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Monday, April 25, 2011

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 42

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 42, Steph have you seen my socks

Steph rubs her back a bit, it still hurts, but the work on the condo for the new peeps is done and she is glad about that. Nothing exciting on the TV, she turns to Rob, he is sound asleep in his chair, she looks around all the dogs are asleep, 'Well we got a really fun group tonight.' she gets up and heads for the door, the weather has warmed up enough as to not need a jacket or even a robe. She walks towards the Lady's Parlour, she looks up, 'Ahh the moon is nearly full, its beautiful.' She gets to the Lady's Parlour, all appears quiet, Jonah and Spirit walk over to the railing, Steph asks "How are you to tonight?" Jonah is first to answer, "We are all fine." Spirit nods, but continues, "Except 'B'" Steph looks around 'B' is standing at the far side of the pen, "What is wrong with 'B'?" Spirit continues, "She is all excited, I think she has hives." Steph look back at 'B' then back to Spirit "Hives?" Spirit nods "Yes, Bee Hives." Steph asks "What are you talking about, I have never known 'B' to get excited about anything." Both Jonah and Spirit give her a look 'Where have you been.' Spirit tries to explain, "Well me try and explain it. Fred, you know Fred right? Well she said that when a horse gets excited its like having a Bee, ahhh, " He looks to Jonah, "What did she say?" Jonah thinks a bit, "A Bee in her bonnet." Spirit nods, "Right a Bee in her bonnet, so we figure she has Bee hives." Steph nods as if she understands what is going on, she doesn't but she nods anyways. "So what is she so excited about?" Spirit says "Fourth Moon of the year, Start of sping." Steph looks up, "You mean the full moon?" spirit nods, and looks up, "Yes, 'B' is excited about the hunt for eggs, and treats and all the activities." Steph replies, "Ahh, yes, well enjoy your activities." she turns and walks to the Football Field, well all is quiet here, in fact, everyone is sound asleep, some standing, some on the ground. 'That is the way I like to see it.' She continues to the back row, all it quiet, she continues to the Round Pens, all appear quiet. As she passes, Casper and Justice, they are both standing quietly. Steph smiles and continues back to the house.

As she nears the house she hears a whistle, she stops and turns around, 'Wonder where did that came from?' she hears it again, it sounded close, she walks back toward the Round Pens, she stops, she looks around none of the horses/mules are moving. 'Well it most be coming from down south some place,' She hears it again, this time she looks toward Casper and Justice, and Justice the motioning with his head. She walks over to the pen. Casper and Justice walk over to the railing, Steph asks "Was you guys whistling?" Justice looks at her, "What do you mean?" Steph replies, "Whistling, a sound you make." Justice nods, "We are horses, Whinny, Neigh, Nicker, and blow, no whistle." steph reaches up and scratches her head, ok." She turns and starts back to the house. Justice says, "But since you are here, I still need some bunny ears for tomorrow night." Steph stops, "I am sorry, I forgot, I will make them in the morning." Justice asks "Do you want me to make a you a list?" Steph shakes her head, "I will make a note when I get back to the house." Justice nods, "Thanks."

Steph continues back to the house. Justice looks at Casper, "That whistle thing is pretty neat, where did you learn that?" Casper smiles "At my last home, the people used to call the dogs by whistling, so I learn how to do it, just to mess with the dogs." Both of them smile, Justice says, "You need to teach me how to do that."

As Steph gets back inside she looks around, appears Rob has gone to bed, and the dogs haven't moved. 'I need to make myself a note." She picks up the pad of sticky notes and writes 'bunny ears', and sticks it to her coffee cup, turns the lights off, and heads back to the bedroom, 'Bunny Ears, Bunny Ears... hmmmm' She looks around 'ahh, those might do, ahh, good and maybe a coat hanger.' She picks up a couple of things off the floor, and reaches into the closet and grabs a hanger, she walks back into kitchen, and opens a drawer and puts the items inside. 'I think these will work fine.' She smiles and heads back to bed.

Rob is up first, he does his morning routine, "Steph, Steph, have you seen my socks? I left them right here." Steph rolls over "What are you talking about?" Rob looks around, "My socks, My Favorite socks they are gone. I left them right here." Steph sits up, "Well the dogs may have gotten them." Rob shakes his head, "They were my favorite socks." Steph points to the dresser, "Well get another pair, you have plenty." Rob kicks the floor, and turns to get another pair of socks.

To Be Continued.

Author Samm