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Monday, April 25, 2011

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 43

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 43, Jelly Beans and Eggs

Steph wakes up, looks about, Rob appears to be awake away ahead of her, she smells coffee, Steph gets up, and heads to the front of the house. Rob is standing by the door, looking out, "Steph, there are Jelly beans and Eggs all over the place." Steph walks up and looks over Rob's shoulder, "I guess the horses did their thing last night." Rob nods, "I guess the dogs will have plenty of treats today. Steph says, "Let me do a walk around." Steph heads out side, and looks around, she see's a row of Jelly Beans leading from the Lady's Parlour, down south past Annies pen. "Hmmm, seems like I should check out the Lady's Parlour." As she gets closer, the pen is a mess, holes everywhere, broken colored eggs, Jelly Beans, and a few Wal-Mart bags in taters. "Hey Dublin, whats been going on?" Dublin looks up from his personal Wal-Mart bag, or should I say basket, "Ahhh, tis easter, the day the horses celibrate Spring and other things." Steph nods, "But why some many holes around the pen?" Dublin looks around, "Ahh, this year we decided to bury some of the treats and Jelly Beans, and it seems some of the easter baskets had holes in them, so we have jelly beans everywhere." Steph looks around, "yep, you have a mess here. You need to clean up the remains, we have people comming over for dinner today, don't need Jelly Beans everywhere." Dublin nods, "I think most of the Jelly Beans will be gone before Breakfast hay is done. Don't know about the colored eggs, we don't like to eat them, they are pretty but not better then Jelly beans or hay."

Steph nods, and turns back to the house, but she stops, and turns back to Dublin, "Did all the horses get treats?" Dublin nods, "Well Everyone except Sampson, and Ruby, they only wanted the carrots. But they did have a good time searching." Steph nods again to Dublin, "Thanks Dublin, you did a great job." Dublin smiles and reaches out for a few of his Jelly Beans laying on the ground.

Steph walks past the Football Field, and the back row, then past the Round Pens, and for some reason even at this early hour, Casper and Justice are running about, part chase and part stop and fight. "What are you to guys doing this early in the morning?" Both Casper and Justice come to stop and look at Steph, and at the same time, say, "He's got all the Jelly Beans, He's got all the colored rocks." Steph raises her hand, "Wait, Wait, you guys are supposed to share." They both approach the railing, "SHARE!", Steph says, "Yes, share. You both know what that means." Casper and Justice look directly at Steph, "Ahh, No." Steph shakes her head, "Ok, you guys continue to run about, while the others are enjoying their treats.", Both Casper and Justice reply, "Hey wait we want treats." Steph replies, "Well stop fighting over what you got, its not like hay at dinner time, these are special treats, that each of you found during the hunt." Casper looks at Justice, "Yeah know that makes sense." Justice nods, "You are right, I had two black Jelly Beans and the really purple eggs." Casper nods, "I had two yellow Jelly beans, and and that stripped egg over there."

Steph turns to walk back to the house, stops again, and again turns back to the two horses, as they push different treats back and forth to each other. "Justice how did the Bunny Ears work out?", Justice stops and runs to the other side of the pen, picks up something and returns. "They were great, they fit perfect, but they were a bit more pink then I normally would like, but everyone thought they were great." Steph takes the ears from Justice and says, "Rob will want his socks back, it was a big worry for him, he may not notice the color." Steph takes the socks and removes them from the modified coat hanger and puts them in the pocket of her robe.

As she gets back to the house, Bruno and Truffles are standing on the patio, Bruno looks at Steph, "There are Jelly Beans and Eggs all over." Steph looks at them both, "Well it seems that some of the Wal-Mart, Ahh, Baskets may have had a few holes in them." Bruno looks at Truffles, "See I told you to be careful, now we got Jelly Beans and Eggs are over the place." Steph looks at them both, "You tried your best and the horses are happy so everything is fine." Bruno looks up, "Can we have the Jelly Beans." Steph look around, "Yes we need to clean up the place." As soon as she finished, Moo runs out the doggy door, "Jelly Beans" and starts to find all she can.

Steph enters the house, Rob hands her a cup of coffee, "How are the horses?" Steph takes a sip of the coffee, "They are great, appears they had a fine time last night." Rob Smiles, and settles in to his chair to watch the morning news. Steph sits down on the couch, 'I wonder how you get pink out of a pair of tube socks?' "Oh, Happy Easter." Rob looks over, "You too."

To Be Continued

Author Samm