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Stephanie Pierce

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Friday, May 13, 2011

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 45

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 45, One Small White Flower

Steph stands up, "I don't need to watch this it’s an old episode anyways." Rob nods, "Don't know who came up with the idea of 'Gator Hunters versus Lumberjacks." Steph says, "I am going to check on the horses." Steph looks around at the dogs to see if anyone wants to come with her, most go back to sleep, Moo thinks a bit, and walks over to Steph, then Truffles gets up, and walks over, Steph waits, seems like the rest have had enough adventures for one day. As Steph leaves, she grabs her jacket, it is a bit cooler tonight, she heads to the maternity ward, with the moving of the horses/mules today it will be good to see how everyone is doing tonight. Electra and Ruby are standing in the back of the pen, not really next to each other both close enough you can tell they are giving each other comfort and some space. As they pass the pen, Moo and Truffles decide its time to run in front and play chest bump, and nearly trip Steph, "You two stop that, or its back to the house for both of you." Being the good dogs they are, they continue by running ahead a bit, the diving into each other. Steph shakes her head, dodges the pile of dogs and nears the turn out.

Steph stops and looks around, Justice is at the far end, Casper at the near end, with Violette, Blondie and Annie in the middle. Justice is looking at Casper, Casper is looking at Justice. Steph walks up to the rail, Steph starts to ask what they are doing, but Casper takes off for the far end of the turnout, Justice waits til the last second and runs to the near end and they both stop and look at each other. The mares in the middle of the turnout are shaking their heads. Seems like they have picked the perfect spot as to not have to get out of the way, when Justice and Casper are running about. Steph says, "Casper, Justice come here." Justice heads to Steph, Casper lingers a bit. "Casper come here." He nods and heads to Steph. As they both approach Steph she asks, "What are you two doing?" Justice is the first to reply, "I don't know. I think its a game, but I don't know the rules." Casper butts in, "He keeps trying to steal my mares!" Steph nods, "Casper they aren't your mares." Casper looks at Steph, "If'n I get the mares, they are mine. That is what Stallions do." Steph walks over closer to Casper, and motions for him to come closer, she whispers in Casper’s ear, "Casper, you are not a Stallion, you are a gelding." Casper looks at Steph, turns and looks at Justice, then he turns and looks at the mares. "You got to be kidding me." Steph reaches through the rail and rubs Casper’s nose. "That’s right, you don't need to collect mares anymore, and Justice is no threat, he is a" She whispers in Casper’s ear, "a gelding also." Casper kicks the ground, "Does that mean at meal time I have to share?" Steph shakes her head, "No meal times are a open game." Casper nods. Justice nods, "Can I get a hat for the parade." Steph turns to Justice "Where did you hear about the hats?", Justice walks up, "Its all over the ranch, aunties, and others are buying hats for us for the parade." Steph nods, "Well we will have to see."

Steph turns to leave the turnout, Moo and Truffles have wondered off some place, she heads to the back row, Sampson and Bright are in their new pen, one on each side, but seems they are accepting the new accommodations. General is standing quietly, as are Baby and LB, all seems quiet, Steph walks past the newest turnout, Charity is still off to one side but the others are grouped at one end, and all are resting.

Steph heads up to the Football Field, under the light of the nearly full moon and with the aid of her Mag-Lite 2200, she sees one small white flower, something the tractors had missed. She reaches down and picks the little flower, it can't more than a half an inch across, but it has red and blue lines running around the edges, she turns off the flash light and looks at it, seeing it only under the moonlight, "This will do perfectly." She approaches the Football Field, and goes in, she doesn't normally want to bother the horses, this late at night, but tonight is different. Most of the horses are standing apart, a few next to each other. She walks to the middle of the pen, nearly the center, and places the small flower on the ground. As she stands there, all the horse walk toward her and stop. Steph lowers her head, and says "Thank you, Simba Marie, for bringing light to our hearts, run free." Steph turns and walks out of the pen, each horse lowers their head, then watch Steph as she leave the Football Field.

Steph walks over to the Lady's Parlour, as she nears the rail, both Dublin and Jerri, walk up followed by the others. As Steph puts her hands on the rail, both Dublin and Jerri say, "Thank you." Steph looks up, Dublin says "Are you crying?" Steph says, "A little bit." Dublin reaches over the top rail, and gentle kisses Steph on the top of her head.

As Steph enters the front door, Rob looks over, "Have you been crying,” Steph responds "Only a little bit."

To Be Continued
Author Samm

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Simba Marie

It is with a heavy, sad heart that we announce the death of Simba Marie this evening, May 10, 2011, due to a ruptured bowel. She was seen by Dr Adam and given her wings. She quickly joined the MHR heavenly herd in the sky after receiving the medications.

Simba Marie came to MHR in 2007, severely under nourished. With love and patience she blossomed into a kind and gentle mare. Everything was fine this morning and she enjoyed her breakfast along with her friends in the Football Field. However, this afternoon she apparently twisted her bowel which led to the rupture. Dr. Adam was quickly called, meds were given per his order and upon his arrival and examination of Simba Marie, he gave her wings. Simba Marie was in her 30s according to Dr Adam. She will always be remembered and loved by us.

In honor of Simba Marie, contributions in her memory would be welcomed. They will go towards the vet bill.

God speed Simba Marie, you are running free.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

May 7, 2011

Hay everyone

I spoke with John at Animal House this morning and the price is going up early next week when the hay truck comes with a new supply. MHR needs about $400 more to complete the squeeze at the lower price.

We can do this, I know. Any amount will help. You may call Animal House directly at 775-751-1777 and be sure to ask for John.

If you prefer, you may paypal MHR directly, MHR&S Donate page.

This is our "hay derby" race. Any amount is very welcome. $400 is the goal and we are at the starting gate.


Friday, May 6, 2011

May 5, 2011 continued

Here is another brief glimpse of changes taking place. Again, this has been done now over three days, and this includes working on little tractor to get running. Rob and I have been doing the work.

Left to Right...Misty, Emmett, CB and Honey (Misty and Emmett QH's and CB and Honey both OTTB's) and a lone Salt Cedar tree/bush (allergies anyone?)

The 'Mango'
This is the steering wheel that raises and lowers the grates on the BBQ that Rob built. Notice the Cue Ball to hang onto?

May 5, 2011

Hi There!

I do hope that the following will clarify the placement in the project areas. Everyone already knows which horses are in the the FB and the LP. We are attempting to name the new areas as well. The new area on the East Side will house the following: CB, Misty, Emmett, Honey, Ginger and Charity(quiet group). This area needs a classy name. The new area to the South of of the Rp, houses Justice, Casper, Blondie, Violette(My personal horse) and Annie. (This area needs a name as well).

There are only going to be a few stalls, and they will house the following horses as they do not have the ability both physical and mental capacity to go in with others and their ages prevent it. They already have large stalls, but they will be given even larger ones.

Baby, LB, General, Brassy, Old Man, and Ruby, Sampson & Bright (they will house together) as they are buds.

Electra will be living in the Maternity Stall, as she is going to be undergoing a redo on her Hernia Surgery on the 16th of this Month. Her body rejected materials that were utilized in the first surgery. She is in zero pain, and HAS been seen by the vet. Desert Pines Equine Center will be performing the surgery again, and are being wonderful about all of this. It is unfortunate that her body rejected the materials, but this can happen to animals as well as humans. So for the time being she will be going between the rp and the maternity wing. However, post op she will be in Doc Wilburs Maternity Wing, until further notice from our Veterinarians.

With this new layout, flies will be at a minimum...which is wonderful. With any livestock there is a matter of flies. Even with the chickens, but they are quick and grab the flies. So it is beneficial for the horses.

So, with all the changes taking place at the facility, we will be giving you little previews, but once ALL is completed then we will have the video to show it all.

We would like to thank everyone for your support and patience. Rome was not built in a day and this last year has been filled with family members undergoing surgeries, and illnesses including myself, and just everyday life and on top of everything else our daughter being deployed on the USS Carl Vinson (GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS) and the worries of how this has affected our grandchildren. But, many of these changes are taking place from sun up to sun down, with two of us doing the work, it is not a face pace move but it is being accomplished. Once again, thank you ever so much, for everything and if you wish to donate to our ongoing need for hay, you may visit our website, blog and click on the DONATE icon. Your support DOES, HAS and WILL make a difference in the lives of the horses at Miracle Horse Rescue & Sanctuary.

Stephanie and Rob

May 4, 2011

Major changes are taking place at our facility so we are giving little glimpses of some of the progress

May 2, 2011

Hello Everyone,

Today was spent working on various projects, building a new turnout area, grading the property, hay delivery, grooming horses. It was just a fabulous day to be outdoors. We had zero wind, which was wonderful so it was a prime opportunity to begin prep work on future projects, and just being outdoors with the horses. Here are a few photos for your viewing pleasure.

Ginger (front) next to her is Annie and Justice is in background

Casper (left) and Baby (28 yr old qtr horse. She came to MHR at the age of 22 with her mother. She had never been around another horse besides her mom until her arrival MHR. Her mom was with us for two yrs and crossed the bridge at the age of 34. Baby never had much done with her. The only thing she knew was leading, but did not understand your space, my space concept. She now knows how to lead, give feet, and of course loves a good grooming.

Casper (front) and my personal horse Violette visiting.

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 44

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 44, Sink of Mayo

Steph turns off the TV, stands up, "Rob I am going to check on the horse's", Rob nods, as he heads to the bedroom. Steph looks around at the dogs, to see if any of them want to join her, 'Hmmm, doesn't look hopeful.' and heads out the door. A quick look at Ginger in the Maternity Ward, she heads to the Lady's Parlour. Dublin must be on the other side of the pen, since 'B' and Spirit are on the near end. "Good evening." Spirit look at Steph "Good Evening." Steph looks around, "Where is Jonah?" 'B' looks over her shoulder, and looks back to Steph "Oh, he is out on a mission." Steph nods, "Do you know what his mission is?" 'B' shakes her head. Steph asks "Who knows about his mission." Both 'B' and Spirit look back at Dublin. Steph yells out "Dublin come here please." As Dublin heads to Steph, 'B' and Spirit head in different directions to clear a way for Dublin. Dublin gives them both a look and stops in front of Steph. Steph says, "Good evening, I understand that Jonah is on a mission." Dublin nods, "Yes, gave him a mission so we can celebrate tomorrow." Steph thinks for awhile, "What are you celebrating?" Dublin looks at her, "It is an old horse tradition to celebrate our Mexican heritage. Did you know that the Spanish brought horses back to this land. It was a long time ago." Steph says, "Yes it was long ago. So what is Jonah's mission?" Dublin looks around making sure no horses are listening, "He is looking for a pumpernickel." Steph looks at him, "A what?" Dublin says "Its a P something, its been a long time since we had one. Its filled with treats, and its fun to break for the younger horses." Steph thinks a bit, "Oh, you mean a piñata." Dublin nods "Yes that is it." Steph smiles "So where is Jonah?" Dublin, looks around, "I don't know for sure, he is around some place."

Steph turns to the Football Field and looks around nothing out of the normal. She heads to the back of the ranch keeping her eyes open for Jonah, the back row is quiet, the RP is quiet, Electra and Bright are standing next to each other, both sound asleep, the new turn out seems quiet, but Justice keeps looking at Casper, 'Guess still a few problems between them.'

Still no sign of Jonah, she turns to return to the house, and spots a horse on the patio, as she get closer, she recognizes Jonah. 'Wonder what is going on?' As she approaches the patio, and Jonah is standing looking in the door. "Jonah what are you doing?" Jonah looks over his shoulder at Steph "Waiting for Rob person." Steph looks through the door and doesn't see Rob. "What are you waiting for?" Jonah says, "He is making a pumpernickel for me." Steph nods, "I think you mean a piñata." Jonah looks back inside, "Oh, I hope he knows what I meant. There is probably a difference between a pumpernickel and a piñata." As both Steph and Jonah are looking inside, Rob leaves the kitchen, carrying a brown paper bag, appears he has used a few markers to color it a bit. Steph says, "What you got there?" As Rob finishes tying a string to the top of the bag he says, "Ahhh, its a pumpernickel." Jonah says "Steph person says I need a piñata." Rob nods, "its the same thing, both have treats and you break them open." Jonah smiles as he takes the bag from Rob. He turns and heads back to the Lady's Parlour. As Jonah heads out, Rob yells after him, "Happy Sink of Mayo" Steph looks at him, "Sink of what?" Rob says, "That is what he called their celebration."

"Rob you are such a softy" and pats him on the shoulder as she passes. "Hey I thought I came up with the right thing once Jonah explained what he needed." Steph closes the door, "Rob you did wonderful." Lets go to bed.

To be continued.
Author Samm