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MHR PMU horses

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

To All: Thank you all for your support during these difficult times for all. I cannot begin to tell you just how grateful we are that you have chosen MHR.

Charity was a wonderful girl walking to the other round pen, not one issue whatsoever, and she allowed Rob to pick up her front feet and clean them. She was not overly happy, only came up once, but went with the program. He did not try the back as he did not want to risk a swift kick. Today they will put the roof on her stall and we will then work out camera logistics. I may have to get another camera and have an auto switch to capture it all during foaling. Lighting will eventually be going up everywhere, but this all takes time. It's dark out here at night.

This morning as the sun was coming up I had the opportunity to view Spirit jacking w/ Sampson. He is such a stinker, messing with everyone....sigh and he wonders why they get aggravated with him....LOL

Little Bear looks wonderful, he has such a wonderful attitude. The ringbone is there but with the administering of therma flex, and B-L Paste (natural bute) he is doing well. He loves his grub and what a personality!

I was so proud of Justice, we are going to be practicing the round pen ponying for a bit, then we will move out onto the property for a while, so many places to ride. Then the big day will be when we go ride in the field. Of course, we will have to have photos. Justice wanted me to relay a message to AJ and Hope...he thinks it is so cool how far they have come, but he agrees it is not easy growing up and what is expected of him, but he thought he was a big boy. Mom is so excited about this, she acts so silly and giggles when I do something right.

Once again, Thank you all for your support and if you have the inclination, you may contact Shadow Mountain Feed 775-727-5527 and they will take your donation and apply it to MHR's account. Many, Many, Many thanks for everything!

Stephanie and Rob