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Monday, April 25, 2011

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 39

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 39, Oh, No, not another list

Steph and Rob sitting in front of the TV, the normal discussion of what to watch is on-going, but before a final canidate can be picked, a knock on the door. Rob turns to Steph "Well the calm before the storm didn't last very long." Steph gets up and heads to the door, steps over a couple of dogs, says to herself 'Yeah watch dogs.' then opens the door. Justice and Casper are standing there, Justice with what appears to be a clip board, and Casper paying close attention to whats going on, since its his first time bothering Steph and Rob late at night.

Justice starts off, "haomr wored diddger..." and stops, Steph reached out and takes the clip board out of his mouth. Justice continues. "I have a list." Steph nods, and looks at the clip board and the single peice of paper it holds, "Justice I can 't read this and I am pretty sure that even Sampson couldn't read this." Justice nods, "I am still working on the writing part of taking notes." Steph looks at Justice, "Do you remember what is on the list?" Justice replies, "Oh, yes and I brought Casper along to help if I forgets." Casper nods, and Justice continues "Dublin says we need carrots, and jelly beans, and other treats." Casper butts in, "Don't forget the food colors." Justice nods, "oh, yes, we need that to color the rocks for the Easter Egg Hunt. Oh, and Dublin says no Rit Dye, he says that a couple of years ago, several horses ended up with purple lips most of the spring."

Steph smiles, finally finding out what caused the problem a couple of years ago. "Why are you bringing me this list?" Justice looks toward the Lady's Parlour "Ahhh, cause I was told to. Dublin, says that since we can't go to Wal-Mart by ourselves any more then he says the Hay Lady, thats you, has to get the horse supplies." Steph nods and reachs out and pats both Justice and Casper on the nose. "Well I would rather do it, its is safer for you horses, then riding around with Fred in the Bus from the Retirement home." Justice nods, "I really enjoyed those trips, it was fun." Casper butts in, "I have never been on the bus, I need to do that, it sounds better then a trip in the horse trailer." Steph smiles, "It might be but you will have to wait I think for a better time." steph thinks abit hopeing that Justice or even Casper might know the full details of the plan. "So Justice what is the over all plan?" Justice thinks a bit, "I am not really sure, I was to young last year to know what was going on, but it may be what Dublin is calling an Easter Egg Hunt, not sure what they are hunting, but I know that who ever finds the most Easter Eggs get a bunch of treats, and the horse carrots." Rob listening from the comfort of his chair, "They better not be digging holes in the Lady's Parlour, I just graded that, and last year it took two weeks to fill in the holes they made." Justice nods, "Well I don't know about that, I just have my list." Steph looks down at the scribling on the paper, "Right, when do you need these things by?" Justice looks around as if not sure of the answer, "Ahhh, Dublin says by three maybe four days, so they have time to make the baskets."

Steph nods, "I will do my best, been a bit sickly lately, I will do what I can." Justice nods, "Well check the poop and take some bannanaers, from that I understand." Justice and Casper turn to leave, the Casper turns and whispers something to Justice. Justice turns back around, "Oh, I almost forgot, I need some bunny ears, Dublin says they are very important."

Steph nods, and turns to go back in the house, over her shoulder, "Any thing else?" Justice shakes his head, "Nope that is about it." Casper pokes Justice "Ask about the Satelite TV." Justice thinks it bit, "Oh yes, since it seems the cable TV is out, what about Satelite TV?" Steph think for a very short time, "I don't think that will happen." Both Justice and Casper kick the ground, and turn to return to their pen.

Steph closes the door, and heads back to the couch and her blanky, Rob says, "Sounds like they are planning another Easter Egg Hunt." Steph settles in, "Yes it sure does, but I think we need to come up with something better then colored rocks for their baskets." Rob replies, "Remember, that horses adapt their old tales and history to the modern times, I am sure for years they found brightly colored rocks for the celebrations of the spring." Steph nods, "How about we color them some eggs this year instead of them coloring rocks." Rob looks up, "Heck no, A couple of years ago my fingers were purple for weeks." Steph smiles, "Ok, this time we will use food coloring."

To Be Continued

Author Samm