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Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011

Blondie and Sampson
Here are Sampson (R) and Blondie. Sampson is Ruby's partner, but he has been quite taken by this long legged blond. Sampson is 20+ and is a mini mule as well. Please refer to the pic of Ruby (posted a few days ago) for their story.

Blondie is a former Team Roping horse. She has floating bone chips in her front right leg and she cannot be ridden. Since no one really wants to care for a horse with her issues, she will live out the remainder of her days at our facility. She is 28+ years old. When the former owners brought her over to us (they lived three roads from us) the son rode her over, racing her against his father's truck. She came up the driveway covered in sweat and took everything within our power to keep our mouths shut until we got them to sign off on documentation relinquishing her to MHR. After this had been accomplished, in a calm voice I asked them what were they thinking putting her through this. I was told by the father that his son wanted a last ride, and that since she was coming here we could take care of her issues. The vet was called out for the next day since she arrived so late, but we did give her bute and washed her down and soaked her leg. Long time FOBs Diane and Shannon were here visiting when she arrived. Blondie was placed on bute for a few days and leg watered down and iced.

We came up with a plan yrs ago to ice a leg, and that was to cut off the leg of an old pair of wranglers, slip over the leg tie off at the bottom of pant leg, dump ice into the pant leg and tie at the top. We would stand and groom horse for 15-20 minutes while leg was being iced. Again, Blondie is not rideable but she is seeking sponsor(s).

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Stephanie and Rob