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Stephanie Pierce

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Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy birthday, Misty!

Today represents many many things to all of us....there is Barbaro who brought all the FOBs together and made them aware of Laminitis, Horse Slaughter, Rescue and formulated many many long term friendships.

Today at Miracle Horse Rescue and Sanctuary we celebrate the life of Misty who was rescued by long time FOBs in 2006. She was in foal, and they personally selected her. She is 31 years old this day and is doing wonderfully. Shortly after her 27th birthday she gave birth to Spirit. He is now 4 yrs old and has 10 very special FOB moms. But Misty is a remarkable mare, sweet and kind. She is a permanent resident at MHR, and will remain as such unless one of the original FOBs who rescued her wanted to provide her with a home, love and care for the remainder of her life. She has been a joy in our lives as all of our horses are. She will receive a special treat today, of green top carrits, baby carrits and apples to celebrate her day!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Queen Misty's Birthday

Friday, April 29, 2011

You are all invited to share in the birthday celebration for Misty on the 29th of April. She will be on our cam this day. She will be 31 yrs old and is a permanent resident of MHR. She was rescued by the FOBs in 2006, in foal. She gave birth shortly after her 27th birthday to SPIRIT. She will be receiving a nice bucket of carrots with green tops, baby carrots, and cut up apples.

See you there!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Never a dull moment

My parents' kitchen this morning (hint: that isn't a cookie jar on the counter!).

Easter 2011

Casper and Justice

Levi and JD, horsing around

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 43

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 43, Jelly Beans and Eggs

Steph wakes up, looks about, Rob appears to be awake away ahead of her, she smells coffee, Steph gets up, and heads to the front of the house. Rob is standing by the door, looking out, "Steph, there are Jelly beans and Eggs all over the place." Steph walks up and looks over Rob's shoulder, "I guess the horses did their thing last night." Rob nods, "I guess the dogs will have plenty of treats today. Steph says, "Let me do a walk around." Steph heads out side, and looks around, she see's a row of Jelly Beans leading from the Lady's Parlour, down south past Annies pen. "Hmmm, seems like I should check out the Lady's Parlour." As she gets closer, the pen is a mess, holes everywhere, broken colored eggs, Jelly Beans, and a few Wal-Mart bags in taters. "Hey Dublin, whats been going on?" Dublin looks up from his personal Wal-Mart bag, or should I say basket, "Ahhh, tis easter, the day the horses celibrate Spring and other things." Steph nods, "But why some many holes around the pen?" Dublin looks around, "Ahh, this year we decided to bury some of the treats and Jelly Beans, and it seems some of the easter baskets had holes in them, so we have jelly beans everywhere." Steph looks around, "yep, you have a mess here. You need to clean up the remains, we have people comming over for dinner today, don't need Jelly Beans everywhere." Dublin nods, "I think most of the Jelly Beans will be gone before Breakfast hay is done. Don't know about the colored eggs, we don't like to eat them, they are pretty but not better then Jelly beans or hay."

Steph nods, and turns back to the house, but she stops, and turns back to Dublin, "Did all the horses get treats?" Dublin nods, "Well Everyone except Sampson, and Ruby, they only wanted the carrots. But they did have a good time searching." Steph nods again to Dublin, "Thanks Dublin, you did a great job." Dublin smiles and reaches out for a few of his Jelly Beans laying on the ground.

Steph walks past the Football Field, and the back row, then past the Round Pens, and for some reason even at this early hour, Casper and Justice are running about, part chase and part stop and fight. "What are you to guys doing this early in the morning?" Both Casper and Justice come to stop and look at Steph, and at the same time, say, "He's got all the Jelly Beans, He's got all the colored rocks." Steph raises her hand, "Wait, Wait, you guys are supposed to share." They both approach the railing, "SHARE!", Steph says, "Yes, share. You both know what that means." Casper and Justice look directly at Steph, "Ahh, No." Steph shakes her head, "Ok, you guys continue to run about, while the others are enjoying their treats.", Both Casper and Justice reply, "Hey wait we want treats." Steph replies, "Well stop fighting over what you got, its not like hay at dinner time, these are special treats, that each of you found during the hunt." Casper looks at Justice, "Yeah know that makes sense." Justice nods, "You are right, I had two black Jelly Beans and the really purple eggs." Casper nods, "I had two yellow Jelly beans, and and that stripped egg over there."

Steph turns to walk back to the house, stops again, and again turns back to the two horses, as they push different treats back and forth to each other. "Justice how did the Bunny Ears work out?", Justice stops and runs to the other side of the pen, picks up something and returns. "They were great, they fit perfect, but they were a bit more pink then I normally would like, but everyone thought they were great." Steph takes the ears from Justice and says, "Rob will want his socks back, it was a big worry for him, he may not notice the color." Steph takes the socks and removes them from the modified coat hanger and puts them in the pocket of her robe.

As she gets back to the house, Bruno and Truffles are standing on the patio, Bruno looks at Steph, "There are Jelly Beans and Eggs all over." Steph looks at them both, "Well it seems that some of the Wal-Mart, Ahh, Baskets may have had a few holes in them." Bruno looks at Truffles, "See I told you to be careful, now we got Jelly Beans and Eggs are over the place." Steph looks at them both, "You tried your best and the horses are happy so everything is fine." Bruno looks up, "Can we have the Jelly Beans." Steph look around, "Yes we need to clean up the place." As soon as she finished, Moo runs out the doggy door, "Jelly Beans" and starts to find all she can.

Steph enters the house, Rob hands her a cup of coffee, "How are the horses?" Steph takes a sip of the coffee, "They are great, appears they had a fine time last night." Rob Smiles, and settles in to his chair to watch the morning news. Steph sits down on the couch, 'I wonder how you get pink out of a pair of tube socks?' "Oh, Happy Easter." Rob looks over, "You too."

To Be Continued

Author Samm

A message to all

To All:

MHR has been in operation for 10 yrs. We would like to thank everyone for their support.

The vast majority of our horses are well up in age, with various disabilities precluding them from being adopted. It takes a very special person to take on a horse with special needs and who may just want a pet. So with that said, they will live the remainder of their lives with us. All of their needs are met from feed to vet care. We do receive support from other sources outside of ABR, but it does take a great deal to maintain the horses and facility.

For those that are reading on ABR and if you are so inclined to participate in our fundraisers or would just like to make a donation it is truly appreciated. Your donations are tax deductible. We also invite you to our chat and to watch our cam, which has been up since 2007 during the births of Baby B and Spirit and four other births of rescued PMU mares.

Presently we have our Easter Fundraiser going on, and if you like you can donate to that. If you feel more comfortable, please feel free to contact either Shadow Mountain Feed at 775-727-5527 and you can have your donation placed on the MHR account, just speak to Patty Cross (owner) or you may contact John at Animal House, 775-751-1777 and place on MHR account. They will be happy to help you.

Many thanks to our supporters for the last ten years in our efforts to help horses in need. Presently, we are not taking in any other horses, due to the economy and the price of hay in our area. Hay is running from $15.00-19.00 per bale. By all means, please feel free to confirm pricing.

Again Many Thanks to our Angels on Earth and their love of horses.


Coopa Cabana

Tob has built on to the coop for the silkies and frizzles. All done from scrap material!

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 42

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 42, Steph have you seen my socks

Steph rubs her back a bit, it still hurts, but the work on the condo for the new peeps is done and she is glad about that. Nothing exciting on the TV, she turns to Rob, he is sound asleep in his chair, she looks around all the dogs are asleep, 'Well we got a really fun group tonight.' she gets up and heads for the door, the weather has warmed up enough as to not need a jacket or even a robe. She walks towards the Lady's Parlour, she looks up, 'Ahh the moon is nearly full, its beautiful.' She gets to the Lady's Parlour, all appears quiet, Jonah and Spirit walk over to the railing, Steph asks "How are you to tonight?" Jonah is first to answer, "We are all fine." Spirit nods, but continues, "Except 'B'" Steph looks around 'B' is standing at the far side of the pen, "What is wrong with 'B'?" Spirit continues, "She is all excited, I think she has hives." Steph look back at 'B' then back to Spirit "Hives?" Spirit nods "Yes, Bee Hives." Steph asks "What are you talking about, I have never known 'B' to get excited about anything." Both Jonah and Spirit give her a look 'Where have you been.' Spirit tries to explain, "Well me try and explain it. Fred, you know Fred right? Well she said that when a horse gets excited its like having a Bee, ahhh, " He looks to Jonah, "What did she say?" Jonah thinks a bit, "A Bee in her bonnet." Spirit nods, "Right a Bee in her bonnet, so we figure she has Bee hives." Steph nods as if she understands what is going on, she doesn't but she nods anyways. "So what is she so excited about?" Spirit says "Fourth Moon of the year, Start of sping." Steph looks up, "You mean the full moon?" spirit nods, and looks up, "Yes, 'B' is excited about the hunt for eggs, and treats and all the activities." Steph replies, "Ahh, yes, well enjoy your activities." she turns and walks to the Football Field, well all is quiet here, in fact, everyone is sound asleep, some standing, some on the ground. 'That is the way I like to see it.' She continues to the back row, all it quiet, she continues to the Round Pens, all appear quiet. As she passes, Casper and Justice, they are both standing quietly. Steph smiles and continues back to the house.

As she nears the house she hears a whistle, she stops and turns around, 'Wonder where did that came from?' she hears it again, it sounded close, she walks back toward the Round Pens, she stops, she looks around none of the horses/mules are moving. 'Well it most be coming from down south some place,' She hears it again, this time she looks toward Casper and Justice, and Justice the motioning with his head. She walks over to the pen. Casper and Justice walk over to the railing, Steph asks "Was you guys whistling?" Justice looks at her, "What do you mean?" Steph replies, "Whistling, a sound you make." Justice nods, "We are horses, Whinny, Neigh, Nicker, and blow, no whistle." steph reaches up and scratches her head, ok." She turns and starts back to the house. Justice says, "But since you are here, I still need some bunny ears for tomorrow night." Steph stops, "I am sorry, I forgot, I will make them in the morning." Justice asks "Do you want me to make a you a list?" Steph shakes her head, "I will make a note when I get back to the house." Justice nods, "Thanks."

Steph continues back to the house. Justice looks at Casper, "That whistle thing is pretty neat, where did you learn that?" Casper smiles "At my last home, the people used to call the dogs by whistling, so I learn how to do it, just to mess with the dogs." Both of them smile, Justice says, "You need to teach me how to do that."

As Steph gets back inside she looks around, appears Rob has gone to bed, and the dogs haven't moved. 'I need to make myself a note." She picks up the pad of sticky notes and writes 'bunny ears', and sticks it to her coffee cup, turns the lights off, and heads back to the bedroom, 'Bunny Ears, Bunny Ears... hmmmm' She looks around 'ahh, those might do, ahh, good and maybe a coat hanger.' She picks up a couple of things off the floor, and reaches into the closet and grabs a hanger, she walks back into kitchen, and opens a drawer and puts the items inside. 'I think these will work fine.' She smiles and heads back to bed.

Rob is up first, he does his morning routine, "Steph, Steph, have you seen my socks? I left them right here." Steph rolls over "What are you talking about?" Rob looks around, "My socks, My Favorite socks they are gone. I left them right here." Steph sits up, "Well the dogs may have gotten them." Rob shakes his head, "They were my favorite socks." Steph points to the dresser, "Well get another pair, you have plenty." Rob kicks the floor, and turns to get another pair of socks.

To Be Continued.

Author Samm

Katie Janda

Katie Janda, the very first volunteer that MHR ever had, and very very close friends with my parents was met on the other side of the bridge by Gizmo (her all time favorite horse of MHR) and all the animals she loved and lost this afternoon.

We are all still in shock, but we know that Katie is no longer in pain, and where she wants to be. Her wish is that her ashes be spread with her animals ashes in the peaceful mountains surrounding our valley. May she be welcomed with open arms into her new life.

Bless you Katie for all your work on earth for the animals, we will never forget you.

Stephanie and Rob

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 41

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 41, Oh, My, I need four dozen eggs

Rob says, "I am about ready to leave do you need anything?" Steph thinks a bit, "No, I am just going to dye some eggs for the Grandkids." Rob nods, "Remember you promised to dye some eggs for the horses." Steph turns, "Oh, My, I need four dozen eggs." Rob smiles, he just loves to throw a monkey wrench into the works. "Well I need to go to work see you late this afternoon." Steph says "Rob?" Rob turns to the door, "Have to get going, talk to you later." and leaves the house. Steph turns to the seven or eight eggs on the counter, "Well these are for the Grandkids. Guess a trip to the store is needed."

Well with the first batch of eggs boiled, dried and colored, one task down, Steph grabs her purse, phone, and car keys and heads off to the store. 'Why did a promise to do eggs for the horses, they have been doing their own for years, lifetimes, ahhh forever, well not really eggs, but rocks, but its the same thing, I got them jelly beans and carrots, and the team has gotten them treats, and heck the dogs have collected Wal-Mart bags for them so they can have easter baskets. I think I am doing to much for them, they can dye the eggs themselves. Yeap that will work. Ahhh, no that won't work, they will end up with red, and blue and purple lips.' Having missed the turn into the store, Steph turns around, "Ok, I need to concentrate." Gathering her wits about her she heads into the store, a dozen or so minutes later she is done, and carries out five bags and two medium Easter Baskets for the Grandkids.

As Steph gets into the house she puts the bags on the table and sets the two Easter Baskets to the side, she pulls out some of that fake plastic grass for the baskets, oh, some candy eggs, and a couple of chocolate eggs for each basket, and the cutest little bunny ears two of them, and lets see a head of lettuce, two boxes of Special K, one box of those elbow macaroni pasta things, and ... "Well poop, forgot the eggs"

Its nearly five by the time Rob gets back home, he comes in the house, hangs his jacket up, "Hey Steph you home?" Steph yells from the kitchen, "Yeah, I am in here." Rob walks into the kitchen, "So what is for dinner?" Steph turns, "Dinner, I am still working on colored eggs." Rob looks around, some eggs are in a pot of water, several bowls of different colors are sitting round the kitchen, and several piles of colored eggs are sitting around. Rob says, "Seems like this has turned in to a pretty big project." Steph continues dipping eggs "Well I had a couple of set backs." Rob very quietly turns and head back to clean up, knowing that if says anymore it will turn in to tears and a really long story.

Around 9 pm or so, Steph heads out of the house with four cartons of eggs, she stops, "Bruno, were you able to get all the plastic, ahh Baskets for the horses?" Bruno looks up "Yes did, they have them, they said they will deliver our treats later tonight." Steph smiles "Good." 'seems like he did better then I did' Steph leaves the house and heads back toward the round pens, she checks on Annie, Annie glances up as Steph passes by, as she gets closer to the right Round Pen, both Justice and Casper look at her, Justice rears up a bit, and heads for the railing, "Did you get them, Did you get them?" Steph feeling a bit better then she did during the middle of the afternoon, "Them what?"

Justice looks up, "Ahh, them eggs." Steph nods, "Yes I did, here look." Steph opens up one of the cartons revealing a dozen eggs all in different colors. Solid colors, some mixed, and even some some with sparkles. Justice looks and his lower lip drops down, Casper looks over Justice's shoulder, "They are wonderful, more colorful then the rocks we found." Justice nods, "I have never seen anything like them, not even in picture books." Steph smiles, "I am glad you like them, they are very fragile, you will have to be careful then placing them, not like rocks. But I made a few extra." Justice runs back to the other side of the pen digs around a bit, and picks up something and runs back, "Here put them in here." He hands two Wal-Mart bags to Steph, She puts two dozen eggs in each bag and hands the bags back to Justice. Justice very carefully carries the bags back to their hiding spot and returns, "Thank you, you have been very kind in help us out, we have everything we need now." Steph smiles and rubs Justice's nose, and turns back to the house. As she leaves Casper nudges Justice and very quietly says "What about the Bunny Ears?" Justice looks at Casper, then back to Steph, and yells out "What about the Bunny Ears?" Every horse within ear shot looks at Justice, "Ahh, still need the Bunny Ears." Steph turns back for a moment, "I will get them tomorrow."

'What am I going to do for Bunny Ears for a horse, not even Wal-Mart has bunny ears big enought for a horse. Dang, I guess I will have to be creative.'

To Be Continued

Author Samm

Baby B is 4 years old

It is truly amazing the time has flown by. The trials and tribulations, the happy and sad moments we have shared together. The friendships we have formed all simply amazing.

Now here is the first baby, at four years old and getting ready for training. She is a beautiful horse, with a good mind who has known nothing but love and care. Never has she gone a day feeling hungry, without water or the gentle touch of a human hand.

Call us silly for marking this milestone for this special's okay. She has made a difference in so many lives....and she is one of the lucky ones, due to the caring people who helped her mom.

Happy Birthday Baby B!


Trees for MHR

The gifts that keep on giving, the trees are beautiful. Apple blossoms are beautiful as well.

Thanks to all who contributed to the purchase of these lovely trees!

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 40

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 40, The goods

Steph looks away from the TV, "Rob I am going to go out and give Justice the things he asked for." Rob nods, "Did you resolve the colored egg issue yet?" She shakes her head, "Nope, but when ever they plan to do this, we will have to keep the dogs inside, a colored rock or egg are they same to them." Steph gets up and grabs the two Wal-Mart bags off the table, and she heads out. 'I am sure glad that it was warmed up a bit.' She turns and heads back to the round pens, she checks on Annie as she walks by, all is well, just past Annie's Pen she see Spirit standing out in the open, she walks over pats him on the rump, "What are you doing?" "Waiting for Apples." he replies, not taking his gaze off of the two foot tall apple tree. Steph turns pats him on the rump again, "Keep up the good work." She walks back to the round pen with Justice and Casper, seems now that they have finished dinner they are playing bite my nose, which they have been doing for nearly a week. Steph gets to the rail, both of them turn and charge the railing and come to a dusty halt just short of the railing, Justice asked, "Did you get the things on the list?" Steph hands the bags to Justice through the railing, "I got several bags of carrots, and some jelly beans, and some food dye." Justice sets the bags down, "Thank you." Steph nods, "How many rocks have you collected?" Justice lowers his head, "ahh, ahh, only three so far, not good." Steph nods, "well I had an idea, we could color some eggs, instead of rocks." Justice looks up "ahh whats an egg?" Steph looks back to the chicken coop, "You have seen them, chickens make them, remember when I would bring out the things that looked like rocks out of the coop?" Justice looks towards the coop. "Ahh, Ahh, nope." Steph looks back at Justice, "Well I will make some examples to show you." Justice nods. Casper pokes Justice, "Ask her about the treats." Justice looks in the Wal-Mart bags "Ahh no treats."

Steph nods "Well the members of Team MHR are collecting the treats right now, and they are helping buy hay." Justice nods, he turns to Casper, "See I told ya, she would get the treats." Casper nods. Steph looks back to Justice "How are you guys making the baskets?" Justice looks up, "Not really sure. But from what I understand is its, ahh, well, Let me show you." He reaches down and picks up one of the Wal-Mart bags and dumps the contents on the ground, he carfully places the bag on the ground and opens it up and very neat rolls the edges back, "kind of like that, then we place the carrots, and jelly beans, and and the treats around the Lady's Parlour, and groups of horses go in and find the the Signs of Spring and brings them back to their baskets." Steph smiles, "Hmm, why do you need to have colored rocks?" Justice shakes his head, "ahh, so the horses can find the treats, I think." Steph nods, "well that makes sense. Ok you guys take care these things, and I will look into the colored eggs and the Team will work on getting the treats ready." Both Casper and Justice nod. Steph turns and walks back to the house.

As she passes, Spirit, "Spirit, it well take two years for the apples to grow." Spirit looks over his shoulder, "Thats ok, I have nothing to do tonight." Steph nods, "Well be back in your pen in the morning." Spirit nods, "I will." Steph contines back to the house. Steph wonders to herself 'I wonder how long horse's have been doing this? Well if you think about it they didn't have plastic bags in the olden days to use as baskets. Well I guess they could have used grass and twigs. ahhh, the the wonders of horsekind.' As she enters the house Rob looks up, "Welcome back, Dublin came by while you were gone." Steph says "What did he want?" Rob shakes his head, "Not really sure, he want to get 10 spoons." Steph plops down on the couch, "Spoons?" Rob says, "Yep, something about an old Mustang tradition, came over with the Spanish or something like that."

To Be Continued

Author Samm

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 39

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 39, Oh, No, not another list

Steph and Rob sitting in front of the TV, the normal discussion of what to watch is on-going, but before a final canidate can be picked, a knock on the door. Rob turns to Steph "Well the calm before the storm didn't last very long." Steph gets up and heads to the door, steps over a couple of dogs, says to herself 'Yeah watch dogs.' then opens the door. Justice and Casper are standing there, Justice with what appears to be a clip board, and Casper paying close attention to whats going on, since its his first time bothering Steph and Rob late at night.

Justice starts off, "haomr wored diddger..." and stops, Steph reached out and takes the clip board out of his mouth. Justice continues. "I have a list." Steph nods, and looks at the clip board and the single peice of paper it holds, "Justice I can 't read this and I am pretty sure that even Sampson couldn't read this." Justice nods, "I am still working on the writing part of taking notes." Steph looks at Justice, "Do you remember what is on the list?" Justice replies, "Oh, yes and I brought Casper along to help if I forgets." Casper nods, and Justice continues "Dublin says we need carrots, and jelly beans, and other treats." Casper butts in, "Don't forget the food colors." Justice nods, "oh, yes, we need that to color the rocks for the Easter Egg Hunt. Oh, and Dublin says no Rit Dye, he says that a couple of years ago, several horses ended up with purple lips most of the spring."

Steph smiles, finally finding out what caused the problem a couple of years ago. "Why are you bringing me this list?" Justice looks toward the Lady's Parlour "Ahhh, cause I was told to. Dublin, says that since we can't go to Wal-Mart by ourselves any more then he says the Hay Lady, thats you, has to get the horse supplies." Steph nods and reachs out and pats both Justice and Casper on the nose. "Well I would rather do it, its is safer for you horses, then riding around with Fred in the Bus from the Retirement home." Justice nods, "I really enjoyed those trips, it was fun." Casper butts in, "I have never been on the bus, I need to do that, it sounds better then a trip in the horse trailer." Steph smiles, "It might be but you will have to wait I think for a better time." steph thinks abit hopeing that Justice or even Casper might know the full details of the plan. "So Justice what is the over all plan?" Justice thinks a bit, "I am not really sure, I was to young last year to know what was going on, but it may be what Dublin is calling an Easter Egg Hunt, not sure what they are hunting, but I know that who ever finds the most Easter Eggs get a bunch of treats, and the horse carrots." Rob listening from the comfort of his chair, "They better not be digging holes in the Lady's Parlour, I just graded that, and last year it took two weeks to fill in the holes they made." Justice nods, "Well I don't know about that, I just have my list." Steph looks down at the scribling on the paper, "Right, when do you need these things by?" Justice looks around as if not sure of the answer, "Ahhh, Dublin says by three maybe four days, so they have time to make the baskets."

Steph nods, "I will do my best, been a bit sickly lately, I will do what I can." Justice nods, "Well check the poop and take some bannanaers, from that I understand." Justice and Casper turn to leave, the Casper turns and whispers something to Justice. Justice turns back around, "Oh, I almost forgot, I need some bunny ears, Dublin says they are very important."

Steph nods, and turns to go back in the house, over her shoulder, "Any thing else?" Justice shakes his head, "Nope that is about it." Casper pokes Justice "Ask about the Satelite TV." Justice thinks it bit, "Oh yes, since it seems the cable TV is out, what about Satelite TV?" Steph think for a very short time, "I don't think that will happen." Both Justice and Casper kick the ground, and turn to return to their pen.

Steph closes the door, and heads back to the couch and her blanky, Rob says, "Sounds like they are planning another Easter Egg Hunt." Steph settles in, "Yes it sure does, but I think we need to come up with something better then colored rocks for their baskets." Rob replies, "Remember, that horses adapt their old tales and history to the modern times, I am sure for years they found brightly colored rocks for the celebrations of the spring." Steph nods, "How about we color them some eggs this year instead of them coloring rocks." Rob looks up, "Heck no, A couple of years ago my fingers were purple for weeks." Steph smiles, "Ok, this time we will use food coloring."

To Be Continued

Author Samm

Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 38

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 38, Plastic Bags and Rocks

Steph and Rob are all comfy on their couch and chair, watching TV, during a commercial break, Steph turns to Rob, "Have you noticed that the horses have been pretty calm since Annie's arrival, no late night knocks on the door." Rob turns, "Yeah that is pretty strange, they must be planning something." Steph sits up, "What do you mean?" Rob looks over to Steph, "Well think about the time of year." Steph thinks a bit, "Well its spring time, the trees are budding, its coming up on Easter, but the horses aren't going to celebrate Easter." Rob butts in, "Well not our Easter, but theirs, it’s the start of foiling season." Steph looks back at Rob, "You know you are right, but what could they be planning?" Rob settles back into his chair, "I have no idea, they are horses, they do some dumb things."

Steph wakes up, rolls over, Rob is sound asleep, she carefully gets up, not sure how they both made it to the bed last night, the last thing Steph remembered was watching some educational show, ahhh, 'Baywatch versus the Swamp loggers' or something like that. Steph grabs her robe, walks to the front of the house to make some coffee, after she starts the coffee, she looks around at the dogs, all are sound asleep, except for two, seems Truffles and Bruno are missing from the piles of dogs. "I wonder what they are up to this early in the morning?" As the smell of coffee fills the kitchen, Steph pours a cup, and sits at her desk, and looks out towards Annie in the Maternity Ward, she is messing about sniffing the ground for bits of hay from last night. Then out of nowhere, she see's Bruno run by Annie, in her pen, followed a few paces, well actually a fair distance behind Truffles running as fast as she can. A moment later, Bruno bursts through the doggy door, and heads right to his bed. He drops a something on his bed, he lays down very carefully and starts fiddling with looks to be plastic bags. Truffles finally makes it into the house, she is carrying something but seems to be fighting it more than carrying it, she walks up to Bruno, and drops the remains of a plastic bag by his side. Bruno looks down and turns to Truffles and says "Dumb dog." and proceeds to bite her on the ear. Steph sits up, "Bruno, don't bite her." Bruno looks over to Steph not noticing her before, "She ruined it, it won't work now." Steph gets up and walks over to Bruno, "Ruined what?" Bruno, looks up at Steph, "The basket, they need to be perfect." Steph looks at the pile of plastic bags that Bruno is fiddling with, "Baskets, they are plastic bags." Bruno looks up again from his work of smoothing out the bags, "I know that, you know that," he looks at Truffles "Most of us know that, but the horses are calling them baskets."

Steph walks back over to the desk, sits down and takes a drink of coffee, "So why are you collecting baskets for the horses?" Bruno finishes folding the last of the plastic bags he brought in, he stands up picks up the remains of what Truffles brought in and carries it to the trash can, pushes the little lever at the bottom, and drops the remains of the plastic bag in the trash. He turns to Steph, "Well Dublin asked me to do a mission. It was to get 179 plastic, ahhh, baskets for the horses, Dublin said a dozen dozen baskets, and that they needed them by the end of the moon." Steph sits back, "Ahh, you mean by the end of the month?" Bruno sits down knowing this may turn into a long conversation, "ahh, horses measure time by the moon, you measure time by the month, dogs measure time by what’s on the TV, so its all different." Steph nods, "Did he tell you why they needed the plastic... ahhh Baskets?" Bruno thinks awhile, "Nope just said the horses needed them." Steph nods, "Why are you doing a mission for the horses, seems like a lot of work?" Bruno starts waggin his tail, "Oh it is, the plastic bags only come by when the wind is blowing, and I have to run the fence line to find them." Steph nods again, 'yeah, seems like a lot of things blow by in the wind.' "So how many more do you need to collect?" Bruno looks back at the stack of plastic bags, "Ahhh, I think maybe 250 or so, considering the help I have." Again he gives Truffles a strong look, and turns back to Steph, "Oh, they also want some rocks." Steph looks at him, "Rocks? Bruno looks at Steph as if she didn't understand, which she didn't "Yes rocks about the size of chicken eggs from what I understand, and colorful. You know red, green, blue, yellow ones." Steph sits back and takes another drink of coffee, "You know Bruno those might be pretty hard to find around here." Bruno nods, "I know, but we are looking as best we can. we may have to come up with an alternative." Steph leans back, "Bruno, why are you doing a mission for the horses, I thought only the horses did missions?"

Bruno looks around at the sleeping dogs, "Well Fred met with Dublin a few days ago, and he asked if we could help out. And Fred told us, and only me and Truffles agreed to help, well to admit, we were the only dogs awake when Fred came by, but we accepted." Steph smiles, "Well normally you dogs don't do things, unless a treat is involved, or a lot of barking, so what was the deal?" Bruno turns and walks very quietly back to his bed, he messes about under his bed for a bit, then drags out a bag, and walks over to Steph, "Beggin Strips, 128 bags if we get it all done." Steph reaches down and takes the bag, "Yeap the real thing, 128 bags is a lot." Bruno nods, "yep I know, but I also know that horse's can't count, so I am hope’n for 8 or 9 one for each of the dogs, except for maybe," He looks over his shoulder at Truffles, "But we will work it out."

Bruno takes the bag of Beggin Strips back from Steph and puts it under his bed, "oh oh, the wind is picking up, more baskets, and he and Truffles run for the doggy door. Steph leans back, takes another sip of coffee just as Rob enters the room, "Is the coffee ready?" Steph looks up, "Oh yes, it’s ready, and it tastes great. Oh you were right."

Rob fills his mug up with fresh coffee, "Right about what, I am normally wrong about most things?"

To Be Continued
Author: Samm

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Greetings from AJ and Hope

Hi Aunties and Gwammie!!! We just wanted to say hi to everyone who loves MHR and show you some new pics of us. We are doing great. Big and beautiful and learning a lot - patience , responsibility, trust, and how to behave with a person on your back.....yes, we are both learning that now!!!!

Size - Yes, we are BIG! From all angles - especially from the rear!!!

Hope and a friend

Hope getting the bucks out

Hope towering over big quarterhorses
AJ vs fjord
Learning patience...standing
Rider Up - First ride without someone hanging to a lead rode....

A Belgian first trot!

Lub to everyone,

Hope, AJ and Lisa

April 3, 2011 - Welcome Annie

As most of you know, Casper and Dancer were returned a couple of weeks ago due to the fact their family lost their home. They came back to MHR as per Adoption Contract.

This morning Dancer went to his new foster home. He is with Candy, which his new family adopted from MHR after they lost their old gelding Mac. Dancer also is living with another mare and very content. We watched them play for awhile and the three of them settled right in.

In the meantime, we received a request to take on a 10 year old Bay Roan QH Mare who has a misaligned pastern and coffin bone. We were recommended to this individual by Desert Pine Equine Center. She has recently had corrective shoeing and this is being done with the advice of Dr. G. Lamb, founder and owner of Desert Pine. We will be contacting DP so Rob can speak to Dr. Lamb and discuss Annie and her needs.

Welcome Annie!

Faith's Apple Tree

This is a quick snap of Faith's apple tree planted by the maternity pen

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 37

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 37, Dawn

Both Rob and Steph drop on to the their favorite spots, Rob says, "you feeling any better?" Steph pulls her blanky up around her neck, "Yes I am, I think I am over the hump." Rob nods, "Good, I am feeling a bit better, the sleep today helped. Do you want to fall asleep here or go to bed?" Steph look over, "I think I will watch some TV, let’s see what’s on, hmmm ‘swamp loggers in Alaska’, nope, ‘best gas stations in America’, hmmm nope,’ How to keep miniature pigs in your house;," Rob butts in, "Nope how about the weather channel." Steph nods, they are going to fall asleep anyways, so it doesn't really matter. Just as both of them start to fall asleep, there is a knock at the door, Rob turns to Steph, "I got the last one, your turn." Steph pushes the blanky back and gets up and walks to the door. Steph wonders who this will be, seems the horses have spread around the wake up Rob and Steph as to not keep one horse in trouble all the time. Steph opens the door, its Justice, with a slip of paper in his mouth, Steph reaches out and takes the slip of paper out of Justice's mouth, she looks at it, it’s nothing but a few scratches on the paper, "Justice what is this?" Justice says, "Its a list, Dublin when he was talking to me, told me to make a list, so I wouldn't forget, but I can't write, so I did my best. Oh, I do remember what he told me." Steph looks at the paper, looks at Justice, so what did he tell you." Justice thinks for a bit, "Oh, Oh, I remember, he said, 'go get the hay lady, we have an emergency, we need a hair dryer, a curling iron, a comb, a brush, more hoof polish,' let me think, Oh, and a bandage, cause, Jonah, cut himself shaving." Steph grabs her robe, makes sure her bunny slippers are on the right feet, "Justice what in blazes are you talking about?" Justice backs up a bit, and turns to head toward the Lady's Parlour.

"Well it all started this morning, General pasted the word that 'all horses needed to be on their best behavior', cause three people moms were coming to visit this weekend. so I stopped making my map, and all the other horses cleaned up their pens with the help of Jason people. and and, Spirit and Jonah, and 'B' decided they needed baths so this evening while you were gone we gave them a bath at the wash wreak." Steph nods, as she follows Justice to the wash rack, "So what is the problem, the horses had a bath night just last week?" Justice stops and turns to Steph, "Well, 'B' complained she wasn't getting clean enough, so we asked Fred who had dropped by at ask Bruno, to see if he had any horse soap in the house. Bruno brought us a bottle of soap, and it worked pretty good, but it had one side affect." As Justice finished, he turns to allow Steph to look at Jonah, Spirit, and 'B' standing by the wash rack, Steph looks, "Oh my word, they are all fluffy, to say the least." Justice nods, "A bit to fluffy, they say." As Steph gets closer she can see that each of them look like really big chia pets, "What the heck did you guys do?" 'B' was the first to answer, "We We were doing fine, til, we finished and tried to shake the water off, we became all fuzzy, we can't be like this when the people moms show up tomorrow." Steph looks around, looks back at the horses, and back at the ground, she see a plastic bottle on the ground, walks over, and picks it up. "Is this what Bruno gave you?" Justice, look over, "Fred said that Bruno, said that you use it all the time." Steph look at the three fur balls, "Well yes, but I use it to wash dishes not horses, the only thing I can think of is you guys need to roll around in the dirt for a bit." hearing that Jonah and Spirit run back to the Ladies Parlour, Steph turns and starts back to the house. 'B' says, "Nope, Nope, not going to do it, I just got clean." Steph turns and walks back to 'B', "Young Mare, you need to be more horse, go roll in the dirt, and then brush the dirt, if any, out on the railing of the pen, if need ask one of your friends to get spots you can't get to." 'B' lowers her head, "No hair dryer?" Steph nods, "Right, no hair dryer." 'B' kicks at the ground, Steph says "You will look fine in the morning." 'B' turns slowly and returns to the Lady's Parlour. At which time, both Steph and Justice turn towards the house, as they are walking back, Steph looks at the plastic bottle she is carrying, "Hmmm, Dawn dish washing liquid. Justice how much of this stuff did you use?" Justice thinks a bit, "all most all of it, it makes nice bubbles." Steph looks and the nearly empty bottle, "Yes it does, but don't use things you get from Bruno, I am not sure if he understands their uses, or their affects." Justice nods, as they near the patio, Justice turns off to head back to his pen.

"Justice tell me about this map you were making?", Justice stops and turns around, "Well Dublin, and General asked me to make a map of where all the horses are." Steph looks at him, "Why?" Justice replies, "Oh, Oh, so when the cable TV people show up they know where to dig and place the cables." Steph didn't even think to reply, she just turned and entered the house, Rob wasn't in his chair, so he may have made it back to the bed before he fell asleep, Steph drops her robe from the couch, kicks off her bunny slippers and head back to the bedrooms. Rob is under the covers, Steph climbs under the covers and rolls over to face Rob, Rob opens his eyes, "So what was going on?" Steph smiles, "Fluffy horses." She turns over and falls asleep.

To Be Continued.

Author Samm

Pictures from Ro

Best Friends Forever, Jonah and Spirit grooming each other...... filthy but thinking they look soooooo hansum after rolling in mud following a rain event.

Justice, growing his bell bottoms!

Mr. Jonah rubbing his lovely butt on the fence

Videos, March 28, 2011

Emma and the girls distribute treats to the Ladies Parlour

More pictures

Cruisin Bay, aka CB

More pictures and videos from the FOB visit

Emmett and the girls

Electra, Ruby and Sampson

The girls and Electra

FOB visit, March 26, 2011

I must tell you it is wonderful having Ro, Linda and Susan here. Though we all chat daily, it is so nice to speak face to face. We went by SMF yesterday which had a special 4 H function, baby goats, ponies, bunnies etc. so they saw it all, and came inside to let me know that 4H had baby goats for

Susan and Justice
Susan, Justice, Ro and Linda
Justice and Linda
Ro and Justice
Justice and Ro
They have taken lots of pictures.

Thank you all for everything, and the final items are up for auction, so if you can bid.


A Horse's Tale, Chapter 36

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 36, Championship Chicken

Steph and Rob pull up to the house, Steph says, "It 11:30, we got out of Mavericks at a good time.", Rob nods, "Yeah, and it was a pretty good evening. Oh, did you notice that three horses are missing out of the Ladies Parlour." Steph jumps out of the car, and looks toward the Ladies Parlour, "How do you know three horses are missing?" Rob gets out of the car, locks the doors, and heads to the house, "I counted the blobs as we drove by, don't know who is missing, but there are three fewer blobs then when we left." Steph walks over to the Ladies Parlour, does a quick count of the blobs, ahhh horses, "Dublin come here please." Dublin not to excited about it, walks over slowly, Steph asks "Who is missing and where are they?" Dublin kind of shrugs and looks around the pen as if mentally trying to figure out who is missing. "Ahh, looks like Jonah, Spirit and 'B', I think they were talking about seeing General about something." Steph nods, pats Dublin on the nose, and walks back toward the house.

'Wonder what they needed to see General about, I hope they are betting on stuff.' Steph stops on the patio, looks at Justice standing in his pen, something looks funny, she walks over and takes a closer look. Justice is standing with one hoof in the small tub used for salt and minerals. "Justice why are you standing in the tub?" Justice looks up, "Ahhh, What?" Steph points to Justices right front legs, "Why do you have your hoof in the tub?" Justice looks down, "Oh, I didn't know what is was called. It kept getting in the way while I was eating, so I decided to carry it around." Steph looks at him, "What do you mean carry it around?" Justice looks down and raises his right front leg up off the ground, and lifts the tub up. Steph says, "Is it stuck to your hoof?" Justice shakes his head and drops the tub. As the tub hits the ground, Steph asks "How did you do that?" Justice puts his hoof back on the ground, "I lets go of it." Steph nods, "I figured that, but how did you manage to pick it up?" Justice to demonstrate how smart he is, places his hoof back in the tub and picks it up. "I grab it will my hoof." Steph nods and thinks a bit, "I didn't know you could do that." Justice nods, "I didn't either til I stepped in it, the only problem I have is when I run around, it makes a lot of noise." Steph smiles, "I bet it does, well don't hurt yourself or break the tub." Steph turns and looks around Casper and Dancer are both standing quietly in the right Round Pen, she turns her gaze to the front Round Pen, she sees some blobs, and looks like some lights moving around.

As she walks over she sees three blobs, ahh horses standing on the outside and what appears to be Sampson standing on the inside, looks like they are talking. As she gets closer she sees that at least two of the horses have flashlights in their mouths, and shining the light on the ground inside the pen. She stops and watches for a while, 'I wonder what they are doing?' Just as she starts to walk over, the flashlights are turned off, and the three horses start walking toward her. Steph stands there, waiting, Jonah, Spirit and 'B' walk right past her, and keep on going. Steph follows, as she and the horses pass Justice, they stop and look at him, each shaking their heads, as Justice walks around with his hoof in the tub, after a bit, they turn and continue, as they get close to the patio, Steph says "What are you three up to this late at night?"

All three stop, Spirit kicks the ground, and they turn around. 'B' says "Didn't think you would notice if we were quiet." Steph nods, "Pretty good job, so what were you doing talking with Sampson, and why did you need to see General?" Jonah steps up, "We needed a book and there isn't many pictures in it, so we had Sampson read some of to us." Steph nods, "That seems very smart of you. By the way what book were you interested in?" Spirit steps forward with a small book in his mouth, and hands it to Steph. "To dark to look at it here lets go to the patio. Steph wipes a bit of horse slobber of the book, and steps under the light on the patio, "So what is this book all about?" As her eyes get accustomed to the light, Jonah answers, " Its about chickens." Steph asks "What interest would you guys have in chickens?" Again Jonah answers, "We heard that you got some baby chickens and were talking about making them show chickens. So we know what a show horse is, we could learn to be judges for show chickens, so we got the book." Steph replies, "That almost makes sense. Let’s see what the book says." Just to help 'B' turns on her flashlight and shines it at the book. Steph reads the title "How to Judge Championship Chicken." she opens the book, turns a few pages, "I think you need to get another book, I don't think this one will help you much." Steph closes the book and hands it back to Spirit, Jonah look at her, "You may be right, we were a bit confused when Sampson was reading the book to us." all three horses nod, Jonah asks "What kind of chickens did you get? All we can find in the book are fried, roasted and stewed."

To Be Continued.

Author Samm

Our new little chickies

Pictures, March 18, 2011

Electra and Ruby
Electra bugging Ruby
Dancer (l) and Casper

Dancer, Missouri Fox Trotter, he has returned to MHR as his family lost their home. He and Casper both came back as per our adoption contract which was established in 2001 with this clause. We are sorry for the family as both the boys were loved by them. It was very difficult for them yesterday, as they had them for three years