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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday, September 30, 2010 - Justice

Hi my name is Justice, I was born to Faith, a rescued PMU mare who was in foal with me. She was slated for auction. My mom had many issues against her when she arrived at MHR. She was extremely underweight, she just looked horrible. But by the time MHR fed her over a few months she looked beautiful and came to like human beings despite how she was treated before her arrival at MHR. My mom died three weeks after I was weaned. She had been seen by our fave veterinarian a couple of times prior to her passing. Everyone was shocked with her death. She went in her sleep. I think she waited until she knew I would be okay.

I am sixteen months old and am getting ready for my second Halloween. I think I look pretty dapper as I am putting on the Ritz. Thank you to all for all your help with my mom and me during our time of need!


Lub, Justice

More pictures

Here is Herbie the Hernia, this is what my grammie is massaging so we can avoid surgery. We hope it works, as I said earlier I am under the care of Dr. Hadland and he is the one who wants the massaging done daily.
Electra Glide

Thursday, September 30, 2010


My name is Electra Glide. I got my name from a special Auntie. I am only five months old and was born to CHARITY a Rescued PMU Mare. I have great ground manners. You can do my feet and such things as that. I am presently under the care of my fave veterinarian Doctor Hadland. You see I have an umbilical hernia. My doctor wants my grammie to massage it daily and she does during my feeding time and whenever she is with me. We are trying to avoid surgery. If Dr. Hadland decides surgery is necessary, it will be done at Desert Pine Equine Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. We will keep you updated, but should I need it, MHR could use some help and they will be asking that your donations be sent or called into Desert Pines Equine Center, with my name and for Herbie the Hernia Surgery.

This is my first Halloween, and I think I look great in my witch's hat with beautiful orange and black plumage. I am looking for my FOREVER home, with someone who will love and care for me. Right now though, I am really seeking SPONSORS. I can have more than one and if you can spare a $1.00 or more I would be ever so grateful, I hope you will give it some thought, as I am a growing weanling with an appetite for glorious hay.

We are having a Painted Pony fundraiser, Silent Auction to get more hay for all of us. Please consider bidding on the VIVA LAS VEGAS PAINTED PONY. Whoever wins buys hay and also gets a beautiful collectible.

Thank you so very very much and TRICK OR TREAT!
Electra Glide

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Good Saturday Morning,

It is 4:30am in NV, mornings are cool and we know that fall is here but the day times are still very nice.

All of the horses are doing well.

Sophie is on her Chasteberry to help curtail the symptons of the non-curable disease CUSHINGS. If anyone gets the opportunity to read about this disease there are many articiles that can be found on the internet. Sophie is under vet care for the remainder of her days. She is on a special diet, Sr. Equine, Rice Bran, and Hay which she is very happy with.* this diet prescribed by veterinarian* That is really all we can do. Cushings really is not a kind disease (not that any disease is). Our biggest goal is to keep Laminitis at bay, because this also is part of Cushings. At this time all we can do is make her happy and comfortable...and she is.

5 month old Electra has an Umbilical Hernia, as we all know. She has had vet examination as per video we posted. I have manipulated the hernia per instructions by Dr. Adam. However, until he re examines it in 30 days we do not know if it is working. In the meantime, I have contacted Desert Pines Equine Center in Las Vegas and spoke with Sara to get an estimate of the cost of the surgery. She told me that the cost on low end is $800.00 and can go up depending on the complexity of the surgery. Should Electra require surgery and you would like to assist in this, we would like for all donations to be called into Desert Pines Equine Center directly. Additionally, I asked if we would be able to view the surgery and was informed that we could through the window in the operating room. We are hoping that surgery will not be required, but in the event that it is we just wanted to be prepared.

At this time, I would like to take this opportunity to thank those individuals whom we refer to as the MHR Dream Team. These individuals take care of the Website, the Blog and yes even Face Book. To be honest with you all, we do not even know how to get to Facebook, and we do not have the time. Then there are the fundraisers, the ideas and work that go on with these events are tremendous and it is truly appreciated. So our gratitude goes to Sheila, Bev, Lucy, Ro. LindaS, Sheriff Susan for all their diligent work behind the scenes. If we have forgotten anyone we apologize, it's

But our gratitude does not stop there, we want to THANK ALL and we mean ALL of our supporters who make our efforts possible for the horses. A huge THANK YOU to ALL.

We wish you a wonderful day and be safe!

Stephanie and Rob

Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday, September 20, 2010

Hello Everyone,

Sunday was a very long day!

Want to let you know that Grace's parents lost their jobs, so Grace has been returned to MHR per our contract. She is in excellent condition. They wanted to return her as they knew that they would have limited funding, and they have a family which they knew would have to be cared for first, and it would be best if she came home. She was returned 5:45pm Sunday evening. She is in a stall between B and Rosie right now.

Have a great Monday all!

Stephanie and Rob

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Three and a half years ago, I lost my rescued horse Sierra to Laminitis. She was my dream horse. But being a rescue she came to us with many problems and her feet were the primary one. We managed to get her sound for awhile. I took her to a horse show and we took 1st place in Obstacle and a 2nd in Western Pleasure. After that show she was semi retired and I would light ride her twice a week. She was my dream and my love. Unfortunately dreams are sometimes taken away, and I lost her in 2007 despite all efforts. Laminitis took her from me. She was otherwise a very healthy horse. I never thought I would give my heart like I did to her, but in comes Justice. Justice has several years to go before riding. But I love him all the same. However, on 9/17/10 good friends of our presented me with a gift, as they knew the story of Sierra.

Everyone, let me introduce to Violette, 8 yr old Paint Mare, she has my heart but I have plenty of love to share between the both of them. She is a beautiful gift!


Friday, September 17, 2010

More pictures from Wednesday

Here are a couple of pics I took while doing water barrels and before battery fizzled out on camera. Can you guess who this is?

It's Little Bear.

They are doing well, and once I get another battery I will take more pics.

Sophie is doing well today, ate all of her feed and had a chaser of Chasteberry juice. lol. Gave the lip and all. Must have been yucky. Again all this will do is curtail symptoms of Cushings but does not cure it. There is no cure for Cushings.

Electra let me anger her hernia today with zero problems whatsoever. She seems to enjoy the manipulation. She stands there and starts with the ant eater lip, sticking out as far as it can go. I think the best times for me to do this is at each feeding and maybe in between. If we can avoid surgery that is what we want to do by all means.

Stephanie & Rob

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I went with Rob this morning so he could trim one itty bitty mini. Actually the mini is a Dwarf. They have so many issues, they just do not develop correctly. The cards are stacked against them. But let me introduce you to Lil Pearl, all 22 inches of her. Sweet little girl, she is two yrs old

Nothing like little horse kisses on your hand

The highlight of the morning though, was I got to see "PORKY" the worlds largest rodent. A Capybara, a little rodent from Venezuela. Phewww, smelly little critter, never know what you will see in our neck of the woods. Quite interesting, would I want one? No way, No how! He would be sitting around going "HERE KITTY KITTY!"

So that has been my morning.

All of the horses are doing well.

Again many thanks for your support!

Stephanie and Rob

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Medical report on Sophie and Electra

Today 9/15/10 Dr. Hadland was out to examine Sophie and Electra.

Sophie has been diagnosed with Cushings Disease. She has all the classic signs. We are fortunate that she does not have laminitis. He has determined that Sophie is well into her years (VERY long in the tooth). The medications for the treatment of Cushings would cost MHR several hundreds of dollars per month. He stated he would like to go with a natural medication called Chasteberry (Vitex) 15g per day. Cushings is not curable, it can only be controlled. She is presently receiving a pelletized feed, along with Senior. He wants to add rice bran, for the fat content. She also receives hay for something to do. If anyone wishes to help Sophie it is greatly appreciated

In this section i will let Dr. Hadland speak on Electra.

Stephanie and Rob

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pictures, September 2010

Electra and her anteater lips
Jerri and the Ladies Parlour
More of the Ladies Parlour
JD (ours since birth)
Silky (who used to be completely hairless)
Simba Marie, who came to us on our first Labor Day FOB gathering

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hope you all had a good Labor Day weekend.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our daughter-in-law Theresa!

Our prayers to all who are having health issues during this time. Our prayers to everyone who are enduring difficult times. Give us the strength and peace to rise above these difficult times.

Things are going okay here, we are not immune to these economic times. It has just made us pull the belt in much tighter. We do appreciate the support the horses are receiving. THANK YOU!

Though the calls are coming in to take in horses, we are unable to do so. However, we have been blessed with a good network, that we have been able to assist in the placement for them.

All of the horses here are doing well. No health issues (knock on wood). Little Electra is doing very well. Growing like a weed or shall I say a beautiful Rose. Charity is doing very well. Soon she will be going to the Ladies Parlour, to just be a horse. THANK YOU to all that rescued her.

We hope everyone has a wonderful day. Be safe!

Stephanie and Rob