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Stephanie Pierce

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Your thoughts and sentiments have compelled me to write of the deep gratitude and comfort you have conveyed to us here at MHR.

Our job, which we feel we were chosen for, is not easy...emotionally, physically and financially, but it is one that we gladly take on.

We have taken in some pretty down trodden horses that some thought would never survive, but they did. It makes no difference how long they are with us, they receive good quality care and plenty of love...which we have so much to give.

I have been blessed with a family who has been so supportive, friends who know and understand. The last three weeks have been horrible, losing Buttercup, Faith and now Marigold.

Buttercup came as quite a shock, as all was well the days and nights before. But she did go peacefully as there were NO signs of struggle whatsoever. She had a remarkable personality, ears, no ears....what a joy she was!

Faith, oh our dear sweet Faith, who gave so much of herself in such a short time. I felt like I had been hit with a sledge hammer. Coming across the property I did not see anything unusual as Faith every morning would lie puppy dog style enjoying the sunshine as it rose over the mountains. As I came closer, I knew, as she did not raise her head and wuffle at me, nor made her moves to stand up. I could not get the gate open fast enough so I just climbed over. I knelt down, and touched her soft face and knew. Her eyes were closed. Very peaceful, very serene. She did bestow a beautiful gift to us all...JUSTICE. who grows daily and becomes more beautiful each day. He is and always will be loved by many! In Faith we met a remarkable horse, one who will be engraved in my heart forever.

Marigold, oh what a mule she was. She made me laugh, she made me cry as I dressed her old wounds. She arrived with many many issues, but we did everything we possibly could to make her last days her best. She had whatever she wanted, but I began to notice the tired look in her eyes, the lack of vigor in her eyes at feeding time. Hence the reason for Dr. Hadland to come in. I value his professional and compassionate nature. When he believes we have exhausted every effort then I must take him for his professional opinion. Marigold left her earthly body peacefully and quickly...she was ready. I will miss her big long ears twitching, listening and you strokes her with a soft brush and Hagan goosing you for the same treatment. Hagan is doing well; I know she misses Marigold but she is given a great deal of attention just being loved on.

No matter what their state if disabilities, their need for food, and especially their need for love...they will receive it here. We do what works for us and it has been successful thus far..everyone has their own way, but if it is done for the love of the horse, then IT IS THE RIGHT WAY!

Stephanie and Rob