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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday morning

Good morning,

After we had problems w/ cam last night, I was unable to chat or even get cam up. However, puter was up in the house but most had left for the evening so I am going to answer some of the questions that I was able to see.

Grace...She has been adopted..Her adopter will have her transported to Houston when he is able. He does provide monthly for Grace's care.

Sinatra..He has been adopted, however the adopters have encountered a family situation which would prevent them from being able to spend the amount of time they want and need to spend with him. Sinatra's care is also being provided for.

They are adopted, they are being cared for by their adopters. Until the time they are able to move to their forever homes they will remain with us. Things happen in individuals' lives which sometimes prevent them from being able to move forward, so as long as they communicate with us and continue to provide for the care of their horse then their adoption contract stands.

Glory had a person who was interested in adopting her, however once again things changed in this individual's life which prevented the adoption from moving forward.

The family that adopted Dancer and Casper were considering adopting Glory. However due to the economy they have opted not to take on a third horse.

Levi: It is very difficult to adopt an older horse as well as to adopt a horse which has sustained an injury and there is a risk of it being reinjured. He is a handful and yes requires an experienced rider, but he needs an adopter who only wants to work him on flat work and who rides in the English Discipline. There is not much call for that in our area.

Individuals in our area are giving away horses and are having a difficult time in doing this. Hope and AJ were very lucky as they were young and healthy. It is an unfortunate situation for many horses and I am sorry we cannot help more.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tuesday morning

Good Morning Everyone,

It has been a busy morning as always. All of the horses are doing quite well, which is wonderful.

Ruby had her feet done and an attempt was made with poor Sampson. Ruby was very staunch about seeing her Equine Podiatrist but she was more receptive than poor Sampson. It is quite obvious that something and who knows when, but in Sampson's life someone was not kind to him while having this done. He was trembling and did run over Joseph twice, cut his finger open as the lead rope slipped through his hand, and struck out at Rob several times, and actually got loose from them twice as well. They managed to catch him up with zero problems, but it is the fact that he was so scared. When Rob was bending over his front feet you could watch Sampson's skin quiver, ears moving rapidly and his eyes blinking like crazy and pulling his head away.

So in order to end on a good note, Rob took him in his pen, Joe held him and was stroking his neck the whole time. Rob would reach down pick up each front foot several times, and patted him and in a soft voice told him he was a good boy. When he would reach for the rear feet Sampson would lunge forward and spin, however after several attempts and a lot of encouraging strokes of praise he finally gave his hind feet. Though they were not done on this day, they will be on another and hopefully Sampson will understand and find comfort in knowing he will not be hurt. Rob is very impressed with mules and in awe of their memory. He remembers a couple of mules he did a couple of years ago, the family moved away but returned after two yrs. They told Rob that they had problems with their farrier and the mules had given him problems. Rob was sure after two years that he would be encountering the same problems, but he did not. They gave their feet and stood perfectly. He was these mules' farrier until they both crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

With time and patience we are hoping that Sampson will change his mind about getting his feet done and that it is not a bad thing. Just as we hope beyond hope that Jerri will make a complete turn around and begin to trust humans more and will accept all of us and not just one or two.

I wanted to remind everyone that I will not be doing Live Chat on Friday the 31st or Monday the 3rd. We will be very busy this coming weekend and I do not anticipate being able to be on the computer much at all. Just wanted to give a heads up. Also, if time allows I will be chatting beginning between 5 and 5:30pm today. If you have questions, would you please be so kind to email them to me at miraclehorserescue01@gmail with your names and I will be able to answer them and I will also give your name. I will read your name and your question, as the good folks that view the blog and the website do not have the luxury of seeing what is typed by each of you.

I do hope that everyone has a great day, and that something special comes your way and makes you smile or laugh.


Happy 5 month birthday, Hope!

Happy 5 months birthday Hope..You are a special Angel of a Horse....Forever in my heart and an inspiration to all.


Monday, October 27, 2008

Monday morning

Here is the Beautiful Apple..responsible for all the joy brought to many by AJ. This photo was just taken this morning after she was given her breakfast and all her goodies.She still needs a bit more weight to be at her optimum weight but this has to be done gradually in order to avoid other problems that can arise.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

AJ, Hope and their new friends in Colorado

Sunday morning

My Dearest Hope and AJ,

I have seen all the wonderful pictures that your Mommy has posted and I know I have not said much. It seems when I look at you both I get this huge lump in my throat and an ache in my heart. I wish that I lived closer to you, because I truly miss you. I thought it would be easier on me, but I guess I broke my own rule...I fell in love with you both but who wouldn't.

You look wonderful and all your new Grammie loves Nemo as he is just fascinating to look at.

Could you do me a favor little ones, would you ask your mom, to wrap her arms around your neck for me, and whisper in your ears, thank you. Thank you for all that you did for me when our family was going through a tough time. That you brought me joy daily with your sweet antics. I Love you two and you have made a difference in my life.


Dear Lisa,

Thank you very much for everything. I have truly enjoyed the pictures just been difficult to respond to them until now. I know it is silly and some people may not understand the connection but that's okay. If they don't then they will never "Get" what a beautiful animal can do for the soul. Thank you again for everything..


Dear Family,

Yesterday, In chat I told you, Oh I do not miss the kids, but all who know me know that this is not true. This is all good for Hope and AJ, I know this. They did not need to grow up at a rescue, how unfair would that be for them. They need lots of room and more one on one..which is what they have now. They are in a wonderful environment and I told Lisa the day she was here to pick them up, she is the BEST home for them as she knows drafts, their quirks and needs. She will and can give them so much more and I look forward to seeing them all grown up, looking regal, confident and majestic. They were born with dignity, and their lives will continue in a manner that they will always have care and love that they and all other horses so justly deserve.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday morning

This what not to do with Baby Draft NOT leave them in the bathroom by themselves to eat breakfast at 6am. Always remain with them, forget your needs, forget the coffee, just concentrate on them.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday morning

Good Thursday Morning All,

It was a nice brisk 37 degrees this morning. I know it is much colder in other areas of the country but for us this is quite a change. However, it is going to be warmer this weekend.

Well, it sounds like our SPECIAL Little Big Ones are adjusting quite well to their new life. I am very happy for Lisa and I am truly happy for Hope and AJ; however it does not change the fact that they are truly missed by everyone at MHR.

I have been observing Ruby and Sampson, the round pen is really a good place to do this. She reminds me very much of a domineering old housewife and he the henpecked hubby. Last night, I was sitting outside about 10:30 and was watching them. He was standing there trying to nod off, she was standing at his left rear flank. All of a sudden, she reached over and bit the dock of his tail which sent him scurrying away and her in hot pursuit chasing him with her frying pan. We are going to give him some relief though. We moved Dublin and Shania into a large large pen together (which is working great) and Sampson and Ruby will have their own pens but will be next to each other. Hopefully this separation will give him the rest he needs from her "STINK EYE."

All the horses are doing so well, and I am happy for this. Muffin and Acey will be celebrating their 41st Birthdays here very very soon and Rocky will be turning 40. It is truly truly amazing, considering Acey and Rocky came from very poor situations. Muffin had been very well cared for..retired from Team Roping, sent to a Therapeutic Riding facility and then to MHR. In fact Muffin has been very frisky as of late, and his appetite is incredible. The joint supplements that all of you helped purchase has truly made a huge difference in him. His back injury (in his spine) seems to be feeling better as he has been doing some running and stopping rapidly and I actually think I see a smile on his fuzzy little face.

Well, I do have to get rockin' and rollin' this morning as I am by myself this morning. Rob has already left for work and Big Joe had an appointment in Vegas this there ya go.

Everyone have a great day!!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday morning

Good Morning Everyone,

Well, I have not said much over the last couple of days...I am having an attack of what is called "Empty Nest Syndrome." I know this may sound silly, but it is true. I am so used to having the little big ones there to greet me every morning, and them there for our late night talks when I could not sleep. I know that it is hard to believe that I would feel this way with so many others in our care. But it has happened.

I sat and reflected over their births, remembering the feel of their wet, warm bodies the mornings they were born. Laughing when they made several attempts to stand and when we had to eventually help them. Then remembering when they would run around staring at all the wonders of their little world here at a rescue...and then I saw the photos of our babies, standing in the surroundings of the Colorado Rockies and all I could say is "AWESOME".. and with that said, I move forward knowing they are safe and will be loved.

I would like to THANK EVERYONE for your continuing support in aiding in the needs of the horses at MHR. When MaryL has started our ABR threads, who would have imagined they would grow and grow but they did. ABR has been a wonderful place to share, educate and support individuals regarding HORSES...which is what it is all about.

We have many wonderful people who read our blog daily and I would like to thank them for their continued support. We are the voices of the HORSE, and we must continue our fight for the end of slaughter, the PMU industry and abuse and neglect.



Monday, October 20, 2008

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Boo Bakery

Here are the individual Halloween Treat Bags. They are adorable and I wish to thank each of you for your participation in this fundraiser.


For the Babies

Dear Hope and AJ,

Grammie here....well I know that your trailer ride is going well, your in a fantabulous rig and in wonderful hands.

I am sorry it did not seem that I cared about your leaving, but I put my big girl jeans on this morning. I did not want you to feel bad about leaving, cause this is what is for the best. You must grow up, have a job to do and bring joy to everyone you meet. I know this cause you brought many hours of joy into my life.

Your mothers brought a lot of excitement to our lives during a dark time when your human great-grammie was very sick. Your impending births were the sense of Hope that was needed after the loss of your Grammie Nellie, and the loss of Grampie's Mom. Waiting and watching for your arrivals was much needed during such a sad time for many.

Hours spent talking to each of you and rubbing your moms' tummies while you were still safely tucked inside brought peace to my heart.

Hope, the morning you arrived was so awesome, the sun just coming up over the mountains. There was such a calm that morning, and I was and still in awe of the miracle of life. As you struggled to your feet, the others on the ranch whinnying their welcome to you was totally awesome. It was just incredible, and to watch you grow into what you are today as you loaded onto the trailer made me proud and honored to be a part of your formative first few months of your life. I wish you nothing but the best, and if ever you look to the west know that I am thinking of you little girl and that I love you.

Apple Jack, or as you were lovingly known here as AJ Forest Bubba Goober Gump. Wow, what a guy you are. The first day you stuck your head in my chest and wanted me to scratch your ears, you stole my heart. We had something special little big man, can't explain it but it is a bond that does not come often, but one that I will treasure the rest of my life. Looking into your soft brown eyes, I often wondered what you were thinking. Your easy going attitude was pure as the day is long. You will always be an honest boy, willing to please and giving your best. I remember the morning you were born, as I saw you lying there and I saw those big ears, I was wondering, goodness what was he bred to?? I still laugh when I think of that thought. Eventually I know you will grow into them.

You two babies have come into this world for a purpose and a mission. I am not sure what that will be, but I know what you have done for me and the rest of the MHR family and for this I am eternally grateful.

I will miss you, but I will love you always!

Grammie Stephanie

Congratulations to our winners!

The winner of the Silent Bid Auction for the Hope/Jerri blanket: JeriC27

The winner of the AJ/Apple Plaque: Linda R in Nevada.

Congratulations to both of you and thanks to all who participated!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

AJ and Hope

Our good friends, Linda and Roger, came to say good bye to the babies today

These are our neighbors, Sheree and Duke. They have watched the babies grow up, and they are MHR Bloggers. They came to say their Good-byes

Ruby and Sampson

Ruby on the left and Sampson on the right. This is their position for driving

Ruby closest to camera

All pictures taken on 10/18/08

Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday afternoon

In January 2008, we awaited the arrival of three beautiful PMU Draft Mares in foal, all the way to us from Canada.

They arrived and showed up on the scene with much gusto. We all agonized over the death of Nellie and Lil Angel in March 2008 and were beside ourselves with this loss despite our efforts.

We began working more with Jerri as we knew the importance of being able to handle her before and after foaling. The hours of waiting were fun but nerve wracking as well. In the dawn hours, with the desert sun beginning to peek over the Eastern Mountains at 5:20am on May 29th, Nellie's Hope decided to enter the world in all her glory. We were in awe. She was and still is beautiful.

Over the next two weeks we watched as she grew, but we also began watching and anticipating Apple's impending birth. In the wee morning hours of June 16th at 3:30am, Apple Jack graced us with his presence. He has the most wonderful personality.

Well, here we are 4.5 and 4 months later. Hope and AJ have been a huge source and comfort to many as we watched their antics together. They came into this world with so many loving them from afar and those who were able to loved them up close and personal.

In the next 48 hours they will be leaving for the next trek of their lives...I want to say thank you to everyone for helping bring their mothers to MHR, for helping raise them during this short period of time and for loving them no matter how far or near you are. It has been a grand journey, but their next journey is much more grand as Lisa will be showing us how they grow and what they learn and do. This is and always was what it is for MHR, finding the perfect "FOREVER" homes for our horses, and if they cannot leave then we will love and care for them the remainder of their days.


Friday morning

Good Friday Morning/Afternoon to Everyone,

We hope that this will find everyone doing well. Everything at the ranch is doing great. We have made all preparations for the departure of Hope and AJ to their new home in Colorado. They willbe departing Sunday Morning early.

Please remember the beautiful blanket of "Hope's First Day of Life" and the beautiful plaque of "Apple and AJ" only have a few hours left.

Sampson and Ruby have adjusted very well to their new environment and we will be sharing them with all of you via ustream once Hope and AJ have departed MHR. Sampson and Ruby are with us due to some sad extentuating circumstances and that is all I am able to share at this time.

Bruno and Adrian are doing great and will be taken to the vet this afternoon for their first visit, to establish records and to ensure there are no health issues. I will say they are a rowdy pair and keep us on our toes.

All else is well, horses are fine and the day has been quiet thus far....which is the way we like it.

Thank you to everyone for all that you do.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy trails to our Little Big Ones

As I write this to all of you, I must admit that I have tears in my eyes. The realization of Hope and AJ has hit me full force today as I got their Final Traveling papers, the "Health Certificate," today from Dr. Henesler. They have all proper documentation for their new life w/ mommy Lisa in Colorado. I would like to share this with as I thought to myself "Happy Trails" Little Big Ones, may the Lord keep you safe and may your lives be filled with love and new adventures and of course lots of songs sung to you.

Love Grammie, Grampie and all your Aunties and Uncles

We dub thee...

The names have been selected for your mules

They are

Sampson and Ruby

Ruby was submitted by Sheree who watches the cam via our Blog


Lynn Stewart for Sampson

Congratulations Ladies

Coffee Mugs on the way!

The mules when they first arrived

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Here they are!

They arrived late this afternoon. Here's your first look ...

Tuesday afternoon, part 2

Your Mules will be arriving between 4pm and 5pm PDT this afternoon. More details after they are settled in.

You are all invited to submit names for our new pair (male and female). If we select your name you will receive a Coffee Mug with your Mules' Photo on it. Submit your nominations to . Please submit your names by 12 noon PDT tomorrow (Wednesday).


Tuesday afternoon

We are still waiting for the Mules arrival. Have not heard anything as of yet. As soon as we do I will let you know. We have the mules big stall ready and we went and purchased them a new water barrel. So we wait.

In the meantime as we wait here is a video taken of Bruno and Adrian today.

Tuesday morning

MHR will be receiving a driving pair of mules. They are arriving today!

They are in their late teens. Details to follow.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Grandpa Rob's gizmo

Here is the maiden voyage of Grandpa's special project for his grandchildren. Amelia enjoyed her first swing ride. Grandpa purchased safety swings that lock the little ones in at two different points, plus has the safety bar. He also ensured that Amelia had a little blankie around her in case she got chilly. I truly do not know who was more thrilled Amelia or Grandpa.


Sunday evening

Earlier today I posted the wrong video of Bruno and Adrian as it was blurry. Here is the one I wanted you to see. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Film debut of Bruno and Adrian

Sunday morning

Good Sunday Morning to All,

Well, the first night with Bruno and Adrian was pretty good. They were placed in a nice big crate in our bedroom with us. They went fast asleep, I had placed the shirt I had been wearing yesterday in with them and they snuggled up to it. Their crate bed must be at least four inches of fluff plus my shirt. They woke up at 12:30AM needing to go out. Of course you must understand they are on my side of the bed, so we know who had to get up....LOL. I took them out, it was quite cold outside so we know winter is surely approaching. They both did their business and ran back to me....thank goodness. They were very happy to go back into the crate and they fell right back to sleep and so did I.

Thank you to everyone for your name submissions, they were all wonderful! Congratulations to Susan and Ro, I will be placing your totes in the mail tomorrow.

All of the horses are doing great! The weather has made all of them quite Frisky so we are watching our toes. The Fall always seems to make for happier horses and people as well.

It is time to begin pulling out all of our winter gear once again. I would like to express my gratitude to everyone for helping fill the Doc Wilbur Medicine Chest, this is a tremendous help. Thank You So Very Much!

I hope all have a wonderful Sunday!

Again thank you for the names for our new Little Big Ones... "BRUNO AND ADRIAN"


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Look what we found!

It is obvious you do not let yor husband go to Shadow Mtn Feed for his Saturday morning social man visit....sigh. It is obvious that Rob is having separation anxiety with AJ and Hope departing next weekend. A woman came into the feed store with two puppies, brother and sister. She had an accidental breeding in her home. The puppies are not registered, they WILL be spayed and neutered.

Would you please welcome to the MHR FAMBLEE

our newest editions, Cane Corsos (Italian Mastiffs)

Thank you Patti and Ron Cross of Shadow Mountain Feed for the high recommendation

This is the little boy:
and this is the little girl:

They do not have names as of yet. We are not going to have ears or tails done. We are leaving them the way they were born. So I hope that you will help us welcome them into the famblee. Gonna have to get them some BIG


Saturday morning

Good Saturday Morning to All,

Well the Fall weather is upon us, but for how long? The desert weather is subject to change at a moment's notice. Very overcast, cool and quite breezy..according to my father, the forever watcher of the weather, it is to be quite windy throughout the day. I can always count on Dad to keep me informed.

All of the horses are feeling the change and several are beginning to grow a bit of the fuzzy wuzzy coat. I love when a horse has a shiny, slick coat. However, I love to slide my fingers through their fuzzy coats and bury my face in their necks and breathe in the essence of these majestic and magical creatures. They have a way of lifting one's spirit.

AJ and Hope will be getting prepared a week from today, packing their little suitcases for the big trip to their "FOREVER" home next Sunday. A dream has come true for so many of us that these two youngsters would be together for life...for this I am forever grateful to Lisa in CO. She will be their caretaker and I know will love them immediately. I look forward to seeing them frolicking in a pasture and seeing snow for the first time. Sure hope our little big man can keep his footing, as gracefulness is not his asset. Hope will keep him steady and true.

Jocori, after her bout with mild colic (colic is colic regardless and important to take care of), is doing great. She has regained her status in the football field and is very content to be back.

All the horses are doing wonderful this morning and I hope each of you are. You will be in my thoughts throughout my day and I wish you only the best.

Take care and we will chat soon.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wednesday morning

Good Wednesday Morning to All,

First of all Thank you, thank you to everyone for helping with Jocori's vet bill. It makes things much easier not to have to worry about touching funds allocated for food for all the horses.

Jocori is doing great and will be allowed to return to her home this morning which I know she will be glad to be. There were several piles throughout the night and we know with the amount of oil she received more will be coming. Every time I checked on her through out the night she was anticipating that I had brought her food. Felt bad but Dr. ordered no food, but as long as we had movement through the night she would be able to have her breakfast. I always laugh at well at Dr. H's. writing as well, a lot of times I will ask him, now what does this say? Yesterday, I asked his permission to have him on cam, he said really? While we were in the round pen he asked where the cam was and I pointed it out, and he just said wow, "They can see me?" I had to laugh. He said this is a first for him to be on the world wide web.

AJ and Hope would talk to me when I came out, and of course each time they received skirtches. They are just the cutest little ones or should I say Big Ones. They stood in front of Baby B's stall and would lie down while she stood over them in the maternal stance watching over them. She is very sweet to them, but keeps them in line as well. They must learn. However, they do not even venture over towards Spirit's stall as he pins his ears and gives them the old stink eye.

I am scheduled to chat with you all at 5:30 PM PDT today, if I am running a bit late it is because I have an appointment early in the afternoon and I am in hopes to be done in time. However, I should not be gone much past 5:30..I hope

Once again, Thank You Ever So Much for your assistance, it is truly appreciated.

Have a wonderful day all!


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A damsel in distress

MHR's Jocori, a mustang mare, has been having symptoms of colic today. We noticed she wasn't eating her breakfast and in the late afternoon the vet was called to tube her with mineral oil to work out her intestinal issues. We all know that nasty bloated feeling is so uncomfortable for a lady such as Jocori. Fortunately, Dr. Henesler was able to come to the aide of this lovely damsel in distress. She was a brave girl and only needed an injection for the vet to work on her. She will have to stay in the round pen tonight and will not be able to have dinner. We will be checking on her throughout the night. Doc Wilbur could really use donations to help out with the vet bill - $220.00. Contributions, in any amount, can be sent via the MHR website:

Miracle Horse Rescue, Inc.
2220 Simkins Rd.
Pahrump, Nevada 89060

Thank you all for your continued support!


Monday, October 6, 2008

Apple, 10/06/08

Apple doing what she loves best

Monday morning on the football field

10/06/08 @ 10am...still eating breakfast.

Levi and Jocori

Rosie and Trooper
Rosie and Trooper againSinatraWhiskeyJonah
Jonah and Grace

The football team as you can see is doing very well. They are being fed a three grain hay "Oat, Wheat and Barley." They really like this hay and as you can see are doing very well on it. Dr. Adam was the one who initially called them Roly Polies. They are very happy horses. They also received their carrots this morning from the carrot lady.

Monday morning

Good Monday Morning,

The weekend was pretty busy as always. Played with AJ and Hope, well we try to make their training fun for them and us as well. Since Hope is her mother's daughter she gets a bit pushy at times. However she has found that we push back with a stern NO. She wants to do things her way, but she is now understanding completely that we walk like a lady and we behave like a lady when we are on halter and lead. She "Gets It." Very intelligent little/big horse.

We attempted to have Apple Bobbing for the little ones but it really was not successful. When we brought Baby B in with them, she showed them how it was done. She also showed them if you want something bad enough you just dump the water barrel, grab your apple and run. I know they were happy after she showed them how it was done.

As I went to retrieve the barrel and put Baby B back in her area, AJ let me know he wanted to play with the barrel. He tried on three occasions to grab it from me. He is such a social butterfly and loves to receive the attention at all times. He can be hugged on, scratched on and if he could go with you wherever you go, he would. Lisa is in for a treat as he is what I call a pocket pony. Wonderful wonderful personality.

We have some major work to do in the Big Girls pen. Their pens have to be completely scraped again. They will be spending a few days in the round pen, so we can allow their pens enough time to dry. When they go, they go. Their manure is easy to clean up but my goodness, wet spots are tough. So in order for it to dry we have to completely strip the stalls and start all over. Thank goodness for the little yellow tractor. I tried by hand but made zero headway. Oh well, its all part of the job.

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to do live chat online via our Ustream. It gave me the opportunity to speak to many people I have communicated with over the last couple of years but never spoke to. So, what our plans are is on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 5:30pm PST (as long as nothing of an urgent matter arises) I will be on our Ustream channel and talk about the horses. We spoke of the little ones and we spoke of Jerri's progress. I like to know who I am talking to, so if you join us it would be nice if you could sign in with your name. It makes it so much more personal for everyone. We thank you in advance.

Well the day has started and I have several items that must be accomplished. I wish all of you a wonderful wonderful day, you deserve it! Stay safe, and when things seem tough, take a deep breath and think of something that brings a smile to your face.

Have a great one!


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hope-Jerri blanket

This is the actual blanket being bid on in our silent auction

New MHR sign

Theresa, Hope and AJ

Tubby, Baby B, Hope and AJ

Saturday morning

Good Morning Everyone,

I would like to take this time to speak to each of you about family and the importance of it, and how it should be cherished.

There are a few but not many that know I have another son by the name of Tony. We had a falling out four years ago. This is not something I am proud of as I was raised to cherish my family and I do. He had done something four years past, and I believe he is not proud of it, but is not quite sure how to come around. He is very stubborn and determined..(takes after his father..LOL). I have been able to keep abreast of what is going on in his life, via my sister Debbie, my parents and Joseph and Nikki. He has made some significant and positive changes in his life during the past four years. He got married, joined the Army last January and seems to be happy. I am happy for him despite the fact that we do not speak. He knows that his family keeps me informed even if he does not want to communicate. I have accepted this.

This has been weighing on my mind and surely in my heart for a long long time. My sister called last night to wish me a Happy Birthday as we were on our way to dinner with my parents. She then asked to speak to my mom, so I passed the phone onto her. During dinner I asked my mom what did Debbie want?

Debbie did not want to tell me as not to upset me, but mom gave in and told me.

My son Tony leaves tomorrow October 5 as he is being assigned to a unit South of Baghdad. I ask if you would please say prayers for his safe return, he will be gone a year. He knows that I want him to be safe and that I have asked the Lord to watch over him..thanks to my parents.

Cherish your families, as I am hoping this will bridge the gap between a mother and her son. We both have our faults and have made mistakes. But I still love him and always will. Keep your family close, hold your friends close as well as they are part of your family when you let them into your heart and life.

Thank you for listening


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thursday morning

Good Thursday Morning to All,

Well, we have had intermittent cam over the last few days and I apologize for that. It is our computer and I must get it into the shop to see if more memory will help it. I will attempt to keep it up as much as I can until then, with everything else that is going on sometimes it is a bit tough, but will try.

All is well with the horses. I measured AJ and Hope yesterday for Lisa so that she can purchase their Colorado bound traveling attire. I cannot wait to see photos of them when they eventually play for their first time in snow, should be a hoot.

Jerri and Apple are doing well. They have adjusted very very well without their little ones. It is all in the process of moving on.

The cool crisp mornings have everyone fired up, especially the football field. They begin zipping back and forth about 5:30am, chasing chickens and each other. Heels kicking up, whinnying and the basic game of "Keep Away". Fun to watch. They are all doing very well and are quite happy. We have been taking Shania and Dublin and letting them spend the day out there. However, Shania seems to be standoffish with the others. When they walk up to her just for a greeting she flattens her ears, and gives them the "Stink Eye" so they just steer clear. Dublin takes it all in stride, allows a bit of sniffing but is not interested in making long term friendships with that group.

Rocky, the OTTB that my parents foster is going to be celebrating his 40th B-day here very soon. He is doing so good for his age..very content, especially since four years ago he was very very thin and he is a rolly polly and still full of himself. Good to see them at this age happy.

I do hope that everyone has a wonderful day.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Trick or Treat


Did I hear something about treats???? Oh Mommy!!!!!!!! Can I, Can I have some????!!!


smells my feet, gimme something good to eat!!!

Heard bout stuff Apples