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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to Everyone!!!

As we all say farewell 2008, I would like to take this opportunity to THANK all of our supporters from all over the world who have enabled Miracle Horse Rescue to continue its efforts in caring for abused, neglected and unwanted horses of all types and conditions. Your generosity is truly appreciated and it does make a difference in the lives of all of our horses. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!

I could not do this alone as there are wonderful people who deserve a lot of credit for what they do daily for the horses.

Beverly and Phantom, Thank you for all the work you put into your diligent fund raising and for listening.

Rosemarie and Brady for your diligent work for the fundraisers

Sheriff Susan, Thank you for all your ideas and work with the fundraising

Sheila, Thank you for your excellent work on the website, blog and correcting my spelling and having it make sense, I could not do this without you. Your patience with me is truly appreciated.

Lucy, thank you for your baked goods and the excitement you generate, and never forgetting anyone both human and furbaby.

MaryL, Thank you for everything you do for the horses behind the scenes it is appreciated.

You ALL make a difference in the lives of horses everywhere. You should be very proud of yourselves. I have made wonderful friends the last few years working with all of you, and most have been to the ranch and have now become members of our family..we thank you for being part of our lives.

We wish all of you the very best for 2009 cause it is going to be fine! 2009 will be filled with Hope and Faith. Together we can make many positive changes in every aspect of the word.

Have a Safe, Happy and Healthy New Year!!!!!!

Our Very Best to Each of You and Thank You So So Much!! Without you this would not be possible!!!!!!

Stephanie, Robert, Joseph, Theresa and the entire MHR Family

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday morning

Good Morning Everyone,

The last day has been very traumatic as most of you know, due to my brother being shot in the line of duty. Yesterday, we felt like we were in a daze and found it difficult to concentrate on just about anything.

My brother is doing fine and will hopefully have a full recovery from his injuries. At this time he is in a lot of pain, but knowing him he will "COWBOY UP." We are so thankful that he and the other two officers are with us today..we can attribute this to the excellent training they have received from their trainers.

I would also like to say that my family and I are grateful for all the prayers that were sent to him. It is truly appreciated. Thank you all very much.

Today, we are going to try and get things back to normal. This is the last day for the December Hay Drive Fundraiser, so I hope that you are able to join us one last day on this effort to provide hay and supplements to the horses.

Again, many many thanks for everything. You will never know what your words of encouragement and prayers have meant to me and my family.


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Saturday morning

Good Saturday Morning All,

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Ours was very quiet, and quiet is a good thing around here.

We awoke to a balmy 22 degrees this morning and now its 24 degrees. Horses have all been fed and are quite content.

As most know, we have a Doberman named Abby who is referred to as the MHR Cruise Director as she does all the meet and greets here at the ranch. Well one of Abby's fav things to do is to run around with one of her many BoBo's (long sausage looking stuffed toy) in her mouth. Yesterday as she was lying in the sunshine out by Spirit, something caught her attention and she wandered away leaving Pink BoBo behind.

Well, Spirit being who he is, reached through and picked up Pink BoBo. As we went out to feed we noticed that Spirit was shaking something around with a great deal of vigor. It was limp, and I truly thought it was one of my little hens from a distance. As we approached, we saw that it was the remains of Pink BoBo. There was no stuffing anywhere and I was very concerned as to where did this stuffing go...well we did not have to look far. Spirit had every bit of the stuffing in his water tank. There it was soggy BoBo stuffing on the bottom of the tank just waiting for us to scoop it all out. What a cold chore that was, but all was removed and everything went back to normal except for Pink BoBo which of course received the proper disposal.

Spirit is one of those horses who is always into everything, very curious about it all. Spirit is like the Dennis the Menace of the horse world..but you gotta love him. So full of life and energy..bless him for that.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful wonderful day!


Friday, December 26, 2008

Friday afternoon

Good Afternoon All,

Well Jeri O'Hay and her lovely daughters Shannon and Jen were here today to visit on their way back to CA. They gave carrots to all the horses, no one was left out.

It was a wonderful visit. Just as they were getting ready to leave Rob walked in and said it's snowing. Okay the sun was shining and not a cloud in the sky. Of course we thought he was joking, but sure enough there it was a light little dusting that reminded me of the fairy dust Tinkerbelle would wave around.

All is very quiet and no antics to report. I hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend. Please be safe.


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!








Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Our Favorite MHR Pictures for Christmas Eve 2008

Merry Christmas Eve to All of our Supporters, Friends and Family

Special Holiday Greetings from Colorado

Twas The Day Before XMAS

And All in the Barn

Were Nibbling Their Hay

As they tried to keep warm

The Kids clacked their hooves

Creating a clatter

Big Mama looked up

And asked “what’s the matter”

Hope and AJ just smiled

“We have quite the story

Of a place called Miracle

Where our moms’ live in glory”

“Where horses are rescued

From places so sad…

To find love and salvation,

A safe place from the bad….

They talked of their Gwammie

Of Aunties galore

Who help the sad horses

Who need love and much more….

The horses bowed low

First in shock and dismay

Then in thanks to you all

For all that you gave

Then they whinnied with joy,

Goodness makes the world bright!!!

“Merry XMAS, dear frens

Much Lub this Great Night!!!”

With thanks and love for all you all do for the horses and other animals in need


Hope & AJ and our frens: Jackthehorse, Big Sugar Mama, Prism, Fry, Valentino, Rascal, Phineas Fans, Maggie Mae, Moose, Nemo, Aunt Abby’s herd, Frank the cat, a herd of boxer babies, Phoenix who is sidepassing in hevvin , and Lisa

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tuesday morning

It was a busy day yesterday.

Our very own Jeri Callaghan and her lovely daughter Shannon visited yesterday on their way to spend Christmas with their family in Las Vegas. Of course carrots were had by all.

Jerri came up to Jeri to get her carrots and of course loved them. Shannon who also gave a carrot to Jerri was christened by carrot slime from Jerri. I could not help but laugh. All of the horses received carrots. They really enjoyed them.

I love to see the response of the horses when they see people, especially Jerri who has truly truly come a long way from where she was 11 months ago. She use to move away from everyone, but now comes up and gets her treats like the rest of the gang.

We have a few last minute things to accomplish before Christmas. We will be honoring Rob's mother Christmas Eve. Irma aka Granny for those that are not aware left us this past February. We would celebrate Christmas Eve with her in Vegas with Rob's family and then she would come to the ranch and spend a few days with us. She loved it here and would wander around talking and feeding the horses carrots. She was very excited about the BBGs coming as she remembers the drafts from her younger days growing up in Germany. Unfortunately, she never got to view them personally. So, tomorrow evening we will all be sitting down to dinner, with a place setting for Granny and share the memories we have of years past with her and Honor her. It will be a special time for all of us.

Well, the day must get started and I will let you know of the days activities.

Have a beautiful and safe day everyone


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Santa's delivery on Saturday

This Christmas Card was delivered to ALL the horses today from Linda and Roger Rasch w/ a very special gift enclosed for them which equals lots of hay and hay cubes.


This card was delivered today from MsAnnieBlue with a special gift to all the horses.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH MsAnnieBlue!!!!!!!!

This card was delivered today specifically for "JERRI" with a gift for Jerri enclosed from Sandy and Bruce Parker of Reno Nevada

Sandy and Bruce THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday morning

Good Friday Morning to All,

Well, yesterdays snowfall did not last very long, but it was quite the sight for our area. It was minor and did not hinder any activity whatsoever. It was business as usual.

The horses did not mind it at all. In fact, early in the morning most of the horses were frisky and talking to one another, and this includes our older ones as well. I was watching Acey (to be 41 in 09 and who is blind) doing little bucks and tiny squeals of delight. Muffin (to be 41 in 09) was raising cane with his neighbors JoJo and Simba Marie, he could not decide who was going to be privy to his infamous stink eye, decisions, decisions. It was a good day for all, four legged and two legged alike.

The Gingerbread Shoppe is still open and the horses are hoping for more treats to fill their Christmas stockings. They love them.

Tickets are still available for the much needed December Hay Fund. If you can please consider purchasing a ticket or two for the beautiful pin and jewelry box.

Also, tickets are still available for Nellie's blanket, it is beautiful and soft and can be held close to your heart.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful day and weekend!


Thursday, December 18, 2008

And it's gone...

The snow didn't last long, and I'm not complaining! There could be more tonight.

Whiskey and Levi


Shiloh and General




Football field



Let it snow...

Good Morning Everyone,

We awoke this morning to a beautiful winter wonderland. Though it was not much, it was an absolute treat for us in Southern Nevada.

The horses are all well and not fazed in the least bit over this white stuff. They of course do much better than we people. Horses are fed and quite happy.

I do hope that everyone has a wonderful day!

Sorry that the pictures are blurry. I was shivering in the cold and I didn't have my glubs on (as Mina would say).

I will post more later.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Six Month Birthday AJ!

Happy Six month Birthday AJ!

I just sat and watched the video of your beautiful birth. I will never ever forget the morning you arrived. It was a very memorable morning, with a string of comedy behind the scenes.

The one thing I will say, I was in awe of you. Totally! It was a beautiful sight to behold and I am so glad you came into all of our lives.

Love.... Grammie Stephanie

(Thanks to LisaCO for the wonderful picture of the birthday boy)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday morning

I just got off the phone with A/C. Star will be undergoing another blood panel on Thursday to see what extent of Liver Failure he has. Seems the staff at A/C have a very soft spot in their hearts for him as well. He has a long road to recovery (cautiously optimistic) and will remain under the care and control of the office of Nye County Animal Control at this time and until further notice.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday morning

Good Morning,

I went by A/C to check on STAR and as I turned the corner, my heart was pounding and I was saying a silent prayer. I stopped and the sight I was greeted with was wonderful.

STAR raised his head and looked right at me! His hay was gone. He was standing in the sunlight with his blue blanket on enjoying the warm sunshine.

Please, continued prayers for STAR and may he continue to FIGHT!!!

I hope that our slogan comes true for this special boy

"Helping Heal the Hearts of Horses in Need"

Doing the Snoopy HAPPY DANCE in my chair right now!! :)


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday morning, part 2

I went by A/C this morning. Star is still standing. His head is hanging, but the important thing he is still with us.

Please continue prayers in hopes to fan the flame to encourage a raging fire and the desire to live!!!

One of our ABR members posted this candle site that many of us like to visit. If you so desire, please visit and light and candle for Star:


Saturday morning

Good Morning,

It is 12 days before Christmas. I count my blessings as this year comes to an end. I am so thankful for my family and their support. I am thankful for my friends, who I also feel are my family. I am thankful for the gifts that the horses have received from so many throughout the world. These gifts have made a difference for the horses as they have provided the much needed feed and supplements they need daily.

Your gifts have made a huge difference in their lives and are genuinely appreciated.

Though 2008 brought sadness to many of us, I also believe it made us stronger and more compassionate individuals. I know it did for me. It brought my family closer to one another, and made us truly realize how precious and fragile we are.

My thoughts and heart are with a very special horse who may come to us if he has the will to live. He was named Star by our favorite cake lady... LUCY. A bright shining star, whose life hangs in the balance right now. I pray that the flame of life continues to burn within him and he will not give up. I pray that he has the will. If I could have anything this Christmas, it would be to have Star walk through the gates of MHR and give all of us the opportunity to care and love this poor boy, who was dumped in the desert to die. He deserves to feel love and comfort from all of us.

I would like to ask each of you to pray for Star and that his flickering flame and his will to survive will grow into a raging fire.

Thank you all for your support and Bless you for everything that you do each day that restores my faith in humanity.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Simba Marie

Simba had a very comfortable, and productive, night. Her treatment worked so well that the vet said to go ahead and give her breakfast. She had her breakfast and is still doing well.

Thank you for all your prayers. They made a difference!


New duds

Thanks to the generous donations of a group of MHR supporters, our blind horses have been outfitted with new Guardian Masks.


Acey looking wonderful in her new Guardian Mask:

General and Shiloh (Simba Marie on the far left):



Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wednesday evening

As readers of ABR and the chat know, Simba Marie has had an episode of colic this evening.

Thank you all for the prayers for Simba Marie. Dr. H. believes she will be just fine. Since we do not change diets w/o advice of vet, this is not a diet change colic but a weather-related colic. Simba Marie was sedated as well as given injectable banamine as opposed to the paste we have on hand. She was tubed and did not receive dinner. She is comfortable. We will be watching her throughout the night.

Once again, thank you all for the prayers.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tuesday afternoon

Hay All,

Our Hay Angel was here today and she spent two hours on the ranch with us. She loved it, loved our operation, loved the horses, the dogs and chickens. She plans on visiting and having coffee. Very nice woman.

She has purchased for all of our horses two tons of hay. Merry Christmas for the horses!!

A very good day for the horses: carrots and hay. We are truly thankful for this gift! She stated this was what she was giving herself for Christmas. Very nice!

I look forward to another visit with her and she had some very wonderful stories of her life.

Hope everyone is having a great day!!!!


Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday evening

Good Evening All,

I wanted to let you know that I have been under the weather today and on the road to recovery. It is just some sort of stomach virus, but should be I hope back to normal as our Hay Angel is coming to visit at 10am in the morning. I stayed indoors and slept the afternoon away accomplishing nothing. I know that all the horses are good, only because every time Rob came in I asked him. He would say "Honey, they are fine, close your eyes".

Whiskey, Grace, Jonah had their feet done today. Additionally, Rob worked on the two big washracks, welding material on them so that a butt chain or butt bar could be placed on them for safety reasons.

Anyway, calling it an night here and will talk to everyone soon. Thank you ever so much for all your support in our efforts.


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Silky has a visitor

Today has been a very special day for Silky. Her former owner was in Las Vegas for a few days and came to visit this special girl. She was thrilled to see her and Silky managed to go through about a pound of carrots and have her picture taken.

Sherie was absolutely thrilled with how Silky looked and was quite impressed with the whole operation and visited with everyone. This was quite rewarding for us to share with her, the new Silky. She thanked us profusely for giving Silky a chance.

A good day for all!


Sunday morning

Good Morning Everyone,

I hope this finds everyone doing well this Sunday morning. Saturday was a day filled with chores both outside and inside.

I have been working diligently on the 2009 calendar, it is coming along and should go to print in the very near future, but it is the small details that are being worked on and this takes time. I have had so many pictures to go through and to select from. The pictures selected represent something to everyone.

Saturday also was a day with horses getting their feet done. Dublin, Old Man, Shania, Baby, Acey and Sophie were done. All of them were very good. Sophie was great. She is a sweet horse, and stood patiently. She is doing so very well, and I see some differences in her already. I see new hair growth, tiny little fuzzy hairs coming in where we brushed out the scabby stuff. Her belly is rounding out and eventually it will all distribute equally. She is quite comical now during feeding, she makes a very soft wuffling noise as I prepare to place her feed in the feeder. However, she knows that I have her Sr. food in another container and she stands and looks at me and taps her pretty little hooves and waits for me to give it to her before she literally dives into her meal. It truly is a wonderful feeling to watch her eat and know that she is not hungry.

I received a telephone call last night from an Angel who is coming here on Tuesday to meet the horses and to donate 1 ton of hay. We are grateful for this. This is a blessing for the horses and a wonderful gift for them and very generous indeed. I spoke with this Angel for an hour last night, and the horses' new Angel shared with me that she is 77 years old, and she found her love and passion with horses at the age of 47, and she has received so much pleasure from her horses in the past that she wanted to give to those horses less fortunate in their lives. I will take pictures of her meeting everyone Tuesday morning.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful day, we have more horses feet to do today, so it will be a busy day.

Have a wonderful Sunday everyone


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sophie's pedicure

Sophie had her feet done today and was groomed afterwards. She is a very sweet girl and truly loves attention. It has been quite sometime since she had her feet done, but she has pretty little feet now.


Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday morning

Good Friday Morning,

I wanted to take a moment and let everyone know that Rosie is going to live the life that she wants. She will be with the other horses and have minimal human interaction. We at MHR generally do not pick out the horses that come to us. When we have the room, and in the case of Sophie and Bright who were under extenuating circumstances, we take them regardless of physical condition etc. Rosie however, was purchased in '06 along w/ 5 others as they were chosen. We knew nothing of her personality. No one did.

Once we got her back here we knew she had some issues, but we worked through them the best we could. She has overcome some but has retained the deep dark baggage she carries with her. Horses have a flight or fight personality and she would rather fight and fight to the end. So with all of this in mind, she will be cared for, receive vet care when required, be sedated when she has her feet done and be with her horse friends

Though it is not the life we had envisioned for Rosie as human beings, it is obvious this is what Rosie needs. I wish we had more land for her to run with others that have the same issues, but we do not, so we give the best we can.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thursday morning

Good Morning Everyone,

I hope this finds everyone well. It has been a couple of days since I have written as I needed some time to think this post through.

On Tuesday, we had a very terrifying experience that could have changed our lives in an instant and one that would have changed my life forever.

It all began with us preparing to do Rosie's front feet. I went out and caught her up without any problems. She was a bit snorty and I was very cautious with her as Rosie has proven in the past that she can snap and rear up in a split second. I brought her out and Rob reiterated that we have to be careful. Rosie has always given her front feet without much of a fight and it has always been the rear hooves that we had to have her sedated for. However, she had a chunk out of the front right hoof and Rob wanted to trim and repair it before it got worse. I stood holding her, talking to her and petting her neck. She was jerking her foot away, rearing up, going backwards and then charging forward striking out with her front feet and coming at us. At one point, she got away from us. I had her on a 12 foot lead rope and the rope whipped through my hands, and I could not hold onto her. Once we got her into a position where she could be caught, she spun and charged at Rob, teeth bared.

We did not stop, we allowed her approximately ten minutes to settle down and I continued to stroke her neck. He went to work on the other front foot and she was getting progressively worse. After the third attempt of picking up her foot, Rob threw in the towel and said we will have to call the vet for her.

As Rob was walking her back to the football field she tried bum rushing him on several occasions. What happened next was the most horrifying experience that I have encountered. As Rob took Rosie back into the football field, he turned her back towards the closed gate so he could remove her halter. The next thing I knew Rob was in the corner and Rosie was above him rearing and making every attempt to strike at him, just as she did to Wilbur. I began screaming and ran towards the gate and it was at that moment that Whiskey and Grace came running up, and Rosie took off. Rosie's intent was to destroy. Rosie has never ever been treated badly since she has come to us..ever.

So, we have deemed Rosie to be completely and totally OFF LIMITS TO EVERYONE. Rosie will ALWAYS have a home at MHR. She will have her feet done, when it is needed BUT ONLY UNDER SEDATION. She will be treated with the diginity that she has had from the day she was rescued. This was extremely, and I mean extremely, terrifying for me, as Rob could have been seriously injured or worse yet killed. I shudder at this thought. I am thanking the Lord that he escaped with just a few minor bumps and bruises.

Please everyone know that you never can tell what will happen in a split second. In all of our years of experience with horses we have never had an incident of this magnitude ever happen with us and I do not want to go through this again.

Everyone have a great day and tell those that are part of your life that you love and truly care for them.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tuesday morning

Good Morning Everyone,

Thank you to everyone for shopping at the Gingerbread Shoppe, it is appreciated. Remember the beautiful blanket with our sweet Nellie. Proceeds from this will go towards the needs of the horses. Also the December Hay Ride is underway if you have a chance to visit any of these locations please do.

I am in the process of making ornaments for the holidays. The ornaments consist of photos of the horses and will go up for sale in our Cafe Press store very soon.

All is well here at the ranch and everyone is doing well.

I hope you all have a great day!!!!!


Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday morning

Good Morning to Everyone,

I am going to try and answer the questions, I saw on the thread as well as to let you know what has been going. :)

First, you are all welcome for the photos and videos. It is so much easier to do when you have more bodies around. So I was very happy we were able to do this.

Description of Bright Eyes or as I call her Mini Paris:

She is a beautiful, Doe Eyed Welsh Pony. She has foundered, and without having x-rays we do not know the extent of damage done to the internal hoof. She has already had her heels dropped and the toe rolled to relieve the pressure off the toe. In a week, more heel will be trimmed off. She was a bit uncomfortable the day after her trimming so we gave her a gram of bute and this seem to take the edge off her discomfort. Today no bute as she is moving well. The day she arrived she appeared to be standing on little tree trunks and also had shoes on that were not even nailed on those are off completely. We were informed by the previous owners that the individual who was feeding them while they were at work was throwing Bright a full bale of Alfalfa Hay and would come back about every four days and the same thing was done. This is the reason she is the size that she is and hence the foot issue. So now she is on the grain hay, NO ALFALFA. I have already checked with the vets and this hay is okay for her and she is receiving the proper amount.

Her pushy little attitude is really not too bad and can be worked with. When leading her, she tries to get ahead of you, but she has now been introduced to take five to ten steps and stop and then proceed in this fashion until we reach our destination or if she continues being pushy, we back her up or make her walk in circles whereas the focus is back on us and not her mission to get where she is going fast. She will learn patience this way, she did better yesterday going back to her stall. But daily interface is important. We were also informed that Bright was afraid of people, she has not displayed any of this behavior with anyone that she has encountered upon their arrival on the 29th up until today. I will reiterate what everyone has said, she is a little white Fairy Princess, a Magical Unicorn and to me she is our Little Paris. She will be with us for quite some time as we really need to ensure her feet are the best they can be and we have taken the excess weight off her through proper diet and monitoring.


Sophie, what can I say about this sweet gentle lady. Sophie does not have front teeth, her coat is in poor condition, and she has scaly skin under her coat. She even has her own brush, which is not to be used on anyone else. Her coat is dull and brittle. She has a very thin, wispy tail. We use to call this a rat-tailed Appy. You can see the dock of her tail as this is how thin it is. Now Acey and Shiloh came to us with hardly any tail hair either, but now they have beautiful tails. So, with good nutrition we are hoping all of this will be reversed. Sophie is receiving soak warm alfalfa cubes, along with Sr. Equine. I blend the Sr. in with soak cubes and it is good to see that Sophie is eating this with so much gusto. The last two feedings she has whinnied at me, as if telling me, I am here bring it to me..wonderful feeling. She is blind in her left eye and seems to be well adjusted. Sophie is truly a love, and while grooming her, had she been a cat she would have been purring. With time and good nutrition we will see a difference in her. She loves attention.


Jerri and Theresa have forged a bond. This is good for Jerri. This bond is important as it will allow Jerri to accept others more readily. We will never give up on Jerri. If this is the best she gets then we accept this. Everything is taken in stride, without a ounce of aggression on our part. We approach Jerri with caution and respect, and she has learned to respect our space as well. The nut will be cracked, when it is ready.


It has been two weeks since Spirit's gelding and he is all healed and is in excellent condition. No problems whatsoever. In January he will be allowed to be with Baby B once again, and they can sort whose the boss then. Of course under supervision. :)


I hope that I have managed to answer the questions some of you may have had. Thank you to everyone for participating in our fund raisers, it is appreciated.

Have a great day!!!


Sunday, November 30, 2008

Amelia and Trooper

Everyone needs to be loved according to Trooper and get a big kiss as well. I think that Amelia is a very lucky little girl to grow up around people who love and respect animals, and horses that know they do not have to fear anyone. Isn't this just a great picture of his crooked-legged self and a little one?

More love and by the way, do you have carrots in those little pockets??

Fairy Princess walking to the round pen

Bright Eyes

Our Little Fairy Princess on Sunday the 30th of November. The number 29 sure is still quite significant as they on arrived on the 29th.

John Henry Hay Ride Winners

The winners of the John Henry Hay ride:

John Henry Breyer, books, Dunkin Donuts certificate: Melody

Horse Head Object d' Art: "Choklitz" from PA.

Congratulations to both of you, and thank you everyone for your participation.

Bright's pedicure

A little more from yesterday

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Settling in


Roger and Shannon brought Bright Eyes to her pen. They didn't realize there was a gate on the other side, so they walked her through the football field.


More from LindaNV

Bright Eyes

Thank you, LindaNV and Wrangler Roger!

Saturday evening

Good Evening All,

Bright Eyes and Sophie have settled in and are doing quite well. Sophie has a lot more hair than we thought. She has very fine hair and it is brittle. Sophie does not have any front teeth. Her meal this evening was a warm cube mash. She is a settled in quite nicely next to Sampson and Ruby. Sophie is at least 250-275 lbs underweight.

Bright Eyes has had her feet trimmed, and she is going to require frequent trims due to founder. She is off all Alfalfa and is on grass hay only for her meals. She is overweight.

They both have issues that we will contend with on a daily basis. A tad bit of information: Bright Eyes was a rescue...before her family (who relinquished to MHR today) she had another owner. Bright Eyes had escaped from the other owner, and when she was finally caught, this particular owner was going to take her to auction and get whatever she could for her. She did not care. You will hear them tell the story on one of the videos.

Anyway, they are fine and quiet right now. Will check on them in a bit.


The first view

They are here!

The two new girls have arrived safely. Pictures soon! Bright Eyes is quite overweight. Sophie has hair but it's a very thin coat.

A new name for a new girl


The choice of a new name for SKIN was a very difficult one as all the submissions were excellent and we appreciate the fact that all who participated were quite creative.

However, only one name could be chosen.

So without further delay I hope that you will welcome SKIN to MHR with her new start and new nameItalic


submitted to MHR on November 21st by Rosemarie Wilhelm.

The name was based on the fact that my parents like to watch M*A*S*H* and the character Col. Potter was given the gift of a horse by Radar after the horse in this episode was wounded during the Korean War and was saved by Radar, Hawkeye and BJ

Congratulations RO!!!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday morning

Good Morning Everyone,

I hope that each and everyone of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know I did.

Today is going to be very busy as we have a few pens we are going to scrape, and two for sure are Apple's and Jerri's. We must also get the stalls prepared for tomorrow's arrival of Ms. S and Bright. They should be arriving between 11-1130am. It is going to be a good day for all.

It is a bit mucky outside but not bad at all, and if we get a slight breeze it will help in the drying process.

Everyone have a great day and PLEASE submit your name for the NAME GAME for Ms. S.

The Gingerbread Shoppe is open and I hope that you will consider purchasing Christmas Goodies for the horses. Thank you to everyone who has started shopping on this Black Friday.

Please do not forget the Nellie Memento. It is a beautiful blanket, and one to be treasured. Nellie did not pass in vain, she helped so many that came from the same ranch from the knowledge we ascertained from her passing. She will forever be in our hearts and truly missed.

Have a great day everyone!!!


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!









Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday morning

Good Tuesday Morning,

The day started very early for me today..4am. It was just a matter of not being able to sleep any longer.

The day yesterday was filled with various activities in preparation for Thanksgiving and family arrivals. However, first and foremost were the needs of the horses. They were all doing so well yesterday, nothing out of the ordinary whatsoever...which I found to be a blessing.

I must order another load of hay today, and hay cubes will be delivered sometime this afternoon. We are suppose to be getting some rain over the holiday but will believe it when I see it. Will be handing out carrots on Thanksgiving for the horses which I know they will love having.

This weekend our new ones will be arriving between 11-11:30am pst on Saturday. We are all excited that we have been able to help them both.

The Nellie blanket is beautiful quite the memento as well so please consider purchasing tickets as these funds go to help feed the horses.

I do hope that everyone has a wonderful day. For those who are traveling away for the holidays..BE SAFE and we will keep the lights on for you.


Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday morning

Good Monday Morning,

I have not had a great deal of time to be on the computer this weekend. It has been work work work the entire weekend. It is work every day, but this weekend with the extra manpower we got all the pens scraped out. I do not mind it so much, but carrying the corral panels is a bit tough, they are heavy and quite cumbersome to carry....BUT it is done.

I would like to do something a bit different this morning, I would like to hear and I know everyone else would, "What I Am Thankful For." If you would like to share what you are thankful for please do.


1. I am thankful for my husband, who supports my efforts, dreams and works by my side for the horses. Who gets up daily and goes to work outside the home to care for his family's needs, but always has the energy to pitch in here at the ranch.

2. I am thankful for my parents, they are always there through the good times and the bad times. They are my heroes as they have sacrificed so much for their own children throughout their lives.

3. I am thankful for my children and grandchildren. I have been blessed.

4. I am thankful for my friends who I consider to be a part of my family.

5. I am thankful the Lord has given me the strength to work towards the efforts of horse rescue and what it takes daily to handle the situations that can and do arise. I am thankful the Lord has given me the strength to know when it is time to let them go and to give them the dignity and peace they came into the world with. I am thankful the Lord has given me the talent to make the horses that come here with fear to be reassured they have nothing to fear any longer.

6. I am thankful for each of you that has come into my life. You have made a difference in me as a person. Your emotional support daily is a true testemeant of what friendships are built on. I am thankful for the support that you give for the horses. You all work so hard for it, but are so willing to give to the horses.


Happy Thanksgiving

Stephanie, Rob, Mom, Dad, Joseph, Theresa, Amelia, Nicole, Belmina, Zachary and the entire MHR Family of Furbabies and Feathered Friends.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Puppies gone wild!

Sunday morning

Good Sunday Morning,

If I had known that my Saturday would have a comedy of errors throughout the day, I would have requested that we start the day again with a "Do Over"

It was really nothing bad, just a bit frustrating is all, and one thing led to the domino effect. It all started with a bale of hay...I loaded it on my wagon and for the most part all seemed well. Ha! Was I wrong. When I cut the twine to begin my feeding the whole bale exploded, hay everywhere..with a big sigh, I tossed this mess out to the horses, and returned to get another bale and took out to the football team. One bale will generally feed the eight horses in the football field in the morning. The explosion necessitated yet another. Then I proceeded to rake up what was thrown around....sigh. Of course they were thrilled and they were still all eating at 1:30pm yesterday afternoon.

I then began the feeding of hay cubes to the other group. During the feeding of cubes there are several things accomplished. First, feed the horse, second check the horse to ensure there are no newly accquired sores or injuries sustained during the night (as horses will be horses, and if you can think it with them it can happen) and the third thing is to check their water barrels. Well, on Friday we cleaned and refilled and I was going down the line Acey who is blind and whose barrel was 3/4 full, pooped in hers. My first thought was had to stop, dump hers, clean, rinse, fill and move on down the feeding line. Got down to Muffin's pen and much to my surprise..LOL..Muffin had left presents in his almost full water barrel. So another pit stop for our sweet Muffin. Went through the same routine for him as well. Finished this feeding and proceeded to the house. I was not watching where I was walking and stepped guessed it..the leavings from one of the dogs...another big sigh.

As, I could see how my morning was progressing and decided to lay low and go clean Baby B's stall and the play area. It was very peaceful doing this chore, Baby B was right there with me. She would lay her head over my shoulder and would wait for a scratch. She followed me everywhere..what a bond she and I have, very very special. This chore was complete and thought where else should I head to and get something accomplished...then I thought take your pick there is always something to do. I proceeded to work on water barrels, at this time Theresa came over, and we had an issue with her Cloud that had to be fixed immediately. In the meantime, I had forgotten the waterhose in Jerri's barrel and I created a huge lake in her stall. Hence the reason she is in the roundpen..I made a HUGE MESS, my fault. Sorry Jerri, but it obviously made Jerri happy. Once she was in the roundpen she began bucking, snorting and running around. Sheila was able to capture these photos from the web cam during her exercise session. Quite impressive.

Theresa and I thought that it would be good for Apple to get out as well, so she and I decided to try Apple in with the football team. Apple walked very calmly towards the football field, nothing fazing her. Just as we approached, here came the "Welcoming Committee" in all its thundering glory. This really caused Apple's eyes to bug out. She began snorting, dancing around and believe you me tht is a lot of horse to be dancing around. Theresa had her and was doing her best to hang on, I had the gate and the video camera..but that was short lived. Gate was slammed shut, camera went flying and there went the lead rope, whirring through poor Theresa's hand. However, we learned long ago..LET GO. Theresa and I then went running behind this massive, beautiful horse as she charged back towards her area of comfort. Theresa went one way and I the other in order to keep her from wreaking too much havoc. All the horses were whinnying their sheer joy to the unfolding event before them. Apple raced around stopping to visit briefly to those she has been sharing the area with. She would stop and turn around and head in another direction..and at one point came back towards me, and she was in this beautiful heavy footed trot, head held high, and tail flagged behind her. Not knowing which direction she was headed, I decided, get out of her way NOW! She finally stopped in front of Shiloh and General's stall whom are both blind and just stood there and allowed Theresa to catch her up without an issue and she walked calmly back to her stall as if none of this ever occurred. It was a sight to behold.

Once everything had settled down, it was time to finish up water barrels and any other chores that had to be done. So how was your Saturday?? :)

Have a great Sunday!