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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Amelia and Trooper

Everyone needs to be loved according to Trooper and get a big kiss as well. I think that Amelia is a very lucky little girl to grow up around people who love and respect animals, and horses that know they do not have to fear anyone. Isn't this just a great picture of his crooked-legged self and a little one?

More love and by the way, do you have carrots in those little pockets??

Fairy Princess walking to the round pen

Bright Eyes

Our Little Fairy Princess on Sunday the 30th of November. The number 29 sure is still quite significant as they on arrived on the 29th.

John Henry Hay Ride Winners

The winners of the John Henry Hay ride:

John Henry Breyer, books, Dunkin Donuts certificate: Melody

Horse Head Object d' Art: "Choklitz" from PA.

Congratulations to both of you, and thank you everyone for your participation.

Bright's pedicure

A little more from yesterday

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Settling in


Roger and Shannon brought Bright Eyes to her pen. They didn't realize there was a gate on the other side, so they walked her through the football field.


More from LindaNV

Bright Eyes

Thank you, LindaNV and Wrangler Roger!

Saturday evening

Good Evening All,

Bright Eyes and Sophie have settled in and are doing quite well. Sophie has a lot more hair than we thought. She has very fine hair and it is brittle. Sophie does not have any front teeth. Her meal this evening was a warm cube mash. She is a settled in quite nicely next to Sampson and Ruby. Sophie is at least 250-275 lbs underweight.

Bright Eyes has had her feet trimmed, and she is going to require frequent trims due to founder. She is off all Alfalfa and is on grass hay only for her meals. She is overweight.

They both have issues that we will contend with on a daily basis. A tad bit of information: Bright Eyes was a rescue...before her family (who relinquished to MHR today) she had another owner. Bright Eyes had escaped from the other owner, and when she was finally caught, this particular owner was going to take her to auction and get whatever she could for her. She did not care. You will hear them tell the story on one of the videos.

Anyway, they are fine and quiet right now. Will check on them in a bit.


The first view

They are here!

The two new girls have arrived safely. Pictures soon! Bright Eyes is quite overweight. Sophie has hair but it's a very thin coat.

A new name for a new girl


The choice of a new name for SKIN was a very difficult one as all the submissions were excellent and we appreciate the fact that all who participated were quite creative.

However, only one name could be chosen.

So without further delay I hope that you will welcome SKIN to MHR with her new start and new nameItalic


submitted to MHR on November 21st by Rosemarie Wilhelm.

The name was based on the fact that my parents like to watch M*A*S*H* and the character Col. Potter was given the gift of a horse by Radar after the horse in this episode was wounded during the Korean War and was saved by Radar, Hawkeye and BJ

Congratulations RO!!!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday morning

Good Morning Everyone,

I hope that each and everyone of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know I did.

Today is going to be very busy as we have a few pens we are going to scrape, and two for sure are Apple's and Jerri's. We must also get the stalls prepared for tomorrow's arrival of Ms. S and Bright. They should be arriving between 11-1130am. It is going to be a good day for all.

It is a bit mucky outside but not bad at all, and if we get a slight breeze it will help in the drying process.

Everyone have a great day and PLEASE submit your name for the NAME GAME for Ms. S.

The Gingerbread Shoppe is open and I hope that you will consider purchasing Christmas Goodies for the horses. Thank you to everyone who has started shopping on this Black Friday.

Please do not forget the Nellie Memento. It is a beautiful blanket, and one to be treasured. Nellie did not pass in vain, she helped so many that came from the same ranch from the knowledge we ascertained from her passing. She will forever be in our hearts and truly missed.

Have a great day everyone!!!


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!









Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday morning

Good Tuesday Morning,

The day started very early for me today..4am. It was just a matter of not being able to sleep any longer.

The day yesterday was filled with various activities in preparation for Thanksgiving and family arrivals. However, first and foremost were the needs of the horses. They were all doing so well yesterday, nothing out of the ordinary whatsoever...which I found to be a blessing.

I must order another load of hay today, and hay cubes will be delivered sometime this afternoon. We are suppose to be getting some rain over the holiday but will believe it when I see it. Will be handing out carrots on Thanksgiving for the horses which I know they will love having.

This weekend our new ones will be arriving between 11-11:30am pst on Saturday. We are all excited that we have been able to help them both.

The Nellie blanket is beautiful quite the memento as well so please consider purchasing tickets as these funds go to help feed the horses.

I do hope that everyone has a wonderful day. For those who are traveling away for the holidays..BE SAFE and we will keep the lights on for you.


Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday morning

Good Monday Morning,

I have not had a great deal of time to be on the computer this weekend. It has been work work work the entire weekend. It is work every day, but this weekend with the extra manpower we got all the pens scraped out. I do not mind it so much, but carrying the corral panels is a bit tough, they are heavy and quite cumbersome to carry....BUT it is done.

I would like to do something a bit different this morning, I would like to hear and I know everyone else would, "What I Am Thankful For." If you would like to share what you are thankful for please do.


1. I am thankful for my husband, who supports my efforts, dreams and works by my side for the horses. Who gets up daily and goes to work outside the home to care for his family's needs, but always has the energy to pitch in here at the ranch.

2. I am thankful for my parents, they are always there through the good times and the bad times. They are my heroes as they have sacrificed so much for their own children throughout their lives.

3. I am thankful for my children and grandchildren. I have been blessed.

4. I am thankful for my friends who I consider to be a part of my family.

5. I am thankful the Lord has given me the strength to work towards the efforts of horse rescue and what it takes daily to handle the situations that can and do arise. I am thankful the Lord has given me the strength to know when it is time to let them go and to give them the dignity and peace they came into the world with. I am thankful the Lord has given me the talent to make the horses that come here with fear to be reassured they have nothing to fear any longer.

6. I am thankful for each of you that has come into my life. You have made a difference in me as a person. Your emotional support daily is a true testemeant of what friendships are built on. I am thankful for the support that you give for the horses. You all work so hard for it, but are so willing to give to the horses.


Happy Thanksgiving

Stephanie, Rob, Mom, Dad, Joseph, Theresa, Amelia, Nicole, Belmina, Zachary and the entire MHR Family of Furbabies and Feathered Friends.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Puppies gone wild!

Sunday morning

Good Sunday Morning,

If I had known that my Saturday would have a comedy of errors throughout the day, I would have requested that we start the day again with a "Do Over"

It was really nothing bad, just a bit frustrating is all, and one thing led to the domino effect. It all started with a bale of hay...I loaded it on my wagon and for the most part all seemed well. Ha! Was I wrong. When I cut the twine to begin my feeding the whole bale exploded, hay everywhere..with a big sigh, I tossed this mess out to the horses, and returned to get another bale and took out to the football team. One bale will generally feed the eight horses in the football field in the morning. The explosion necessitated yet another. Then I proceeded to rake up what was thrown around....sigh. Of course they were thrilled and they were still all eating at 1:30pm yesterday afternoon.

I then began the feeding of hay cubes to the other group. During the feeding of cubes there are several things accomplished. First, feed the horse, second check the horse to ensure there are no newly accquired sores or injuries sustained during the night (as horses will be horses, and if you can think it with them it can happen) and the third thing is to check their water barrels. Well, on Friday we cleaned and refilled and I was going down the line Acey who is blind and whose barrel was 3/4 full, pooped in hers. My first thought was had to stop, dump hers, clean, rinse, fill and move on down the feeding line. Got down to Muffin's pen and much to my surprise..LOL..Muffin had left presents in his almost full water barrel. So another pit stop for our sweet Muffin. Went through the same routine for him as well. Finished this feeding and proceeded to the house. I was not watching where I was walking and stepped guessed it..the leavings from one of the dogs...another big sigh.

As, I could see how my morning was progressing and decided to lay low and go clean Baby B's stall and the play area. It was very peaceful doing this chore, Baby B was right there with me. She would lay her head over my shoulder and would wait for a scratch. She followed me everywhere..what a bond she and I have, very very special. This chore was complete and thought where else should I head to and get something accomplished...then I thought take your pick there is always something to do. I proceeded to work on water barrels, at this time Theresa came over, and we had an issue with her Cloud that had to be fixed immediately. In the meantime, I had forgotten the waterhose in Jerri's barrel and I created a huge lake in her stall. Hence the reason she is in the roundpen..I made a HUGE MESS, my fault. Sorry Jerri, but it obviously made Jerri happy. Once she was in the roundpen she began bucking, snorting and running around. Sheila was able to capture these photos from the web cam during her exercise session. Quite impressive.

Theresa and I thought that it would be good for Apple to get out as well, so she and I decided to try Apple in with the football team. Apple walked very calmly towards the football field, nothing fazing her. Just as we approached, here came the "Welcoming Committee" in all its thundering glory. This really caused Apple's eyes to bug out. She began snorting, dancing around and believe you me tht is a lot of horse to be dancing around. Theresa had her and was doing her best to hang on, I had the gate and the video camera..but that was short lived. Gate was slammed shut, camera went flying and there went the lead rope, whirring through poor Theresa's hand. However, we learned long ago..LET GO. Theresa and I then went running behind this massive, beautiful horse as she charged back towards her area of comfort. Theresa went one way and I the other in order to keep her from wreaking too much havoc. All the horses were whinnying their sheer joy to the unfolding event before them. Apple raced around stopping to visit briefly to those she has been sharing the area with. She would stop and turn around and head in another direction..and at one point came back towards me, and she was in this beautiful heavy footed trot, head held high, and tail flagged behind her. Not knowing which direction she was headed, I decided, get out of her way NOW! She finally stopped in front of Shiloh and General's stall whom are both blind and just stood there and allowed Theresa to catch her up without an issue and she walked calmly back to her stall as if none of this ever occurred. It was a sight to behold.

Once everything had settled down, it was time to finish up water barrels and any other chores that had to be done. So how was your Saturday?? :)

Have a great Sunday!


Friday, November 21, 2008

MaMaDog and Adrian

A short little video of something I hope brings a smile this Friday.

The Name Game

The 25 y/o blind in one eye Appaloosa mare who is arriving at MHR on November 29 has been called "Skin." She's dark grey in coloring w/ very little hair.

We've decided we'd like to give her a new name and we invite you to play The Name Game. Her name will be selected the day she arrives.

It is FREE to play but we do have a couple of rules:
  1. Name must be submitted to .
  2. Posting your name suggestion on the JAN thread will not be accepted.
  3. Should individuals provide the same name, the one that comes in first via email will be the qualified winner. All others will be notified to submit yet another name or names.
  4. We will have an impartial person selecting the name.
  5. Whoever's name is selected will receive a gift from Miracle Horse Rescue.
  6. Names must be submitted by Friday, 9pm PST the 28th of November.
Again, names must be submitted to

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The winner of the Hope-AJ Keepsake Memento is...



Thursday morning

Good Morning Everyone,

I hope this finds all of you well. Here we are all fine. I am angry with myself this morning as I missed the The Horse on the History channel. We had it programmed to switch over, and guess what we were both sound asleep at 8:04pm (last time I looked at the clock) and it was on at 9pm pst. Crud.

Yesterday was very busy, but I was able to sneak a video in of JD playing with Abby's BoBo. It is apparent that Abby's outside BoBo was left too close to his stall and he decided Abby wanted him to play with. I had to be very quiet to capture this video. I walked over to him afterwards and JD walked over to me and dropped it, so I did not have to climb in a get it and he did not eat BoBo guts.

We are just awaiting the announcement as to who has won the Hope, AJ Memento. I wish all of you the very best of luck. This is quite a keepsake, it represents so very much, not just that they were born here at MHR, but that they were born at all and the journey that three beautiful mares began, last January from Canada to the desert of Pahrump, Nevada. But it goes further than that, the fact of the matter that FOBs and other individuals came together in September of 07, to secure their ransom and safety. I would also like to thank my granddaughter, who was 4 yrs old at the time who selected Apple from a photo..because of her name. Little did she know she chose a wonderful mare, who gave us a beautiful colt. THANK YOU EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU!

Spirit is doing great after the gelding, and is working out daily per the vet. He has a bit of an attitude but that is to be expected. He will get over it.

The day was pretty much the same as the others, so I will not bore you with water barrels, raking etc.

I do wish all of you a very good day and be safe.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday afternoon

Update on New Arrivals

"SKIN" 25 yr old mare is an Appaloosa, dark grey in color. Appaloosa's are susceptible to Recurrent Uveitis aka Moon Blindness.

"BRIGHT" is a white VERY VERY "FLUFFY" Welsh Pony. I was just informed that a young girl has been feeding, but it seems has realllllly been feeding her more than her share. Owner says she is so heavy barely can turn her neck and she has a wide load in the rear which jiggles. Not a good thing, sounds like she is going to need Jenny Craig.


JD gets the BoBo

Abby obviously left her BoBo too close to JD's stall and he made good use of it all. The BoBo was removed right after filming, so that JD did not eat any BoBo guts.


Wednesday morning


MHR was recently contacted regarding a 25 y/o mare who is blind in one eye and has very little hair, and a 15 y/o Welsh Pony. They presently live approximately two hundred miles north of MHR where it gets much colder. They had been rescued once by an elderly woman from starving to death. The elderly woman passed away this last April, and she had asked her daughter and granddaughter to please take care of them. It has now come down to the fact that they cannot care for them any longer and the mare does require special attention.

We realize that on our website it states we cannot take in more horses. However, this is an extenuating circumstance and we felt it necessary to save the life of the horses.

They will be arriving on Saturday the 29th of November.

Animal Control of Elko, Nevada recommended MHR as Whiskey came from Elko three years ago. He was sent here for warmer climate as well.


Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday morning

Good Monday Morning to All,

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend.

Our weekend was very very busy. Saturday morning, we took care of the needs of all the horses but, the big event for many was the gelding of Spirit, the second foal to be born at MHR on May 29th, 2007 after his mother was saved in October 2006 at auction.

Dr. Adam Hadland was the veterinarian who performed the procedure. He did this on our live cam. He explained what he was doing and why he did it the way he did. Unfortunately, not all of this could be heard. Dr. Hadland did a wonderful job. Spirit did not want to get up after he initially woke up. You see one of Spirit's fav things to do after breakfast is to lay down in the warm sun and nap. He came to and continued to enjoy basking in the sun. When he did get up it was slowly just as the vet wanted. A bit wobbly, but determined to finish his breakfast, he sauntered over to his feeder. Much to his dismay the food was gone. He was quiet the remainder of the day, giving us the opportunity to some work.

We fired up the tractor, and began scraping more pens, as we did this on Friday as well. Must take advantage of no wind, and the opportunity of having others here to help with moving corral panels, moving horses and holding them. LindaNV, thank you for being here to help along with the Theresa as it made everything go smoothly. Your assistance was truly appreciated.

Sunday was a really good day. We were busy outdoors as well as indoors. Very productive. Spirit is doing great, and he got his two work outs, that were prescribed by the vet for the next ten days. They are just 20 minutes each time and little trotting and walking around. He did very well and I am grateful that we started him at such a young age on voice command as well as hand signals. There were a couple of times he got a bit excited but he slowed down. He is doing very well.

Shiloh and General had their feet done as well. They must have their feet done just outside their stall and not far from one another as they are truly bonded. They both stood so quietly, and as long as they could touch noses occasionally to reassure each other that they were there all was well in their world.

The day progressed, work was done. At the end of the day, when you're hungry and you cannot wait for the meal that was planned is always nice. I had prepared a nice pot of stew and was really looking forward to it. I had also gotten Bruno and Adrian's food ready and it was sitting on the counter soaking. I was informed that the cam was down, so I told Rob I was going to put it up. He at the time was actually watching a football game, which does not get to happen often. Anyway to make a long story short, I went out to put the cam up and it took a bit longer than expected. As I walked in, Rob was getting the bowls out and he said that he stirred the stew up. He grabbed the spoon that was sitting in the sink and was going to stir the stew again. I looked at him before he could get over to the stew and I said "Don't use that spoon, that's the one I used to stir the puppy food." He stopped, turned around and said "I stirred the stew with that spoon already." The look on his face was priceless, but a pot of stew was ruined because you could see the puppy food floating in it. of the reasons I do not let him in the kitchen. So it was a dinner of whatever you could grab now. So, how were your dinners?

Everyone have a great day!


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday evening

Good Evening Everyone

It is 8:08pm, and all is well with Spirit. He has eaten his dinner and his medication as well. He is a bit sore, understandably so, he has been lifting his hind legs, mmm guess he is feeling a bit lighter. Sorry, a bit of my humor. He is doing just fine. At first I was a bit concerned as he was not interested in his dinner, and the last couple of geldings we have done both wanted to eat right after they came to. But, I have been monitoring him and his appetite is there once again.

Linda thank you very much for being here my friend and representing your group of Moms. Always, Always enjoy your visits. Theresa thank you for the pictures and the video you took. Dr. Hadland did an excellent job I felt in explaining everything for those who are not familiar with this procedure.

We had yet another busy day, we scraped out five more stalls. Several more to go but they will be done over the next few days. Along with the scraping came the cleaning of water barrels as well. It was truly a very productive day.

Well, I will go out and check Spirit one more time but I think I will hit the hay. Sweet Dreams to all.


Saturday afternoon

Good afternoon everyone,

Spirit has had his gelding procedure and he came through it just fine! There is a slideshow posted, but I must warn you that it is quite graphic. Please view at your own risk!


Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday afternoon

Here is Spirit enjoying his last day of being a beautiful Stallion. Is he not just beautiful? Thank you to those FOBs who helped save his mom, Misty, in 2006. What a beautiful gift she gave to us.

A short snippet of the Man you can tell he is not bothered by it all, calm, cool and collected....the question is..Are his mommies, aunties and uncles??

Friday morning

Good Friday Morning,

Here is a bit of video of the football team having their breakfast. Everyone enjoy your day, it is work work work today


Whiskey and water hose, he loves the water. Taken this morning.

Amelia and first encounter with a Pine Cone

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Great Chicken Roundup

We have quite a few chickens on the ranch now and we've decided to re home the roosters and a few of the hens from this year's hatchings. Theresa attempted to catch them with our special chicken-catching net and here are the results.

We'll try again when they go to roost.


Thursday morning

Good Thursday Morning,

Well not a great deal occurred yesterday, but we have several activities today. I will be watching little Amelia this morning for a few hours while Rob and Theresa do 11 horses at one of his clients. It is one road down from us so it is not far away.

We will also be having a rooster round up later. These young roosters are terrorizing our older hens. So we have a large fishing net to catch them with and they are being re homed. Plus my mom would like to have a couple of the young hens to go with her ever growing little brood of chickens. This should be hilarious, and I am sure I can manage a bit of video chasing chickens. Now whether Theresa appreciates it will be another story. Mothers-in-law can do this right? LOL

I would like to say this to all of you. I know we are all being tried during these poor economic times, but we would like to THANK YOU all for your continued support of the horses at IS appreciated!! Thank You

With any luck I will have some pics and possibly videos to give you a laugh and a smile later.

Have a great day!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday afternoon

This is Rocky. My parents have been fostering him for the last four years. Rocky is an OTTB that came to us starved at the age of 36 he is going to be 40. We had to go to their house as we had to recheck and abcess in Jingles foot, and soak her foot. It is a bit difficult for my parents at their age to do some of the harder things, so we come down and take care of those issues.

Here is Jingles and Dad. The shoe and pad were removed and the abcess had to be cut open again to relieve the pressure. She enjoyed the soaking of hot water and medication, she just stood there and relaxed. Shoe and pad were then placed back on to keep the foot clean.

Here they are again, we have had Jingles since she was 4 months old..she was orphaned at birth. She is now 15 y/o.

Here are Chase (L) and Ceaser (R), they are both Mustangs and belong to my parents. You can ride them both, but they are pets for my parents. They have had Ceaser since he was 1 yrs old and he is now 11. They have had Chase since he was 4 and he is now 14 yrs old. All the older grandchildren have ridden them, but my parents just love brushing and feeding them.

Here are Chase and Ceaser upset cause Jingles is out of the area. They do not like it when one goes out and they have to stay. Spoiled, Spoiled, Spoiled..but is it not the way it should be?


Wednesday morning

Good Wednesday Morning,

Yesterday morning we fed to a couple of funny sights. As we have said in the past never a dull moment, but yesterday was truly funny.

Tubby as we all know is a short, round mini horse..we have had him on a diet per vet directions and it still does not work. It has been determined that he does carry the dwarf gene as he never really developed normally. Okay now that I have explained his physical appearance, on to the story. As Big Joe and I walked out, there was Tubby, high centered in his and Hagan's feeder. He had jumped into it, but his tummy prevented him from getting out. He was standing there, calmly and looked at Big Joe and I as if saying.. "Uh, a little help here." Well, Big Joe lifted him up and he walked away, and waited for food to be deposited back in for him. He is a hoot and is always good for a smile and a laugh daily.

I went around feeding everyone else and I came to Apple. As I fed her and was checking her out (as we do with everyone daily to ensure no injuries), I noticed chicken feathers on her back...I thought uh oh, and began looking around for a possible pancaked chicken thinking maybe Apple had rolled over a chicken. I think and I do not know for sure, but it may be possible that the chickens have found Apple's back to be a wonderful place to roost at night. What a photo op that would be.

Everyone else is doing great! We have had some wonderful pictures that LisainCo has posted of AJ and Hope and their new family. They truly are living Heaven on Earth. Thank you Lisa for all the pictures, you are an Angel!

Well, must get ready to start the day outdoors and then work my way to the house. I wish everyone a safe and happy day!


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday evening

I wanted to share these photos with you that I took this evening of Amelia, she thinks the dog crate is a wonderful toy

and puppies at play on Sunday night


Boo Bakery

Ladies & Gents,

We had a great deal of difficulty with the videos which were tiny snippets; however we put together a slide show of the Trick or Treats. Please watch the entire thing.

Sheriff Susan I apologize for having not added your name to the credits..I was so frazzled during all of this and I knew once I had already posted I had made a mistake and forgot a very important cog in our wheel.. SUSAN THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!!!


Sunday morning

Good Sunday Morning,

I do hope that this will find everyone doing well.

Here in Pahrump this morning, there was light dusting of snow on the mountain peaks to the east of us. We are expecting winds 25-35 miles per hour with wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour. In fact we are under wind advisory until 7pm this evening. So it was batten down the hatches for anything that can fly around.

I was looking at all the horses this morning and they are all getting so soft and fuzzy. Looking at Apple and Jerri, they have fuzz but not near what they had when the came to us from Canada. They all just reminded me of velvety teddy bears.

Well, The Queen this morning received her cubes as per her request and then stared at me as if saying "did you forget something?" She wanted her after breakfast dessert. Gave her a flake, she sniffed it and then went back to her cubes. She is such a wonderful horse, with a very unique personality. She is in such great condition for her coming 29 yrs old. Incredible, and of course we cannot forget the beautiful little colt she gifted us with almost two yrs ago.

Spirit will be undergoing his gelding on Saturday the 15th of November. It is scheduled for 9am. The flies are now pretty much gone as this was what we were waiting for. Our vets do not like to conduct geldings in the summer months due to the flies but they will if it is necessary. In Spirit's case he is such a well behaved colt and we were able to wait until now.

Sampson and Ruby are doing very very well. Theresa has been working with Ruby, as she was very difficult to catch up. It is getting easier and easier. Sampson is afraid of men..there is no doubt about this. When I feed him, he is right at the gate waiting for me and does not move away. However, if Big Joe, Joseph or my father gets near the pens he backs up immediately watches warily. We are in hopes with continued positive interaction, pets, and gentle handling he will become more comfortable.

Rosie, the Diva's (Baby B) mom, is doing beautifully in the football field. When I walk out there, she comes up to me for a rub on her cheek or chin. When she first arrived at MHR she was very wary of people in general and did not want you to catch, lead her, nothing. Now you can catch her, and do just about anything with her. She still does not give her hind feet and must be sedated, but if this is the worst that we must contend with, in regards to her behavior than so be it. We know that this is not good behavior and we continue to work with her in short bursts, as we do not want her to revert to her old self nor do we want to stress either. She and Trooper just meander along together after eating and are quite the little team.

Buttercup, sweet old Buttercup. She and Emmett have been together now for over six months. Buttercup came to us over a year ago from PA at age 26. Very thin and with supposed Heaves (Equine COPD). She has never had any breathing problems whatsoever since her arrival, she had only one episode with a mild bout of colic her first week here, but the vet was called immediately and she was taken care of. She is of good weight now, and has an excellent appetite and will be 28 yrs old. She and Emmett are doing well together. She still has her crabby moments but it is all a bluff, she has never done anything or acted aggressively with any one of us. She does not have the best manners as far as leading but she is 100% better than she was from when she first arrived.

Well, I must now get a few things done and I hope that you all have a great day.


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Saturday morning

Good Morning Everyone,

Beautiful Saturday morning here in Pahrump. Winds are suppose to pick up tomorrow and be a lot cooler and the wind makes it that much cooler.

At this mornings feeding the horses were given a little extra treat (but only to the ones we could do it for, as some are very sensitive to change and could cause problems). I have to laugh at this though. Misty is a very hearty horse, and she has been receiving hay cubes for a long time. Well I first gave her a flake of the Three Way Hay, and she walked over to it, sniffed it and looked at me as if I had just given her a bucket of steamed cabbage. She stood there, tapping her hoof until we walked over and got her bucket of cubes...hoof tapping of course getting louder, once her cubes were placed in her feeder, she tossed her head at me as if to say, well it is about time. I may get to the hay later but for now I want this and don't you dare deviate from this again...I guess I was told. The expression in her eyes spoke volumes and gave me a huge huge smile.

It's the little things the horses do that can make a huge difference in one's attitude. I can start my day not in the best of moods, but by the time the feeding is done, one of the horses has done something to really bring a smile to the face.

Horses do have a magic about them, and I feel that a horse brings out the best in most people. I love the bond one can have with a horse, the companionship, and the unconditional love they give. In some cases, it is a miracle in itself considering what some have been through during their lifetime.

I do send my prayers and thoughts to those who have suffered recent losses, who are going through bad times and good times as well. We are all here for you no matter how far or near, whether we have met or is the bond of a horse that has brought us all together, and it is the Legacy of a horse that keeps us strong to speak for the horses.

May everyone have blessed day


Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday morning

Good Friday Morning to All,

I am sure everyone is looking forward to their weekends. Well, we have gotten back into the swing of things after 4.5 days away from the ranch. It has been 8 yrs since we have been able to get away together. Most times when we went anywhere it was all horse-related business. This time it was not. It was very relaxing and enjoyable as well. Enough of that though.

All the horses are doing very well. We have been working on the video of the Boo Bakery Trick or Treat items. We are editing to reduce size and have hit some snags along the way, but it will get done as we are having to work on it during down time, which I am trying to do now as well as get this out to you. Speaking of video and cams, we have had some electrical issues last night and today and so the cam has been going down quite often. Hopefully this afternoon we can resolve this issue as well as everything else that arises during the course of the day. The saying around here is "EVERYTHING IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE" and this is so true. You have planned out your day and then one thing can change it all. There is so much to do around here, and having to run back and forth to the cam and resolve its issues can be frustrating at times and then to compound it when your ISP is not cooperating either OY! what a mess.

The football team is doing great and the cool weather is making them very frisky. It is so hard to capture pictures when they are in the mode as we are normally either feeding, watering or some other project is going on. All we can do is try and as of late we have been unsuccessful, we can only do what we can do.

Otherwise, as I have said everyone is doing well, getting fuzzy and preparing for the winter which seems to be coming, I counted four flies this morning, so we know it is getting cold. The flies were racing me back to the house to get in where it is warmer. I beat them though and I thought I heard a thump on the sliding glass door where they ran into it. I saw one little fly lying on the ground rubbing his brow saying "What Happened??"

Anyway, more chores are beckoning so I will say see you later for now. Have a great day and a great weekend!! Be Safe Everyone!!!


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tuesday morning

Good Morning Everyone,

I hope this finds everyone well. Today, is last day of vacation but most time it will be spent at airport in Los Angeles. That's okay.

Looking forward to getting home and seeing all the horses. They were cared for by the best, my family: Joseph, Theresa, Wes, Nicole, Mom, Dad and Big Joe. I knew they were cared for and I am sure they are glad we are coming home. Thank you to them for making these four days very relaxing for us. It will be a long time I am sure before we can do this again. But this was well worth it. Diane and Shannon are a great couple and a wonderful Host and Hostess and more importantly GOOD FRIENDS. It was such a fun time with them. Guys would do their thing and we girls did our thing and would join up at meal times and movie time in the evening. It was just wonderful.

Now must go home and begin preparing for Thanksgiving, my fav holiday. Don't know why, just love it.

Well the next time I post on ABR I will be home. Everyone have a great day!!


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday morning

Lisa, AJ and Hope's mom in Colorado, posted this message and pictures last night:

To all who love Hope and AJ:

WOW!!!! WHAT A DAY!!!!

To start with, the weather was almost hot and sunny - just incredible for this time of the year, but that's not the highlight. I saw Hope and AJ make lots of friends. It was worming day so everyone came in. Hope and Aj as usual were on the other side of the fence, protected. They are big, but they are still such little kids. TBut they got to have a fren with them throughout the day. The best part though was they got to really meet everyone across the fence. It was like coffee at Starbucks. All the horses coming up to say hi, how are you, let's chat...

Then, I saw Hope run free and fast. It took my breath away. I had taken both Hope and AJ out to graze in a pasture, and she ran and ran and ran on her own. She was just beautiful.

I saw both Hope and AJ graze. He has been better at grazing that Hope. Today though, she seemed to see that food grows from the ground. AJ got it the first time out.

AJ and Moonlight Valentino, my other PMU guy, met today. I think they talked about who would be bigger when AJ grows up.

Yes, Stephanie and Rob and everyone at MHR did a great job. These kids have a great attitude - they are trusting, kind, secure, curious, and very very loving....They are a joy. I am so lucky to have them in my life.

I wish you all could have been here...


Thank you so much for the compliment, I love working with Pregnant Mares and I especially love working with new babies.

The photos are wonderful, simply splendid! This I must say to all was the PERFECT rescue of their moms BUT this is the PERFECT adoption!!! I can feel the crisp mountain air against my skin as I type this as well as seeing the babies and all of your horses able to move about at will. This is where they belong to become well adjusted adult horses. Question for you Lisa? Can Nemo go out with them or does he require being left in your large corral until such a time he decides he does not need to wander so much....LOL

Lisa thank you for everything you are a treasure and these former MHR babies have hit the JACKPOT!!!!

Hugs to you, Hope, AJ, Nemo and all the other furbabies at your ranch