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Stephanie Pierce

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 30

Steph wakes up, looks at the clock, 3AM, one of the horses is yelling something, Steph sits up, figures out it is Justice. She grabs she robe, puts on her bunny slippers and walks to the front of the house, dogs are all asleep, so it must not be too bad. Steph quietly closes the door, as to not wake any of the guard dogs, and walks over to Justice. He is running in a big U pattern front, back, under the shade, back, yelling "Help me help me." "Justice" Steph yells out, Justice comes to a halt, and runs up to the closest railing. Steph asks "What is the problem?" Justice replies "Help me." Steph nods, "Help for what?" Justice looks over both shoulders, "Bunny Rabids." Steph looks at Justice "What the heck is a Bunny Rabid? Justice looks about again, "I was sleeping over there," looking toward the back of the pen. "and when I woke up, there Bunny Rabids all over, they were eating my hay, and running all over, must have been hundreds of them, it was terrible." "So what did you do?" Steph replies, Justice answers "What any horse would do, I ran around in circles yelling. Ya know that is what horses do." Steph nods "What did these Bunny Rabids look like?" Justice looks around, "ahh, ahh, like Truffles, but shorter, and big back feet and long ears and a fluffy white tails, just like Truffles." Steph replies "I think you mean Bunny Rabbits." Justice nods, "Right, Right, Bunny Rabids." Steph shakes her head, "So how many Bunny Rabbits were there?" Justice thinks a bit, "Hundreds, I am sure," he paws the ground three times. "Yep hundreds, they were eating my hay and running around chasing each other, and sometimes playing piggy back," Steph nods, "Ahh right, Bunny Rabbits do that this time of year, heck they do it most of the year. There is nothing to worry about, they are not dangerous." Justice shakes his head, looks around again, "Not Dan Ger Oh Us, when we were coming back from Mavericks the other night, a Bunny Rabid came out on the road and chased us most of the way back here, I have never run so fast."

Steph nods "Well you are safe now, the Bunny Rabbits won't hurt you. I do have a couple of questions." Justice looks around, making sure he was safe from the Bunny Rabids. Steph continues, "What were you doing at Mavericks?" Justice looks up "Ahh, We were Line Dancing." Steph has learned not to get to too excited until she hears the full tale. "Justice when you said 'We' what did you mean?" Justice looks toward the Lady's Parlour, "ahhh, Spirit, 'B' and Jonah. Oh, and Jerri and Dublin" Steph looks at Justice, then over to the Lady's Parlour, looks back at Justice "and Jerri and Dublin?" Justice looks up, "Oh, yes, they know where Mavericks is, and they love to line dance, they even lets us order a pizza, well six pizza's." Steph shakes her head, "I was there the other night when we had line dancing, I didn't see you there." Justice nods, "We were outside on the patio, "It’s hard to walk on the dance floor, so we stayed outside." Steph nods, "Well don’t worry about Bunny Rabbits, go to sleep."

Steph waits til mid afternoon to run over to Maverick to see how things are going and to ask a couple of questions. Steph pulls up, goes inside, looks around a few customers, Debbie back behind the bar, Steph walks over, "How are things going?" Debbie looks up, "Great, all cleaned up, ready to go for tonight, the beer truck showed up on time." Steph smiles, "Well that is good. Last week when we had line dancing, do you remember a group out on the patio?" Debbie thinks a bit, "Ahh, you mean the group that ordered pizzas?" Steph nods, "Yeah I think that is the group. Did they say why they didn't come inside?" Debbie nods, "Oh yes, they said they didn't like dancing on the crowded floors." Steph nods, "Well were they happy?", Debbie nods, "OH, yes, they loved the music and two of them were teaching the younger ones how to line dance, and they really loved the pizzas." Steph smiles, "That’s is great." She turns and stops, "I wonder why people don't admit that they were serving a group of horses. hmmmm, Wonder what pizza they order?"

To be continued.

Author Samm

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day from Hope and AJ

Happy Valentine's Day to all our Aunties, Gwammie and our frens (and Hope's mom) at MHR...

We are doing great as you can see below. We are big kids now - that might be an understatement actually. We are huge kids now!!! Keep in mind our human mom is no shrimp Her 6 ft+ frame kind of puts us in perspective.

It was a nice weekend in Colorado so we did some early spring training. Hope remembers everything from last summer, even with a bit of a break, and is very athletic....AJ is getting ready to learn a lot more!!! We had fun.

We are paypaling valentines to all of our frens....


Hope and AJ

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 29

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 29, The Vegetarian

"I had the weirdest dream last night." Steph nods, "What was dream about?" Justice looks over, "Don't know if it was about anything it just happened. Jason, the new people, he came and put me on a rope and lead me up here, I thought he was taking me to the tax shed to get my seebag, but then he brought me in here. Then the tall people with the hat came in and pricked me, and then I fell down, and I mean fell down butt up in the air and a big crash to the ground." Steph nods, "I think you are talking about Doc Adam." Justice nods, "Yes Doc Adam, the Vegetarian." Steph breaks in, "You mean veterinarian." Justice nods, "Right Vegetarian.", Justice continues, "And when I started to wake up, someone was pulling on my tail and messing with my mane. and when I was fully awake, I couldn't get up on all fours, I had to sit for awhile like a dog." Steph nods, "Really such a weird dream." Justice nods, "and then I got some medicine, pffft. It was really a bad dream, then I woke up and for some reason I am sore back there," Looking over his shoulder to his rear end. "And because of that dream, I think I missed my bus to Lexington." He walks over to one of the posts supporting the shade, and digs around a bit, and pulls out a small Wal-Mart bag, he walks over to Steph, "See." Steph opens the bag, inside she finds a bus ticket, she pulls it out. "Let's see this, ahhh, yes it is a bus ticket, actually several, Pahrump to Las Vegas, Las Vegas to Salt Lake, Salt Lake to Denver, Denver to Kansas City, Kansas City to Cleveland, Cleveland to Pittsburg, Pittsburg to New York, New York to Boston, and lets see, Boston to Lexington Massachusetts." Justice nods, "and its non refundable. You would not believe how long it took me at the bus station to get that ticket."

"Well Justice, I am glad you had the dream and missed the bus." Justice looks down, "That ticket cost me nearly $37.50, that's a lot of people money I guess." Steph nods, "Well not really, I guess I can pay you back. But you don't have to leave now.' Justice looks at Steph, "Why?" Steph continues, "Well you had the dream already so you don't need to leave." Justice looks at Steph, "Ahh right, explain that to me some day." Steph says "I will, and anyways, you had to wrong ticket, I think you wanted to go to Lexington Kentucky where the horses are." Justice nods, Steph continues, "Lexington Massachusetts is cold and snowy this time of year."

"Hey do you want to go out and trot around in circles for 20 minutes." Justice looks over with a kind of look 'are you nuts.' Steph looks back with a 'come on it will be fun.' look. Steph leads Justice out of the pen and picks a big area to get him to trot around in, first to the left, then to the right, then to the left, then, well you get the idea. Justice is getting bored, so Steph asks him "What were you going to do in Lexington?" Justice in between breaths, "Well if it was going to be Lexington Massachusetts, I was going to freeze my butt off, I had planned for the Lexington with the horses, you know the race horses, I know I am not a race horse, but they are young, and fast, and full of spirit." Steph nods, "Yes they are.", Justice stops turns and pulls Steph, on the end of the long lead back to the pen. "I guess we are done for now." Justice says "I need to show you something." Justice waits at the gate for Steph to open the gate. Once Steph unlocks the gate Justice proceeds to pull Steph to the other side of the pen where he digs around in the dirt and pulls out one of those small fire proof boxes. He lifts it up by the handle and hands it to Steph. Steph takes it, the key is in the lock, Justice says, "You turn the metal thing." Steph nods and turns the key and opens the box. Inside is a picture. Steph picks it up and looks at it. Its a photo of a note and a rose laying in front of a statue. Justice says "I think she wanted me to have the dream." Steph nods puts the picture back in the box and hands it back to Justice.

As Steph enters the house, Rob looks up, "Why are you crying? Is there a problem?" Steph looks up, "Oh no problems all the horses are fine and Justice is doing great. We owe Justice $37.50 for his bus ticket he didn't use." Rob nods, "I guess that is a good reason for tears."

As Steph sits down on the couch, Justice lets out a whinny that could probably be heard a few miles away, "You parted my mane on the wrong side. And if that Vegetarian comes near me again I am going to bite him on the arm."

To be continued.

Author Samm

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 28

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 28, Tuesday, February 8th at 10am

"Rob I am going out to check on the gang." Rob looks up, "Ok, resolve all the problems before you come back." Steph nods, and heads outside, "It's a quiet night what could possibly going on." Steph glances to the left, Electra is up eating, Steph walks to the Lady's Parlour, Spirit and Jonah appear to be playing catch me if you can, 'B' appears to be judging the activities, Steph turns to the football field, all seems quiet, Steph turns to the back row, as she walks to back row, all is quiet a few are asleep, a few up eating, as Steph walks by General he does a kind of "psst", Steph stops and walks up to the rail, General turns his ears to the left and right, and listens carefully. General leans forward and speaks very quietly to Steph, "Justice is leaving." Steph looks at General, "Are you sure?" General nods. Steph touches General on the forehead, "Do you know where he is going?" General replies, "Well I have heard," he stops and again listens to the left and right, "ahhh, Barstow or Lexington, I don't know where either of them are." Steph nods, "Thanks, Oh, do you know when he plans to leave?" General Shakes his head, "Not really, rumor has it sometime before Tuesday, February 8th at 10am." Steph nods and begins to walk away. Steph stops and turns back, "That is the day we have scheduled Justice to... " General says "SHHH!" Steph Continues, "Well it's when he is" General Stomps the ground. "SHHHH! We don't speak those words." Steph looks at General "We who?" General replies, "Stallions! You are a mare, you wouldn't understand." Steph looks at him, "Ok, Ok, I understand." Steph turns stops and turns back to General, "How do you know I am a mare?" General smiles, "Look at yourself. Watch yourself walk, Look at the way you watch Nikki. You are a mare." Steph nods "Good Observations." General continues, "and look at the way you walk in the mud, oh and not to mention the way you drive your wagon.." Steph breaks in "Ok, Ok, I got it."

Steph continues the route around the back row, all is quiet, she turns to round pens, she walks up to Round Pens, Justice is messing around the middle of the pen, Steph stops at the rail, leans over, "Justice what you up to?" Justice looks up, "Ahhh, nothing." Steph says "Ok, tell me if you are up to something." Justice looks over, "Oh I will." Steph waits knowing that with Justice time yields more answers. Sampson and Ruby make some noise from the front Round Pens, Steph turns, Justice says, "Ahhh, since you are here, I need a See bag, not sure what that is." Steph turns back to Justice, "What are you talking about?" "I heard Nikki talking that she needed to pack her see bag, for her trip. I need to pack up also, and I can't find a big enough Wal-Mart bag." Steph nods, "I think you mean a sea bag." Justice nods "Right a See Bag." Steph shakes her head, "No a Sea Bag." Justice walks over to the rail and looks Steph right in the eye, "Right a See Bag, I don't know what it is but if Nikki needs one, I need one." Steph nods, "I understand but its a Sea Bag, its a large duffle bag type of thing to pack things in, not a See Bag." Justice looks at Steph, "You people have way to many words that sound the same. So what is a 'Sea Bag'?" Steph nods, "Yes I am sure we have to many words. A Sea Bag is a term used to describe a bag used by Sailors to pack their belongs in, for trips on the Sea." Justice nods, "What is the Sea?" He waits a bit then continues "What is a Sailor?" Steph replies, "I will tell you tomorrow." Justice smiles and nods. Steph waits and asks "Who told you need to pack for a trip?" Justice looks at Steph and says "He did." Steph starts to ask 'who', and feels a warm breath on the back of her neck. Steph turns to face Trooper, face to face, just a few inches apart. "Good Evening Trooper." Trooper snorts, "Good Evening." Steph not sure what to say "You told Justice he needs to pack for a trip?" Trooper nods, "Well not really that he needs to pack for a trip, but that he shouldn't be here on Tuesday, February 8th at 10am." Steph nods, as she really understands, "That is the day we have scheduled Justice to get.." Trooper interrupts "WE DO NOT SPEAK OF THAT." Steph nods. "Oh, YES, I understand that part. But Trooper he just can't leave he is a young horse, he can't really take care of himself, in the outside world." Trooper nods, "We, the horses, understand that, the dogs and goat think he can make it. Dublin has taken charge of the problem. So you will need to talk to him." Steph nods and turns and walks back to the house.

As Steph closes the front door, Rob looks up, along with a few dogs, Rob asks "Is everything quiet?", Steph sits down on the couch, pulls up her blankey, "Ahh, pretty quiet, a few games in the lady's parlour, and Justice is trying to pack up to more out." Rob looks over, "He can move out, he is scheduled to get..." Steph raises her hand, "Shhh, We don't talk about those things."

To be continued.

Author Samm

Tuesday, February 2, 2011

It is nice of Samm to write these tales for us all.

It has been a very dismal and trying week for us on a personal note.As most of you know my Aunt Joyce (my father's only younger sister) passed away unexpectly. Her services were held this past week in Illinois which we were unable to attend.

Then this past Friday, we attended the funeral of Rob's friend's older sister. This was the second funeral we attended in six months of his friends syblings. Rob grew up with this family and he states they were all very close and very much a family to him.

Each of the horses at the ranch are excellent. Electra has healed beautifully, and is doing superbly. We are blessed to have all those that supported her during this time, thank you as well as a thank you for supporting our much needed hay drives.

Our daughter is home on leave with us before she deploys to the ocean for 6mos - ? We do not know where her mission will take her but we are in support of her and all the other troops who must endure this hardship, but who stand proudly and fight for what is right. May the Lord Bless Them All and Keep them from Harms Way. Bless their families, who will have them in their thoughts daily and give them strength knowing that they have been trained in their professions and who will do what it takes to give each of us the freedom that we so enjoy on a daily basis.

Rob and I have scheduled Justice for his gelding on Tuesday, February 8th at 10am. He is growing into a very a beautiful horse, with a wonderful disposition. We look forward to many years with him.

Since we are unable to take on any other horses at this time, our excellent networking system we have established with wonderful people who think positively and are non judgemental we as a group have managed to find permanent placement for 5 horses that would otherwise have ended up at auction. Thank you to this group of wonderful people and thank you to the families who took these majestic animals into their homes and hearts.

All donor tax receipts have been mailed and most of you should receive them by the end of the week. Thank you for your help and support.

This past week has been tough mentally, but we are keeping the Faith and the Hope alive. We are taking the negatives and tossing them aside and turning them into positives. We are treating others as we would want to be treated on a daily basis. As we have said in the past, when you point a finger at someone remember three are pointed back at yourself. Take a negative and turn it into a positive, we all have so much to be thankful for.

Stephanie and Rob

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 27

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 27, A small horse with duck tape wrapped around him.

Steph and Rob are watching the television, dogs are all asleep after a busy day of ahhh, running around, Steph starts to turn and say something to Rob as someone or something knocks on the door. Rob says, "If its a girl scout tell her we have enough cookies, if is a horse you take care of it." Steph gets up careful not to step on to many dogs. Opens the door, its Jonah, standing there, he looks around, Steph says "Well what is the problem?" Jonah, looks at Steph, "Oh, no problem, Spirit told me to ring the door bell, but I don't know what that is, so I very carefully kicked the door, its called knocking." Steph nods, while checking the door for damage. "You did very well, now why did you knock on the door?" Jonah thinks for a while, "Oh, I almost forgot Jerri needs to see you. She has a hurt foot." Jonah turns back to the Ladies parlour and Steph has him by a good four paces, before he takes off, he wins of course, but if Steph would have been wearing her boots, instead of her bunny slippers she would have made a good showing. Steph opens the gate, and goes in as soon as Jonah gets in she turns and closes the gate. Jerri is off to the left, by herself, as is the norm, Steph walks carefully over to Jerri, Jerri can be a bit skittish on a good day, if she is hurt not telling. Steph stops a few feet away, "Jonah tells me you have a hurt foot." Jerri nods, Jerri lifts her right front leg and puts it back down, as she put her weight on it, you can she her grimace in pain. "Oh, my word, let me look at it." Steph steps forward, and very calmly runs her hand down the front of Jerri's leg, As her reaches further down, she applies a bit of pressure, to get Jerri to raise her leg and more her hoof to the back, so her hoof can be looked at. Steph runs her hand around Jerri's hoof, it feels fine, "Why do things like this happen at night, I can just barely see, oh wait." Steph reaches into the pocket on her robe and pulls out a little flash light. Rob gave it to her a couple of months ago, said she might need it late at night. As Steph pulls out the flashlight, she realizes that she is standing there with Jerri, three legs on the ground one up in the air just barely being supported by Steph. "Let me take a closer look." Jerri nods and raises her leg up a bit more. Steph shines the light on Jerri's hoof, nothing wrong on the outside, she looks on the inside and sees a small stone right in the center of the sole of Jerri's hoof. "Oh, I can see why it hurts to stand on it." Jerri nods, "I can't get it out." Steph replies, "Do you want me to try and get it out, do you want me to get Rob?", Jerri looks over, "Oh, no you do it, if he comes out it will such a production, Running around, bucking, kicking, that kind of stuff." Steph nods, "That sounds like a normal routine. Ok, Let me try." Steph shines her flashlight right on the center of Jerri's hoof and then thinks, I got one hand holding Jerri's hoof, one hand on the flashlight, "I am short one hand, Jerri, can you hold your hoof up for me." Jerri nods, and very calmly holds her hoof up so Steph can work on it. Steph bends over and looks, it appears to be a small stone, maybe half an inch across, looks like it may have one sharp edge, and that is the side stuck in Jerri's hoof, "I am going to touch it." Jerri nods and braces herself. Steph reaches down touches the stone, it moves a bit, Jerri doesn't move, Steph braces herself, and grabs the stone and pulls it out. Steph ready to run in whatever direction, ahhh nothing, Jerri just stands there. Steph says, "Very good girl." Steph brushes the sole of Jerri's hoof, doesn't look like any other damage. Steph says, "Try that out." Jerri very carefully puts her hoof to the ground, and places some weight on it. "Ahh, that is very much better, Thank you." Just as Steph stands up, all the other horses in the pen run to the right rail, Steph turns and Jerri places her head over Stephs shoulder to see what is going on. Both Steph and Jerri walk to the rail to see what is going on. All the horses are talking but Steph can't understand them, she turns to Jerri, who still has her head over Steph's shoulder, "What are they talking about?" Jerri answers, "Not sure, something about a small horse with duck tape wrapped around him." As they both stand there Steph can see a shape, a horse shape, a small horse shape, ahhh, a small horse with duck tape wrapped around him. "That's a zebra." Jerri looks over to Steph, "Ahhh, what's a Zebra?" Steph look up to Jerri, "Well it's an equine that looks like a small horse with duck tape wrapped around him." Steph looks back at the gate, there is a large yellow bus sitting at the gate. "Well I got to get this figured out." Steph forgoes the gate, and climbs the rail, and walks towards the zebra, how do you greet a zebra, can I talk to a zebra, and who does the yellow bus belong to.

"Good Evening." Well it seemed like a good start, not knowing what else to say. The Zebra stops mid stride and stands there. Steph walks up and the Zebra looks over and Steph says, "May I help you I am Stephanie." The Zebra looks up, "I am Jim, I am here to see a patient here." Steph nods, "I have heard of you, you are from Barstow and have a PHD from UCLA." Jim, only slightly nods, "Yes, I am here to see Sampson, to see how he is doing, take me to him." Steph nods, and begins to walk to the back area. Steph thinks to herself, I can see why zebra's have never been domesticated, he is a bit of a pain. "If you don't mind me asking how did you get a degree from UCLA?" Jim stops looks at Steph, "Very good question, very few peoples ask me that. I was the pet of a group of Vet students. I read all the books, and even took part in some studies on Equines, I took all the written tests, and graduated with a 3.8. At the graduation, they took me up on the stand to receive my diploma. I took the license examine and passed." Steph thinks a bit, "Ahh, how did you take the examine." Jim warming up to Steph, "Oh, that was easy, have you ever gotten a drivers license in California, it's about the same, stand in line, fill out the form, show them your paper work. It's pretty easy for a Zebra."

Steph turns and begins to walk back to the round pen with Jim, "Sampson has seemed pretty normal since his trip." Jim nods "I am glad to hear that, mules have self esteem problems, it has to be worked very slowly." as they approach the round pen, Sampson runs up, and he and Jim carry on a long conversation only a small portion of which Steph understands. Jim turns to leave, "Thank you for your help during this visit, I normally get a lot of yelling and swinging of brooms when I visit places.

As they both walk back to the front gate, Steph asks, "Where did the bus come from?" Jim looks over, "Oh, it belongs to the Valley Crest Residential Care community, a couple of the older people love driving me around. It gets them out at night, and I don't have to pay much for the trips." Steph nods.

Steph lets Jim out the gate, turns to the house as the Yellow bus drives off, "Very interesting night." Steph gets back to the house, opens the door steps in and nothing seems to have changed, Rob in watching the TV, and dogs are all asleep. Rob looks up, "So what kept you so long?" Steph reaches in her pocket, and pulls out a small stone, and tosses it to Rob, "I pulled a stone out of Jerri's hoof." Rob stands up and looks at the small stone, "With out a fight, and running or kicking or biting, or jumping around or, or." Steph smiles, "Yep none of that." Rob sits back down tosses the stone up in the air and catches it. "Dang why isn't she that easy with me?" Steph sits down, "She knows I am a kind and loving person." Rob starts to reply but figures the better of it.

Rob thinks a bit, "Oh, I looked outside while you messing about, who was that small horse with duck tape wrapped around him?"

To be continued.

Author Samm