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Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 50

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 50, I Lost My Shoes

Glory looks over at Justice, "What ya doing?" Justice looks up, "I am packing. The Hay Lady gave me a really big Wal-Mart bag to pack my stuff in. I am being dopted, so I have to pack up." Glory nods, "I am being adopted also." Justice nods, where is your Wal-Mart bag?" Glory looks over to the edge of the Round Pen, "Its over there." Justice looks over, "Its not very big." Glory says, "I have learned to travel light."

Glory walks over, "What is all this stuff?" Justice looks around in front of him, "They are some of my favorite things and a couple of keep sakes." Glory nods, "What are those wooden things?" Justice smiles, "They are my ski's, but I don't think they will fit in the bag, hmmmm, So I guess I need to give them away. I know I will give them to Spirit. Be back in a few." He carefully bends down and picks up the two pair of skis in his mouth, carrying them sideways, is easier he has learn." Justice walks over to the gate and pushes on it and it swings open, and the proceeds to leave the pen, come to a quick halt, as the ski's slam in to either side of the gate. "hmmm, that didn't work to well." He thinks a bit, turns his head to the side and slowly wedges the ski's through the gate, and trots off towards the Lady's Parlour, as he gets to the rail, he drops the ski's on the otherside, "Spirit you can have these." Spirit walks over, Spirit smiles, "Thanks, I guess." Justice walks back to the Round Pen.

Justice returns to his pile of things, "My Flashlight, yes, chips from the Pahrump Nugget Hotel and Casino, a hotel key, yes that is a keeper, a signed photo of a thoroughbred mare, oh yes a keeper for sure, several half eaten treats, sure, might need them on the trip." Glory still watching, asks "What are you going to do with all the tools?" Justice looks down at several screwdrivers, a pair of pliers, a rasp, and a four pound hammer. "hmmm, not sure they aren't really mine, they belong to the Rob People. I guess, I will leave them." Justice bends down and opens up another small Wal-Mart bag, "Lets see, ahhh, " He reaches in the bag and pulls out a small box and carefully places on the ground, and looks back in the bag, he pulls out a bowtie, and a pair of sun glasses, and he smiles. Reaches in the Wal-Mart bag again and pulls out his unused bus ticket to Lexington Massachusetts, "Ahh, an adventure missed." "Well that may be it," Justice looks around trying to think if he has forgotten anything. "OH My, My shoes, I lost my shoes." Justice bolts for the gate and starts running around he runs up front, then back by the Maternity Ward, the new Turn Out. Nothing, Justice lowers his head and walks back into the Round Pen, and over to his pile of keep sakes, he looks over to Glory "Ahh, I don't have any shoes, the Rob People said I wasn't going to get shoes till I stop growing." Glory nods, Justice says, maybe not to Glory but more to himself, "Dublin says that horses change herds alot and they meet new friends and people, and that everything will be fine, he says that the Hay Lady will visit and the Rob People will come and take care of my hoofs." Glory nods.

Justice looks down and slowly and carefully starts putting his things in the Large Wal-Mart bag. Glory watches him, "You have had a lot of adventures for only being a two year old." Justice nods, "I have mellowed out as I have gotten older." Glory smiles, as Justice finishes up his packing by placing the small box in the bag. Glory asks, "Whats in the box?"

Justice sets it down and very carefully removes the top of the box, and removes the tissue paper just inside, "Its a picture of my Mother, the Hay Lady told me all about her." Glory looks closely at the picture under the full moon, its a picture of Faith. Justice very carefully replaces the tissue paper and closes the box. Glory says, "I think its a good sign that our last night here has a full moon." Justice looks up into the sky, "Yes, a very good sign." Glory walks back of to her side of the Round Pen, just to check her Wal-Mart bag, and Justice looks around to see if anyone is watching, and picks up the rasp, a screwdriver and the hammer and places them in his bag.

Justice looks around and smiles, "A new adventure begins." he leans down and opens one last bag, he looks inside, a cell phone, an address book, two tickets to the Calgary Stampede, and lets see $115 people dollars, a Wal-Mart gift card, and an ATT prepaid phone card. "Yes, I think I am ready for new adventures."

To Be Continued

Author Samm

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