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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Good Sunday Morning to All,

I truly hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. I know we did.

I must say I think one of our friends was in total awe of Spirit and Baby B, now these are my words as she just kept staring at them. They are beautiful horses. Well, I think they are all beautiful no matter what condition they come in. The Lord and the horses spirit is what brings them along. We are just being guided to their needs.

Katie is doing very well. She had abscesses in both her front feet. This was taken care of and now she has special shoes and pads on and is on medication. Katie has been battling abscesses for a long time, long before she came to us. She is moving so much better. She has a very healthy appetite and is gaining weight. I see it.

Cosmo is doing better better himself as well. Unfortunately when he arrived someone trimmed his feet down to about two and half inches when he should be standing on about 3.5 inches. But with the help of natural bute product, he is able to move around so much better. We need more hoof growth to put him up on shoes and pads. He also is gaining weight...yeah!

Then there is our Charity, she is a wonderful horse, she has come around to us so quickly. She is not spooky, loves to be touched and knows she will not be hurt. She does not know what a carrot is, an apple or even a stud muffin and does not take them. In time she will. It took Faith a long time as well, but she finally got it. I wish we were in the warmer months because I would love to bathe Charity and bring out the white in her flea bitten coat. On Monday as it stands right now, her shade will begin the building process....and then we will begin the rest of them.

Little Justice, what can I say about him, except he is an absolute love. He is so trusting, and loves his skirtches and will also be easy to handle like his cousins AJ and Hope. Lisa has done truly amazing work with both of them. Simply amazing! Thank You Lisa!

Well, we wish everyone a great day. Please remember our 2010 Calendar and other items for purchase that benefit the horses, it is about them and always will be. Thank you all for your support. It is individuals that make the difference in the lives of the horses at MHR. You made a difference in the horses that have left us; you gave them the dignity and the respect they so justly deserved. Thank you

Stephanie and Rob

Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday, November 27, 2009

Good Morning All,

I do hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It was truly good. Seemed a bit odd not sharing it with my parents this year, but they wanted to do something the different for themselves.

The horses all are doing well, which we are thankful for. Always a good day without an incident. :)

I am hoping and praying I can squeeze a Candy ride and begin ponying our six month old little tank. This will alll take place in the round pen for a few days. Dirt is soft if he decides to pull back and give a quick yank or if Candy decides to crow hop..sigh..lets hope for a good first timer. I will have Amy in with me, to help pick of the

Have a wonderful day all, and remember the beautiful calendar of the some of the special horses we have all come to love. It helps to provide the feed they need.


Stephanie and Rob

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wednesday, November 24, 2009

All of us here at Miracle Horse Rescue would like to wish each and everyone of you a safe and special


Robert and I have so much to be thankful for, the list could go on and on. We are thankful for our family and friends. Each of you is a member of our family. You have watched five beautiful babies being born at our facility, but their mothers would not have been here if it were not for your GIVING; and we give THANKS for this.

We are blessed by each of you and the work you have done for the horses and the support you not only give for the horses but the support you give to each other during good times and bad times.

Thank you all and may you and your families be blessed a million times over for all you do, and pray for those who are less fortunate. Let us all "PAY IT FORWARD"

Stephanie, Robert and the MHR Family

Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday, November 20, 2009

We, or shall I say, the men have already brought the wash racks over and have put in the spots they will be located in. They are also in the process of bringing the shade poles and roofing material over, so we can begin putting the puzzle together for the last time.

We are trying to get everyone involved in this effort coordinated but they also have lives and we must work around their schedules. Remember we said this was going to be an ongoing process through the winter and spring months, but it is going to happen as Rome was not built in a day, but we got the horses settled in during a short period of time, and that in itself was a task.

Everyone have a great day!

Stephanie and Rob

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Here is Candy and Justice. I had the opportunity ride her today. Wonderful. I have Justice in with her so that they can get use to one another as I am going to start ponying him with her. What a wonderful day!!

Katie is doing very well on her diet as is Cosmo, they are getting everything they need. Thank you to each of you that have given towards their care

Stephanie and Rob

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009 - Apple

I hope that you enjoyed the videos. There were a few tense moments, but it went well. Her new mom and dad are so thrilled with her, I cannot tell you how excited they are. She is not alone, she has four other horses in her life. We ran into the new owners in the feed store after they took her home and turned her loose in their turn out. She ran and ran, holding her head up, tail flagging and strutting her stuff for all to see.

She has her own shed row stall, where she can pop her head out to receive those much needed I thought that Dr, Hadland stated she was 1900 lbs, but he reconfirmed when he had to go back for more tranqs she was 2000+ lbs. He told them she needed to lose 250-300 lbs...oops :)

I have another video I need to upload of her getting into the trailer. She looks, wonderful, her feet look great. I am so happy for her, but she will be missed as she is one of the ones that made MHR much more aware of the PMU industry and the horrific conditions they all endure on the line.

Future up dates will be posted. This is also the opportunity for me to convey our sincerest gratitude for all the support you have given to MHR and its equine children.

Stephanie and Rob

Sunday, November 15, 2009 - Cosmo, Candy and Katie

Good Sunday Morning,

Well, Cosmo, Candy and Katie were examined. Cosmo needs food, and time for his feet to grow out. Whoever trimmed his feet cut them too short. He is eating well and it will be just a matter of time for him to regain his weight. He was lonely and he has such a large stall we brought Emmett to hang out with him, they are buds now and he is quite content.

Candy is in good shape.

Katie needs lots and lots of food. Dr. Hadland confirmed that he had seen Katie this year a couple of times, for teeth and shots. However, when the former owner could no longer afford to provide the supplements and Katie was only receiving grass hay she really began dropping weight. She is on the special diet that our Faith was on and what our Charming Charity is on. Rice Bran, Sr. Equine, Alfalfa morning and night and grain hay (free feed). She has a slight heart murmur, but he said this could be due to her body condition. He will run a panel on her in a couple of months when weight has been gained.

Sorry, there was no video taken of her exam, but if you would like to confirm the exam you may contact Dr. Hadland at 702-400-3631. He does not answer his calls on Sunday and Monday as he is off these days to spend with his family.

Stephanie and Rob

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday, November 14, 2009 - Apple

Apple had her pedicure today and did very well. Dr. Hadland says she weighs about 1900 lbs, and she needs to lose about 250 lbs.

Here are videos of the hoof trimming:

After this procedure, Apple left MHR for her new home. She has a great home and they are thrilled. They are going to have her trained for riding and pulling a carriage for parades.

We will miss you Apple! You've been quite the entertainer. Thanks for the memories, and thanks for your wonderful boy, AJ. We will miss you very much, but we are so happy for you that you have found your forever home with people who love you very much.

Stephanie and Rob

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday, November 12, 2009 - Charity and Apple

Good Afternoon,

Charity is doing wonderful. When she arrived she had a large lump under mane that our haulers had told us about when they loaded her in ND. Dr. Hadland did examine and she was not sensitive to the touch nor was it hot. Well, it ruptured and a long sliver of wood was removed and warm compresses were placed on it. She is now being treated with Scarlex and the oozing has stopped and swelling has gone down.

She is such a slow eater but we do see that she is beginning to gain weight slowly. She loves her Sr., Rice Bran, Alfalfa and her grass hay. She is very content and just a sweetie.


Apple is being adopted by a wonderful family. They know what they are getting into, and they have other horses. They have years and years of equine experience and Rob is their farrier and has been for five yrs. The whole idea of MHR is to rehab horses and then to locate new caring and loving homes. I will miss Apple and her big grubbing lips, but she will be getting so much more from her new family!

Jerri will be fine as she has her little herd of Boy (Jonah and Whiskey). She is the boss and not one of them crosses her path or they receive the proverbial stink eye or a quick chase. She and Apple really do not hang out much as even Apple has been pushed to hang w/ the boys.

We should be rejoicing her adoption as this is a success story, from PMU Mare, to love and caring at MHR AND NOW her very own loving family!


Stephanie and Rob

Thursday, November 12, 2009 - Cosmo, Katie and Candy

Hi All!

Cosmo, Candy and Katie are doing very well. Dr. Hadland has been contacted and we are awaiting a call back to schedule a check up for Katie and see what is going on with her. If you would care to assist w/ her medical expenses it would be appreciated, I WILL post the actual bill of services rendered.

They are eating well, and all other bodily functions are working quite well.

All three of these horses are so sweet and deserve any assistance that can be provided. Additionally, I will video tape her exam so you can hear it from the horses mouth so to speak, which we feel is very important this way we do not miss a thing or so that something is not misinterpreted.

Again many many THANKS!

Stephanie and Rob

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009 - Cosmo, Katie and Candy

Here is Cosmo, he is getting everything he needs and tomorrow we are going to work on his mane or shall I say Amy is. Worse come to worse we will roach his mane.

This is Candy. She has more weight than Katie, however they were ALWAYS fed separately. Their former owner could not afford the supplements that Katie needed. Neighbors were helping as much as they could

This is Katie

These sweet creatures need Rice Bran, Sr. Equine. We are also in need of salt blocks. If you care to donate please call Shadow Mtn Feed speak to Ron or Patti Cross (owners) 775-727-5527


Stephanie and Rob

Tuesday, November 10, 2009 - Charity

Here is your sweet Charity, taken today 11/10/09

Charity is on rice bran, Sr. Equine, alfalfa and grain hay.

Stephanie and Rob

Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday evening, November 9, 2009

Good evening to all,

In the past week, MHR has been asked to receive three extra horses. The first one is Cosmo who had been adopted from MHR five years ago. The owners, abiding by the contract, returned him when they realized they couldn't care for him any longer. He is a quite thin, but we hope he will regain his weight in no time. He is 11-12 years old. He's a sorrel gelding with a white blaze.

Additionally, a long-time client of Rob's has asked MHR to take in her two mares, Candy and Katie. She also is no longer able to care for them due to economic circumstances. This wonderful lady is doing what is right for her animals and has donated corral panels to MHR.

Candy - light colored dun mare 23. Needs a little weight at tail bone area (muscle tone). Her diet will entail rice bran, twinkies (bales of hay). Very gentle horse.

Katie - thin 18 - Sorrel ..A medical stall will be built for her. She has been fed grass hay only, but that's not good enough. Dr. Hadland has seen her and prescribed things for her, which her owner hasn't been able to afford, hence the surrender to MHR.

We picked up Candy and Katie this afternoon. It was heart wrenching for the owner this I can tell you. By the time we got them settled in and some other work done, it was too late to get pics but I will have photos tomorrow.

I am also still working on getting the cam up again. Gonna just kick the computer or shake the camera.

The girls and Cosmo are doing well..and so is our precious Charity. I will be having Dr. Hadland out to check Katie, Cosmo and Candy. I want their teeth checked for sure, and anything else that they may need. Supplements are going to be the big thing, Rice Bran, Sr. etc. if you would like to help these three, please contact Shadow Mtn Feed 775-727-5527 speak to PATTI OR RON CROSS (owners) and the will place on our account.

Thank you all so much for such positive are helping the lives of what our mission is!!!

Stephanie and Rob

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wednesday afternoon, November 4, 2009

Dr. Hadland has examined Charity. All vitals are good, no temp. Good gut sounds. He gave her a shot of Vitamin B-15 plus some banamine. He said her diet here is excellent and to keep it up. He also states that her condition could be due to poor nutrition prior to coming to MHR.

He didn't examine her teeth yet, as he wanted to keep stress to a minimum today.

Body score of about 2.

Bill of $157 and if you'd like to help, it would be appreciated.

Thanks everyone.

Stephanie and Rob

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dr. Hadland has been called out for Charity. He should be here between 1 and 2pm Pahrump time. She is acting very lethargic and did not eat her grains this morning. He will check her out for us.


Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday, November 2, 2009

Charity is doing well. She is a slow eater. I will be scheduling an appointment with Dr. Hadland to give her complete physical and dental work if required. She is a very sweet girl, slightly timid, but at least approachable

Little Bear is doing great, Mister Rolly Polly and the loudest to inform everyone he wants his food and wants it now.

All of the horses are doing well and since this is a new month lets hope it stays that way.

Remember we have MHR 2010 Calendars available for sale on cafe press. It's great!

Also we have Faith bracelets for sale, "Never to be Forgotten"

Thanks for all your support!!!

Stephanie and Rob

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sunday morning, November 1, 2009

Good Sunday Morning,

Well, yesterday we had a flurry of activity on the ranch, busy with family and friends organizing things.

I managed yesterday to groom all the dreadlocks from Charity's mane and she just stood there. I have began running the curry lightly across her body which she really seems to enjoy. She now has her own twinkie of hay in her stall plus the prescribed grains to fluffy her up. She is a gentle soul as well, but just ever so slightly timid, She will eventually come around.

All else is fine here, just busy busy. The Faith bracelets are beautiful, a fine tribute to such a fine horse.

Stephanie and Rob