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MHR PMU horses

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Good Morning to All,

Well, it was wonderful weekend. We were busy, and got to have a wonderful ride with Amy and Gail. We took Misty, Candy and BC and they did great. We took a ride over to Shadow Mtn Feed and the horses thought they were in a buffet. Candy gave me a few fits coming home and was giving a few signals of wanting to run home, so instead she got a few spins and walking away from home. She got the message.

Justice's lesson was a bit more difficult. He's stubborn and likes to do things his way, but we managed a good session. Little/big stinker.

Everyone s doing great! Apple is doing wonderful in her new home as well as Grace and Glory. What more could we ask for? Especially for horses that were destined to a horrific demise.

We had a wonderful article written in one of our local newspapers about what we do, and this also gave me the prime opportunity to discuss PMUs, slaughter etc. It is not on line yet, but when it is we will post the link.

Otherwise, all is well and everything begins to rock and roll next week for shades. Just in one section we have over 315' to cover, plus another 150' and then the turn outs. Progress. Tried to paint CJ's Memorial Bench but will have to wait for warmer day so it does not freeze and pop.

Take care all!

Stephanie and Rob