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Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday evening

Good Evening Everyone,

Well, I have just come in from being outdoors all day. However, I will admit that I did throw some clothes in the wash...but I think they are still there.

I managed to get all water barrels cleaned again today. All those sweet faces are drinking a lot more. I do have to battle with Glory as she is forever pulling hose out, washing her feet and her face.."OY" makes for longer in filling her barrel.

Rob and I scraped out several more pens today. The "Banana" tractor is really coming in quite handy. Still it is hard work as you must break down the front panels off the corrals, move horses around etc., scrape, and rebuild the corral. All in a day's work.

Shania was introduced to the football field today...whoohoo, that was fun to watch. She really needed to get out and clear her head. But the biggest bully out there today was Trooper, the littlest guy and he has the most jacked up legs. He does not know his legs are not straight, but he was hauling horsey hiney after Shania. She has teamed up with Casper and Sinatra for now, by morning it will be one of the others.

Misty our queen is in the round pen tonight. She was running and bucking and tootin' up a storm. Once that was complete, a good solid roll was in order, there went my grooming job.

JD, Glory, Phred, Silky and Buttercup were all groomed. Gonna have to see who comes out tomorrow. I groomed Shiloh and General Saturday afternoon, Simba Marie Sunday afternoon so it is just working down the line. Carolyn groomed a few of the football members, but they kinda crowd ya and they bicker as to who is next.

I sat on the ground by Jerri and Apple for a bit today just talking to them. Apple's baby was in her tummy playing loopy loop, her tummy was moving so much. Jerri's baby was also moving. Jerri actually walked over to where I was sitting and sniffed me.. and I think she looked at Apple and went Pheeewwwww! this lady needs a shower.

Congratulations to both Kathie and Lynn for winning the March Hay Ride Drawing. Thank you to everyone who has participated, you have helped in providing hay for the horses at MHR

Well, I need to think about fixing dinner for Rob and me. I hope that each of you has had a wonderful day and I do wish you a pleasant evening.


And now...another episode of Turkey Crest

Spirit (Eddie Haskell Voice): Hay Baby B!! Are you done eatin'?

Baby B (dancing around her pen, shaking her J-Lo booty with head phones on)

Spirit: BABY B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Baby B: Whadda ya want???

Spirit: Did you see me today, playing with my big blue ball??? Didn't I look stallionalious?

Baby B: (dropping down and rolling around laughing) You looked like a spaz!!! Didn't you hear the humans laughing at you. (stands up, shakes it off and swishes her tail)

Spirit: They were not laughing at me..they thought I was cute. Isn't that right Granpa Muffin

Granpa Muffin (voice of Walter Brennan, Real McCoys, shaking legs up and down) Well, Well, you did look ridiculous..jumpin on top of that thar ball.

Spirit: Well it was nice to hear them laughing, we have not had a bunch of that around here lately.

Baby B: (reflecting) are right Spirit..and you did seem to make things happier

Apple: (Queen Latifah, head bobbing back and forth) were not the only ones making the humans laugh. Did you see the ears they put on me??? What do you think Maybelline is gonna say????

Half-Moon (Jack Nicholson..One flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest) We'll you can always say your crazy, but careful you might get a labotomy, that is why I stay so cool at all times.

Emmett (Forest Gump) Well, my mama said, Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know whatcha gonna get.

Spirit: I don't care what you guys say, we had fun today...especially at Cookie Time.

Spirit: Good Night to all of you, Baby B WE WILL talk tomorrow

Baby B: think we will

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday afternoon

Afternoon All,

Been a pretty busy day around here. Hope you enjoyed the new video taken of Spirit today. It is the first time that I have really laughed in quite a while, I hope it makes you smile.

I am in the process of uploading the first of a few videos of the GREAT COOKIE HUNT.

Thank you to everyone for everything that you have done for the horses at MHR, it is truly appreciated and your moral support..well I cannot express my gratitude enough.

This photo of Joseph on Apple from the web cam is priceless, but you all did not see what happened around the corner away from the camera, I am still laughing..she gave two little bucks, forcing Joseph to lose his balance and come off. Once he was off she walked up to him looking for a treat of some was just too funny.

I hope everyone is enjoying their day.


Spirit goes gaga!

Nellie's halters

A friend sent me this well-known poem by Evelyn Colbath. Of course it brought Nellie (and more tears) to mind... The picture is of Nellie's halters, old and new, hanging by our back door.


Now that I'm home, bathed, settled and fed,
All nicely tucked into my warm new bed,
I would like to open my baggage,
Lest I forget
There is so much to carry -
So much to forget.

Hmm, Yes, here it is, right on the top -
Let's unpack Loneliness, Heartache and Loss,
And there by my halter hides Fear & Shame
As I look on these things I have tried so hard to leave-
I still have to unpack my baggage called Pain.
I loved them, the others, the ones who left me,
But I wasn't good enough - for they didn't want me.

Will you add to my baggage?
Will you help me unpack?
Or will you just look at my things
And take me right back?
Do you have the time to help me unpack?
To put away my baggage,
To never re-pack?

I pray that you do - I'm so tired you see,
But I do come with baggage -
Will you still want me?
© Evelyn Colbath

Sunday - pictures

After proper bribing, Apple allowed Joseph on her back without any objection whatsoever! How about that??

Video of tractor work

Sunday morning

Baby B had her lesson Saturday morning and she did very well. I banded her mane to one side so she did not look like the wild child. Clipped her whiskers and bridle path, without incident...very good lesson today.

Once Rob returned from work Saturday, we took that fine looking 1950's tractor and put it to work. We cleaned a couple of stalls out to see how it would work, and it is perfect. I groomed Shiloh and General and got them settled back into their newly scraped pen. The tractor is a life saver.

Apple and Jerri were not even phased one little bit by the tractor, at one point they were both napping.


Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday morning

Good Morning All,

All is going well here this morning. Horses have all been fed, and received carrots along with their regular diets. they just lub this so much.

We will be affixing the lights at the girls stalls for night watching mid to late April. We will not be strawing their pens till we see them closer to foaling. I would hate to see them grub too much straw. I know there is a certain amount to be expected but I do not want a whole pen eaten

Apple and Jerri are both doing well, which to me is a relief. I have several things I must accomplish this morning and throughout the day, so I will be back later to report the days antics.


Thank you from Spirit

Spirit: Thank you, Thank you very much. It's my burfday (standing on hind legs twirling front legs in front of him)

Spirit: I am ten months old..whoohoo, almost a year old.

Spirit: (reflecting) I want to say this as I have a lot on my mind this morning. Thank you very much to the FOBs. You saved my mom, which means saving me. Thank you to all my mommies, aunties and unkles for everything that you do for me and for all the horses at MHR. We are a big famblee and famblees stick together.


Friday, March 28

Happy 10-month birthday to everybody's favorite stallion-for-now, Spirit, aka Vladdie, aka Fang, aka other things we don't want to put here. Time flies, little man!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday late afternoon

Joseph and kiss yet!

Thursday afternoon

Just when I think I have my emotions under control someone goes and does an act of kindness that has brought me to my knees.

Bev, Thank you ever so much for the beautiful Draft Horse Head is surely our Nellie, they choked me up and I will give Theresa hers this evening.

Lucy, Thank you for the beautiful poem..this brought on the tears in full force. I would like to share this poem with everyone, as I thought of Nellie, Lil Angel and I walking together along with all the others we have lost.

To My Best Friend

The day they laid you down to sleep
I prayed to the Lord your soul he'll keep

Until the appointed day and time
when together we'll meet; and all will be fine

With all God's creatures great and small
go run and play now, have a ball

No more aches; and no more pain
just bright sunshine; no more rain

Rest in peace; for now best friend
Cradled in God's arms; to the end

Dream of that special; day and time
when we'll meet at the Bridge; one last time

Although we'll be separated; for a long time
we'll be together then; and all will be fine

We'll cross Rainbow Bridge; side by side
with a soft warm feeling; deep down inside

Once again then; all will be fine
we're together forever; till the end of time

Author: John Quealy

PLEASE continue to blitz Nellie's story to family, friends..everyone! Do it for Nellie and all other PMU mares that must endure this inhumane treatment.

On a positive note, Apple and Jerri's little ones will never know this life!!!

Thank you to everyone and I mean everyone for all of your support. We are in this together all for the HORSES.


Thursday, March 27

I awoke this morning thinking it has been one week since our Nellie has left us in body.

I know she could not speak from her lips, but she did communicate. So with this said, I believe Nellie would not only want us to convey the plight of all PMU mares but, she would want us to be happy as well. We must move forward in our efforts to let the public know, but we must move forward in our continuing efforts of caring for the horses at the ranch.

She would want us to sing the praises of Apple and Jerri's impending births, the year birthdays of Baby B and Spirit who would not be here if it were not for all of you.

This does not mean it does hurts any less, but it just reinforces our mission..and that is to STOP SLAUGHTER, STOP THE PMU INDUSTRY and to SAVE HORSES and to care for the ones we now have.




Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Jerri's mane

These are the knots that Jerri came with and Theresa and I cut out:

Thank You

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the lovely cards both via email and snail mail. The words that you have expressed are so very touching.

Nellie is missed terribly, passing her empty stall daily makes my heart ache even more.

Thank you all so very very much


Nellie's story

This is Nellie's story . You can also access this via a link on the front page of the MHR web page.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tuesday afternoon

Here is Rob's horse JoJo...THE queen of attitude

Tuesday afternoon

Just a quick note between chores.

Worked with Jerri, she is a handful. She almost got me with her big ole head, but I was (MY BAD). Much more cautious going in the second time. Jerri is going to take a lot and I do mean a lot of time. She quivers anywhere you touch her. But the biggest progress I did make was to pet her nose without her jerking back. I allowed her to sniff me, very in tune with the fact that she has nipped Apples hiney on several occasions.

We must earn her trust, Nellie will guide her, I know it.


Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday evening

Good Evening All,

Today has been busy, and when you have busy hands, the mind has less time to drift.

I have taken two videos today, I uploaded the brand new 1950 something tractor that will be a huge help at the ranch.

I am uploading a video of Baby B taken today and I also did a video of Rob's horse JoJo, the e-ticket ride. Can spin on a dime and give you 9 cents in change.

Working with Jerri felt good. Theresa and I are going to be doing this daily as we must earn her trust before her foal arrives. Last year's foal was delivered the 22 of May. I want so bad for her to trust, I know she will.

Of course, sweet Apple was right there saying Hay! Hay!, what about me!!!! She is so large and in your pocket, your face etc. wherever you are she is. Gotta Lub her.

I will be away from the puter for a while, have to feed the horses, and then feed the famblee. Parents are coming over. They took the loss of Nellie and her baby very hard as well and I told my mom our mission.

Talk to you all soon


Monday, March 24, 2008 - midday

After much thought, we decided to change the MHR logo.

Our new logo will be that of the silhouette of Joseph and Nellie. This is part of Healing the Hearts of Horses in speaks volumes


Monday, March 24, 2008

Good Morning All,

Last week was a very difficult one for all of us. I know that the Lord only gives to us what we can handle.

This morning I awakened knowing that it was a new day, and that we/I must move forward. The pain and the void in our hearts will be there, however we learned so much from our precious Nellie and Lil Angel.

We were able to inform those individuals who also adopted horses from the same ranch, and they have taken precautionary measure and the steps to avoid the same loss we have. It has been an eye opener for many.

Nellie has also given hope to other PMU mares, as we must become her voice and the voice of many other PMUs. They deserve so much more. We have a mission is a mission that Nellie and Lil Angel have given us.

As Barbaro gave the mission to Save Horses and to have Laminitis Researched, well Nellie has given us the mission to stop the PMU industry.

Nellie came to MHR with a mission. We taught her but she taught us as well. She touched our hearts and souls. She will always be with us.

Now, her "Shining Light" will look upon Apple and Jerri...guiding us to a healthy foaling. Please, let us take our sorrow, heartache and anger and ban together to aid those mares and their unborn foals in the PMU industry.

Again, I am sorry we could not do more for Nellie and Lil Angel...but we do have an opportunity to do positive work in their name.

Everyone have a blessed day.

Stephanie, Rob, Joseph and Theresa and the MHR Famblee

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Saturday evening, March 22

Good Evening All

Tough day today, looking at Nellie's stall. But a good day for Jerri...we made progress and will continue to work with her daily.

We just finished dinner with our Famblee and are sitting around talking.

I wanted again to THANK ALL OF YOU. Your thoughts and kind words have helped. It is going to be a long, long time to heal from this. However, we are going to take this tragedy and make it productive. We are going to work on helping PMUs in the name and honor of Nellie and Lil Angel. We will make our voices heard for them.

There are many things that are going through my mind and we will put it all together.

I would like to bid all of you a goodnight.

Bless You All


Apple meets Tubby



Jerri - Independence Day!

More pictures of Jerri in her new halter

Jerri and Joseph

Saturday afternoon - Jerri finally has her new halter


(Thank you Ro on ABR)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Reflections on Nellie

Thank you all so very much. I am so sorry we could not do more. I am very very angry, my heart feels it has been ripped from my chest. My son, Joseph, and and his wife, Theresa, are taking this hard as well. I know what Nellie meant to Joseph.

Nellie had five veterinarians working with her last night, some were there for the surgery others came in to help in recovery. Nellie was cared for by so many. Dr. Shur told me during her last call that Nellie was not in pain, but was fully aware of what was going on around her. She said for a horse that probably never knew a gentle touch was outstanding when they were placing her in the sling. She stated there was nothing but trust in her eyes. She also stated that Nellie did not die in vain, she taught us all what she had wrong with her and to take the steps to help Apple and Jerri, but it is not only helping them. We have networked via our blog to others that have have adopted horses from the same ranch and they have now taken measures in their feeding programs to avoid what our sweet Nellie had endured.

I have also taken the liberty to give her unborn foal a name. I named him/her Lil Angel as he/she was destined to be an Angel from the start and did not even know it.

Nellie endured a five-hour surgery and it is remarkable that she came through. This is why Dr. Shur was so hopeful. She also let me know that we were faced with many other issues if Nellie pulled through. There was a lot of damage done to her intestines due to all the sand she had in her. She actually stated it was like removing concrete. She did state they filled a five gallon bucket of this sand and there was more they had removed including the concrete hard substance. There was going to be some issues with her kidneys and they would have to be careful as to what antibiotics they administered to ensure that no additional damage would occur.

Nellie will be FOREVER in my HEART but she and Lil Angel took a huge part with them. When I spoke with Veronica this morning, she said that Nellie had her own Hotline and she took all the calls that came in from all over the country wishing Nellie well as well as the calls of condolence and to thank the staff of Desert Pine Equine Center...they gave it their all. I want to THANK EACH OF YOU for EVERYTHING. You are prime examples of what BARBARO'S LEGACY is all about. He asked of you to HELP HORSES in NEED to STOP SLAUGHTER.

I have but one request. When you can, please help your favorite rescue or a rescue needing help in saving a horse(s), needing something special for a horse, and when you do.. do it in HONOR OF NELLIE AND LIL ANGEL and for all those who have gone before them. Let us all pray that the PMU industry and SLAUGHTER comes to a STOP.

We must now concentrate on those that need us...our Apple and Jerri are both carrying new life and we must be there for them , as well as all the horses at MHR.

Bless you all and we thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.

Stephanie, Rob, Joseph, Theresa and the entire MHR Famblee

Thursday, March 20, 2008


I just received a call from Dr. Shur...our Nellie has been worked on for the last three hours and she has suffered permanent paralysis of her rear end. There was no hope for her recovery. Despite even being placed in a sling, she had no use of her rear end whatsoever.

The vets and all of us have done everything humanly possible for her. I am so sorry everyone, we did our best.


Nellie - she made it!!!

UPDATE 8:13pm PST, Just off phone w/ Dr. Shur

Nellie and her foal made it through the surgery. She is in critical condition. She has been in recovery for 1 hour, and has not stood up yet. She needs to get up. She is wide awake.

The amount of sand that they removed from her in unbelievable, Dr. Shur states this has been years of accumulation. She is not out of the woods by a long shot, she has to stand, respond to antibiotics etc. We must continue our prayers, the cards are still stacked against her. She has long post surgery recovery ahead of her.

If all goes well through the night I will be going to visit her tomorrow. Please pray!!!!


Nellie - no news

Sorry, no news yet. We are waiting anxiously. Will update as soon as news comes in.

Nellie - Thursday afternoon

UPDATE: I just spoke with Dr. Shur. I gave her the go ahead to proceed with the surgery. Nellie is being prepped for surgery right now.

As I stated to everyone this morning, this is the only chance now that Nellie and her unborn foal have.

If we do nothing 0% chance....with the surgery at this point 30-33% chance of survival. Dr. Shur said if there were any other problems during surgery she will keep us posted and to give us options if any..

We need an additional $6,000.00. This will take care of her post surgery care. We have already paid the 4,000.00 for surgery.

If you wish to make a donation for Nellie please contact Desert Pine Equine Center at 702-645-2766 and use a credit card. Let them know it is for Nellie from MHR.

Their website is

Thank you all.....we need prayers and lots of them

Stephanie and MHR Family

Thursday update 2






Nellie - Thursday morning

Good Morning All,

We are home at the ranch. When we left early this morning, we had placed her in a comfy, warm stall. She is hooked up to IV's. They were going to give 8 bags wide open to hydrate her entire system once this was completed she would receive more fluids at a slower pace. Dr. Leslie Shur stated this is what needs to be done to hopefully move all this sand out of her system. There is NO STONE. What we do have is a distended bowel filled with gas, all due to this damn sand. She said the amount of sand she has is years of accumulation. Anyway, she gave Nellie a rectal, also she checked her cervix. Cervix is still closed, Nellie has awhile to go before foaling. Dr. Shur felt our little one moving around ( she stated very active little one). She prepped Nellie for the belly tap to see what the fluid was like, but as she inserted the tap, she stop as she could feel the grit and did not want to further complicate and compromise Nellie or her baby.

If Nellie does not begin passing this sand, then surgery is the other option. There are many risks involved. She explained all these risks to us.

Nellie is in the very best hands possible. She also assured both Rob and me that we had done everything right from the beginning because as most of you are animal owners and lovers, you always have a tendency to question yourself.

Dr. Shur stated she will call me sometime this morning, with updates and as soon as I know, you will.

Thank you all for your prayers and support.

Stephanie, Rob and the entire MHR family

Nellie - second hospital report

Nellie will have 8 big bags of fluids administered over night. The vet wanted to do a tap of the belly fluids to see if the fluid was clear, but there is so much sand in her gut that the vet couldn't proceed.

There is no impaction but the intestine has rolled to the side just a bit. Nellie has a giant gas bubble.

Please pray that this fluid treatment works. The surgery option is not encouraging, not only because of cost ($6500 if we're lucky, $8000-10000 on the high side), but because it would be very very hard on a mare of Nellie's size. She would have to be heavily wired to keep from rupturing during foaling.

Because we don't have a good idea of breeding date, the vet can only guess that the foal is about 60 days away from being born. As mentioned before, the foal is very active.

Stephanie and Rob are on their way home now. More tomorrow. Good night all.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Nellie - first hospital report

Stephanie, Rob and Nellie have arrived at the hospital without incident. The vet says Nellie has a very distended bowel due to gas, that she knows there's a lot of sand in her gut (she can hear it) and that we have a live, very active baby. Updates will be posted as they arrive.

Nellie - Wednesday late evening

The decision has been made to take Nellie to the Desert Pine Equine Hospital in Las Vegas tonight. The on-call vet there said they would want to give her IV fluids to super hydrate her, a belly tap to try to get a better idea of what's in there, possibly an ultrasound, re-tubing her and repeating some of what's already been done. Since we are going on 5 days now time is of the essence, she stressed hydration is very very important for this type of colic. A 24 hr watch and treatments would be $1500-2000, with half down at admission, $1000.

We are going to try to load her. We're not sure what her attitude will be.


edited to add that Nellie loaded onto the trailer without problem. The ride will take approximately one hour.

Nellie - Wednesday evening

This picture was taken by LindaNV on March 1.

Nothing new to report. The vet said IF it is a stone, surgery is an option, but we did not get into all of the details e.g., would she survive, would the foal survive etc., I wish I could provide you with more information. If we have no movement by morning, we will be discussing all options (good and bad) and the risks with him.

We gave Nellie a dose of Banamine. This will help with any discomfort she may have.

Thank you all for the much needed prayers. We are trying to be as optimistic as possible. Thank you again, your support is overwhelming.


Nellie - Wednesday afternoon


Nellie DID NOT receive a tranquilizer this time.

The vet did a rectal and there is a mass that he could not push over. He oiled her and gave her metamucil. We are now to watch and hope that whatever is there comes out.

The vet stated this potentially could be a stone; this is worst case. If it is a stone, she will not pass it and surgery is an option. However, he stated we are looking at in excess of 8-10K.

We also do not know how far along the foal is for sure. All we can do at this point is pray and hope it is not a stone. I wish I had better news and hope that nature takes its course for the GOOD.


Nellie - Wednesday midday

Update: Vet to be here at 2pm.

Nellie is comfortable, a repeat of Saturday is going to take place.

Additional Info: Animali Farm was contacted and we received the following from them.

They also encountered this with one of their 3 yr old mares who was not in foal. They had the vet out twice, second time everything began moving. The also IV'd her fluids as she was not drinking. Nellie is drinking.

We appreciate your support and continued prayers. Rob moved her around the pen a bit...nothing.

Waiting for vet

Back outside.


Nellie - Wednesday morning

Unfortunately, there's nothing to report. No action during the night. The vet will be coming at 2pm this afternoon for a repeat treatment. Nellie is not agitated and appears to be quite comfortable.

We have a call into the rancher in Canada where Nellie came from, but have not received a return call.


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Nellie - Tuesday evening

Nellie's breathing is good, her gums are nice and pink and there are some gut sounds.

If we cannot obtain any poop tonight or in the morning, the vet IS coming out and will work on Nellie.

She has been exposed to so much today and accepted it all. She is a real trooper. Despite everything thrown at her, she allows us to touch her and rub on her. As I said, what a grand lady she is. A call has been placed to the ranch in Canada where she came from in order to find out more history on her. Message has been left, I do hope they call back. We shall see.

Thank you all for everything you have done, you will never ever know just what it means.


Nellie - Tuesday afternoon

The vet has recommended that we give Nellie one more day to "produce." She's still in the round pen and Rob and I are exercising her regularly in 20 minute sets. We had been able to get her to move by opening and closing an umbrella, but she's lost her fear of that. We do hear gut sounds, which is progress. Hopefully things are moving along!

If she hasn't had success by tomorrow, the vet will come out and re tube her.


Nellie - Tueday morning update

We are having the vet come again today.


Nellie - Tuesday morning

Nellie got lots of exercise yesterday. My husband, Rob, walked her around her pen, then he walked her around the ranch to the round pen. Since Nellie has been in the round pen she is starting to have some movement. Things are moving, not as quickly as I would like but it is beginning to work. This is progress.

Nellie is doing fine, her breathing is normal, drinking well. Again we have had movement.

Thank you to everyone.


Monday, March 17, 2008

Nellie - Monday morning second update

Nellie has given us a small amount of green oily poo. Seems things are on the way.

Buttercup took some time as well if you all remember. I will not be relieved until Nellie is relieved. We are in this together.


Nellie - Monday morning

Good Morning All,

I have already been on the phone with Dr. H. this morning. Nellie is comfortable, but still nothing. She does have greenish oil coming out.

We know she is hungry and I prepared the breakfast he wants me to give her this morning. It is in a bucket in kitchen sink brewing.

I will keep you posted as I can.


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Nellie - Sunday early evening

Good Evening All,

Thank you to everyone for helping keep watch on Ms. Nellie. This evening she was given a bucket of warm bran mash. We are seeing the oil starting to seep, this is to be expected. Have spoken to Dr. H. again. We explained that she is drinking lots, she is not rolling, eyes are not indicating any discomfort whatsoever (eyes are very soft looking). I explained that she is hungry, oil is seeping and he said she will probably go in the very near time frame.

Everyone, thank you ever so very much I truly mean it.

One of the things that has come from all of this is Nellie is leading so very very well. In fact at one point Joseph unhooked the lead rope and Nellie was following him. What a way to learn to lead...


Nellie - Sunday afternoon

Nellie remains uncomfortable. With the doctor's permission, she's had a dose of banamine which has made her more comfortable. Below are a couple of pictures taken off the marestare web cam.

Buttercup, a 25+ yo mare, had colic for 48 hrs last year. We are keeping close watch on Nellie.

Nellie - Sunday morning


I was up and down through the night..still nothing to report. She is up and still appears to be comfortable. I wish I had more to report.


Saturday, March 15, 2008

Nellie update #4

Evening All,

Just came in from checking on Nellie. She was resting comfortably. When I approached her stall, she stood and gave me one little poop and some gas. Things are moving slowly but at least there is movement. Will keep an eye on her throughout the night.

This was the last part of her treatment. I know that you are all of aware of the good side and the bad side.


Nellie update #3

Nellie being sedated

Preparing for tubing
Oiling our fair lady

And now we wait...

Nellie update #2

Nellie is not out of the woods, we must watch her throughout the night. She was heavily sedated to keep all safe. She does not get any dinner tonight. I am watching Nellie on my monitor in the house right now. She was not happy with me in her pen. While in her stall, the baby was very active..whew..we just need Nellie to get through this. She is resting right now and is comfortable.


Nellie update #1

The veterinarian has arrived. He has sedated Nellie, given her mineral oil and a big dose of psyillium (fiber). We are now waiting for her innards to start working again... Please pray for our dear Nellie.

Saturday afternoon...distressing news

The veterinarian is on his way over for Nellie, she is having a bout with colic we have walked her for the last hour, and having difficulty. Will keep you posted.


Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday evening




Friday afternoon

Good Afternoon Ladies and Gents

Baby Diva B had an excellent training day. Everything was very good and ended on a good note.

Spirit had his lesson today as well, and only had a brief moment of stupidity (tried to bite) but that was corrected immediately. That was the only issue with him.

I puttered around the BBG's today, just talking to them. I got to see Apple and Nellie's babies moving today. I thought it was awesome but I am not sure they were amused, ears pinned upon the flip flops happening. Jerri took yet another hay cube from me, we are making progress and I think she does know that I will not hurt her.

I only did one non-horsey thing today and that was to pull stinkin' weeds down the driveway...ugh! It is done, for now.

I will talk to you all later as we still have many chores to do before the sun sets this evening.

Lub to All


Friday morning

Good Morning All,

Yesterday was a good day with the BBGs. Got a bit closer to Jerri, of course always close to Apple. Nellie still timid but watching.

While videoing all three were quite curious. Standing next to Apple outside the stall I managed to rub her big round belly for a few moments. She seem to enjoy it as her eyes closed half way but only for a few minutes. She probably was wondering what the heck I was doing. When she had enough she sauntered away over to her water barrel. Apple drinks a lot but will also dip her mouth in and hold her head up and let the water run out of her lips.

Jerri sniffed the camera at one point, and is definitely coming around. She is so very curious, and I am seeing a slight softening of her eyes..just a slight one. I know in time it will come.

Nellie sweet sweet Nellie, poor thing, at almost 19 yrs old, she is having trouble letting go. Guess too many years to forget. She wants to be part of everything but just cannot give herself up to it. Though everything has been positive, it seems so difficult for her to trust. We are able to catch her up, but she trembles. You are able to touch her from the shoulders forward but do not go back further. She is just too nervous for that.

I do hope that we make more progress before the BBBs arrive. It is so important to imprint the babies, but we must earn the trust of the BBGs first.

The cam is presently on the football field. It will be changed periodically. Once we get closer to foaling and we see positive signs of impending births we will have night lighting on the BBG that is showing signs. I did read a post from Legacy Clydesdales that these bigger horses normally do not have the 123 births like that of the lighter weighted horses.

I also wanted to let everyone know, that when these mares begin foaling we will let mother nature work her wonders. We will not tie up the sack, we will allow it to expel itself. Should we see complications, we will contact our veterinarian, who for those who remember Rosie and Misty's births, only lives 5 minutes from the ranch. He is an excellent vet and we have been working with him long before MHR was established and MHR has been operating for seven years.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful day!


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Jerri video

Watch the YouTube video.

New video of Apple and Nellie

Apple likes nose scritches.

Thursday morning

Good Morning All,

Went to bed fairly early last night, before 8pm.

Went out onto the patio with coffee this morning and low and behold Half Moon and Cloud were both demonstrating their bucking abilities in their pens. I will have to say the winning score goes to Half Moon, as he can truly catch some air. I think Cloud has been taking lessons from the local bunnies as they hop through the

The Quail are coming out in full force, skittering around picking seed that the chickens have left behind. Soon there will be tiny baby quail running after their parents in a flurry. They are quite cute to watch and they are so cute.

Seems we are going to possibly have a bit of rain on Sunday and Monday. They say it is not going to be much, just a light drizzle. Also, the breeze/wind is suppose to pick up on Saturday. We have a better chance of a wind storm than we do for rain, but you never know.

The sun is coming up and there are not many clouds in the sky. The horses are all doing well this morning, quiet until feeding time then they will be talking up a storm to anyone who will listen, which is everyone who lives around us.

I will be talking with the BBGs today and hopefully we can make a little more progress. It is all up to them.

I do hope that everyone has a good day.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wednesday afternoon

I have made some headway with Jerri this afternoon.

While I was filling various water barrels, I staged myself so that all three of the BBGs could see me. I was further away from Jerri though. I sat for awhile and went up to Nellie and Apple and talked to them all the while. I watched Jerri from the corner of my eye and she was taking everything in. I then went down to her stall and stood there, not moving and I stuck my hand out which had a hay cube in it. She gingerly nosed her way to my hand and ever so softly took it from my hand. She did not step back, but stood looking at me while she chewed the cube. Figuring this was a good start, I repeated it. She took it from this time with no hesitation. Oh these baby steps are wonderful, especially when they are so positive.

Nellie and Apple of course were given a couple of cubes as well, could not leave them out.


Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Good Afternoon All,

The girls tummies becoming rounder and rounder as their little ones tucked nice and warm inside continue to develop.

Nellie though she can be caught up is very timid. She does not want you touching her tummy at all. She moves away from your hand. She had been used for so long in the PMU Barn that she has limited trust of humans. I cannot even begin to attempt explaining what could have possibly happened to her other foals in her past. She has a very healthy appetite. Dr. Henesler does not believe that palpating them is a wise thing, mostly for the human aspect. We and he have seen what happens when a horse can blow through a tranquilizer due to the adrenaline coursing through their system. Speaking from experience and the end result of Rob being on the couch for 45 days due to a draft horse blowing through his tranquilizer. There are some things you just do not risk. Nellie has had all of her shots, I will be starting her on mare and foal in April, basing her delivery to be in May.

Apple the most animated and the most friendly of the three has become a bit crabby over the last week. Carolyn a volunteer who comes on Tuesdays and Thursdays went to groom her, and Apple became agitated and even took a nip at her. Her tummy is getting so big, and if you sit patiently you will see her foal moving around. Again, she will start the mare and foal in April as well. Again, we do not know what her life was really like, but I feel it was not good, but yet Apple is the most forgiving. Apples shots are all up to date.

Jerri, well her tummy is real low, no other outward signs of impending birth (soon that is). She is becoming more and more curious. She watches very intently of everything that goes on around her. She has changed her tune when it comes to feeding her, no longer does she come to her feeder with her ears pinned. She now stands and waits and watches, until you dump her cubes in the feeder. But that is as far as it goes. I will stand there ignoring her with my hand in her stall and I watch her out of the corner of my eye and she will slowly saunter over and I can feel her whiskers against my hand. I will do this several times a day. HOWEVER, if you enter the stall she will go to the corner, turn her rear to you and prepare to take aim. I know there are methods used to stop this behavior, but with the precious painstaking steps she has taken to trust us, I do not want to reverse any positive that has been done. I know that I keep reiterating patience, patience, patience. If we have any trouble handling the baby, I will say it will be Jerri, but I have hopes that maybe we can get her to the point that she will accept us. Jerri's shots are up to date.

We are doing our best for them and hopefully we will continue to make positive progress. These girls have been through so much in their lives, we just want to make a difference for them.

Your support for MHR's horses means so much in the lives of the horses at our facility, we thank you.


Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday morning

Good Morning All,

I was busy yesterday all day with a short break of going to the grocery store. My primary mission yesterday was cleaning water barrels. However, I still have a few to complete but they were too full to dump.

Phred had his pedicure as we move down the line between clients of Robs. Baby B proved to be a real stinker yesterday. She head butted Rob, and now he is sporting a small shiner. She swung her head around and nailed him while he was tying her to the hitching post. She was having a fit because Spirit was left behind and it was time for her to learn more patience. she told him, but it was not funny, it could have been more serious.

I will be working outside today so many things to do with Spring in the air.

FYI: The turkey herd is doing well, and their new have found eight eggs that the girls are sitting on.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!


Sunday, March 9, 2008

Good Sunday Morning

Well, clocks were set ahead, but I am still behind. It is beautiful here, sun is shining, trees are budding and happy horses are waiting on me.

I feel the after effects of "Poop Detail" in the body this morning, there are muscles that I have obviously neglected to put into motion in awhile...thought I had them covered, guess not. I will be just as busy today as I was yesterday so I will be online off and on throughout the day. Sometime today I must squeeze in a human grocery run...ugh..which I hate to do, maybe we should learn to eat hay.

Anyway, as I am outside I will be thinking of all of you. Hoping that those in the snow keep warm and those in the sun enjoy it. Have a great day, each of you and we at MHR thank you for your continued support.


Friday, March 7, 2008

Good Morning Everyone

Please excuse my absence for the last couple of days. I've had the flu (or something!) but I'm feeling much better.

I must share this with all of you, it is quite humorous. Did you know that Baby B will not poop in her pen? She will back up where the poop will fall to the outside of her stall or she will back up to Spirits stall and let go. It is the funniest thing to watch, she does this deliberately. She is surely a little PRINCESS..gotta Lub her though.

Spirit is all boy and I mean all boy. He is the hardest little guy to keep clean. He will roll in whatever he wants and when he wants. However you should see him on his lead rope, very well behaved. He does still give Grandpa Rob a bit of a fit when he gets his feet done, not bad but almost like a game. Still no McNuggets. JD our first baby did not drop until he was almost a year and a half. He was gelded December 13 three years ago. When this procedure was done, he went to sleep (with the aid of Dr. Henesler) and when he came to he jumped up and began wanting to eat. He never gave it a second thought. When I had Casper gelded, oh goodness poor baby looked like he had been tipping the cups for a few hours afterwards. I think the most difficult time they have with it, is my running cold water on them three times per day for a least a half hour each time. They are not thrilled with it at first, but once the water starts to chill the discomfort then they are fine. It is hard to get them cleaned up afterwards as they are not stitched so there is some bleeding and of course it runs down their back legs. That is another reason we/our vets prefer to geld in the off season of flies. It prevents the flies from giving them infections etc. Okay I have probably given you more than you wanted to hear this morning. All part of it though.


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Nellie....getting closer!

We don't know when Nellie was bred, we only know that the rancher said he expects foals in May. However, Nellie's bag has now began to fill and that's one of the signs that foaling is approaching. These pictures were taken yesterday.

Monday, March 3, 2008

A big wind in Pahrump

Good Morning All.

It is windy windy here this morning, supposed to be this way until 6pm. Winds like this prevent us from working with the horses like we like to do. They can stand in it, with their rears facing the direction it is coming from, in this case from the north. However, to get them to pay attention to what you are doing with them is a completely different just will not work.

I will tell you all a little story. I have a quarter x mare that lives at my parents home. I got her when she was four months old, she was an orphan foal. (Her mom died at birth) Anyway, I trained Miss Jingles myself, she thought I was her mom anyway to make a long story even longer. We were out for a ride, on a beautiful day no wind, she was a joy to ride, as we were out the wind picked up, and all of sudden I did not know the horse I was riding, the wind absolutely freaked her out, and things that she was used to seeing now became BIG MONSTERS! What a ride home that was. I am happy to say I still have Jingles, she is 16 years old now, and still lives at my parents home. She is a good horse....she just hangs out with my parents horses Ceasar and Chase, which were horses they rescued from two separate abusive situations, they paid for these horses and they have been happy ever since. They just get lots of love and attention. Well, I hope I have not bored you all with this story, but it was just to let you know that the wind is not our friend with horses.

I hope that all of you have a wonderful day!!!


Saturday, March 1, 2008


Well, Jerri has really made progress with me. When she sees me now, she runs to the front of her corral and whinnies to receive her breakfast or dinner whichever the case may be. It truly is heartwarming to see the change in her behavior. This is a big step and hopefully we can work on changing her halter here very soon.

Nellie is doing well, she just kinda stands and observes everything that is going on around her. I think, and it's my opinion only, but I think she will be the first to deliver. But, what do I know, I am just the Grammy. She is really getting bigger with each passing day. I do not think there will be a lot of issues in regards to handling her foal, but again we just don't know. We just know how their babies were handled in the past.

Then there is Apple, Miss Congeniality. She is so funny and wants all the attention. She is a VERY VERY LARGE version of our little Diva, Baby B. It is all about her. I laugh at her antics, especially when raking around her. She has taken to banging her feeder when you are out there, as if to say...HAY!!!!!! LOOK AT ME!!! Such a sweet mare. You just have to love them.

If this is as good as any of them get, it is okay with us. We know that where they are today is better than they have had and better than what it could have been.