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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 48

Justice is snorting and grunting and pulling and pushing, it's still hard work. He turns and unlocks the gate, and continues to push, pull, drag, and whatever til he is well inside the turn out. Casper comes over, "What you doing?" Justice looks over, "I found this outside the pen, figured we could use it." Casper nods, looks around "What if she finds out about it. ya now she wants us to keep a pretty clean pen." Justice nods knowing from experience, "Yes I know but I figures that we can manage it." Baby B alert to the activity, and wanting to control everything that is going on, walks over, "What are you two doing and what is that?" Casper answers very quickly, "It's Justice's idea." She is a young mare, but you don't want to mess with the lead mare, Casper's job is only to keep the herd together not settle fights and stuff. Baby B, nods and looks at Justice, "So what are you doing?"

Justice looks up from his prize, "Well it's the middle of summer, the grass is brown, the grazing is hard, so I figured I would help out a bit." Baby B looks at the so called prize and back to Justice, "and what are supposed to do with that?" Justice looks a Baby B, "It's Hay!" Baby B looks at Justice, and then back at the prize, "No its not, Hay comes in neat little packets, you know bundles." Justice says "Smell it, taste it, it's hay." Baby B, leans forward, sniffs it, reaches in a bit and tastes it, "Hmmm, smells like hay, tastes like hay, but it is so big. What are we supposed to do with it?" Justice looks at Baby B as if she has no idea what is going on, "We are supposed to eat it." Baby B replies, "We can't eat that it is too big, it would take half a moon to eat all that."

Justice looks back at the prize, "Actually, it will take the six of us just a bit over a day and a half to eat it, I had Sampson read me a book that General had that said how much a horse eats in a day, it had graphs and figures and all that." Baby B nods, "Well it's still to big to eat." Justice looks at the prize, "It is big, normally the Hay Lady breaks it apart so she can feed each of us, ya know, a pile here and a pile there." Baby B and Casper nod, as all three are standing there, Glory walks over "What you up to?" Baby B replies, "We are trying to figure out what to do with this thing." Glory smiles, young horses, "Casper you should know." Casper looks up, "Oh, I know but I don't have a thingy." Glory looks at Casper, "Casper, you should be ashamed, every horse should have a thingy as you call it." Glory turns and walks back to her spot in the pen and pulls out her Wal-Mart bag and returns to the group. She places the bag on the ground, and sticking her nose deep inside the bag pulls out a ...

Just for suspense, every horse keeps or should keep a number 7 pair of wire cutters, able to cut through the hardest wire, or the dang string that holds the Bale of Hay together. With the skill of a seasoned pro, Glory takes the cutters and cuts the two strings that hold the Bale of Hay together. Justice, and Baby B are amazed, Casper has seen the trick before, he just hasn't managed to find a pair of wire cutters. Justice asks, "Where did you get those, that is amazing," Glory answers, "Oh, I Stol... found them a few years ago, I think they belong to the Rob Person."

Baby B astounded by the act of magic, "Now what are we supposed to do?" Glory shakes her head, "Ahh, eat the hay, grab a flake or a big mouth full and go to your spot and eat the hay." Baby B, nods, still a bit unsure never seen this much hay close up, she grabs a part of the bale and walks to her spot. Justice smiles, knowing that he had done well. Casper grabs a flake, Annie, Violette, walk over not being to shy to get some hay in the middle of the night, each taking a flake and heading to their spots in the turn out. Glory takes a flake, and turns to leave and says, through the flake in her mouth, "Make sure nothing is left, the Hay Lady will see it."

Justice looks down, there is maybe four or five flakes left, Justice smiles, "Ahh, tis a good night to be a horse.

To Be Continued..

Author Samm