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MHR PMU horses

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Stephanie Pierce

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Friday, June 28, 2013


We have some sad news. Whiskey, who has been with us since the age of 8 and is now 15, is going blind. He sticks like glue to Trooper. So our plan (as soon as we are financially able) is to purchase corral panels, as we utilized everything we had left for the round pen project. Since Trooper is his buddy, he will be moving with him so their area will be good size and the shade is already up. Whiskey is a magnificent looking boy, with quite the sense of humor. We know how to care for blind horses as we have cared for several through the years. I have seen Recurrent Uveitis in many Appaloosas. Whiskey is sponsored by Patty Skidmore monthly. We are going to make this transition in his life as easy as possible.

We're searching for used panels. We will need 14 straight panels (12 ft long by 5 ft high) and a gate. If you know of any available locally, please let us know. We haven't had any luck yet and may have to purchase new ones at approx $120/ea. As you can see, this is a major expense and we'd very much appreciate your help. 

Please see the donate page on the MHR web for instructions on sending checks or making a paypal donation.

Please don't forget to check our facebook page. It's an open group, so you don't have to be a facebook member to see it.

As always, thank you very much for your assistance.

Stephanie & Rob

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The cycle of life

As we await the little long ears that BradyLynn is carrying and seems not to want to let go of at this point, we have some sad news to share with you all.

Misty, the Queen of MHR&S and mother of Spirit, received her wings very early this morning. She has not been doing well for the past few months and has been closely watched. Due to the many, many breeding episodes during  her life, her body began to fail her. Her uterine issues came back this week and early this morning, the vet, Dr Henesler, was called.  She was in renal failure and he assisted her in getting her wings.

Because of irresponsible constant breeding by her owners, Misty was almost always in foal. Once she became "too old" but in foal she was being sent to slaughter when Stephanie and the MHR&S supporters found her and rescued her.
Her last delivery was Spirit, Barbaro's Spirit.

Now we await BradyLynn's last long ear foal. She will never be bred again.  This is our  solemn promise to all the mares at MHR.

Long live Queen Misty

Friday, August 24, 2012

Our beloved friend, Linda Hayte

Today, I lost one of the most special women in my life...LINDA HAYTE.  I do not know the words to convey what I want to say as there will never be enough good to be said about Linda.  The world was such a wonderful place with her in it and the heavens are rejoicing with her presence.  Linda was so so much more than a friend, she was a big part of our family.  My parents adored her as we all did.  Linda was a fighter, and a brave one at that.  When things were looking bleak Linda was ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS so positive.  She and I would talk about her an Ed visiting this fall and the things we were going to do and the fun we would have.  I have so many many good memories, and I cannot tell you how blessed I was to have Linda in my life.  I will always have Linda to talk to and I can hear her responses to me.  As I stated before, Linda made being on earth a wonderful place to be as she surrounded you with her compassion, love, her hugs, her smile, her might have thought she had a hard exterior but my gosh she was a marshmellow with so much to give.  Linda I love you and I will miss your presence on earth, but I know the angels are rejoicing with you in heaven!

A Special Note to Ed...  Ed you are my HERO, you stood by Linda through it all and may GOD BLESS YOU for your courage.  May the Lord give you the strength and the peace.  You are and always will be in Rob's and I thoughts and prayers and I do hope that we can meet face to face someday soon so we can talk about the most beautiful angel in heaven.. YOUR LINDA...OUR LINDA.

Linda was so so special.  An exceptional person, words cannot even begin to describe her.  In fact there are not enough words in the English language that even begin to describe her.

Yes, Linda named Electra and her full name is Electra Glide which is a motorcycle by Harley Davidson.  Linda had a love for Harley Davidsons, as her husband Ed does.  From the day lil Electra was born Linda saw and stated what a beautiful and streamlined horse she is and she is a classic beauty.  Linda knew her stuff.

The mechanical Electra Glide.  Hmmmm..maybe this is what Linda is rip roaring around the heavens on.  I can only say this: I wish that those of you who never got to meet her face to face had the opportunity to do so, and for those of us who did and for those of us who formulated a wonderful bond and friendship with her we were blessed!

Here's to you Linda! Vrooommm! Vrooommm!

We would like to announce the First Annual "Linda Hayte's Electra Glide Memorial Hay Challenge." Our goal is to purchase 100 bales or more of hay for the horses. Actually, the sky's the limit! We're building a stairway of hay to heaven!  Please click here for more details.

Stephanie and Rob

Report from MHR

This has been a difficult time for us all..and I need to share something with all of you that do not know.

On Monday the 13th of August, I suffered a stroke/heart attack.  I was in the hospital most of last week.  But rest assured, Miracle Horse Rescue and Sanctuary IS and HAS been in full operation , and I will say due to the efforts of my wonderful husband Robert as well as my behind-the-scenes team..Bev, Sheila, Ro, Lucy, Linda Sachs, CathyP, Jeri C., Peggi L., Susan E., Sheriff Susan...the list is long and I am working off my memory right now (Oy) so I am so sorry if I missed anyone.  Robert ensured horses were fed and watered and checked on them constantly while visiting me in hospital and being there for all the tests I had to undergo.  He is my HERO!!  Everyone from our team has been wonderful!

I am on the mend.  For all women, please take heed that the signs of a stroke/heart attack are different from those than men have.  Be aware of the signs

Women with heart attack symptoms

Please Please watch your health, I have learned a lot and have been given another chance!

Stephanie and Rob

Monday, May 7, 2012

Our girl, Baby

Bad morning here, we lost Baby. She was almost 29 we have had her for 7 yrs.  She did not have a good life prior to her arrival here.

Stephanie and Rob

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Today is Misty's Birthday!

Misty is 32 years old today (April 29), and she could not have done it without all of you.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Good Tuesday morning

Hope all of you have had a good start to the week.

All is well with the horses, so the start of the week is good. Went visited with Rocky today (OTTB that my parents have been fostering for 6 years) and he had his pedicure. Rocky is 41 years old and a real sweet gentleman. Today while holding him during his pedi I noticed how grey his face is becoming. Standing there I took my hand and rubbed around his eyes. He loves this, and before we knew it he was standing there sleeping. The only time he opened his eyes was when he had to give a different foot. So so sweet.

Casper and Justice were playing horse tag today. It is so much fun to watch them play. Geldings are so much more playful in my opinion (my opinion only), as mares seem to take the little nips and chasing a tad bit more personal..guess they need to get over themselves.

Chloe aka Big Dog has adjusted so well to her new environment. There have been a few challenges by a couple of the pack but we expected this to occur. Like any family changes do happen.

Freddy is doing quite well, there have been zero issues with his Heaves aka COPD. The damage has already been done to his lungs (no fault of anyone) . His former owner did everything she could for him on a daily basis. Here is just one link that describes Heaves. There are more sites that an individual can go and search. Our weather here seems to be agreeing with him. It is possible that his sides might not bellow out when he breathes. More than likely this will always be there but not to the extent it was when he resided in PA. He has not coughed or had any wheezing episodes since the first day he arrived. He did the first afternoon he was here, but according to our vet (whom he saw two days after his arrival), this was quite normal as excitement can trigger the heaving, cough and wheezing. But since then, he has not done this. He is quite content being with Bright and she with him.

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We are ever so grateful for all the assistance we receive with our fundraisers. ALL of YOU MAKE the DIFFERENCE! THANK YOU!

Speaking of fundraisers, our "MARCH MADNESS" fundraiser is currently in progress and if you can help with the hay needs of MHR&S, thank you so very much in advance.

We would like to wish you all a wonderful week!

The MHR&S Team

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Chloe has arrived!

She arrived last night at approximately 8pm Pahrump time. She was greeted by a very excited and tail-wagging MHR pack. The following pictures were taken this morning, and since BruNO is in charge he told her the couch was okay to be on...his rule not ours and he knows this as he high tailed off it when we got up this morning, throwing her under the bus.