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Friday, July 22, 2011

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 47

A Horse's Tale, Chapter 47, Did you get it?

Its late, Steph and Rob have long since gone to bed. Most of the horses are asleep, eating, or just wondering about. But it appears that three are on a mission, Baby B, Justice, and Casper are leaving Southern Meadow, thats the turn out behind the Round Pen, and heading towards Morning Glory Manor, the turn out to the left of the Round Pen. They aren't talking as to not disturb any of the other horses. But all are intent on their mission. As they approach the rail, they all line up along it, Baby B looks around, "Hmmm, I wonder who got it?" Justice looks over, "Don't know I wasn't watching this morning." Casper nods "Me neither." Baby B turns to them "You need to watch its important." They both nod. '

Very quietly Baby B whispers "Ginger, Ginger" Nothing Ginger is sound asleep, Baby B, looks around, and says in a quiet voice, "CB, CB" again nothing. Casper leans over, and whispers, "I will get their attention." and with that puts his lips together and makes what must be the loudest whistle ever made by a horse. Baby B jumps, "What did you do?" Casper says "I whistled. It attracts dogs and makes horses wake up." Baby B says "Oh, great thats all we need is the dogs." Just as she finishes she hears Bruno barking. She says "Don't move, stand still, Don't breathe, maybe he will not notice us." All three stand perfectly still, the five horses in the turnout are now awake but have no idea what is going on. Bruno is still barking, and from the sound of it he is coming their way.

Five horses inside the turnout, and three outside are standing perfectly still knowing that if they start moving about or God forbid run around, all the dogs will be coming out. Bruno runs up sniffs the air, cocks his head to listen, he walks between, around and in one case under Casper, Justice and Baby B, finding nothing amiss, he heads over to the other turn out. Very quietly and I mean very quietly lets a breath out, "its Ok to breathe now, but don't say anything." This is good since Justice was about ready to pass out. Baby B looks over her shoulder, Bruno is heading back to the house, having found nothing amiss. Baby B waits a couple of minutes to make sure he is inside and all is safe.

Again Baby B whispers, "Ginger come here." Ginger nods and walks over to the rail. Ginger looks over all three then turns her attention to Baby B. Baby B asks "Did you get it?" Ginger shakes her head. Baby B says "The plan was that you were to knock it out of her pocket and get it." Ginger looks up, "Oh, I did, but I didn't get it." Baby B looks around, "Well who got it?" Ginger replies, "I don't know, she shooed me away before I could get it." Baby B looks around, "CB, Charity come here please." CB walks up, Charity stops a bit short, Baby B asks "Did either of you get it?" Charity shakes her head, she wasn't really part of the plan since is still a bit stand offish, and CB asks "Get what?" Not that CB isn't that bright, but it was this morning, so its been a few hours. Baby B says "Ok, Emmett, Misty come here." As they approach the railing, Baby B asks "Did either of you two get it?" Misty says, "No, but." Baby B asks "But what?" Misty looks at Emmett, and says "Emmett got it." Baby B turns to Emmett, "Why is it always the last horse you ask. Ok Emmett you got it." Emmett looks up, and says "Ahh, I had it." Baby B steps forward a bit leans her head over the top rail, "What do you mean you had it?" Emmett looks up a bit, "I saw it drop when Ginger bumped her, and I walks over to get it, I made sure I didn't get to close to her, and I picks it up in my mouth, I start to turn away to go put in my Wal-Mart bag, and she turned and caught me. And she took it away from me." Baby B says "Ahhh, so close. Ok thank you all for your effort, I will let you know the new plan when we come up with one." The five horses in the turn out turn to return to their spots and get back to sleep.

Baby B, Casper and Justice turn to head back to their turnout, Baby B says "We need to come up with another plan, a better plan, People seem to be very attached to those things, we need a good plan." Justice says "We could have a stampede, and could tackle her and someone could grab it when I have her penned to the ground." Baby B looks at Justice, "That sounds more like a mugging than a plan. We need a good plan, something only a horse could pull off." Both Justice and Casper nod. Baby B says, "I really need another cell phone, I can't do online shopping and text my friends with only the two phones I have now. Its really important." Again both Justice and Casper nod.

As they finish entering the turnout, and close and lock the gate, Justice turns to Baby B and says "I can Whistle too." Baby B turns and looks Justice straight in the eye, "If I ever hear you whistle I will bite your ear so bad, people will call you 'One Ear'." Justice lowers his head and walks off knowing she is telling the truth.

To Be Continued.

Author Samm