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MHR PMU horses

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Good Sunday Morning to All,

I truly hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. I know we did.

I must say I think one of our friends was in total awe of Spirit and Baby B, now these are my words as she just kept staring at them. They are beautiful horses. Well, I think they are all beautiful no matter what condition they come in. The Lord and the horses spirit is what brings them along. We are just being guided to their needs.

Katie is doing very well. She had abscesses in both her front feet. This was taken care of and now she has special shoes and pads on and is on medication. Katie has been battling abscesses for a long time, long before she came to us. She is moving so much better. She has a very healthy appetite and is gaining weight. I see it.

Cosmo is doing better better himself as well. Unfortunately when he arrived someone trimmed his feet down to about two and half inches when he should be standing on about 3.5 inches. But with the help of natural bute product, he is able to move around so much better. We need more hoof growth to put him up on shoes and pads. He also is gaining weight...yeah!

Then there is our Charity, she is a wonderful horse, she has come around to us so quickly. She is not spooky, loves to be touched and knows she will not be hurt. She does not know what a carrot is, an apple or even a stud muffin and does not take them. In time she will. It took Faith a long time as well, but she finally got it. I wish we were in the warmer months because I would love to bathe Charity and bring out the white in her flea bitten coat. On Monday as it stands right now, her shade will begin the building process....and then we will begin the rest of them.

Little Justice, what can I say about him, except he is an absolute love. He is so trusting, and loves his skirtches and will also be easy to handle like his cousins AJ and Hope. Lisa has done truly amazing work with both of them. Simply amazing! Thank You Lisa!

Well, we wish everyone a great day. Please remember our 2010 Calendar and other items for purchase that benefit the horses, it is about them and always will be. Thank you all for your support. It is individuals that make the difference in the lives of the horses at MHR. You made a difference in the horses that have left us; you gave them the dignity and the respect they so justly deserved. Thank you

Stephanie and Rob