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Saturday, August 30, 2008


It is with a very heavy heart that I write this.

Our dear sweet Wally is gone. Candae, I am so so sorry, your sponsorship of Wally made a huge difference in his life. He was loved by many but he held a special place in your heart. Everything humanly possible was done for him. Wally was ready to be set free.

To lose both Leaguer and Wally within 48 hours of one another has taken its toll emotionally on everyone.

Both veterinarians that worked on these precious boys did an outstanding job, and they are to be commended for their kindness, compassion, and the knowledge to give the sound recommendations to end undue pain and suffering. We thank them profusely.

This was surely not how I wanted what was suppose to be a joyous weekend to be, but I believe that everything happens for a reason. I do know that a stronger bond has been developed, and they were witness to the bad and the pain that occurs at rescues. Each one was able to tell Wally goodbye, he left this earth knowing that he was loved by many, just as Leaguer was as well.

I would like to thank, Ro, LindaH, LindaS, SusanE, Sally, Kathie, Karen, Paul, Diane, Shannon, Rob, Joseph, Theresa, my parents, Frances, Rick Mier, and Rob, my strength, my rock, for being my pillar yet once again during the loss of our precious ones.

I also extend our deepest and sincerest gratitude to each of you, for your prayers and keeping us in your thought during this time. Thank you ever so so much.

Leaguer and Wally, so long my friends, we shall meet again, but until that time you will be forever in our thoughts.


Saturday, 6:30pm PDT

Dr. Adam Hadland will be here within an hour. He has been on emergency calls in Vegas.

Wally is not doing well. He has stopped eating, he has very little water intake. We are not giving up though. Once Adam is here we are going to see what options we have for Wally. Please, please pray for Wally.


Saturday, 9:42am PDT

There are no changes this morning. Wally has remained standing so this gives us some hope.

I or someone will keep you posted. Thank you ever so much for the emotional and financial support. This has been a very rough couple of days, but we will get through this all one way or the other.


Saturday, early am

Photo by Marilyn (mthaley001)

Wally Tamale, TB, gelding, had a colic attack on Thursday. We had the vet come and we did the usual colic treatment. Wally was better throughout the day on Friday, but on Friday night he seemed to colic again. So once again we called the vet and we now have this Wally update:

Both vets believe that Wally is considerably older than we were led to believe by his former owners. We thought he was in his early 20s, but it seems that he is at least in his late 20s or early 30s.

Colic has been ruled out. Dr. Hadland believes he is experiencing possible kidney failure, which does put a stress on the digestive system. His intestines are moving very slow.

We must feed him very small amounts every two hours. We will be going to get him the electrolytes first thing in the AM as well as Sr. Equine to entice him to eat as prescribed by Dr. Hadland. I just came in from checking on him (approx 1am) and he is still standing. He has also prescribed banamine for any discomfort. I will call Dr. Hadland in the morning and give an update to him and he will return right away if need be. However, he will be here tomorrow evening (Saturday) to check on him.

We have no further information to provide but will update when we have any news.


Thursday, August 28, 2008


Photo by MaryLOhio

Good afternoon everyone,

I'm sorry to tell you that MHR lost one of its own today.

The loss of Leaguer has come as quite a shock. There were absolutely no signs whatsoever of any problems. All was well last night, and early this morning when I saw him down, I knew then we had a problem. We worked with him and worked with him, called the vet who at the time was working on yet another horse for colic. Dr. Adam gave him shots for pain and then proceeded with treatment, to no avail. Adam stated that Leaguer was not even a candidate for surgery as he stated he would more than likely not make it through.

I was with Leaguer until the end, FOB Diane was here, Big Joe (volunteer) was here and Rob was here. We did what we could for Leaguer. I spoke to him as I stroked his cheek and his soft velvety nose. He knew he was loved and he knew it was okay if he wanted to go.

Sheriff Susan, you have been a loyal supporter of CB and Leaguer and I feel your pain as I know you loved him. Thank you for being Leaguer and CB's sponsor. You were always there and always asked if there was anything special they needed. Thank you ever ever so much. Leaguer may not be with us in body any longer, but he will be forever in our hearts. His perfect diamond on his head, his talking and demanding treats, and his very favorite Watermelon Smoothies, he made the best smoothies! Again many thanks Susan, you were Leaguer's Angel on Earth.

Thank you to everyone once again


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday afternoon

Good Afternoon All,

I hope this finds all of you well this fine day.

We are very excited by the arrival of all of our guests for our 2nd Annual Labor Day Gathering.

There will be plenty of pictures and videos taken this weekend to be posted here and on our blog. It should be a very good weekend for all!

All of the horses are doing great! Dublin aka Dumplin spent the afternoon in the football field and did quite well. He was returned to his stall for the evening and his dinner. It was a good day for him.

Well, we did have a bit of excitement here yesterday, mid-morning. As I was walking through our wash rack area, a four foot rattlesnake slithered across my path. I still get creeped out..ewwwwww. Well, needless to say no more rattlesnake. This was a serious problem for horses, dogs and humans alike.

Always something going on and never a dull moment.

Everyone have a good afternoon and evening


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday morning

Good Day to All!

In October of 2006, MHR along with an Army of individuals saved six horses. Two of these horses were Rosie and Misty both in foal with the now known Baby B and Spirit.

One horse in particular though was "Cloud," the very first save. He was slaughter bound, but the truck was full, so he had to wait out another week for the next truck. He was listed on Craig's List, and it stated that he was going on the next truck. Well, he never made that truck because he was saved by all of you.

He was adopted in December 2006 by one of his rescuers CathyP and he has been living at MHR for almost two years. Well, now as everything else changes and we achieve our dreams, Cloud is now getting to go live with his "Forever Mom". Cloud has succeeded, he has someone to love and care for him his remaining days. Cloud will be traveling to his mom approximately the 1st week of September.

Then there is our Fred, who came to us just a little over a year ago. He was starved, lost his barn buddy due to starvation, was scared and wary of human beings. He touched the heart of Mary Elynne and she watched him over this last year flourish into the beautiful horse he is today. He reached so far into her soul that now our Fred has found his "Forever Mom." He will be traveling the middle of September.

Then, there is our special little one "Hope." Her mom Jerri was saved by FOBs and arrived in January 08 from Canada. Hope will never know the suffering and abuse that her mother and her grandmother (Nellie) endured as PMU mares. Hope is a very lucky little filly as she has found her heaven on earth with LisaL. This little girl will have everything she will ever need, but most importantly the continued love and care she so justly all horses do. Hope will be leaving the middle to the end of October.

I do thank these ladies for what they have stepped up and done for these majestic animals. They are giving them so much. Cloud, Fred and Hope will be sorely missed, and as they leave MHR, they will take a piece of my heart with them. In there departure they have helped to provide care to those remaining at the ranch and for this we are grateful.

It is never easy to let them go, but it is not a time of sadness it is a time of rejoicing as we at MHR have succeeded, this is our mission; to find the right "FOREVER" homes for our very special horses.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support! Look at what you have helped us do!


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Saturday evening


CathyP, one of MHR's early supporters, is about to realize her dream for her adopted horse, Cloud, and herself!!

Cloud will be moving to California only 20 minutes from Cathy's home. This is just grand for the both of them. How much better could it be except if they are in your own backyard.

Dr. Henesler has already been here to draw his blood work and he will be leaving in September along with Fred to their "FOREVER HOMES."



Cathy and Mary Elynne, Congratulations to you both as



AJ pictures, 08/23/08

Saturday morning

Wouldn't you just love to have me for your very own?? I am available for adoption but I will not be ready for at least another month or maybe 60 days. I am only two months old. I am charming, I give my feet for the Farrier and I really love to be lubbed on. I have been handled since minute one of my birth. I am going to be a VERY VERY BIG BOY, who has a lot of potential.

I am looking for my "FOREVER HOME"

Sincerely yours,

Applejack, aka AJ

Friday, August 22, 2008

More pictures, 8/22/08


New pictures, 8/22/08



Friday morning

Good Morning!

It is a beautiful morning here in the desert of Nevada. For those that do not know this, Pahrump is located 56 miles East of Death Valley, CA. So when we complain of heat I think of those who reside in Death Valley. Several years ago, I attended festivities in Death Valley, where a large group of individuals came in on covered wagons, horse back and mules. They had spent 10 days traveling the trails our ancestors traveled. It was quite a sight to see, you could see the dust for miles swirling from the wagon wheels and riders. As they rode in, dust covered and of course exhausted, it made you stop and think how many people attempted to cross this vast land before them and those that did not survive the elements but who had a hand in the history of the country.

But, there is one thing in common we had with our ancestors and that was our Equine Friends, who helped shape our country. I watched the riders, and the wagon masters care for their horses and mules long before they cared for themselves. The veterinarian was there checking each beautiful animal ensuring that it was well. These people made me so proud to stand in their presence as they truly cared for these beautiful creatures.

It saddens me to see what some of our society has come to when it comes to our Equine Friends. Seeing them being abused, neglected and then discarded like an old shoe after giving their all..and destine to die a horrific death.

There are so many individuals working so hard to change things for our equine friends. There are those working diligently to stop slaughter , making the calls and faxing daily to get the Anti-Slaughter bills passed. THANK YOU!!!!

There are the many rescues, saving horses from auctions/feed lots, taking in unwanted, starved horses working diligently with their volunteers to rehabilitate these special equines in hopes to find "FOREVER HOMES". The hard work, the love and the heartbreak endured when you did your best and you lose one of your precious ones, but you continue on because so many more need you. THANK YOU!!!!!

Then there are the Special People like you, that help in anyway they can, whether it be through donations, or through cheer leading. Your assistance in every aspect is truly truly appreciated. It is your kindness, compassion and generosity that enables the rescues out there to continue their work for the horses. I, APPLAUD YOU AND I THANK YOU FOR CARING SO MUCH, YOU HAVE NO IDEA JUST WHAT AN IMPACT YOU MAKE DAILY ON THE LIVES OF HORSES. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!

Have a wonderful day and weekend everyone!! Be safe!


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday morning

Good Morning,

Well, when most were snuggled in their beds last night, we were having to take AJ out for a long walk. He had a stomach ache and we caught it in the early stages. It truly pays to know your horse(s), their activities and personalities. He is doing fine this morning but will continue to monitor him throughout the day. The only horse that was upset that he was out on a walk about was Baby B, his own mother could have cared less. We walked him all over the place, up by the football team, which by the way got so excited when they saw him came a running to the fence vying for the little or shall I say not so little guys attention. We walked and continued to walk. AJ walked into the wash rack, backed out and walked in again. He stepped across a piece of plywood that is a bit warped and wobbles ( we use it as a training aid for exposure) this did not even phase him. We continued to walk and then we got what we were waiting for...poo. Since he was out and being so cooperative and his mom did not care, we played for a bit longer with him. We put a towel over his head and we walked around, watching the towel twitch as his ears moved back and forth. This did not phase him at all. AJ is very, very laid back and accepts everything that he is exposed to whether it be day or night, in a pen or out. He was a real champ through it all. Seems the only creatures upset over this change were Baby B and the chickens. We will be keeping a watch on him.

Otherwise, everything this morning is normal around here. I would like to see an uneventful day, but around here something is always going on.

Everyone have a wonderful Thursday.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wednesday morning

Good Day All!!

Well, we were out bright and early this morning doing all the water barrels, ensuring that everyone had cool clean water to start their day. I can assure you that the water is cold at 5:30am. AJ being himself this AM decided that grabbing and waving the flowing hose around was just a kick in the jeans. Dogs and I were both scrambling for cover as he became a wild man waving the hose everywhere. After much dodging and wrestling with him I managed to get it from him. All the while Hope was watching and I know her little mind was just a whirling with ideas. All the other horses down the lane were whinnying and watching, sure do not like them to get ideas. I think I heard some giggling.

If you are visiting our blog you will notice that we have added a "Chip In" widget. With the rising feed prices, we are attempting other avenues to generate additional income for the horses. After what so many of our horses have endured prior to their coming to us they do deserve the best.

We have various fund raisers being conducted, from Ice Cream Cone shaped cookies, to beautiful artwork, we hope that you will consider participating in our fund raisers. Additionally, if you feel more comfortable with making your donation directly to our feed store, by all means please do. You can call in your donation to Ron and Patti Cross, owners of Shadow Mountain Feed 775-727-5527. They will apply it to our account and then provide MHR with name and address (you must provide) in order to receive your Tax Deductible Receipt.

At this time I would like to thank our volunteers for all their hard work behind the scenes for the horses.

I would also like to thank everyone, and I do mean everyone, for participating in our fund raisers and for your donations. You have no idea how much you have provided for the horses daily care. If we were able to give out a Gold Medal for valiant efforts you would each receive one.

Well, the day must continue but I will share more later.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesday morning

Hello to All!!!!

It has been a hectic few days around here, but we have managed to stay on top of everything.

Well, we have found that the Barley Bags had a problem in aiding to keep the water tanks clean and cutting down the amount of times they had to be scrubbed per week, and we attribute it to our extreme heat. It started out well; however a black fungus began growing and we immediately removed the bags. We did not want to risk any health issues for the horses due to this fungus. We would like to extend our gratitude to the "Barley Bag Gang." We were so hoping it would work.

We have been working on making the feeding a bit easier, especially for our guests (FOBs) arriving at the ranch over Labor Day weekend. We have buckets hooked over the feed trailer (Hay Cubes) that are pre-filled. This way it is just grab a bucket and go down the line, and make for happy horses. They can be an impatient lot you know. Just ask Apple. It seems to be working real well, and everyone gets their required amount.

I have a little story to share with all of you. For those who have been here and know JD and Glory (Glory is still seeking her forever home) they are both characters, almost as entertaining as the babies. Anyway, I was looking at one of our little hens and thinking to myself that she sure is scroungy looking compared to the others and thought maybe she is ill. Well, I now know what the problem is and it isn't because she is sick. I witnessed her roosting on JD and Glory's stall and the two of them have been taking turns plucking her tail feathers and the little bird brain allows it. I tried shooing her away but she goes back for more, and the two clowns race over to see who gets the first pluck.

Rio, the Corgi we rescued after the loss of our Ceasar, is doing great. He has fit in so well with rest of the gang and has even lost a bit of weight. He does still have his "Badonka Donk." Rio is a real talker and when we have to leave the property and return he lets everyone know we are home and runs around barking. He is a very happy fella.

Apple's eye is doing great. It has been a challenge to keep her fly mask on, her son AJ is the culprit for removing it, despite all of our efforts to weave it in and out and thinking we have it securely fastened. Ha! That does not work either. Yesterday he and Hope were killing the fly mask, they did not tear it up but they were sure letting it know it did not stand a chance against them. I do hope more of you will watch these precious ones on our cam. We do have a chat and would love to talk with you. There have been some recent issues that Justin TV is trying to resolve and as I write to you they are working on.

Jerri is doing better, but the way we look at it, she is a work in progress. She knows that she will not be hurt, but yet there is still that fear factor of humans. I wish she could tell her story, but I am sure it would just break our hearts. It has been five months since we lost her mother Nellie, but it still feels like yesterday. The PMU industry is cruel and inhumane and the end result for the majority of these mares is horrific, as if their lives were not bad enough. Please keep Nellie and Lil Angel in your hearts and thoughts when you speak to others of this industry, WE TOGETHER can make a difference and speak for these beautiful horses.

All the other horses on the ranch are doing great, despite the disabilities that some have. The cooler mornings bring out the clowns in them and they are a joy to watch. We do not have many horses that you can adopt and train for riding, however we have some wonderful companion horses that maybe someone might consider sponsoring or even adopting as a pet. They love to be loved as well. I know that with the rising costs of feed and everything else going up as well has left a crimp in the pocket book for most of us, however, I do hope that you will consider adopting or even sponsoring a horse.

Our day has already started, but the big chores must get done. Everyone have a wonderful day!!!


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday evening

Good evening everyone,

When I spoke with Dr. Henesler this morning it was a matter of being encouraged and discouraged all in one. Though our sweet AJ is eating a regular diet, he is also draining Apple. Dr. Henesler said that physically AJ could be pulled from Apple, but mentally it would be devastating for him. He needs his mama for at least the next 30 days to develop into a healthy colt.

Dr. Henesler recommended supplementing Apple's regular feed with Purina Animax, a rather expensive food. When we posted this information to the ABR JAN thread and the chat, our supporters quickly assisted us and very quickly donated enough money to supply Apple with a month's supply.

On behalf of Apple and MHR we would like to thank each of you ever so much for your kindness and generosity. Tomorrow, when I have our regular hay delivery I will have them bring over Apple's supplements.

We have done everything we can for Apple and continue to do so, but the increase of feed prices and then the news of our hay cubes going up $10.00 per 1200 lb bag is really a set back. We go through 3 bags per week and that is just the hay cubes. For the Football Field we average 20 bales of Hay every eight days. Hay Cubes are now going to be $155.00 per bag. Hay is 16.00 (+/-) for one bale, and Shadow Mtn sells it at 16 bales per ton.

Apple's eye is doing really well and looks better today. We are going to keep Hope with Jerri until she departs UNLESS we see Jerri being drawn down. But it appears Jerri is starting to do her own weaning.

If all of you remember, Spirit also brought Misty down as well and he was just a few days short of three months old when he was weaned. He survived the transition and is turning into a beautiful horse.

We hope that there is a special "FOREVER" home out there for AJ as well. Hope has found hers now AJ needs his.



Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wednesday, late afternoon

Thank you all so very much.

My parents babysat the horses while we went to get Utah. She is home, she was happy to see us. Her little face is still swollen but we were told she is going to be just fine. We have to call in the morning to give the vet an update. Thanks everyone for your thoughts, they worked.

Hope everyone is having a great day!


Wednesday, Noon

Good Afternoon All,

The last couple of days we have been very busy, and we had to attend to personal business yesterday. It is not fun when we have to deal with everyday personal/family matters. I would much rather be with the horses, but the reality of it all is we do have a family and things do come up that we do not expect and we have to do our part as well. I do apologize for not having posted sooner, but some things cannot be helped.

We keep Jerri and Apple separated when we have no one in attendance on the property. It would be very irresponsible of us to place the two of them, or shall I say the four of them, in a position that a fight could erupt and there would not be anyone here to break it up. Jerri has proven to be very unpredictable with her moods and Apple. So in order to prevent potential veterinarian costs or worse, we keep them separated during feeding as well as when we are unavailable.

Apple has a slight eye infection which is being treated with medication prescribed by the vet. We have to keep her fly mask on which is not a problem, but AJ obviously has an aversion to this particular contraption on his mother's head, or for that matter on anyone's head. Apple's eye infection will clear up. Untreated, of course, it could get worse; however, we are right on it. A little tidbit: AJ has actually tried to pull Fred's mask off as well. He is always messing with someone.

Hope will be getting her blood work done the middle of September, however she will be getting her traveling shots next week. This was scheduled yesterday with Dr. H.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the August Fund raisers, your participation is appreciated.

Sidenote: We had to rush Utah to the vet as it seems she may have been bitten by a snake of some sort. Her head began to swell rapidly. She is at the vet's right now as they rushed her back to give her injections and she will be monitored for a few hours. She became more distressed when I had to leave her, but their tech is good and was very comforting for her. I asked to stay but they said it would be better if I did not at this point. They will let me know what is going on and when I can COME AND GET HER!!

We were also informed that yet another small dog at the beginning of the week had been bitten by a snake and was doing fine.

Anyway, everyone have a wonderful rest of the day!!!


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Saturday morning

Good Morning Everyone,

I wanted to wish everyone a wonderful weekend!!

Yesterday was pretty uneventful, but the regular chores were completed. Uneventful is a good thing though, so I will not complain. The weather right now sunny and getting warmer. We would welcome some rain, but it seems the rest of country is getting it.

Well, I will be back later this evening with the days events, have to get everyone fed.

Have a wonderful day each of you!!!


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thursday afternoon

Good Afternoon Everyone,

It has been a busy couple of days.

Yesterday, Hope and AJ both had their feet done, trimmed. They did very very well. It is always a challenge with the youngsters, but since their feet have been handled from the day they were born, it made things so much easier to utilize the tools.

Today, Fred had his physical and blood drawn for his new journey in his life to his new mom. Dr. Henesler is quite pleased with Fred's condition especially when he was informed of his condition of a year ago. It was Dr. Hadland who cared for Fred a year ago and when Dr. Hadland was here a few weeks ago and saw Fred he too was pleased. (He was not here to see Fred.) So Fred is ready for his trip. He will meet his new Mom come Labor Day for the first time, but she has followed his MHR journey for the last year.

Despite efforts of keeping AJ amused with balls and such, he managed to rip Hope's fly mask off, toss it around for awhile and then give her the same opportunity. These youngsters are a riot and will keep you smiling and laughing. I am truly cherishing the moments I have with them as before too long they too will be going to their "FOREVER" homes. Hope is going to hers, and we know that there is truly going to be a special home for our AJ as well. Every horse deserves a forever home, I do hope that others will consider a rescued horse. If you are not into riding and wanting a companion and a friend, then if you can please visit a rescue near you or not so near you and make a difference in a special horses life.


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wednesday morning

Good Morning Everyone,

Well our granddaughter is settled back in Texas..sigh She was a joy to have with us, but I can assure you she ran us ragged. We really began to think our names were Hey Grandpa, Hey Grandma. I would hear it in my sleep, but I do miss her idle chatter and the way her face would light up around the horses.

While in Texas, I had the opportunity to meet with FOB, Brenda. What a wonderful woman. We enjoyed a nice dinner together. Many of you know that I sell Mary Kay, so when my daughter made the arrangements for me to bring Mina home to her, she also arranged for us to attend the Mary Kay Seminar. Wow, that was quite a treat, I learned so much and it was not just about the product, but about myself and others. I truly like Mary Kay's philosophy that she began and continues to this day, " GOD, FAMILY and CAREER." All three of these are so important in our lives. I decided in May of 2008 to begin selling Mary Kay to help subsidize income to purchase Hay for the horses. I was not sure if it would work, but I had to try and I had to believe and I do believe. I would like to make an offer..if you purchase an item from my Mary Kay website, and then you refer a friend and they make a purchase between August 6th and September 6th 2008, you will receive $10.00 off your next purchase. Also if you know someone who may be interested in being all they can be, and you feel they would be a wonderful representative for the Mary Kay company please have them contact me.

My Dream Team here at home did a wonderful job at caring for all the horses. I must extend my deepest gratitude to my Husband, Rob, my step-son Austin, Big Joe our volunteer, to our very own Diane and Shannon. To my parents for ensuring that my men did not go hungry or destroy the kitchen. To those behind the scenes, Lucy, Bev, Sheriff Susan, Ro, Mary L and Sheila for taking care of everything that you do. Thanks for the phone calls to Diane and Shannon when the cam went down and walking them through. Each and everyone of you did a GREAT JOB...THANK YOU!

To everyone that has been participating in the Ice Cream Parlor Fundraiser THANK YOU. I am still trying to catch up on emails but I will be getting that done, and you will be hearing from me...this will teach me to go away...LOL I did not have access to internet as I thought I would, so now it is catch up time.

The horses are doing great!!! We are now preparing for our annual Labor Day weekend gathering and I am excited about seeing old friends and meeting new friends. I am so happy that most of you will be able to meet our little HOPE who at this time is scheduled to depart MHR mid to late October with her soon to be new mom Lisa Leach. Also, sweet sweet Fred will be leaving MHR mid September to be with his new mom Mary Elynne Tappero. I have seen where Fred will be going to live and I want to is incredible, heaven on earth. The FOBs joining us during Labor Day will have the opportunity to meet Mary Elynne as she will be joining us.

AJ was obviously happy to see me, as I stepped in the round pen he came running up to me full bore as if to say GRAMMIE!!! Such a big boy, and sweet.

Again, MANY MANY thanks to everyone for everything, because we could not do what we do for the horses without YOU!!!!!!