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Monday, April 25, 2011

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 41

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 41, Oh, My, I need four dozen eggs

Rob says, "I am about ready to leave do you need anything?" Steph thinks a bit, "No, I am just going to dye some eggs for the Grandkids." Rob nods, "Remember you promised to dye some eggs for the horses." Steph turns, "Oh, My, I need four dozen eggs." Rob smiles, he just loves to throw a monkey wrench into the works. "Well I need to go to work see you late this afternoon." Steph says "Rob?" Rob turns to the door, "Have to get going, talk to you later." and leaves the house. Steph turns to the seven or eight eggs on the counter, "Well these are for the Grandkids. Guess a trip to the store is needed."

Well with the first batch of eggs boiled, dried and colored, one task down, Steph grabs her purse, phone, and car keys and heads off to the store. 'Why did a promise to do eggs for the horses, they have been doing their own for years, lifetimes, ahhh forever, well not really eggs, but rocks, but its the same thing, I got them jelly beans and carrots, and the team has gotten them treats, and heck the dogs have collected Wal-Mart bags for them so they can have easter baskets. I think I am doing to much for them, they can dye the eggs themselves. Yeap that will work. Ahhh, no that won't work, they will end up with red, and blue and purple lips.' Having missed the turn into the store, Steph turns around, "Ok, I need to concentrate." Gathering her wits about her she heads into the store, a dozen or so minutes later she is done, and carries out five bags and two medium Easter Baskets for the Grandkids.

As Steph gets into the house she puts the bags on the table and sets the two Easter Baskets to the side, she pulls out some of that fake plastic grass for the baskets, oh, some candy eggs, and a couple of chocolate eggs for each basket, and the cutest little bunny ears two of them, and lets see a head of lettuce, two boxes of Special K, one box of those elbow macaroni pasta things, and ... "Well poop, forgot the eggs"

Its nearly five by the time Rob gets back home, he comes in the house, hangs his jacket up, "Hey Steph you home?" Steph yells from the kitchen, "Yeah, I am in here." Rob walks into the kitchen, "So what is for dinner?" Steph turns, "Dinner, I am still working on colored eggs." Rob looks around, some eggs are in a pot of water, several bowls of different colors are sitting round the kitchen, and several piles of colored eggs are sitting around. Rob says, "Seems like this has turned in to a pretty big project." Steph continues dipping eggs "Well I had a couple of set backs." Rob very quietly turns and head back to clean up, knowing that if says anymore it will turn in to tears and a really long story.

Around 9 pm or so, Steph heads out of the house with four cartons of eggs, she stops, "Bruno, were you able to get all the plastic, ahh Baskets for the horses?" Bruno looks up "Yes did, they have them, they said they will deliver our treats later tonight." Steph smiles "Good." 'seems like he did better then I did' Steph leaves the house and heads back toward the round pens, she checks on Annie, Annie glances up as Steph passes by, as she gets closer to the right Round Pen, both Justice and Casper look at her, Justice rears up a bit, and heads for the railing, "Did you get them, Did you get them?" Steph feeling a bit better then she did during the middle of the afternoon, "Them what?"

Justice looks up, "Ahh, them eggs." Steph nods, "Yes I did, here look." Steph opens up one of the cartons revealing a dozen eggs all in different colors. Solid colors, some mixed, and even some some with sparkles. Justice looks and his lower lip drops down, Casper looks over Justice's shoulder, "They are wonderful, more colorful then the rocks we found." Justice nods, "I have never seen anything like them, not even in picture books." Steph smiles, "I am glad you like them, they are very fragile, you will have to be careful then placing them, not like rocks. But I made a few extra." Justice runs back to the other side of the pen digs around a bit, and picks up something and runs back, "Here put them in here." He hands two Wal-Mart bags to Steph, She puts two dozen eggs in each bag and hands the bags back to Justice. Justice very carefully carries the bags back to their hiding spot and returns, "Thank you, you have been very kind in help us out, we have everything we need now." Steph smiles and rubs Justice's nose, and turns back to the house. As she leaves Casper nudges Justice and very quietly says "What about the Bunny Ears?" Justice looks at Casper, then back to Steph, and yells out "What about the Bunny Ears?" Every horse within ear shot looks at Justice, "Ahh, still need the Bunny Ears." Steph turns back for a moment, "I will get them tomorrow."

'What am I going to do for Bunny Ears for a horse, not even Wal-Mart has bunny ears big enought for a horse. Dang, I guess I will have to be creative.'

To Be Continued

Author Samm