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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 35

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 35, Ahhh Horse Lips

Steph and Rob are settled in, Steph on the couch, Rob in his chair, the dogs are all asleep, Steph looks over to Rob, "What do you want to watch, don't think much is on?", Rob looks over, "I don't think it matters we both had a long day, I think we will both be asleep in no time." Steph nods, and turns on 'Ice Road Truckers in Florida.' within a couple of minutes both are starting to nod off. Then a knock at the door wakes both of them up. Rob turns to Steph, "Your turn." Steph says, "Heck no, I did the last 10 or 15 knocks, you answer it." Rob gets up, "I don't know why you want me to answer it, they always want to talk to you." Steph looks at him, "Just do it." Rob walks slowly to the door as to not wake any of the guard dogs. Slowly opens the door, its 'B'. Rob asks "What do you need so late at night?" 'B' looks down at her hooves, and looks back up, "They are wonderful, thank you." she then proceeds to give Rob a horse kiss, licking him from chin to forehead. She turns and goes back to the Ladies Parlour. Rob yells out, "Ahhh Horse Lips." half the dogs wake up and run outside, Rob turns back to Steph, "She kissed me, I need to wash my face." Steph looks over, "Who horse kissed you?" Rob rubs the horse kiss off his face, "It was 'B' she said her hoofs were great then proceeded to Horse Kissed me." Steph sits up, "Oh, how horrid, being kissed by a horse." Rob walks past her on the way to the bathroom to wash his face, "Well I told you it was a bad idea to paint her hoofsies."

Rob gets back from washing his face, from the Horse Kiss, "Ya know Steph I thought it would be a good idea. Didn't think she would like it that much." He settles into his chair, "But I hope, I really mean hope that it will pay off with better behavior from her and the other horses." Steph nods, "I asked 'B' about this show horse she met, she said her name was Flower, and that Flower knows General, she might be the bookie." Rob nods, I wonder what kind of show horse she is, I haven't seen any horse's in the area named Flower, let alone a mare with her hoofs painted." Steph looks over, "I guess you need to ask 'B' next time you talk to her." Rob shakes his head, "NO, she will try and kiss me again, one horse kiss from her is enough."

"Well so we can both get some sleep tonight, I will make a final round tonight, to make sure everyone is happy." Rob nods, and curls up in his chair. Steph gets her robe, and heads out as most of the dogs are headed back in. On the way out she grabs a small bag of carrots, and heads off. Steph makes her rounds pretty quickly, talks to a couple of horses, spent some time watching Jonah and Spirit play bite my nose, but all seems quite and everyone appears to be happy. But she stops by the edge of the patio, she takes the now empty carrot bag and puts it in her pocket and waits.

There is a knock on the door, Rob hears it, looks over to the couch, Steph is out with the horses, "Who the heck, this is ridiculous." Rob gets up, walks to the door, "This better be a dog, if it’s a horse I will really be ..." he opens the door, its Justice, "What the heck do you want?" Justice proceeds to give Rob the wettest horse kiss possible, again chin to forehead, Justice giggles and runs off, "AHH HORSE KISS. Dang I hate that." Rob turns and closes the door, turns again opens the door, "Justice the next time I see you, I am going to pinch your lip so hard." Rob turns back into the house 'now I need a shower, dang horses, this monkey see monkey do stuff is driving me nuts. Rob walks to the back of the house, wipes the horse slobber off his face, 'dang it smells like carrots.'

To Be Continued.

Author Samm