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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Everything is well here. In this post I am going to go off topic and away from the horses.

I do not like to say Good Bye because that sounds so final, I like the words See you Later,See ya, Bye, or just Later.

Yesterday, we got a call from my daughter letting us know that at 9pm eastern time that she would be heading to Bahrain and then out to her ship on the 11th. My heart sank, as I know now she was leaving. For those that follow her on FB (which I do not, lucky I am able to write this as of late) knew that she has been in a holding pattern for her deployment date (as they were sending boys first, which by the way she found to be Sheesh. We spoke of the things going on in our lives here, her grandfather, grandmother etc., then she told me that Mina was having a hard time with this and even little Zachary told her "He would be good on the airplane" if he could go with her. This made my heartache not only for my grandson, but for her as well. I could tell the tears she was crying were so real, the pain she was feeling was very real and being her mom there was nothing I could do to ease that pain. We spoke for a bit longer, with us telling each other that We Loved One Another, be safe and God Speed.

Of course after my conversation with her I sat thinking of how many others have endured this heartache and the pain of leaving loved ones behind, not knowing if they would see one another again.

It is amazing how we take for granted the simplest of things, and we really should not. How some have the tendency to want to hurt others which is not necessary as you never know if you will have regrets for your actions and never be able to go back and rectify them.

I refused to say Good bye to my daughter, but I did say See Ya Later, told her to be safe and that I would carry her in my heart, as I carried her under my heart before she was born. I could see her smiling face then.

Bless all of you for what you do in your make a difference and hopefully you will not have regrets.

See Ya Later