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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 37

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 37, Dawn

Both Rob and Steph drop on to the their favorite spots, Rob says, "you feeling any better?" Steph pulls her blanky up around her neck, "Yes I am, I think I am over the hump." Rob nods, "Good, I am feeling a bit better, the sleep today helped. Do you want to fall asleep here or go to bed?" Steph look over, "I think I will watch some TV, let’s see what’s on, hmmm ‘swamp loggers in Alaska’, nope, ‘best gas stations in America’, hmmm nope,’ How to keep miniature pigs in your house;," Rob butts in, "Nope how about the weather channel." Steph nods, they are going to fall asleep anyways, so it doesn't really matter. Just as both of them start to fall asleep, there is a knock at the door, Rob turns to Steph, "I got the last one, your turn." Steph pushes the blanky back and gets up and walks to the door. Steph wonders who this will be, seems the horses have spread around the wake up Rob and Steph as to not keep one horse in trouble all the time. Steph opens the door, its Justice, with a slip of paper in his mouth, Steph reaches out and takes the slip of paper out of Justice's mouth, she looks at it, it’s nothing but a few scratches on the paper, "Justice what is this?" Justice says, "Its a list, Dublin when he was talking to me, told me to make a list, so I wouldn't forget, but I can't write, so I did my best. Oh, I do remember what he told me." Steph looks at the paper, looks at Justice, so what did he tell you." Justice thinks for a bit, "Oh, Oh, I remember, he said, 'go get the hay lady, we have an emergency, we need a hair dryer, a curling iron, a comb, a brush, more hoof polish,' let me think, Oh, and a bandage, cause, Jonah, cut himself shaving." Steph grabs her robe, makes sure her bunny slippers are on the right feet, "Justice what in blazes are you talking about?" Justice backs up a bit, and turns to head toward the Lady's Parlour.

"Well it all started this morning, General pasted the word that 'all horses needed to be on their best behavior', cause three people moms were coming to visit this weekend. so I stopped making my map, and all the other horses cleaned up their pens with the help of Jason people. and and, Spirit and Jonah, and 'B' decided they needed baths so this evening while you were gone we gave them a bath at the wash wreak." Steph nods, as she follows Justice to the wash rack, "So what is the problem, the horses had a bath night just last week?" Justice stops and turns to Steph, "Well, 'B' complained she wasn't getting clean enough, so we asked Fred who had dropped by at ask Bruno, to see if he had any horse soap in the house. Bruno brought us a bottle of soap, and it worked pretty good, but it had one side affect." As Justice finished, he turns to allow Steph to look at Jonah, Spirit, and 'B' standing by the wash rack, Steph looks, "Oh my word, they are all fluffy, to say the least." Justice nods, "A bit to fluffy, they say." As Steph gets closer she can see that each of them look like really big chia pets, "What the heck did you guys do?" 'B' was the first to answer, "We We were doing fine, til, we finished and tried to shake the water off, we became all fuzzy, we can't be like this when the people moms show up tomorrow." Steph looks around, looks back at the horses, and back at the ground, she see a plastic bottle on the ground, walks over, and picks it up. "Is this what Bruno gave you?" Justice, look over, "Fred said that Bruno, said that you use it all the time." Steph look at the three fur balls, "Well yes, but I use it to wash dishes not horses, the only thing I can think of is you guys need to roll around in the dirt for a bit." hearing that Jonah and Spirit run back to the Ladies Parlour, Steph turns and starts back to the house. 'B' says, "Nope, Nope, not going to do it, I just got clean." Steph turns and walks back to 'B', "Young Mare, you need to be more horse, go roll in the dirt, and then brush the dirt, if any, out on the railing of the pen, if need ask one of your friends to get spots you can't get to." 'B' lowers her head, "No hair dryer?" Steph nods, "Right, no hair dryer." 'B' kicks at the ground, Steph says "You will look fine in the morning." 'B' turns slowly and returns to the Lady's Parlour. At which time, both Steph and Justice turn towards the house, as they are walking back, Steph looks at the plastic bottle she is carrying, "Hmmm, Dawn dish washing liquid. Justice how much of this stuff did you use?" Justice thinks a bit, "all most all of it, it makes nice bubbles." Steph looks and the nearly empty bottle, "Yes it does, but don't use things you get from Bruno, I am not sure if he understands their uses, or their affects." Justice nods, as they near the patio, Justice turns off to head back to his pen.

"Justice tell me about this map you were making?", Justice stops and turns around, "Well Dublin, and General asked me to make a map of where all the horses are." Steph looks at him, "Why?" Justice replies, "Oh, Oh, so when the cable TV people show up they know where to dig and place the cables." Steph didn't even think to reply, she just turned and entered the house, Rob wasn't in his chair, so he may have made it back to the bed before he fell asleep, Steph drops her robe from the couch, kicks off her bunny slippers and head back to the bedrooms. Rob is under the covers, Steph climbs under the covers and rolls over to face Rob, Rob opens his eyes, "So what was going on?" Steph smiles, "Fluffy horses." She turns over and falls asleep.

To Be Continued.

Author Samm