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Saturday, January 31, 2009

January prize winners!


Winner of the Ruffian signed by the artist print: Janet L.

Winner of the Barbaro print signed by Prado and Matz is LisaCo (mom of AJ and Hope).

Winner of the Nellie-Lil Angel plaque: LindaNV.

Congratulations winners and thank you all for your support!


Saturday morning

Good Saturday morning everyone,

Yesterday Rob and I finished our end of the bartering he entered into w/ an individual who has 47 mini horses. We finished or I shall say he trimmed the last 11. Now all are standing on good little feet. It had been a long time since most had them done.

I was handling one little one who seemed to be sweet, however she decided to show me her ornery side. I got walloped in both knees by tiny little hooves. They can sure pack a punch. I never said a word to Rob until we were all done due to the fact if I did, I would have heard his two famous lines.."Quit acting like a girl" or "Rub some dirt on it, and walk it off". I know that he always makes sure it is not serious before he makes his comments. I figured it was easier to keep quiet. :)

It is very quiet here this morning, as it is still a couple of hours before feeding time. I have been outside with my coffee, looking at the stars since 4am, and feeling blessed that I am able to continue my work for the horses, and blessed for all the friendships that I have gained...all because of Barbaro..amazing journey for all.

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of FAITH and her unborn foal. I look forward to many a night chatting with all of you during Foal Watch 09. Once we know when she has began her journey, our travel guide Sheila will more than likely give us her route and a blow by blow account of her arrival. She is being delivered directly to our facility just as the BBGs were.

Again, I would like to thank the anonymous donors who saved these two lives. I am sure everyone here is grateful for what you have done. I know that I am, as I do love all horses, but I do have a special place in my heart for the elderly and a very special place for the PMUs. You have pulled a mare that will never have to suffer again the inhumane treatment of the PMU industry.

Everyone, have a safe day and enjoy family and friends.


Friday, January 30, 2009

Nye County Animal Control

Good afternoon everyone,

MHR was very happy to receive this letter this afternoon from Jon T. McCarty of the Nye County Animal Control. Thank you Mr. McCarty and thank you all MHR supporters who enable us to continue with our work.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

January 29, 2009

Good Morning All,

This day brings many many mixed emotions to my heart.

I know that because of Barbaro so many lives have been changed, and I know that he has changed the lives of horses.

When I reflect over the last two years, so much has transpired in each of our lives.

He is truly the horse "That Changed a Nation."


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wednesday evening

Good Evening All,

We have been very busy as of late with putting up the final shades that Rob bartered for. We have three more to do and that will be it. The second one is the big one and is going to take MAN power to help with. The trusses are very heavy and must be welded. They should all be done I hope within two - three weeks, I hope.

Faith should be arriving early February. She is the Grade Shire Mare that was saved by several anonymous individuals. We thank them for this. She is due to foal in May or June. Faith was used on the PMU line, has a bad back and was exposed to the stallion all summer long. We will know more about her back once she is here and settled. We were not provided much information regarding her back. This will not be her first foal.

All else is well and I hope so in your lives as well.


Big news!



Faith should be arriving early part of February.

I was informed that she will probably foal in May or early June

Exact date of arrival is unknown, but she is coming directly to us as did last year's BBGs

Stay Tuned


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shade construction has begun

This is one of the shades that we dismantled on Sunday, we began re-erecting Monday and we completed today.

The next one going up is going to be 72 feet long and 12 feet deep. This is going to be the big one. The two that are going in the Football Field/Delta Sigma Hoof and the Ladies Parlour will be 24 feet x 24 feet. This will conclude all the shade building.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Spirit's got a new toy

Linda Hayte sent Spirit a new ball. Watch what happens...

Friday, January 23, 2009


Good Friday Evening All,

I am trying to catch up on everything, such as emails etc., but will have to continue a bit later on that.

We have been busy. I have been assisting Rob with the trimming of 47 minis. We/he has completed 36 so far. I am the catch them up and hold them person. Some have been cooperative some have it has made for an interesting couple of days. Actually been kinda fun, plus I get to spend lots of time with my best friend (my husband).

All of the horses here are doing very well. Sophie has adapted quite rapidly to her new world. Blondie is doing real well.

Well, been a long day and we have some projects we are going to attempt to accomplish this weekend.

Everyone have a great one, be safe and be happy!!


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday afternoon

Good Afternoon Everyone,

It has been a very busy last couple of days. As most of you know, Rob is trading out his farrier services for the remaining shades for the horses at MHR. We have done 23 minis in two days. These little ones desperately needed their feet done as they are being sold. Only 24 more to go. We are removing some of the shades this weekend. Diane and Shannon went with us this weekend to walk through everything. Most of the minis are stallions and can be a bit snotty. They are cute, but they are still horses despite their size.

All of the horses here at the ranch are doing great! Muffin is in the roundpen, and he was quite pushy this morning when taking him there. For 41 yrs old he still has a lot of life in him.

Sophie is adjusting very well. She is quite comfortable in her new stall. She has resumed her eating. She never really stopped, just was a bit hesitant, but back on track now.

Blondie is doing real well this morning. She is bearing full weight on her front end. In fact this morning she was running in her stall, bucking and squealing. She is doing so well.

The BBGs are doing great! Very relaxed and calm.

There is still no word on Faith's arrival. Will let you know when we hear something. Getting anxious.

Well, I will write more later, just a brief update from our day


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gonna be a Cowgirl!

Amelia, on Tubby with Hagan standing by. Taken 01/19/09

Monday, January 19, 2009

Baby B and Spirit

Working cooperatively for a common good...

Emmett and Buttercup

Here are photos of Emmett and Buttercup.

Buttercup came to us in 07 from PA. She was very thin, reportedly with heaves and had a real bad attitude. She was seen by Dr. Henesler the first week she was here. She has put on the weight he wanted for her, she has had no breathing issues and her attitude has changed completely. She has become very sweet and not such a grump with her ears plastered to her head at all times. We have had experience with horses that have had heaves (another horse sent to us from Ohio) and he did great in the desert environment as well. Buttercup will 29 this year, she was born in 1980.

Emmett was returned to us last year due to financial difficulties his adoptive family were enduring. Emmett was very well cared for by them. Emmett has suffered a stroke, and the right side of his face has been effected. It does not effect his appetite though, he is quite the food monger. Emmett also suffered from Ringbone which has since fused. (Ringbone is exostosis (bone growth) in the pastern or coffin joint of a horse. In severe cases, the growth can encircle the bones, giving ringbone its name. It has been suggested by some authors that such a colloquial term, while commonly used, might be misleading and that it would be better to refer to this condition as osteoarthritis of the inter-phalangeal joints in ungulates (Rogers and Waldron, 1995: 34-35).

Ringbone can be classified by its location, with "high ringbone" occurring on the lower part of the large pastern bone or the upper part of the small pastern bone. "Low ringbone" occurs on the lower part of the small pastern bone or the upper part of the coffin bone. High ringbone is easier seen than low ringbone, as low ringbone occurs in the hoof of the horse. However, low ringbone may be seen if it becomes serious, as it creates a bony bump on the coronet of the horse.)

Emmett will be 27 in 09 he was born in 1982.

Monday, January 19, 2008

Good Monday Morning to All,

It has been a very busy weekend.

On Saturday we took in Blondie, who will be 25 yrs old on 1/28/09. She is a Quarter Horse. Blondie was no longer wanted. The former owner stated to me via telephone and face to face in front of Diane, Shannon and Rob if we did not take her she would be sent to auction. He also stated to us that she throws nice babies so if we wanted to breed her by all means do so. He was politely informed WE DO NOT BREED and we have a NO BREED CLAUSE in our adoption contract that was established in 2001. It was a matter of out with the old horse and in with the new horse. In their last act as owners, they rode Blondie to MHR, in fact they raced her over. The father drove the vehicle and the son rode Blondie. As she came through the gate she was drenched from the tip of her nose to the tip of her tail. It took Shannon an hour of grooming to get her dried out, as it was getting later in the afternoon and when the sun drops it gets cold and the last thing we wanted was her to get sick. However, that is the least of our problems now, because she is very stoned bruised now on her soles. She will be placed on shoes and pads, but prior to this she will get her feet soaked in warm water with Epsom Salts. It has been our experience that this procedure has helped others who have come w/ sore feet.

Dr. Henesler was her vet, so I will be discussing her with him. She is a very nice mare. Sweet and quiet all in the same sentence. She will be at MHR for awhile till we get her feet squared away and do complete evaluation on her. She will be placed up for adoption but it will be to a special home only who will understand the limitations of an older horse. If anyone is interested in sponsoring Blondie while she is here she would be grateful.

Here is Sophie taken 1/19/09, she is being taken to her new stall. Sophie is being moved from her current stall to a smaller stall next to Acey. Sophie has gone completely blind. We have experience with horses who have gone blind, and we have been monitoring her. It has been our experience that they become depressed and of course frightened of this new world they have been thrust into. We are grateful that we had Sophie prior to her going completely blind as she is very comfortable with our voices and touch. I got up with her last night at midnight, and stood and talked to her. She was not nervous as we just stood together. I believe she was comforted with me there and I know that when I came back into the house I felt better as she was very relaxed. Again, we have been through this several times so we know what we have to do to help them through this transition period.

Here's a video of walk over to her new stall:

Thank you for your support!


Sunday, January 18, 2009


Everyone, please help MHR in welcoming their newest family member. Kims Neet Blonde aka "Blondie," 25 yr old QH mare. Sweet Disposition.

This is her story from her former owner in a nut shell. He bought a younger horse to go along w/ his other younger horses. He stated that if we did not take her she would be going to auction. He stated that he could no longer use her, but she dropped nice babies. We told him that we do not breed. If we cannot find the right home for her she would live out the remainder of her days with us receiving the love and care she so justly deserves.

This was Diane and Shannon's first experience with a horse being turned over and were quite surprised with the former owner's attitude.

Blondie is a very nice horse. When she arrived, she had been ridden over. She was drenched in sweat as it was running off her body and her face. It seems the son decided to race his father who was driving their vehicle. She was breathing very heavily. I was none to happy with this treatment and made it known once she was signed over. This was not necessary. She is doing fine and seems to be adjusting quite well. Very calm girl.


Sunday, January 18

These photos were taken on 1/17/09. We were celebrating Muffin's 41st birthday. Muffin has been at MHR for 6 years. He is a former team roping horse, who sustained an injury to his back which prevented him from continuing to be utilized as a roping horse. He then was turned over to a Theraputic Riding facility. When he could no longer be utilized in this capacity he was sent to MHR to retire.

I feel like a 20 yr old!

Muffin is doing great for his age. He is a sweet gentleman and we are very lucky to have him at the ranch. Muffin is also very lucky as he has Roger and Linda Rasch as his sponsors. When they come to visit, he gets some pretty special loving from them.

Glory and Spirit

Hay Glory, I have an itch can't you give a guy a hoof here?

Pssst! Do you think they are still looking at us??

If it's not the people staring at us, its this crabby little dog Ewtie staring at us.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Good Saturday Morning,

Today is the anniversary of the arrival of the Big Girls. It was one year ago today that they burst on the scene. It was quite an exciting moment as we all waited so patiently for their arrival.

Here's the video of the girls as they arrived from Canada. For those who haven't seen this before, Nellie is the one pulling my son, Joe, off the trailer and Jerri is the one who came roaring out behind them. Welcome girls!

We suffered the heart-breaking loss of Nellie and her unborn foal within two months, but we were blessed with the successful births of Nellie's Hope to Jerri, and AJ to Apple.

The Nellie and Lil Angel Medallion is truly a piece of artwork to be treasured.

This piece represents the love and peace between a mare and her foal. But its meaning is so much more. This medallion represents the PMU mares that have suffered the inhumane treatment of the PMU line, and when no longer productive, cast aside like an unwanted old pair of shoes to a horrific demise.

Nellie left us too soon, but taught us so much. We did not just lose Nellie but her foal as well. A foal destine to be an Angel before she was born.

We hope that you will consider the purchase of a ticket for this piece. We thank each of you for your support.

Soon we will be welcoming Faith, another PMU mare from the line, and her unborn foal.


Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday morning

TGIF to Everyone,

I must say, it has been quite harmonious week for the horses. I appreciate days like this. Everyone healthy and need for the vet, this to me is a good thing.

Since the moving of the big girls to the Ladies Parlour, I have made mental note of the difference that I have seen in Jerri. She still does not allow herself to be petted like Apple or the others on the ranch, but she is now doing small nickers and wuffling noises when she sees me. She even actually approaches the fence when she sees you coming. Her eyes have softened more. Once again, I think we have rounded another corner with her. I have walked out in the pen and Jerri watches and has even followed a couple of more progress. It is all good. I am not saying that she is going to be a pocket pony, but I am in hopes that she is slowly learning to trust.

This brings so much hope to us. But most important is what it does for Jerri. To not live in fear is an aaccomplishment for her. I think of the strides she has made, from a year ago tomorrow -- amazing. Yes, it will be a year tomorrow since Apple, Jerri and Nellie arrived. You can see Apple taking her first steps onto MHR at the left. It is seven months today since the birth of AJ. Time has flown by. So much has transpired for so many, both good and bad.

As of this morning, I have no news as to the arrival of Faith. I know they have been having some terrible weather in ND, and I think of her and the other horses in that area. We will keep you posted as we receive news.

Our January Hay Drive has some very special prizes. Please consider purchasing tickets for the hay drive. We thank you and the horses thank you for your support.

I do hope that everyone has a safe and happy weekend. Remember to tell the special people in your lives that you love them and how important they are to you.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wednesday pictures

Spirit again
Old Man, Tubby, and Hagan
Muffin (41 years old this year)
Bright again
Baby B!
Apple and Jerri


Hello All This Wednesday!

Tuesday was a quiet day, and the typical chores done. This morning we awoke to a chilly morning. Had to break ice on the water barrels, but we are not as cold as our friends and supporters in the Mid Western and Eastern states.

I have been watching the weather in North Dakota daily, as this is where our Faith is located. We still have no word as to shipping but as soon as we do, we will let you know. We are anxious as well for her arrival, as we want to get to know her and to have her become comfortable in her surroundings before she foals.

Spirit amused everyone with his ball playing antics yesterday. He brought a smile to our many bloggers and website viewers. It takes a lot of energy for him to perform but he is on it.

I hope that everyone will consider purchasing tickets for our Hay Fund Raisers. There are some beautiful prizes, and the horses will whinny their thanks for your support.

I would like to wish you all a wonderful day and evening.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Good Tuesday Morning,

It was a fairly typical day on Monday. It was I must say, a very peaceful day. There is always something that must be done.

We trimmed horses feet, cleaned up some water barrels and had the opportunity to sit and watch the horses doing what they do best: just be horses. Many basked in the sun, there was a nip in the air but it was not too bad. Plus, there was no wind, which is always nice.

Bright yesterday was feeling really good and it seems that Dublin has staked claim to her. He does not want any of the other horses near her stall. He is truly into the little ones.

Apple and Jerri are very content and quiet. So nice to see them this way. The football field really does not pay them any mind. It is like they have always been a part of their group, even with the fence between them.

I hope that each of you has a great day. Stay safe!


Monday, January 12, 2009

The football field, 1/12/09

Pictures from today, 1/12/09

Did you ever think we would see the day that Jerri and Apple would stand next to each other by choice?? OH HAPPY DAY!!!!!!!

Baby B

Monday morning

Good Monday Morning,

Yesterday, our winds were high, and I made the command decision to leave Spirit in his play area, as he was feeling quite frisky and I felt that B deserved a break from his antics. Spirit is really a good boy, but he has to readjust to playing with others with a bit less vigor. Just takes some time.

It was a very casual and quiet day at the ranch on Sunday. Everyone was doing well and enjoying the early morning sunshine, and wind the wind kicked in they all just turn their hineys to the wind and stood around. There were no horse games in the football field, and the Ladies Parlour was extremely quiet. Apple and Jerri just stood side by side for the most part without a care in the world.

Another day begins, so I will talk to all of you later. I wish everyone the best!


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday morning

Good Morning Everyone,

I hope that this finds everyone doing well this Sunday morning. I hope that our friends and supporters on the East Coast are staying warm.

Well, yesterday was the coming out party for Spirit who 8 weeks ago was gelded. He was quite the rowdy little guy to finally have someone to play with. He lost his mind a couple of times but regained his composure and drove Baby B nuts. However, she survived his playing. He was placed back in his play area for the night and fed by himself, which suited both of them. The other reason for placing him back is so that he did not try and eat her food as well.

This is the fourth day that the BBGs (Apple and Jerri) have been in what has fondly been named by Bev Young, "The Ladies Parlour." They are doing great, there have been no battles whatsoever over the fence with any member of the football team. They have settled in and there is harmony amongst the ranks. Both the girls are quite relaxed in their surroundings, which is so nice to see.

There is still no news as to the arrival date of FAITH. We are standing by. Her stall is ready and we just need our new Mama-to-be to arrive.

There will be a second camera put up on the ranch. This camera will give a view of the football field and the Ladies Parlour. It will be on Ustream and will be its own separate show as well as have its own chat. The primary cam will be focused on the Doc Wilbur Maternity Wing, so we can all begin foal watch 2009. Remember to have plenty of coffee, snacks and chocolate for those late night viewings. We will be changing the name of this ustream show indicating it to be "FAITH FOAL WATCH 09". Once this has been done the link will be posted on our blog as well as website. We wanted to give you a heads up of the future change.

Otherwise everyone is doing well. Yesterday was the last day of our monthly psyllium regiment for all the horses and all systems are good to go. This is a monthly program of one full week a month that they receive this in order to keep things moving and to remove sand etc from their system.

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to Doc Wilbur's Medicine Cabinet. Each one of you deserves major kudos for your kindness and generosity for the horses.

We will be conducting a major fundraiser in 2009 when our FOB family arrives for their annual visit. We will keep you posted with details as the time draws near. This should be a great deal of fun as well as very informative for the public.

Again many many thanks to everyone that helps the horses at MHR.

I wish you all a wonderful day.


Saturday, January 10, 2009

One more video from today

Ladies in the Parlour

January 10, 2008

The football field 1/10/09

Sophie today

This is Sophie today, January 10, 2009

"To all my sponsors: Look at me now!"

Thank you everyone, for helping this lovely girl.