General 8/5/09
Can you identify these two rear ends? 8/5/09
I have had enough of him...hmmmph
Oh no you don't and what did you do w/ my fly mask? Let me guess!
Brassy to the left and of course Ruby and Sampson 8/5/09
Marigold and her three grain hay bale, yummy! She had already had her Sr, so was working on the next course 8/5/09
Little Hagan never far from Marigold 8/5/09
Another of Marigold 8/5/09


Wednesday, August 6, 2009

Good Morning Everyone.

I do hope this finds everyone well, this fine Wednesday. I have been out taking a few pictures and am waiting for them to upload so I can post them for everyone.

I was looking at each horse and thinking where would they be now if we did not take them in. We often hear, don't you wish you had more land for them? My response is, "of course we do" but we have been operating for almost nine years now and I have to accept that as of right now this is what we can afford. More land does not necessarily mean more horses, because you must be able to continue to give them quality care and food they so justly deserve. Individual care and getting to know each one is very important as well. I do know when one is off and can get right on it. So many of our horses cannot romp and stomp with the football team due to their disabilities ie., blind, leg deformities etc., and age plays a huge part in it as well, as I do not want our older horses competing for food...that is not fair to them in the least bit. They all get groomed, even if it takes a few days it gets done. For those that are able, they do get turned out with the Football team for a few hours, but after that you will see them standing at the gate ready to return to their home. Maybe, someday we will have the means to purchase more land, but for now this is what it is.

Dublin, Trooper and Rosie two and a half hours after being fed and Whiskey's head to the far left. 8/5/09
Whiskey, Grace moving through. 8/5/09
Rosie, Trooper, Dublin 8/5/09
Jocori, and Levi's rump, 8/5/09
Levi, and Rosie in background 8/5/09
Whiskey and Grace 8/5/09
Apple "Whatcha Lookin at Willis"? and Jerri 8/5/09
Apple and Jerri 8/5/09
Faith and Justice 8/5/09


Tuesday, August 5, 2009

Good Evening to Everyone,

It has been a few days since I have been able to just sit and write to all of you but believe me, it has crossed my mind every time I laid my head down on my pillow. I apologize.

Well, here it is August, this summer is speeding by. I must admit, that I am grateful that July is over as we had a great deal of heartache, but we must move forward, but we have also had joy. The loss of Destiny and Miss Joe really hit all of us very very hard. You can try and try, but sometimes it just does not work.

The joy is watching Little Bear flourish, I am just amazed at how he is becoming such a beautiful elderly gentleman with some attitude. Little (or not so Little) Justice brings a smile to my face daily, Faith's trust in humans has really taken such a positive turn. She may still be a bit difficult to catch, but once you have her she is so accepting of a soft brush against her once thin body. She loves to have her chest rubbed with the curry comb and to watch her upper lip quiver and curl, will surely bring a giggle or two.

Apple and Jerri have blossomed as well, we can just ask Diane as they zoomed past Diane Saturday night at dinner time. They were feeling good, and they were letting her know they were.

In just a few more weeks we will be celebrating our 3rd Annual Labor Day Gathering, oyr special guest CJ will be joining us and everyone is very excited about this. Again, THANK YOU to the special Angel who is making CJ's wish come true. I have spoke with CJ since 2003 and I so look forward to finally meeting the crazy cat lady, and wrapping my arms around her and giving her the biggest hug ever.

I would also like to express my gratitude to Cathy P. , Crystal and The Bug for the wonderful wonderful gifts they have donated to our August Hay Drive. If you knowe of anyone who may be interested in one of these items, please have them visit our website or blog if they do not come to ABR. All proceeds does go to the care of the horses at Miracle Horse Rescue.

Additionally, I would like to thank Bev, for all the time and effort she puts into our fundraisers. Bev is always seeking new ideas, so if you have an idea, please do not hesitate to contact her, she would love to hear from you! Also, to our cheerleaders, Lucy, Sheriff Susan, Ro, LindaNV, LindaS, LindaH, Diane and the entire MHR family thank you for your support. Each of you makes a huge difference in the lives of our horses.

Ahhh, Sheila, what would I do without you, your maintaining the blog and the website is quite the chore and I do appreciate it more than words can express. Thanks for taking the time to talk me through the cam issues when I am ready to kick the computer out the door. You make a difference in all of our lives. Thank you!

I will make every attempt to capture some pictures over the next couple of days of all the horses and get them posted. We have had a pretty full plate, with the horses and personal stuff, but an attempt will be made.

Many Many thanks for what each one of you does not only for our horses but other horses across this great nation of ours and around the world. Bless you all!


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday, August 1, 2009


As most of you know I have known CJaffe since 2003, when she saw Miracle Horse Rescue on Animal Planet.

Since that time we have formed an everlasting friendship and speak often.

At this time, CJ is facing a serious illness, but is up to the fight. On September 3rd, 2009 due to a very kind and generous individual, CJ will be coming to Miracle Horse Rescue for our annual Labor Day Gathering.

I spoke w/ CJ this morning and she is thrilled as she has wanted to do this for so her dream is coming true.

Thank you again to the wonderful individual who is making CJ's wish a reality