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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday, November 12, 2009 - Charity and Apple

Good Afternoon,

Charity is doing wonderful. When she arrived she had a large lump under mane that our haulers had told us about when they loaded her in ND. Dr. Hadland did examine and she was not sensitive to the touch nor was it hot. Well, it ruptured and a long sliver of wood was removed and warm compresses were placed on it. She is now being treated with Scarlex and the oozing has stopped and swelling has gone down.

She is such a slow eater but we do see that she is beginning to gain weight slowly. She loves her Sr., Rice Bran, Alfalfa and her grass hay. She is very content and just a sweetie.


Apple is being adopted by a wonderful family. They know what they are getting into, and they have other horses. They have years and years of equine experience and Rob is their farrier and has been for five yrs. The whole idea of MHR is to rehab horses and then to locate new caring and loving homes. I will miss Apple and her big grubbing lips, but she will be getting so much more from her new family!

Jerri will be fine as she has her little herd of Boy (Jonah and Whiskey). She is the boss and not one of them crosses her path or they receive the proverbial stink eye or a quick chase. She and Apple really do not hang out much as even Apple has been pushed to hang w/ the boys.

We should be rejoicing her adoption as this is a success story, from PMU Mare, to love and caring at MHR AND NOW her very own loving family!


Stephanie and Rob