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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Whiskey and Trooper

This is Whiskey (forefront) he is sponsored by PatS, however he is not opposed to being shared and I am sure PatS would like that as well. He is her boy and she has been dedicated to him for several years now. Whiskey's story is really kind of sad. He is from Elko, NV and was born to a family which had him for 8 yrs. Elko is cold and receives a lot of snow during the winter months. As a four year old Whiskey was playing with their other horses when he stepped wrong and he broke his right rear fetlock. He was taken to Reno for surgery. As the years began to pass his owners noticed their cold winters were affecting him and was painful for him. They contacted us and we agreed to take him, he was just a bit over 8 yrs old at the time. Our weather has been a lot better for him here and he is a real charmer. Every year we receive something from his owners, just to let us know they have never forgotten him and they visit once per year to see him. They really do care about him. When I told them he had a special sponsor they were overwhelmed and shed tears of joy.

Whiskey is with us for his remaining days and is gladly accepting sponsor(s), but he does want you to know he has one but she will gladly share.

Then there is Trooper, next to Whiskey. His story is unique, he has been with us since 2003. Trooper was found at an auction in Spanish Fork, UT. The family outbid the KB by 50 cents. Trooper had a rough start since the day he was born. His legs were deformed at birth, they face east to west. The family wanted to give him a chance. They took him as a weanling and immediately set about scheduling him for leg surgery in hopes that his deformity could be fixed. Unfortunately, it did not work. While in his cast the family informed us the day he arrived to us and the reason for this was their neighbor. The neighbor felt that Trooper did not deserve to live as he would not be of any use. So the neighbor shot Trooper twice with a .22! His owners felt Trooper needed a safe haven and here he is with us. Charges were filed, but we never got the end result and hence the name TROOPER. He made it through it all. We do have photos they provided to us with the gunshot wounds and his cast.

Never tell Trooper his legs are deformed, he knows nothing else, and he runs and bucks like a wildman when he gets a bee in his bonnet. Many FOBs have met Trooper and are amazed at this horse's is wonderful.

SusanE is his sponsor but she is not opposed to sharing this wonderful guy with others and Trooper would love to have more sponsors. He has a lot of love to pass along! SusanE will gladly share her experiences with this little guy who captured her heart.

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Thank you for your support!

Stephanie and Rob