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Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 49

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 49, A Loud Ants

Justice is kicking the ground, Casper looks over, "Whats wrong?", Justice, shuffles around a bit, "I need to find some ants, special ones I think." Casper turns his head, "Well you aren't going to find any Ants now." Justice shakes his head, "What ya mean?" Casper looks at him, "Well Ants don't come out at night. And why do you need to find Ants anyways?"
Justice says, "Well remember when you took my fly mask off, and we were playing with it. Well someone said that I would have to use my 'A Loud Ants' to buy a replacement. So I have been working for a week to find some loud ants." Casper turns to look around the turn out, everyone else is a sleep, "Well, hmmm, I figures you have a problem then, but I don't think they meant, 'Ants' I think they meant something else." Justice looks around hopeing to get some support from the herd, but four sleeping horses, aren't much help, "Maybe I need to talk to Dublin." Casper nods, then shakes his head, "Well be prepared to get your ear or nose bitten, Dublin does not like dumb questions, from what I have heard." Justice nods, but determined to follow through with this he heads of to the Lady's Parlour. As he leaves the turnout and heads towards the house and the maternity ward, he looks over to Electra in her wrap, "Dang, she always gets the good stuff, cloth and duck tape, don't understand it." as he passes her he nods in her direction, she raises her head and nods back.

As he gets close to the Lady's Parlour, he is thinking what to say, what to ask, and planning a good retreat path in case Dublin is not to keen on the question. He approaches the rail, all the horses are quiet each in their own areas, "Psst, Dublin, Hey Dublin, Psst, Psst, Dublin." Dublin looks up, and over to Justice, he slowly walks over to the rail, "Justice this better be good, its late at night and you are making enough noise to wake a mule." Justice lowers his head, "Sorry, but I have a question that only you, a very wise and elder horse, leader of all the herds can answer, its very important." Dublin's ears move forward, his eyes fixed on Justice, "Never, Never say that, Jerri will come over and bite both of us." Justice looks at him, "Why would she do that?" Dublin looks at him, "She is the Leader of all the herds, and she will tell you that." Justice not sure what to say, "But you are the elder and strongest Stallion, ahh Gelding, in the herd." Dublin nods, "Yes, but with horses that means very little its the mare that run the herd, lead them around 'We just follow them around and keep other Stallions and Gelding from stealing mares from the herd." Justice nods, "Well I still have a question, and I figure you would know the answer."

Dublin says, "Ok, what is the question and be quick it will daylight soon." Justice looks down then back up, "Well Casper and I were playing last week, and he took my fly mask off, and we were playing with it and we were caught doing it." Dublin says, "Well you should know not to play with or try to take off someones fly mask, they are for are own good." Justice lowers his head, "I know, but we were having fun. Then someone said I would have to buy a new one with my 'A Loud Ants. And And I have been looking for a week for Loud Ants and I don't know how many I would need if I ever find any, I am really confused." Dublin shakes his head, "Justice you are always confused. I don't think they meant ants, I really think someone said that it, the mask, should come out of your 'Allowance'." Justice nods, having no idea that Dublin just said, "What is 'Allowance?" Dublin not having to think about it, since he has been asked many times about it, continues, "Well its your part of money, feed, grain, or other things that is aloted to you. You know like for doing things." Justice nods, again having no idea what Dublin is talking about. Dublin says, "I see you don't understand, as is the norm, let me explain in simple terms, you know that the aunties and uncles of MHR buy us hay, they are trying to buy 10 bales of hay a week for us, they are using their allowance to buy us hay. Its like when we get treats, its the Aunties and Uncles that buy those for us to have." Justice is starting to understand, "So they use their allowance to buy us hay," Dublin nods, Justice continues, "And I should use my allowance, which is hay and treats to pay for the mask." Dublin says, "Yes young one you are learning quickly (He heard that in a movie, he can't remember which one.)"

Justice nods, and turns to return to his turnout, "hmmm, if I fore go some hay or treats, god forbid, I could use my allowance to pay for the mask, hmmm, ahhh, well, ahhh, well I just think I will us my credit card, that would work." Justice smiles to himself, "I think I understand all this, just can't figure out where the 'Ants' come into play with this."

To Be Continued.

Author Samm.

(Remember that each of you can help the horses at MHR with their Weekly drive to get 10 bales of hay. Check the BLOG for more information on donations to MHR. The current goal is 10 bales of hay per week.)