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MHR PMU horses

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

More pictures, 3/28/09

She does not look quite as wide this evening

Video of Faith, Saturday afternoon 3/28/09

More of Faith, 3-28-09

Taken 2:30pm PDT, 3/28/09

Tug Boat Twilah here, what you looking at?????????????

Faith, 3-28-09

These photos taken 11:10am, 3/28/09, will try to get better ones later. She was not cooperative this morning.

Photos taken 12:50pm PDT 3/28/09

Friday, March 27, 2009

A Faith First!

Faith has been with us one week and two days, and tonight is the first time since her arrival that she has wuffled/nickered at me or anyone else for that matter. Progress.


Bruno and Adrian, 3-27-09

Bruno and Adrian had their 'operations' today. They were both neutered. Bruno has to wear the collar because he won't leave his stitches alone.

Adrian is sleeping the meds off in her crate.


Faith this afternoon, 3-27-09

Video of Faith Snoozing

Faith, 3-27-09

Here is Faith, she is allowed a few cubes in the morning. Not many about 12-14 which is not much. Dr. Hadland approved this. Gives her just a bit extra with her rice bran and canola oil.

These photos were taken this morning 9am, 3/27/09

We shall see what the day brings. Hang in there Faith, we can wait as long as you need.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Faith, at 4:45pm 3-26-09

More pictures, 3-26-09

Sophie and the water hose

Utah (Ewtie)
Ewtie and Abby
Abby and her new collar

More of Faith, 3-26-09