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Monday, April 25, 2011

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 40

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 40, The goods

Steph looks away from the TV, "Rob I am going to go out and give Justice the things he asked for." Rob nods, "Did you resolve the colored egg issue yet?" She shakes her head, "Nope, but when ever they plan to do this, we will have to keep the dogs inside, a colored rock or egg are they same to them." Steph gets up and grabs the two Wal-Mart bags off the table, and she heads out. 'I am sure glad that it was warmed up a bit.' She turns and heads back to the round pens, she checks on Annie as she walks by, all is well, just past Annie's Pen she see Spirit standing out in the open, she walks over pats him on the rump, "What are you doing?" "Waiting for Apples." he replies, not taking his gaze off of the two foot tall apple tree. Steph turns pats him on the rump again, "Keep up the good work." She walks back to the round pen with Justice and Casper, seems now that they have finished dinner they are playing bite my nose, which they have been doing for nearly a week. Steph gets to the rail, both of them turn and charge the railing and come to a dusty halt just short of the railing, Justice asked, "Did you get the things on the list?" Steph hands the bags to Justice through the railing, "I got several bags of carrots, and some jelly beans, and some food dye." Justice sets the bags down, "Thank you." Steph nods, "How many rocks have you collected?" Justice lowers his head, "ahh, ahh, only three so far, not good." Steph nods, "well I had an idea, we could color some eggs, instead of rocks." Justice looks up "ahh whats an egg?" Steph looks back to the chicken coop, "You have seen them, chickens make them, remember when I would bring out the things that looked like rocks out of the coop?" Justice looks towards the coop. "Ahh, Ahh, nope." Steph looks back at Justice, "Well I will make some examples to show you." Justice nods. Casper pokes Justice, "Ask her about the treats." Justice looks in the Wal-Mart bags "Ahh no treats."

Steph nods "Well the members of Team MHR are collecting the treats right now, and they are helping buy hay." Justice nods, he turns to Casper, "See I told ya, she would get the treats." Casper nods. Steph looks back to Justice "How are you guys making the baskets?" Justice looks up, "Not really sure. But from what I understand is its, ahh, well, Let me show you." He reaches down and picks up one of the Wal-Mart bags and dumps the contents on the ground, he carfully places the bag on the ground and opens it up and very neat rolls the edges back, "kind of like that, then we place the carrots, and jelly beans, and and the treats around the Lady's Parlour, and groups of horses go in and find the the Signs of Spring and brings them back to their baskets." Steph smiles, "Hmm, why do you need to have colored rocks?" Justice shakes his head, "ahh, so the horses can find the treats, I think." Steph nods, "well that makes sense. Ok you guys take care these things, and I will look into the colored eggs and the Team will work on getting the treats ready." Both Casper and Justice nod. Steph turns and walks back to the house.

As she passes, Spirit, "Spirit, it well take two years for the apples to grow." Spirit looks over his shoulder, "Thats ok, I have nothing to do tonight." Steph nods, "Well be back in your pen in the morning." Spirit nods, "I will." Steph contines back to the house. Steph wonders to herself 'I wonder how long horse's have been doing this? Well if you think about it they didn't have plastic bags in the olden days to use as baskets. Well I guess they could have used grass and twigs. ahhh, the the wonders of horsekind.' As she enters the house Rob looks up, "Welcome back, Dublin came by while you were gone." Steph says "What did he want?" Rob shakes his head, "Not really sure, he want to get 10 spoons." Steph plops down on the couch, "Spoons?" Rob says, "Yep, something about an old Mustang tradition, came over with the Spanish or something like that."

To Be Continued

Author Samm