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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September Hay ride winners


Jeri and PatS

on your win of the September Hayride Prizes

Jeri, I am positive that the recipient of your generosity is thrilled.

Thank You.

MHR will be submitting their check to the Laminitis Fund in the name of Patricia Skidmore. As most of us know. I lost my beautiful Sierra to Laminitis. She was a rescue who had come to us with many issues. Those issues were minor compared to Laminitis. She was loved but that could not cure this horrid disease of the hoof.

Thank you once again to everyone and I do mean everyone for making the horses happy with full tummies and for making individuals happy as well!


Tuesday morning

Good Tuesday Morning,

Thank you to everyone for the well wishes for Jerri. A HUGE thank you goes to Theresa.

Jerri had a major breakthrough. We do not know why nor do we try to figure it out but it happened and it was/is a wonderful wonderful thing.

Reflecting back over the last nine months and how Jerri was the day she arrived. There was fear in her eyes, a fighting stance and in a few words, there was no trust of humans. This is all changing and we feel this is such a major accomplishment. We as humans know what how we feel with fear and once we have faced our fears the relief we feel.

I sat outside last night watching Jerri, wondering what she was feeling, if there is a sense of contentment in her life now. I sure hope so. I do know that her eyes have softened considerably and her demeanor has changed all good. It seems that it has been such a long road to travel but the reward for our patience is incredible. Now it is a matter of continuing our efforts with the same patience as we do not want her to have any set backs. Sometimes this can happen, one step forward and four back but you never give up.

Jerri has made great strides in her rehabilitation and we are hoping this will continue and hopefully someday in the future she will be in a position to find her "Forever Home" but until that time we will continue our efforts for her.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful day and it brings you a sense of peace and happiness that you make a difference in the lives of family, friends and our Equine Friends. Thank you to everyone for participating in our September Hay Ride!


Jerri's Breakthrough

Monday, September 29, 2008

A big big day!!!

A huge huge breakthrough with Jerri has been occurring the last few days but today was enormous!!!

We have been able to give her skirtches from the shoulders back and she has not flinched and doing quite well with this attention. While I was out with Rob today assisting him with clients horses, Theresa came over and Jerri allowed her to catch her, put a lead rope on her and groom her with no fuss or no muss.

Not more than 20 minutes while I was with Amelia, I and Rob personally witnessed Theresa catch Jerri up again and this time allowed Theresa to pet and love on her. We are so excited about this heart is singing!!

This means so much to us considering where Jerri was when she arrived Jan 08. MHR is doing the Snoopy Happy Dance!!!!


Happy 4 month birhtday to Hope!

Nellie's Hope, born May 29, 2008

Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday morning

Good Friday Morning to All,

All is well this morning, it has been very quiet. In the distance we could hear a calf bawling. There aren't many cattle left in our area with the exception of the Ponderosa Dairy. It is mostly horses in our valley and lots of them, almost as many horses as people.

Miss Grace was on a bender yesterday evening. For whatever reason she was frisky/ornery. She had that football team rockin' an rollin' which is quite surprising. She first started by chasing Whiskey and I was like Whoa, did she eat her Wheaties??? She had him going all over the place and at one point nipped his hiney. I kinda giggled at that cause he is always giving everyone so much grief. The funny thing though was that she was happy with her accomplishment. She spun around, neck arched, tail flagged, high stepping and snorting as if to say anyone else???? Just "BRING IT!!!"

I remember though there was time when Grace was not like this, when she arrived in January of 2007, she was truly a mess from an injury that she sustained to her left hind leg that had not been treated till she arrived here at MHR. We were scheduled to do surgery on her leg on January 12th, however our vet wanted us to try one other procedure first. Actually we had two vets here on that day, and they both agreed on trying something different. It took every day for over 9 months cleaning the leg and applying medication, giving antibiotics and such. Well, it turned out to work and Grace may have a scarred leg, but she's doing very well. For the most part, it is rare that we ever receive a horse at MHR that does not have an issue outwardly or inwardly. Individuals who adopt a rescue horse are truly getting a treasure as they are FIGHTERS. They are not perfect, but by gosh they are giving human beings another chance, and they are willing to give unconditional love.......'

"Just like a Mother"...unconditional love, giving second chances..Bless them all!


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday afternoon

Good Afternoon All,

Taking a short break! All is well here at the ranch.

Muffin has been ornery with his neighbors Simba Marie and JoJo, he has been reaching over the bars to bite at them and even kicking at them. I figured I'd take him for a stroll, he decided no I will take you for a stroll. He wanted to go a visiting, he toodled along nosing up to some of the other horses and at one point even started to walk up to Moon's stall. He stopped short and they each gave one another the stink eye. Muffin acted like I will not even grace you with my presence. We walked out by the football team and they all came over to greet him. Of course Levi puffed out his chest and let Muffin know that this was his team. Muffin totally ignored him. Trooper and Rosie came over and of course Rosie being the loose woman that she is was batting her lashes at this almost 41 yr old fellar, and she is only gonna be six. Trooper took exception to this and pushed Rosie with his nose and sauntered away, of course Rosie knows which side of her bread is buttered and off she went. Whiskey was like, hay come over here, can I push you around?? Once again Muffin rolled his eyes, not to be intimidated by Whiskey. Of course Jonah was at the fence tossing those blond locks (tossing his head around). Muffin was not bothered by any of this. We toodled around for a bit more, but Muffin was giving indication it was time to return home, of course all the while JoJo and Simba Marie were calling out to him. Muffin did make an extra stop to visit with Misty a second time and this time Misty let out the "mare squeal"..oy! Muffin went back in his stall content and it seems the two girls were happy he was back as they immediately wanted his attention. Guess that did the trick for Muffin as he regained the RESPECT he wanted from them. At almost 41 he deserves it all and he gets it all.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday morning

Good Morning to Everyone,

I am sorry I have not been posting the last few days, I have been busy beyond words.

I have had several projects going at the same time. Jumping around from one to the other is difficult, but I think it is coming to end...there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Dr. Henesler was here yesterday, drawing AJ's blood for his Coggins and giving him his shots. He and I were laughing as AJ just stood there, no flinching, no nothing and he (Dr. H.) was once again impressed we had no problems. However, Miss Hope was with us and here soft velvety nose was checking everything out, when I said "They are in your hip pocket" Dr. H.'s response was " Now whose fault is that" with a huge smile on his face. He also added, it is a joy to go to a call where the babies just stand for everything that is thrown their way and they do not go into orbit. I took this as a compliment.

I am absolutely thrilled with the adoption of AJ to Lisa as well. I had the opportunity to talk to Lisa yesterday and she is thrilled beyond words. This truly is a time to celebrate the lives of these "Magical" Little Big Ones. They have brought joy to so many, and I can no longer be selfish and want to keep them for is time to share...LOL. and I am happy to. I am very very excited about getting to watch them grow up in the Colorado Rockies, snow and a happy family to be kept safe and loved unconditionally, just as they have for us.

Everything else is going well here at the ranch, the weather is turning cooler, horses are frisky, snorting and kicking up their heels. You will hear a horse whinney in the early morning from a distance and the horses of MHR responding their greeting in return. This causes quite the chain reaction, but it is a nice sound. Of course roosters crowing, and the young roosters at the ranch still going through puberty and their little voices breaking up. That just cracks me up...kind of a sick little sound they make but they will get it.

Well, as much as I would like to chat, duty calls. Everyone have a blessed and safe day.



Sunday, September 21, 2008

Special Announcement

This is a very important announcement!!!!!!

It is OFFICIAL..our Little Big Man.....has a "FOREVER HOME"!!!! AJ will be going to live with his BESTEST FRIEND HOPE, in COLORADO with LISA LEACH!!!!!!!



Phreddie is on his way!

Fred has left the ranch. We took our final walk together down the driveway. He is a lucky, lucky horse. He got on the trailer like a champ, actually looked back at me while I stood there and the tears began.

He took a piece of my heart but they all do.....


Friday, September 19, 2008

Big News

Two Big Announcements


Official weaning time for AJ, 8:56am the 19th of September

All is well and Hope was very happy to see him and vice versa. I will get pictures and possibly some video if I can today.


Fred will be departing MHR on Sunday, morning the 21st of September at 8am. Transporter contacted me this morning and is ahead of schedule.

WhooHoo for Fred and Mary Elynne (whom I have already contacted) She is very very excited.

Fall brings on many changes and they seem to be happening rapidly.

Fred will be missed, and I thank this good boy for coming into our lives and giving us a Second Chance to prove that not all humans are unkind and cruel.

Friday morning

Good Friday Morning,

I do hope this finds everyone well and looking forward to a relaxing, peaceful weekend.

The first day of weaning went well for the most part. This morning seems to a bit tougher on Hope and I have to keep my eye on Jerri as well as she appears to be a bit depressed. She is not making a sound but her mannerism is off kilter a bit. I checked on Hope throughout the night to ensure she was fine...and she was and is. Lots of pacing.

Sometime today will be AJ turn. Ahhhh, the rights of passage. I think he will be more of a sissy lala than Hope but we shall see.

I had some email with Lisa last night and she is going to be bringing Big Mama with her to give Hope company on the trip HOME. Wow, home, Hope has got a home!! I am so thrilled for Lisa you cannot imagine. She is going to feel the joy and excitement I had when Hope was born and to raise her for the first 4.5 months of her life (by the time she departs). It has been wonderful sharing her with all of you, and the fact that all of you made such a huge difference in her life from the very beginning. I know with her busy schedule, Lisa will share photos and her experiences with all of us when she can.

Everyone else is doing well. Muffin and Acey, the two oldest at the ranch, are enjoying the cool weather and Muffin has been quite frisky. He loves feeding time (don't they all) as he get his Sr. Equine and just talks away. Wuffling softly to whinnying as loud as he can to ensure we see and hear him. I always tell him, I am not blind and I am not deaf as I DO HEAR YOU! I said the surrounding neighbors hear you! This though makes you feel good that for the past six years he has just become more lovable than he was from the day we picked him up in California. Gotta love em...gotta love them all. Acey is doing well as long as you do not remove her from her environment. With her being blind, she becomes so nervous outside of her stall, it is truly her comfort zone and there is no need to upset the balance of her little world. She also loves her Sr as well and at almost 41 is doing great.

Well, the morning beckons so I must go for now. All of you have a blessed and safe day. I hope to be able to visit with you at least once or twice during the day.

WE RECEIVED OUR FIRST OFFICIAL BID THIS MORNING FOR THE "HOPES FIRST DAY OF LIFE" blanket...WHOOHOOO. Please visit our Silent Auction is for the general fund at MHR which makes a difference in the horses lives.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday morning


Hope has been officially weaned at 8:30am this morning.

All is well, and Jerri has not whinnied once, nor has Hope.

Please see MHR Silent Auction for a one-of-a-kind offering

AJ will be weaned later this morning/afternoon


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wednesday afternoon

Good Afternoon All,

The reason I am writing is to share with you a conversation that I had with my dear friend Julie who is the person that took care of the first rescues made by the FOBs in 2006.

Julie and I had discussion on the dire straits of horses in her area and what has transpired just in her surrounding area. Now mind you this is what she has seen and witnessed herself.

She was stating that she had not been to an auction in about 7 months, as she became pregnant with her third little one and knew if she went she would not come home empty handed and she could not add anymore to her already large herd. She did however go this past weekend upon returning from a ceremony honoring her husband. She had explained that the KB had not been really coming often 7 months ago, but now she observed that he was running three trucks which sickened her. She also told me that a three for one came through, a very well bred QH, her foal at her side and she was bred back as well. She said the foal went for $25.00, and the mare in foal went for $70.00. She said that they did not remain after that, she had become ill over this. Though she wanted to bid, she couldn't it was very heartbreaking for her, but she had to think of her family and the herd of horses she already had to feed.

She said grass hay is very expensive and she is grateful that she has pasture. However, she has had people leave horses at her gate and she has found homes for them (good homes).

I explained how hard it is for us and she understood completely. We struggle daily but we make it and we are grateful for all the assistance we receive from all of you. Thank you ever so much!!

Speaking with Julie today was good for both of us, it was moral support and a reality check.

I just wanted to share this with all of you. It has not been intended to upset any of you, and I am sorry if it has, it was the reality of what so many rescues and private individuals are encountering.

Thank you so very much for everything that you do to help the horses.


Wednesday morning

Good Wednesday Morning,

Still working on projects as we were interrupted several times during the day and of course that always puts you behind. But the old saying "The Hurrier I Go The Behinder I Get" was truly befitting in our case.

Well, how do I put this except to say "It's Weaning Time." I know, I know you are all probably saying, No, No it's too soon. It has come time. Both Hope and AJ need to move on to the next phase of their young lives. I know that I am not looking forward to this as I have a feeling this is going to be worse than Baby B and Spirit ever thought of being. But, they will get through this...question is, will I?? We are trying to figure a suitable area for them but where I can still keep a watch on them. I will let you know when I have it figured out. If you recall, Dr. Henesler stated we had to give AJ until he was three months old so his little mind could develop. Even though Apple is receiving her supplements daily he is still taking his toll on her, and she deserves some tranquility in her life without having to share her feed/milk with him any longer. He is truly a very very large boy and he is sucking the life out of her. I need to do what is best for her and her health as well. I have an idea but will have to think it through a bit more.

Well, Robert and I ordered a new sign for MHR. The original sign is in pretty sorry shape. The original sign was donated to MHR one month after we opened our gates in February 2001. It has seen it's share of the sun baking it, being sandblasted by our dust storms and occasionally the rain. This should have been done a long time ago, however it was not on the priority list (Horses First ya know), but pulling in the front gate the other day I said, oh this has got to go, this is so sad looking. I will take a photo once we have it mounted.

Big Joe (volunteer) and I cleaned water barrels yesterday morning, seems like such a long and tedious task but it was accomplished. If we managed to get through any chore without interruption it was this one.

I must go for now as chores are calling my name. I wish each of you a wonderful day, enjoy your family, friends and furbabies. They are truly a precious gift.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Videos from Labor Day

Taken by LindaS and posted by LindaH. Thank you!

Tuesday, September 16

On June the 16th, at 3:30am a beautiful Belgian Colt was born. He was born healthy and destined to be with his mom until it is time to be weaned. He is three months old today. Apple Jack aka AJ is here today thanks to many many individuals. MHR thanks all of you from the bottom of their hearts for the Honor and Privilege of caring for his beautiful mother Apple and of course his royal hiney himself.....AJ

What a grand day it was!!!!



Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday morning

Good Monday Morning Everyone,

Well, we are still working on various projects, bouncing back and forth to get them all complete. But we see light at the end of the tunnel and it's not, or a least I hope it's not, a freight train headed towards us.

The weather is cooling and you really can see the horses are becoming much more active, yesterday morning especially. This last spring we had a clutch of chicks hatched and of course they have grown and are always running around..busy..busy. After the football field was fed (and so was everyone else) I was going around checking and filling the water barrels. As I was standing by Dumplin's stall I noticed quite a bit of activity in the field. A couple of the horses were scurrying around and then walking back to their food. Seems they had found something that captured their interest or were being annoyed. I wandered over and saw what it was....seems a couple of the little hens and one brave rooster were attempting to scratch around in the horses hay...well...that was not going to happen.

Rosie, Trooper, Whiskey and Grace were not going to have anything to do with this. Remember the childhood game "Hot Potato"? Well, every time one of the chickens would get into some hay (brave little souls) a big soft velvety nose would bump it, lifting it in the air and tossing it a bit, this was going on between the four of these horses, and the little chickens were not giving up. It was quite comical to watch, but knowing how things can go bad, I figured I had better feed our little winged friends to ensure their safety. I went to their grain barrel and began calling them and from all corners of the property a flurry of feathers and tiny little dust clouds came rushing to me for their breakfast. I think the first time the FOBs witnessed this they laughed so hard, I like to think I have trained our MHR chickens, but they are so food motivated that it does not make any difference who calls to them, they will come a runnin'.

All the horses are doing well. Hope will be leaving on October the 19th to her "Forever Home" with Lisa. I did tell her via email that this was going to be a hard goodbye, but what I did not tell her was I was crying as I responded and as I write this to all of you the screen is a bit blurry. Our mission is to find "Forever Homes" and Hope is getting one of the very best out there, it is just when you have rescued her mother, lost her grandmother, and then watched this beautiful little one enter the world and realize that she would not be here for it not for all of you, it makes it tough. Rob told me last night after I walked away from the computer, as he knows the emotional attachments I get with our horses, he said "This is what we strive for, to find the best homes. You have accomplished your goal, now it's time to let go, not to say goodbye. Hope is moving on to the next phase of her life, to live and learn and to give pleasure to others." Though it makes sense, it does not mean I relish the day she leaves MHR. She will always and I do mean always be a part of my heart and the heart of many others around the world. Look at what all of you have done for this beautiful little/big filly.. Again many many Thanks to Lisa for opening her heart and her gate for Hope.

Well, with all that said, I have many many chores to accomplish today and as John Wayne said in his movie "The Cowboys" were "We're Burning Daylight" I will get going. I hope everyone has a splendid Monday and be safe and take care of yourselves. I hope maybe I can get in some fun puter time with all of you this evening.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday morning

Good Saturday Morning to All!

We are still working on projects but they are winding down. We spent a wonderful evening with my parents, Joe, Theresa, Mikey and Amelia (grandchildren). We had a late evening dinner as my parents took us all out since one of the projects was theirs. It was nice to see the smile on their faces once it was completed. It is so nice to help those that have been there for us during our lives and have given so much of themselves.

Speaking of giving and feeling good, last night as we prepared to feed the horses several things occurred that I would love to share with you. As I walked out, the dust began swirling about, as I walked towards Baby B and Spirits area. First let me say, Baby B was out in their play area and Mr. Spirit was in his stall as they alternate, one will get all day out and one gets all night out. Anyway, as I began walking towards their area with their food, Baby B began running around squealing and kicking her heels up, a couple of really good crow hops, she continued this until I got closer, would run into her stall and then back out making the lap around the play area, meanwhile Spirit was in his stall standing in place and bucking, and making those tiny squealing noises as well. It was quite a sight to watch, dust and all. I looked at Baby B and told her to go to her room, and of course she did. My telling her to go to her room can be verified by the FOBs that were here Labor Day as they witnessed it first hand. She went in and I gave her the food she so wanted. I walked to Spirit's stall, gave him his food and he grabbed up a hay cube as I opened his gate, as I stepped back he came running out, did a lap kicking up his heels all the while chewing on hay cube, never to be out done by his cousin Baby B.

The other thing that really made my heart sing was I was able to stand and pet Jerri's nose with three consecutive strokes and she did not back away. She is beginning to trust and I feel this is quite an accomplishment since her arrival in January as a wild child. Boy, when these horses give they give back in a huge way, and it is when you least expect it. Big happy smile!!!!

Buttercup is beginning to display her fall and winter attitude, "The Ear Pinning." All summer long she really did not display this, but we noticed with weather changing she is feeling very spunky, she is all Bluff though. What a silly girl she is.

Whiskey yesterday decided he was going to challenge Levi. It started out by giving him the stink eye and slowly moving into Levi's area. However, Levi stepped up and you actually saw a light bulb go off in Whiskey's mind as if to say "What was I thinking?" So instead of chasing Levi, Whiskey decided it was safer to chase "John Wayne" the rooster who had sauntered into the outter perimeter of the football field.

Fred will be leaving the 25th of this month, and I need to get his measurements so that his new mommy can get him a blanket and a rain slicker. So many little things that we must get accomplished today and this is one of many.

Everyone else is doing well. I would like to thank you all once again for giving to the horses at MHR. They are what it is all about and being able to share their antics with you is because of YOU. All of you have made a difference in their lives and it is appreciated.

I do wish all a wonderful weekend, and for those with ailing family members and ailing furbabies we hope for a speedy recovery and know that we do keep you in our thoughts even though we may not say it all the time. Renew friendships and love as life is too short to harbor ill feelings. Smile at a stranger and hopefully they will pass it on.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Urgent rescue effort underway in Nevada

Moapa Valley Paints

A rancher in Moapa Valley, Nevada breeds papered paints. He claims he is going out of business because of hay prices and water issues, but others say this sale is a yearly event. Whatever the true story is, there is a group of 20 brood mares about 10-12 yrs old, a 2 yr old filly, 7 colts and 15 foals on the way who will be sent to slaughter unless buyers are found.

As much as Miracle Horse Rescue would like to aid in this rescue effort, not only do we not have the additional room, we do not have the guarantee that we will have the financial ability to purchase food for more horses. The rancher is asking $400 each. They will need shoes, vaccinations and training.

If you have the room and financial resources to help these horses, or if you know of someone who can help, please call 702-375-4462.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wednesday morning

Hay Everyone,

Sorry for not being around for the last few days. We have been working on projects and there has been some family birthdays etc., so it has not allowed for a lot of computer time.

The horses are doing great! CB is doing wonderful next to Half Moon. It never ceases to amaze me when there has been a change with anyone of the horses and their stalls. CB is quiet and lady like and Half Moon rough and tumble (one of his many personalities) and now with her next to him he has actually taken on a quiet and demure attitude..LOL. When his buddy Cloud was next to him they were so much fun to watch as they behaved like a couple of little boys, and then there was always the stink eye they gave each other. It has been a good blend though.

AJ and Hope are doing great, just as Baby B and Spirit are, wonderful to see these young lives so full of energy. Too bad we could not bottle this energy.

Misty is superb as well as Rosie, they look wonderful and of course behave wonderfully. Hard to believe that Misty is going to be 28 this coming year, she just looks fantastic and has the spirit of a ten year old. Rosie loves her Trooper and is quite content hanging with him. Muffin and Acey will both be 41 this coming year and they both are doing very well. Like us humans they have their good days and their bad days, but for 98 percent of the time they are full of spunk. Buttercup is doing very well, she has NEVER had a breathing issue since she arrived from PA over a year ago, and her weight is completely up. She and Emmett are doing very well together and isn't that what it is all about the safety and comfort of the horses? Brassy is doing okay since the loss of Wally Tamale. I had some concerns at first due to the fact that she did go into a funk for a couple of days after we lost him, but she has since bounced back and is back to her normal, crabby self. Honey is doing very very well. She is coming along beautifully and is really giving us a great insight as to her personality now. She is very very loving and thoroughly enjoys a soft brush against her body, except when she is eating, I saw her put up her do not disturb sign the other day letting us know when I am eating do not mess with me. However she is not the boss of me so I will go in and brush her while eating and she has began to tolerate that.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their participation in our Hay Fund Drives, Sponsorships and the Doc Wilbur Medicine Cabinet. Your participation in any one of these areas makes a huge difference in the lives of the horses. THANK YOU ALL!!!

Speaking of Sponsoring a Horse, it does not require a person to send a lot of funds, even $5.00 a month towards a particular horse adds up. Also, horses can have multiple sponsors, as well as the horses that are up for adoption as they have needs as well. Until a horse is adopted and has gone to its' "FOREVER HOME" it has needs as well and every little bit helps. Lots of little bits together add up and help so much in our efforts to care for these beautiful animals.

We have been and still are having technical issues with Justin TV, but I know that they are working diligently to rectify any and all problems. Technology is wonderful but it can be frustrating as well, so we once again thank you for your patience. No need for all of you to get gray hair, I get enough for all of us.

I do hope that everyone has a blessed and wonderful day and remaining work week for most. Enjoy your family and friends...give a stranger a smile and make them feel good. Try and take any negative thoughts and turn them into positive thoughts, be Proactive instead of Reactive and you will be amazed at what can be accomplished.


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday afternoon


Congratulations to TROOPER as he now his very own sponsor Mom!

SUSAN E!!! This is wonderful for Trooper as he has a wonderful new mom



Saturday morning

Good morning,

As most of you know, we lost Wally and Leaguer last weekend.

OTTB's Leaguer and CB were both sponsored by Sheriff Susan and Susan is going to continue her love for CB.

The big news is for OTTB HONEY!

Candae, aka Songcyclist, sponsored OTTB Wally Tamale. We know the loss was very difficult for her as it was for everyone else.

Candae has decided to sponsor


Congratulations to Candae but a huge Congrats to Honey!


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tuesday morning

Good Morning,

Diane and Shannon are still here with us.

The house is very quiet. dogs are even subdued. It has been a very emotional weekend, but I trust to say one that will not be forgotten anytime soon. Though plans had to be changed or cancelled, everyone understood. A lifetime bond was created by the humans that were in attendance.

Life is precious and can be over in a whisper. I know that I have said this many times, but cherish each day with your loved ones, friends, and furbabies. I do feel drained, but it is not because of the activities with my extended family, but due to the loss of two very precious lives that came through our gates two years ago. I was their caretaker day and night, loving them as I love all the horses here, and the only thing I could do for them in the end was let them go peacefully. I felt helpless just as everyone else did, wanting to fix what was wrong, but we could not.

I am thankful to everyone that has been so supportive, to everyone that was here, you were a comfort to me and made a huge difference in the transition that transpired.

Thank you to everyone that sent emails and telephoned, it was truly a comfort for everyone here.