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Stephanie Pierce

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Remembering Barbaro

On the eve of the anniversary of his Crossing the Rainbow Bridge, we must remember that Barbaro did not die in vain.

He has brought many people together to fight for the lives of horses around the world and to fight for the Ban on the Slaughtering of Horses.

His Legacy lives on through each of you and through the lives of the horses you have saved.


Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday morning

Good Morning,

I wish that I could explain what I felt when Apple's halter was removed and the new one put on. It gave my heart an ache. Joseph did not know I was taking that photo, he was totally engrossed in touching Apple. In fact at one point Nellie had come up behind him in her stall and was watching intently. He did ask me if Nellie was behind him and I said yes. Jerri is a bit more aggressive and does not hesitate to show her displeasure, a bit of ear pinning and turning the rear but even that is beginning to not show itself as often. You cannot make any sudden moves whatsoever, everything must be slow or you risk the chance if them rushing away from you. I know in time Jerri and Nellie will come around, maybe not to the extent that Apple is, but I won't rule it out.

I have taken to sitting and even reading to them the last couple of days. I am reading "BREAKING FREE" by Lauraine Snelling. It is an outstanding book, of a young woman sent to prison and while there had the opportunity to work in a high profile retired TB race horse program. I had been sent this book to read and evaluate by the publisher a few months back. I grabbed it up, and thought what an appropriate title.

These girls are really helping me right will never know how much. We are finding comfort and peace within each other. I can never thank the FOBs, family and friends enough for saving them.

Thank You


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Apple shows off!

Apple gets a new halter, and kiss from Stephanie's son, Joseph. We think she likes it.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I hope this finds all doing well.

Everything here at the ranch is going well. Jerri, Nellie and Apple have truly fit in. While, filling Nellie's water barrel yesterday, I was standing there talking to her. I know she did not know what I was talking about, kind of a private conversation. She was watching me, and a little bit at a time she began inching her way over. She was within arms reach, and though I wanted to reach out and touch her I refrained from the urge. Instead, I reached down picked some hay from the bale and handed it to her. She stood and I stood quietly, a few sniffs and ever so gingerly she took it from my hand. I was thrilled. Of course though, there was Apple, her large head and deep voice wuffling at me. I had some carrots on me. I took a carrot and attempted to hand it to Apple, she stood looking at me as I was rubbing it on her lips, sticking it in the side of her mouth...nothing. I then reached over and got a handful of hay and these huge plunger lips slapping together came towards my hand..she took it. Once she ate that she took the carrot from me...LOL..she wanted to have what Nellie had first. Apple has also taken to lifting her right leg and pawing the air at feeding time, not big swipes but little ones...indicating her impatience for her food. Jerri is much more wary and watches everything you are doing. You can tell she wants to be part of it all as well, but she is not ready to commit to giving into her desires. In time. She is however not moving away when you are around her pen, but she does stay back and watches very intently. It will happen, and we are in no rush. They need to be comfortable first and foremost.

All the horses at the ranch are enjoying the spring-like temperatures. Most will bask in the sun, some standing and the others lying down, especially after their morning meal.


I would like to share with all of you a special telephone call I received on January the 18th. It was Gretchen Jackson. She was calling to thank us for the print "The Legacy" She really liked it and said she has a special spot for it. We chatted for a few more minutes and I told her about your big girls arriving the night before and the efforts that went into not only this save but others as well.............All in his name, "Barbaro" This was a thrill and an honor for me.


I hope that each one of you have a blessed and safe day.


Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday morning, 1/21/08

All is well here at the ranch. Jerri, Apple and Nellie are settling in. They are very quiet, and other than the ruckus upon their arrival, it is as if they have been here forever. All the other horses pay no mind to them.

They are taking some treats but they are so very cautious. I actually touched Jerri on the nose and then a touch to the shoulder which I thought was going to cause her to jump through her skin. Nellie not a chance at this point, but with time and patience it will happen. I have had the opportunity to rub Apple's face and her cheeks (big cheeks). She is a sweet a mare but cautious as well.

It will be some time before we can change their halters out. In the meantime, I call the halters they are wearing their "BADGE OF COURAGE". Jerri's number is 92, Nellie is 34 and Apple is 09. Their names were actually given to them by Animali staff members, as they were only numbers to the rancher. These numbers are freeze branded on them which will always be a reminder to us of their previous lives.

In time, they will come around, maybe not entirely but they will always be safe and loved.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

More pictures from LindaNV



Half Moon:
The Diva, Baby B:
Baby B and Spirit:
Baby B and Spirit:
Cloud and Roger (Linda's husband):
Buttercup and Dublin:
Click on images for larger version. Thank you Linda!

New pictures from MHR

Our fellow FOB, LindaNV and her husband Roger, visited on Saturday and got some great pictures, which she has allowed us to share.




(click on images for larger versions)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday, more of the girls

Also available (at normal speed) on YouTube.

Nellie, January 18, 2008

Jerri, Friday, January 18, 2008

Video, Friday morning

Nice, quiet morning at MHR. The girls did fine during the night, no panels knocked over, no fences broken through. All is well!

If you have trouble with this video, you can see it, at regular speed, at YouTube.


Apple this morning, with our volunteer Allison.

Friday morning

All is well here this morning, I checked on the girls last night at 10:00. They were resting. There has not been a peep out of anyone. I think they are all in shock...LOL

They are magnificent to look at......I was in awe looking at them. Nellie and Jerri are standoffish a this time but I am hoping in 30 days they will come around, this is where patience will be needed.

Some of you have been giving the accolades to Rob and me for the girls, BUT I AM GOING TO GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS is because of the FOBs and BARBARO that they are here now. I applaud each and everyone of you for he hard work and efforts you have put into this save. It appears at this time you not only saved three lives, but are to be commended. I offer the biggest HUG and the biggest THANK YOU to all of you.

So many were involved behind the scenes in this effort, you just can't imagine.


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Second video

Short one. Apple seems to have an interesting profile...

See the complete, regular-speed video at YouTube.

First video!

Hold on to your hats!

Our fearless leader is saved by a turkey! See the complete video at YouTube.

First pictures!




(click on the images for a larger version)

In their pens, finally...

Nellie is nervous. She made a break-out as soon as the trailer doors opened. It's all on tape and we'll see it as soon as it downloads.

Most importantly, Nellie is without a doubt, pregnant! And her bag is huge.

Apple is sweet...Jerri is nondescript at this point (no offense, Jerri!).


Correction: It was Jerri who raised a ruckus, not Nellie. Sorry Nellie!

They're home!

The girls have arrived at MHR! Pictures will be posted as soon as they are available.


Tick tock

Driver John checked in around noon PST. He was 160 miles from Pahrump at that time, so he's on schedule. ETA: between 3-4 pm PST today!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Late afternoon progress report

Driver John expects to reach Wells, Nevada tonight and spend the night there. He expects to arrive at Pahrump between 3 and 4 tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon!

Wells is 473.4 miles from Pahrump.

We have an ETA!!!

Driver John has called to say that he crossed the US border and estimates he will arrive in Pahrump tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon between 3 and 4 p.m.

He also says that the girls have been very nice in the trailer, which is a very good sign for the future!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tuesday afternoon

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I spoke with both the husband and wife of the ranch where your girls are coming from.

I was informed that Apple is very sweet and that both Nellie and Jerri are a bit on the nervous side. He said that they will lead (I hope..LOL)....we will just take it nice and slow. Mr. C. stated they were being picked up today and would be entering the U.S. in the morning.

This is all very exciting and we are prepared for their arrival. Cathy will be here and Diane and Shannon are arriving Friday night. I will get plenty of pictures and of course some video as well. I will upload everything as quickly as this computer will allow me to.

I have been busy around here with all the typical daily stuff. Horses are all doing well. Getting ready to go out and feed them dinner.

I hope all of you have had a wonderful day and that you have a pleasant evening.


Finishing touches to the pens

The auger that was used to drill holes for the posts:

Rob using sawzall to cut excess tops off:

And we wait...!

The mares start their journey today!

The girls are being picked up today and are expected to enter the U.S. tomorrow morning! The weather is getting bad up north and the driver is trying to beat it.

The distance between Winfield and Calgary is about 150 miles. It's darn cold there.

The distance between Calgary and Helena, MT is about 400 miles.

The mares are coming!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday update

It's been a typical day at the ranch. Rob and Joseph went this morning to get all the railroad ties for bracing/strengthening the Maternity Wing. We have to rent the two man auger over the next couple of days, the equipment rental is not open on Sunday. Must get this done!

I filled all the water barrels and added another 100 gallon tank out in the football field. Mucked stalls and moved Shania next to Phreddie. She has the ability to move her water barrel and it was 3/4 full and she dumped the whole thing in her stall so she needed to be moved to drier location. She appears to be quite comfortable next to Phred and he to her.

It is a beautiful day today and the horses are really enjoying the weather. I went outside a moment ago, and several of the horses are just napping. Guess it is a lazy day for them all. While I was cleaning Jonah's stall he was swinging his cone around and flipped it outside of his stall. I retrieved it for him, not once but twice and realized he was playing a game because he did it a third time and looked over at me as if to say "Well go fetch"! I finished his pen and climbed out and tossed it back in for him. He knew I was not coming back.

Everyone else is doing great. I hope that you are having a wonderful day and a great evening. I would like to add.... GO CHARGERS


Railroad ties located in area that will require bracing:

Dumplin and Tubby, MHR's Odd Couple: