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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 52

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 52, You fold it this way then that way

Baby B looks over to Casper and nods, then heads for the gate. As they leave the turnout, Casper very carefully turns and locks the gate. As they walk toward the house, Baby B says, "You go get Spirit, Jonah, Trooper and I will get Jocori, Levi, Grace and we will meet up at the front gate. Casper nods and heads off.

As Baby B and her group get close to the main gate, she can see that Casper has his group there, plus one other, 'someone must have volunteered to help' Baby B walks up and notices that the extra member of Casper's group is Dublin, she says, "Dublin you did not need to come." Dublin says, "When you get this many horses involved, someone has to supervise. Because I am pretty sure you don't know what you are doing." Baby B nods, then shakes her head, "Oh no, I have a plan." Dublin looks around at the other horses, then looks at Baby B, "So why do you need a plan?" Baby B looks around at the horses, "The Aunties, and supporters plan to get us treats." At which point all the horses standing around nod their heads. Dublin says, "So why do you need a plan, just stand around and do horse things, and the Hay Lady or the Emma people will bring you some treats." Baby B nods, "That is the way we used to do it, but I heard that the Aunties were talking about lunch boxes because everyone is going to school, but we aren't going to schools so we don't have lunch boxes, I figured we needed lunch boxes." Dublin nods "Please continue this is getting interesting or more confusing at each step." Baby B nods, "Well I didn't know what a lunch box was, so last night I went and talked to General and asked him if he had a book on lunch boxes, he looked around and gave me a big book. I couldn't read it, but it had pictures but I didn't know what they were, sooo, I took the book to Sampson, so he could read it to me." Dublin nods, "You managed to get Sampson to read it for you?" Baby B nods, "After I mentioned treats he read me the entire book. Sooo, on my way back from Starbucks this morning with my Frappuccino, I ran into Fred and she said she could help, so that is why we are waiting for Fred." Dublin nods, and looks up and down the road.

Fred pulls up to the gate in the white bus from the retirement home, Baby B smiles as Fred brings the bus to the gate, Fred opens the door she see's could be considered a good size herd, and smiles, and starts throwing out bundles of something, then throws out a coil of rope. Fred yells out, "I couldn't find enough lunch boxes, so I went by the UHaul store and got some moving boxes." Baby B says "How do we make lunch boxes from those?" Fred steps off the bus, 'horses', "Well like this," Fred grabs his box cutter, and cuts the strap off one of the packages, and lifts out one folded up box, "You fold it like this," using her nose, three hoofs, she deftly opens folds, and makes a box, she carefully folds the top of the box inside, so the top is open, she then grabs the box cutter again and cuts two holes near the top of the box, she then cuts a two foot long piece of rope and threads it through the holes and ties a knot on each end. Fred looks at the horses, "See a lunch box with a handle. Just what you need." Fred turns and gets back on the bus, closes the door and drives off.

Dublin turns to Baby B, "Well so what is your plan?" Baby B says, "Ahh, well, we need to get the boxes inside, I think we can use the Football field to make them, it is the biggest place we got, we can hide them there until we are finished." Casper opens the gate and each of the horses go out to grab a stack of boxes, then heads off to the Football Field. As Dublin and Baby B Dublin asks, "Casper has a box cutter, and Trooper has five rolls of ducks tape, in case there are problems." As they get to the Football Field, each heads to the center of the pen, Baby B walks to the center of the group, she grabs one of the fold boxes, "Everyone watch, if I remember what Fred did, You fold it this way then that way, then this way, then hold it here, then push here, then ahhh, fold here, the hold it like this and push here, and ahhh, that doesn't look right, lets all try it, we are bound to figure it out." Dublin butts in, "Baby B, how many boxes did you ask for?" Baby B, replies, "I didn't know how many horses we have so I asked for 137 boxes just in case." Dublin nods, "that might be enough, we will have to see."

Well, as dawn approaches, they have managed to figure it out, while Fred as able to do it in seven steps, it has managed to take 22 horses, most of the herd to do it. After a few hours they managed to form an assembly line, each horse to do one step, with the final inspection and stacking completed by Jerri. Baby B looks at the stack of now completed lunch boxes, stacked seven high and 11 stacks long. Baby B looks at Dublin, "Do you think we have enough?" Dublin surveys the stack of boxes, Dublin says, "I think you have just enough, I hate to say it, but you had a good plan." Baby smiles, looks back at the stack of boxes, as the horses leave the pen, Jerri walks up to Baby B and says, "Baby B, you are going to have hide that stack of boxes otherwise the Hay Lady will find it." Baby B looks around, "Ahh, right I will think of something."

As feeding time gets into full swing, Steph pulls the mango up to the Football Field, she climbs off, and turns back to the trailer, grabs a flake of hay, she turns back to the pen, drops the flake over the railing, looks over to the other side, and sees a ahhh, ahhh, she rubs her eyes and looks again, she sees a stack of UHaul moving boxes, 'What the heck' she looks back and forth, 'why are they collecting moving boxes, and what the heck, it has a few bits of hay on it.' she shakes her head, horses.'

To Be Continued

Author Samm

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