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Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 51

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 51, The herd running through

Its late at night, Steph and Rob spent a long time on their late night checks, stopping and watching each horse, and thinking about all of them, but both have gone into the house and all is quiet, Electra very quietly opens the gate to her pen and walking very softly heads to the Lady's Parlour, to talk to Dublin and Jerri. when she gets to the railing she stands very quietly, not sure what to do, she had been summoned once before to complete her first mission, but this time she doesn't know why. Dublin looks over at her and slowly comes toward her, Jerri is close behind him. As they get to the railing both place their heads over the railing and look directly at Electra. Dublin begins, "Electra Glide do you know what happened today?" Electra cocks her head to one side and thinks, then she shakes her head. Dublin continues, "One of the horses left today around noon time." Electra looks around then back at the pair "Who got dopted?" Jerri looks at Electra, "It was Brassy, and she wasn't Adpoted, she died." Electra looks back and forth between the two, "I don't understand." Jerri looks at Dublin and he nods, she says, "Electra, that is why we wanted to talk to you. You are of age now and have to learn a lot of things. The death of a horse is one of those things." Electra is really confused, but Jerri continues, "Electra when a horse gets old or is injured and they decide it is time to leave, they die, and .." Electra starts to butt in, but decides to just listen. Jerri continues "Electra, when a horse dies, their being, what people call soul leaves their body and returns to the Heavenly Herd." Electra looks at both of them her eyes open wide, not sure what to say. Jerri says "let me tell you a tale."

"Electra there is a place where all horses go to live, a place where they can run, eat grass, and are no longer in pain or infirm. Its called the Heavenly Herd, a place of forever." Electra nods, "But how do you know about this place?" Dublin says, "It is a tale passed among the elder horses and taught to young horses, like you." Jerri continues, "Electra, the tale is told so if you need, you know there is a place you can go that is safe and be with all the horses forever. The time is of your choosing, but when you decide its time, you can leave." Electra says "But why would you leave this herd," she looks around, "all your friends, the peoples, and dogs and stuff?" Jerri looks at her "Well I am not sure about the dogs, but the Heavenly Herd is just for horses, all horses. There all your pains are gone, you can run, or eat, or visit with friends."

Dublin continues, "Do you remember today a little after noon, the wind picked up." Electra nods, Dublin nods his head, "That was the herd running through to take Brassy to the Heavenly Herd." Electra nods, "Well she be alright there?" dublin says "She will be fine, she will be healed and made whole again, and will be with her friends from here, and old friends from other places."

Jerri says, "Electra one of things about the Heavenly Herd, is for you not to morn when a horse decides its time, but to rejoice and remember them and all the goods things. Fore when they join the heavenly herd they are made whole and healthy." Electra nods, "I never met Brassy up close, I saw her with the other horses, I am glad she will be healthy again." Dublin says, "We are all thankful for that. Now speak to no people of this, or the dogs, they will not understand." Electra nods, respectful of all the horse lore that she learns. Dublin looks to the east, the sun is about to rise, "Electra its time for you to return to your pen before the sun comes up, but remember that in the future, you will lose some horse friends, when a horse decides its time, if they are young or very very old, its they who decide when its time. You will meet many many horses during your lifetime, enjoy each meeting, make friends when you can, and learn from all you meet."

Electra nods as both Dublin and Jerri return to their spots in the Lady's Parlour, Electra turns and says out loud, "I wonder if people have a Heavenly Herd?" Dublin stops and looks back, "No, people probably have something like a Super Wal-Mart during people holiday season." Electra smiles, as she gets back to her pen she carefully opens the gate, and closes it and locks it, again she smiles, 'I have never been to Super Wal-Mart, I will have to go there one day."

To Be Continued.

Author Samm

This is the 51st The Horses Tale, while on a sad note, it is a reminder why MHR&S exists, to offer a home for those horses that need it, until they decide it is time. Take Care Brassy, run free.